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Vanessa, a Graphic Design student at the Lebanese American University, has a strong passion for animation, photography, and film. During her time as a trainer at the Model UN for two years, Vanessa was invited to the United Nations New York Conference where she discovered a longing to travel. With that excitement to travel the world, Vanessa found herself being shortlisted for the Dubai Lynx Students Integrated Award of 2016, and accepted for an internship at Leo Burnett. Even though she adores cats, Vanessa also loves to meet new people which has brought her to BDW where she got the chance to meet aspiring designers and work alongside them.

Sami holds a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Communication Arts from the Lebanese International University. An avid reader, Sami turned his passion for words into a passion for writing. With that passion, he joined the BDW team as a communications officer where he uses his organization and writing skills for BDWs communication needs. Trying to expand his skills in the art of creative writing, Sami became a Copywriter at ADrising, a Marketing & Advertising agency. Between BDW and work, Sami still finds time to write his novel and work on his poems and short stories. Some of which can be found here:

Ramona is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Architecture at the Lebanese University in Beirut. Her passion for landscape developed at an early age in her family’s garden in the South of Lebanon. A member of the Lebanese Architecture club, Ramona is working on a project with UN-Habitat Lebanon. Her sensitivity for the earth and its elements ignited her enthusiasm for Beirut Design Week’s 2016 theme of sustainability. With five languages under her belt and a sixth on the way, Ramona is a communications officer for BDW.







Dana is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the American University of Beirut. Experienced in horticulture practice and research methods, Dana brings a passion for reclaiming public spaces to Beirut. She has volunteered at Nahnoo, a non-governmental organization focused on reclaiming public spaces in the congested city of Beirut, and is interested in design research and various design disciplines. Dana is involved in MENA DRC’s design research on the value of design in the Lebanese economy.

Judith holds a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design from the University of Technology in Delft. She grew up in Rotterdam, a city in the Netherlands that is known for the diversity of cultures and its art and design scene. Judith saw how design is able to bring people together. It made her curious about the role of design in other countries and she decided to come to Beirut. Since four months she has been working on the MENA DRC research project about the development of the design industry in Lebanon.

Noura holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology from the New York Institute of Technology. Originally from Egypt, Noura always wanted to go back to the Middle East where she would initiate her own projects. Her interest in social impact in the Middle East brought her to Beirut Design Week, where she focuses primarily on coordinating all logistical details of KED.



GRAPHIC DESIGNER Patil Tokatlian. Quiet type. Very quiet, in fact. Yes, I am stuck in a box. What of it? Seeking new opportunities. Graphic design graduate, not that passionate about graphic design. It’s okay I guess. More into exploring hand lettering and creating quirky, surrealistic type of illustrations. Also cats.

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Beirut Design Week 2016: FEATURE  

Beirut Design Week 2016: FEATURE