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MINA23 Non-Profit Organization

Mina23 is an open cultural platform with a main interest in social issues, art, urban design, architecture, culture and landscape. It offers a space to the artistic purview to develop, showcase and share their work with the public realm.

Mar Mikhael, Street 54 +961 1 565 977


OVER THE COUNTER Furniture Design

REVIVING FORGOTTEN SPACES Brasserie Du Levant, Mar Mikhael 02 June, 8pm-10pm

Over the Counter is a space that hosts a range of furniture, lighting and design products featuring a mélange of design schools. Its selection reflects a unique outlook and discerning eye – a filter of today’s intelligent solutions and impeccable craftsmanship.

Achrafieh, Abdel Wahab Al Inglizi Street +961 1 322 786


PATRIZIA Jewelry Design

PENGUINCUBE Communication Design

Hamra, Makdessi Street +961 1 740 088

EXHIBITION OTC will be showcasing a selection of design objects by leading Lebanese designers. The new collection of ceramist Nathalie Khayat will also be on shown.

EXHIBITION 03 June, 6pm-10pm

Patrizia is the new brand of wax sculptor Patricia Rahme, an advertising veteran who learned the craft during a stay in Florence, Italy. Patrizia creates rings, jewelry, sculptures and other decorative items from wax before casting them into metal.

Achrafieh, Azar Building +961 3 510 589


REVIVING FORGOTTEN SPACES Mina23 is teaming up with Lebanese visual artist SISKA (Elie Alexandre Habib) to recreate the experience of Cinema Vendôme. This project spans on three nights embodying what the cinema experience is all about; including movie installations, lectures, gatherings and exhibitions.

NEW COLLECTION LAUNCH After the success of her first rings collection “Think As A Man”, Patrizia will be unveiling, a selection of rings under two categories: Lace, for the ladies, and Vir, for gentlemen. Patrizia welcomes you into her atelier in Achrafieh, for a closer look at the rings. Who knows? One of them might end up choosing you as its bearer. NEW COLLECTION LAUNCH 03 June, 6pm-10pm

PenguinCube is an award winning design consultancy based in Beirut and Dubai. Founded in 2004, it is run by a group of 20 enterprising individuals from different backgrounds, all working together in a closely-knit team, taking on challenges, big and small for clients.

OPEN STUDIO PenguinCube will be hosting an open house at its headquarters in Hamra. This will also mark the release of PenguinCube’s second typeface LetterPressArabic, an homage to a centuries-old technology that saw its demise in the 1970’s and was later replaced by the offset printing technology. OPEN STUDIO 04 June, 6pm-10pm

Profile for MENA Design Research Center

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.