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RUSH & REEZ Fashion Design

Riham and Rasha Hijazi are two sisters in their mid 20’s who have been wearing modest clothing since their young years. They have always found it hard to choose garments that fit both their conservative lifestyle and their fashion sense. Realizing that this is a concern of many ladies in the Arab region and many areas across the world, they started their own clothing line Rush & Reez to cater for the young, modest, and fashionable. The brand focuses on contemporary casual and evening wear and specializes in colorful hand-made silk scarves. The two sisters are mixing their contrasting identities to create individual designs. Rasha, a graphic designer, is artistic by nature and leans toward classic vintage designs. Riham, an engineer with a childhood love for fashion, leans towards edgy and abstract designs. BASED IN BEIRUT: COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION OF INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS As every year the MENA Design Research Center, selects up to 15 newcomers and young designers to promote as one of its main exhibitions of the year. Riham and Rasha has been selected in BDW2015 to be one of those exhibitors.

+961 3 035 438 BASED IN BEIRUT EXHIBITION Launch: 01 June, 6pm-10pm Opening Hrs: 02 - 07 June, 10am-8pm Beirut Souks, Gold Souks



Sacoche is a Lebanon based company dedicated to produce Genuine Leather Bags. Inspired by the simplest structures, we embrace imperfections and always use the entire hide. Our productions are limited editions and our philosophy is all about comfort and quality, with a continuous twist of style. If you like artificially smoothed leather or cookie-cutter designs, Sacoche’s products are NOT for you. Instead, if you embrace the true vintage concept and the idea of a bag or an accessory growing old with you, then look no further … you have met your match. We hope you can smell the leather from here. OPEN STUDIO Join us on June second at the Sacoche atelier in Gemmayze to discover that sometimes beauty really is only skin deep. Learn about different qualities of leather, choose your own hide and create a unique item on the spot. The event will feature BOOZ ART, a cocktail bar, & the launch of our new bar tender kit.

Gemmayzeh +961 3 741 125 OPEN STUDIO 02 June, 6pm-10pm

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Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.