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A concept jewelry store that allows you to be part of the jewelry making process. Dima and Tania Nawbar, are the creators of this avant-garde retail gallery and workshop which is a holistic collaboration between designers, artisans, retailers and consumers.

Saifi Village, Mukhallassiya Street +961 1 989 338



OPEN STUDIO 01 June, 6pm-10pm

An independent student-run club that works to provide architecture students with a platform to get together, as well as an opportunity to expand their experience beyond the classroom setting through workshops, conferences and activities.

MADAME REVE Jewelry Design

Madame Reve is an invitation to enter a timeless era. Our story started in September 2004 with a passion for vintage, a love for accessories, a respect for the environment, the wisdom to recycle, a curiosity to travel, and the energy to make it happen.

Mar Mikhael, Armenia Street +961 1 565 545


MADE FOR BRANDS Branding and Graphic Design Achrafieh, Tueny Building +961 1 424 498

SKETCHING WORKSHOP AND TOUR An indoor workshop to cover the process of sketching by Judy Abi Roustom will take place at MENA DRC. It will be followed by a sketching tour in the Bourj Hammoud area. Bring your favorite sketching tools and get ready for some fun. SKETCHING WORKSHOP AND TOUR MENA DRC, Dora 06 June, 10am-2pm

+961 71 142 974 www.lebarchclub.


OPEN STUDIO L’atelier Nawbar will open its workshop for people to be able to learn all the steps of jewelry making with the help of our specialized craftsmen, and have the chance to be part of customizing their own piece.

DRAWER DAY EXHIBITION Alongside showcasing our new collection, we will feature the standout pieces from our Drawer Day event and will introduce our customers to the Lebanese Food Bank organization by donating 5% of our sales during that day to the organization.


Made for Brands studio specializes in branding, and more specifically storytelling for brands. Every brand has a voice and a story to tell, we make sure it’s narrated in the most memorable and effective way. We create concepts, and translate them into tools.

STORIES, INSIDE AND OUT Engage with us within our space, and outside: interventions across town at our clients and collaborators. You will be able to see how we do what we do, and the effect we have on our surroundings. Look for brand identities, installations, street interventions, flyers, books, on the web and social media, all part of the #MFBLookout. STORIES, INSIDE AND OUT 03 June, 4pm-8pm

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Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.