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Monthly Newsletter of the Port Shepstone Lions Club 4th Edition - October 2012

12 Pages of club activities!


ts hard to believe that October is already over. Our Christmas functions are virtually upon us. The month of October has been extremely hectic – what’s new – and together with the planning of the forthcoming functions we have also had our regular monthly events. We decided to cancel the Medieval Feast due to the financial risk it presented. We were

fortunate to have been given an amazing opportunity to set up a Pub, Food outlet and general shop at the very popular and well supported Pont Resort in Port Edward. This venture promises to be a very profitable fundraiser. We are all very excited and are already gearing up. Many of the members will be camping at the resort to avoid travelling. Lion Mike Davidson will be heading up the venture. It has also been accepted that this will be a permanent situation. I feel without a doubt that this will be a huge fundraiser for our club and ultimately our charities will benefit enormously. We plan to host a New Years Eve Bash this year there too. Watch the press for details. The Kokstad Charter Dinner and Zone meeting held in Kokstad was very well attended by 18 of Port Shepstone members. A proud achievement indeed. Our monthly Bingo event hosted 32 old folks. This is always a fun and rewarding afternoon and I would like to encourage our new members to attend. It really is wonderful to see how much joy it gives our less fortunate elderly folk. They enjoy the drinks and tasty snacks supplied by the ladies. The Midyear Conference has now come and gone. Port Shepstone Lions’ attendance was again exceptional. Our club also received many awards and prizes. It was also such a pleasure to have our “youngest member” David de Jong attend. This boy certainly made an impression and his youthful energy was enjoyed by all who attended. David is no longer alone in the “youngest member” category. Brian Eva has now been inducted and we look forward to the input from these youngsters. This weekend we return to Kokstad to assist by supplying food for the Lions. The Kokstad Club is hosting a Music Festival which promises to be an enjoyable event. The festival starts on Saturday morning and continues until the early hours of Sunday morning. An update on the Midmar Mile - Our swimmers are training hard for this event which takes place in February. I will keep you updated. Our ladies have been working hard as usual and, apart from supplying eats for our events, they are still cooking for their regular institutions. They have also collected clothes

and toys which will be given to hospitals, rape crisis centres and to whoever is in need of such items. This coming month, they will also provide approximately 60 children with a Christmas gift. For some of these children this will be the only gift they will receive. Well done ladies. I hope that by this time next month we have not all been blown away, or washed away by the constant dripping of water from the sky. Hopefully all the rain and wind will be over by the time the holiday season begins and we will be blessed with bright sunny days. So until next month keep safe. Jean Masson Club President

November 2012 1st : Ladies Meeting 3rd : Route 56 Music Festival 8th : Directors Meeting 9th : Pub or Chamber of Commerce 15th : Projects Meeting 22nd : Club Meeting December 2012 1st - 31st : Pont Fundraising Project 6th : Ladies Meeting 8th : Senior Citizens Christmas Party 8th : Club Year End Party - Bella’s 13th : Directors/Club Meeting 31st : Lions New Year’s Eve Bash at The Pont Caravan Park Birthdays : November : 2nd : Jenny Vogt 5th : Fred Babumba 8th : Anita Hulley 14th : Gary Baker 15th : Samantha Plumbly 16th : Alastair Warman 19th : Myrna Masson 23rd : Peter Mc Killen 24th : Gayle Wallis 26th : Richard Borradaile 29th : Diane Saunders 30th : Marcia Mc Garry December : 7th : Mike Davidson & Hans Wagenaar 11th : Danie Van Tonder 21st : Colleen Baker

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4th Edition - October 2012

With this year's Eye Care Awareness Week (10th to 14th October) Hibiscus Private Hospital again had the privilege to give back to the community by assisting 12 people from the surrounding area to receive much needed cataract operations on 5 October. Huge thanks go out to our sponsors; Port Shepstone's Lions Club and Ophthalmologist, Dr Trevor Steyn and Drs Basson & Louw Anesthesiologists who graciously donated their time and skills. The lenses and surgical packets were kindly donated by Alcon South Africa and Genop Healthcare with the theatre facility, wards and nursing staff provided by Hibiscus Private Hospital. It is an honour to be part of this worthy cause as none of the patients were in the position to afford the operation and would have battled with deteriorating eye sight for the rest of their lives. These patients were recommended to the one-day programme from the public sector waiting list. Mr PD Hart was surprised and so grateful after asking Dr Steyn when he is going to start the operation and was informed that it was done already! “I didn't feel any pain at all. I had it done previously at another facility and it was painful, but Dr Steyn was wonderful.” Another inspiring story is that of Mrs Fina Scheepers who is turning 100 on the 12th December 2012. "What a wonderful young man" were the words uttered by her, who was petrified of doctors and hospitals. Mrs Scheepers thanks Dr Steyn, Port Shepstone Lions Club and everyone involved for making it possible. “She can now read library books again and try out her new baking recipes and can even see the dropped stitches in her knitting!” said her niece Jeane Fourie.




Everyone involved agreed, that to be part of enabling these deserving people from our local community to get to see and appreciate with us the beauty of the South Coast that we often take for granted, was worth all the hard work, sacrifice and most gratifying.

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4th Edition - October 2012

Eye Care Awareness Week 10-14 October 2012

Dr Trevor Steyn with IPP Kevin Ross at the Club’s 2012 Induction Dinner

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4th Edition - October 2012

A Tribute to...

Pastor Trevor Downham P

astor Trevor Downham is driven by love and compassion for other people. He sees great value in every person and he believes that everyone, given the right opportunity can achieve their full potential. He is a visionary; he is inspirational and always leads by example. He has a deep faith and Love for God. For a number of years, Trevor has been a good friend and supporter of the Port Shepstone Lions Club and regularly assists with their Annual Leadership Retreat. Some 9 years ago Trevor began to see with new eyes the impact of HIV/Aids in our community. One particular young man in his church, the Norwegian Settlers Church in Port Shepstone, impacted his life very significantly. He was a young 24 year old man who had contracted HIV/Aids which was already in its final stages. Trevor grew to love this young man and a strong relationship grew between them. Trevor was privileged to be at his side when he died and came face to face with the reality of the horror of aids. Trevor left that hospital having been personally changed and came away with the resolve that something needed to be done. A few weeks after Craig's death, his parents visited Trevor and gave him an envelope. Inside was R1, 200 and a letter from Craig asking Trevor to please use this money (which was all he had) to help other people suffering from the same disease. With this small offering the story of Genesis began to take root. A number of other significant events took place where other people suffering from the same disease came across their paths and they began to realize the extent of the challenge. Trevor realized that one of the

biggest and immediate problems was that the hospitals were full and there was nowhere for people with full blown HIV/Aids to go. There was a stigma attached to aids suffers and many weren't welcome in their own homes and were left to die on the streets. Hearing many of these stories and caring for people who were brought to them weak and desperately ill, Trevor's heart was broken and his dream of a HIV/Aids Hospice became a necessity to him. His church, after some discussion and the required motivation, allocated a piece of church ground for this project. A number of interested people comprising friends, church representatives, specialists and professional people were bought into the vision and contributed greatly in so many ways towards the establishment of Genesis. Plans were then drawn for their first care centre ward which would take 20 beds. Generous contributors, including the Port Shepstone Lions Club, heard of their idea and offered to participate financially. Their first phase was duly completed and the step down facility acting in conjunction with the local hospitals was opened. A further ward of 20 beds and an administration/kitchen/ablution block was opened soon thereafter ensuring that they had a capacity for 40 patients. During this period of time staff were employed and funding was forthcoming for running costs from government, corporate organizations and American church partners. To date the Care Centre (Hospice) employs 79 people and has many volunteers. Amongst the amazing volunteers are doctors, occupational therapists, physio therapist, carers for the caregivers etc. Soon after the opening of the hospice, it became very obvious to them that there were enormous needs not just amongst HIV infected people, but also HIV affected

Trevor with his dog “Tucker� people. Facing the devastation left in the wake of HIV/Aids was their next challenge. Families had been left devastated, breadwinners had sadly passed away and there were many teenagers and even younger, acting as parents. This sparked a new passion in Trevor and he saw the need to reach out too and educate young people to prevent the spread of this disease. He thought of different creative ways to put this into action and the idea of a gym began to grow. A large abandoned building was found in the Merlewood community area outside Port Shepstone and a lease agreement with the then owners was entered into. That same day Trevor received a phone call from a friend who was wanting to donate his home gym to the centre and so the gym was opened and young men and teenagers were invited off the street to come in and 'work out' and at the same time receive life skills training and come under the covering of some great mentors. (Cont. overleaf)

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(Cont. from previous page) Boys' lives were being changed they were abandoning drugs and alcohol and with positive role models the impact at first although small was beginning to be felt. With this another problem arose and they noticed that the young men were bringing younger siblings with them as they were their care givers. One of the rooms at the centre was allocated and a reading room began for the younger children, where they were able to do homework, read, play with educational toys etc. At the same time a skills development programme was initiated and a music academy was birthed. The music academy attracted many young people off the streets and into the music room to be trained mainly in the area of guitar. Disaster struck four years later when their lease was contested and they lost that building. This forced them to be creative and, with the help of local businessmen, new premises for their ministries were acquired. They realized that this would be a temporary measure so further funding has been raised for the building of a large youth centre adjacent to the Genesis care centre (Hospice). The first phase of this project has now been opened with a very up-market gym which is now available to the community at a very reasonable cost. Boys continue to flood in and lives continue to be changed. One of the very first boys who came into the first gym is now running the new gym. This young man also won the South African body building championship in his weight category a few years ago. There are many similar stories of championship wins and employment. They began to see that one life changed for the better can eventually change a community. Trevor's dream continued to grow and an abandoned youth centre was found in the Murchison area near Port Shepstone. This centre houses another gym, farming project, music academy, feeding scheme, a reading

4th Edition - October 2012

room and skills development. put together a program and a A small feeding scheme turned into a pre- l e a d e r s h i p a c a d e m y w a s school was also established. Buildings established. The pilot projects were were built and a large community centre run in two of our local high schools. incorporating feeding scheme, crèche, These programs are designed not skills development, farming project was just to run leadership programs in initiated. This “Khulaâ€? project is presently schools but to create a culture of impacting a large number of people in leadership through mentoring and another rural area. At present a inspirational living. Trevor has been dental/medical clinic is being added and invited to speak internationally in they expect to be operational fairly soon. Ireland and USA, sharing his faith In Shelly Beach YouthworX youth centre and encouraging young people to has been established which meets the become courageous leaders. social needs of coastal kids giving them a Trevor was also instrumental in place of recreation, safety and fun. A starting a Rugby Academy. The beautiful building has been donated in an Vikings academy is based at the upmarket area to meet this need. It is a c h u r c h . A r u g b y f i e l d a n d great venue for Friday night events and it accommodation has been built next incorporates a coffee shop, a skate park, to the church. The boys have use of a g y m , m u s i c r o o m a n d l a r g e all the genesis gyms and other meeting/social area. This project facilities. Many of these boys have receives regular funding and support shown not just on the rugby field but from both the Port Shepstone and Shelly have also been shaped to become Beach Lions Clubs. great citizens of our great country. Another program run by their youth is The Port Shepstone Lions Club called Seeds, which stands for Seeing a sponsored and constructed one of need; Educating young people; and the academy's accommodation Encouraging them to; Do something units. about it. A dedicated group of young Although Trevor's courageous people give of their time to love and care leadership began this amazing for children at some of their local work and his passion, enthusiasm orphanages. and encouragement has kept the One of the challenges in a community rife momentum going, he has been with poverty is the need for food. They blessed with a phenomenal work believe that, to teach people to grow food and support team. His family, has a far greater end result than just Genesis board of trustees, church feeding them. Under the leadership of a leaders, financial partners, staff, farmer in their church, a number of small service clubs and other volunteers holdings were acquired and vegetable take credit for the combined work farming began to be taught and people achieved in our communities. were instructed in the ins and outs of vegetable farming. A concept called 'grow bags' has taken this ministry by storm. Grow bags is a project that comes out of Kenya and has proven to be highly successful in sustaining families through organic farming methods. With regard to the needs of their local youth it became apparent that one of the greatest needs in our country is for the development of In 2008, Sheppie Lions donated a bakkie leaders with integrity. Trevor to the Genesis Feeding Scheme

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4th Edition - October 2012

n 20th October members of the Sheppie Lions Club, together with other organisations were invited to a Pantomime Evening held at Youthworx in Shelly Beach. This event was arranged to thank sponsors and volunteers for the support that they have received in the best way that they could. What a superb evening of music, song and dance! All who attended were treated like royalty and, despite the heavy rain, it was well worth it!


Yo u t h w o r x i s a ministry run from a house in Shelly Beach, donated by a prominent local businessman, where young people can come together in a safe environment. As a venue for youth events, Youthworx is nondenominational and open to young people from all walks of life. It is a Christian-based, principled and chaperoned facility that provides our youth with activities, functions and loads of fun in a safe, secure environment they can call their own. At Youthworx youth are exposed to biblical teachings and life skills, sound moral behaviour and positive social interaction. They are mentored and encouraged by young adults who themselves have risen through the ranks (sometimes despite their backgrounds). The Centre is managed by a volunteer committee, who organise activities at the house itself, at the beach and at other venues in the area. Their most popular event is the Friday Night Youth, where they often cater for over 250 young people. The house has pool tables, basketball, Nintendo Wii, a skate park and other fun activities to attract young people to the centre.

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4th Edition - October 2012

Port Shepstone Lions participate in Umtentweni Bowling Club’s inter-club quiz


wo teams of members from the Port Shepstone Lions Club participated in a Quiz Night organised by the Umtentweni Bowling Club. The event was well supported and a delicious meal was provided by ex-Lion Louis Marx and his wife Jean. The quiz was quite a challenge for the Sheppie members as they were much younger than the

The “Sheppie Pride” team - Lions Philip Bromley, Gary Vogt, Kelvin Hulley, Andre Beneke and Alastair Warman

rest of the contestants and most of the questions were designed mainly for the “older generation” It was therefore quite a surprise when one of the Sheppie Lions Teams, “The Sheppie Pride” team, were joint runner up together with the Woman’s Institute. Unfortunately they fell out of the “sudden death” round when they confused the speed of sound with the speed of light - despite the fact that one of the team members was a retired flight engineer! It was a very enjoyable evening with plenty of fellowship. Well done to all who participated.

Port Shepstone Lions donate another wheelchair Lion Andre Beneke with Mrs Maria Swart (in wheelchair) and her daughter Mrs Dinah Niemandt. They are EXTREMELY HAPPY. Now they can take her outside and to the shops for a outing.

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4th Edition - October 2012

Kokstad Lions’ 40th Charter Dinner


large delegation of 18 Port Shepstone Lions and Lion Ladies attended the Kokstad Lions Club’s 40th Charter Dinner which was held at their Clubhouse (Tipparari Shellhole) on 13th October. The show of support was to commemorate the fact that this was the first club sponsored by Port Shepstone Lions way back in 1972. Both clubs have retained a very close relationship and regularly support each other’s projects. Port Shepstone Lions will also be sending a large delegation to support the up and coming Route 56 Music Festival which is a project of the Kokstad Lions and will be held on Saturday 3rd November at Stoney Brook Ranch. The proceeds of this event will be donated to the Kokstad Lions’ Cancer Fund.

Sheppie Lions President Jean Masson was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Kokstad Lions President Nicky Charlton. A mascot was also presented to the Sheppie President to curtail any attempts by Sheppie members to remove any Kokstad regalia! (or so they thought)

Rugby Currie Cup Semi Finals @ Sheppie Lions’ Den

Lions Nico De Jong & Barry Van Der Veen

Lion Ladies Irene Love and Sandy Heathcoate

L-R Lion Clayton Curnow, Lion Lady Sandy & Lion Mike Heathcoate and Lion Mervin Curnow.

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4th Edition - October 2012

2012 Midyear Conference Weekend A total of 14 Lions and Lion Ladies from the Port Shepstone Lions Club attended the 2012 District 410-C Midyear Conference. The event was hosted by the eThekwini South Lions Club and held at the ATKV Natalia Resort in Illovo Beach during the weekend of 23-25 October.


Apart from the host club, The Port Shepstone delegation was the largest at the Conference which was attended by delegates from Lions Clubs across Kwazulu-Natal and the Free State.

During the Conference, Lion President Jean Masson proudly accepted a number of District awards on behalf of the Club. These included the Pierre Theron Service Project of the Year Award (for the 2011 Lions Leadership Retreat), the Leslie Simon Sight Project of the Year Award (for the Club's involvement with free cataract operations), The Ian Murray Project Public Relations Award (for the outstanding Press Coverage of the 2011 Lions Show) and the Overall Public Relations Award for the outstanding press coverage of all club events.

LP Jean with IPDG Stuart

Some of the Sheppie Delegation Heksie’s Silver Dream Machine

Kings of Karaoke

Voortrekkers & Impis Theme Evening

Cheers - to a Lekker Weekend

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F r e



ll et




Married to : Yvonne Children : Wendy, Cheryl, Bronwyn, Keith, Gavin (step - Lee and Mark) Occupation : Hospitality Industry - B&B Owner Been a Lion since : 1976 Sponsored by : Forgotten - someone from Cowies Hill Lions. Greatest Lionistic Achievement : Club President. Hobbies : Reading and sport. Bad Habits : Wine, one woman and plenty of song! Your philosophy on life : Always carpe diem

r e c


Member Profiles Married to : Marie Children : 2 Occupation : Insurance Broker Been a Lion since : 1994 Sponsored by : Lion Mervin Curnow Greatest Lionistic Achievement : : Club President, presiding over the Chartering of the Shelly Beach Lions Club, Hosting the 2008 MD 410 Convention during my term as Club President. Hobbies : Watching sport,still actively playing Golden Oldies Cricket - off to Australia on the 15th November to a World Golden Oldies Cricket tournament in Adelaide. I also play Golf. Bad Habits : If you ask my wife - probably to many to mention. Your philosophy on life : Enjoy the moment, tomorrow is not promised to anyone


l o P

4th Edition - October 2012

n a D

LION MARTIN RUNDLE Married to : June Children : Harvey (43), Alison (36), Andrew (31) Occupation : Civil Engineer Been a Lion since : 1998 Sponsored by : Lion Rob Harley Greatest Lionistic Achievement : Club President, 2nd Vice District Governor Hobbies : Gardening, reading, Jigsaw puzzles, Bad Habits : Beer Your philosophy on life : Treat people the same as you would like to be treated.

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4th Edition - October 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Port Shepstone Lions 1st Charter Dinner 2nd March 1970


hese newspaper cuttings include a photo taken at the Charter Dinner of the newly formed Port Shepstone Lions Club on March 2nd 1970. The Charter Ceremony was officiated by District Governor Louis Halse who was serving his term as the first District Governor of District 410-C. In The photo below, Charter President Roy Schwegman (left) is being congratulated by Zone Chairman Doug Hudson. Seated to the right is a very young District Governor Louis Halse.

And here’s a photo (right) that you thought you would never see - Lion Rob Bing flashing his legs at a Toga Party hosted by the Amanzimtoti Lions Club on 9th June 1990. This event was a Zone Social and was held at the Warner Beach Senior Primary School - cost R5-00 per person including supper!! Those were the days!

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4th Edition - October 2012


Long Service Award

Lion Mike Rodda(left) received his 35 year Membership Award and Pin from Lion President Jean Masson at the Club’s October Business Meeting. Well done Mike!!!

Sheppie Lions welcomes our newest member Lion Brian Eva received his new member pin and was welcomed as the Port Shepstone Lions Club’s newest member. Lion Brian has already attended a number of Club meetings and projects as we all look forward to his long association with our Club. The formal induction ceremony will take place at the Club’s next formal function.

President : Jean Masson Immediate Past President : Kevin Ross 1st Vice President : Andre Beneke 2nd Vice President : Bruce Plumbley 3rd Vice President : Philip Bromley Secretary : Dale Mc Garry Treasurer : Richard Borradaile Membership : Andre Beneke Public Relations : Denis Meyer 2nd Year Director : Barry Van Der Veen 2nd Year Director : Nico De Jong 1st Year Director : Gary Vogt 1st Year Director : Alastair Warman Tailtwister : Kelvin Hulley Lion Tamer : Mike Davidson Lion Ladies President : Myrna Masson Lion Ladies Secretary : Jacqui Ridden Lion Ladies Treasurer : Jane Massey Newsletter Editor : PDG Denis Meyer email : Web Site : Club Facebook Page : oneLionsClub Club Postal Address : P O Box 509 Port Shepstone 4240 Club Street Address : Lions’ Den Ambleside Road, Umtentweni

And to end off..........

Generation Gap - No way!!! Meet our youngest and oldest members. At 25 years of age, Lion David De Jong (left) is the Club’s youngest member and Lion Mike Rodda (right) is our oldest member at 80 years young! Regardless of age, they are good mates and serve together at many projects and fundraisers. Just goes to show that age is irrelevant - it’s what’s in your heart that counts!!

Hey Philip! - How about adding some more trees to the service projects budget?

The Sheppie Pride - October 2012  

Monthly Newsletter of the Lions Club of Port Shepstone, District 410-C, South Africa.

The Sheppie Pride - October 2012  

Monthly Newsletter of the Lions Club of Port Shepstone, District 410-C, South Africa.