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Beirut Design Week has established itself as the main local and international design platform of Lebanon:

Our partnerships with national, regional, and international media are among the most wide-ranging in Lebanon. We reach these markets through a three-pronged media strategy:

Attracting more than 25,000 annual visitors while assembling a collective of Lebanon’s top designers and architects Recruiting each year more than 50 international professionals across all design fields for lectures and workshops on the latest innovations and technologies, ranging from famous designers to dedicated professors Promoting more than 100 start-up design entrepreneurs in Lebanon and linking them to consumers Providing specialized training workshops that provide young start-up entrepreneurs and designers one-on-one sessions with international business and design experts in order to expand economic opportunities for the nation’s creative youth Linking more than 150 locations across greater Beirut under one event Garnering exposure through more than 500 articles in national, regional, and international press across all media (print, online television, and radio)

PR through print, online, and broadcast media in some of the world’s most-read and best-respected design journals and magazines Direct-to-consumer marketing through all printed and digital communications such as the catalogue (7000 copies) and map (20,000 copies) which are distributed extensively in the city as well as the website and app that provide detailed information anywhere and on-the-go A proven social media strategy that has exponentially grown our audience across all relevant vital platforms Partnership with Beirut Design Week puts organizations at the forefront of the Lebanese, Middle Eastern and North African, and international contemporary design scene as an official contributor to Beirut’s official Design Week. Our database of 5,000+ recipients, as well as our followers on social media, receive constant updates before, during, and after BDW. Not only are partners affiliated with one of the region’s most progressive events, they also enjoy access to a network of the nation’s most prominent designers. Moreover, partners have the chance to engage and network with international designers at more than 150 events during the festival, or even host their own event, which attracts thousands of visitors within a week.

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Beirut Design Week 2016: FEATURE  

Beirut Design Week 2016: FEATURE