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RANDA TABBAH Jewelry Design

Randa Tabbah is a contemporary jewelry designer based in Beirut. Born into a long line of jewelers, she established her own line in 1993 after studying at l’Ecole de Bijouterie et de la Joaillerie in Paris. Her creations embody her passion for handson craftsmanship, eclectic artistry, and high quality materials. Randa’s clever use of lines, space, and layers allows her to create beautifully crafted jewelry that is intimate, elegant, and uniquely expressive. She creates, now in collaboration with her daughter Sibylle N. Majdalani – interior architect and product designer - unique pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of high quality stones, and complement the natural contours of the woman’s shape. Randa is involved in every step of the creation process from drawings and wax molds to bench work. DE FIL EN AIGUILLE SHOWCASE Showcasing the latest collection “de fil en aiguille” inspired by the world of couture and its intricate details. Each creation reveals the most delicate lines of a fine fabric in motion, with pleats morphing into fragile and ephemeral organic forms.

Saifi Village, Moukhallassiyeh Street +961 1 975 030 DE FIL EN AIGUILLE SHOWCASE 01 June, 6pm-10pm


RAPID MANUFACTORY Digital Fabrication

Rapid Manufactory is a research lab and manufacturing hub. Several years of experience in design and fabrication makes it a resourceful and purposed office for the public and professionals looking to transition from ideas to physical products. It runs several high-end 3Dprinters, and provides design to low to mid-volume production services. It 3Dprints from over a dozen of materials including metals, rubbers and plant based polyamides. BIG-VOXEL BigVoxel is a wall to wall, floor to ceiling 3Dprinter, that is filling a complete shop, next to Rapid Manufactory. Day and night, for the duration of Beirut Design Week, one will be able to watch, the machine building live, a complete chair at scale one.

INTUITIVE 3D SKETCHING FOR 3DPRINTING WORKSHOP Two three half-days workshops on 3D modeling, oriented on 3D sketching for 3Dprinting, with Guillaume Crédoz. Each participant will get his 3D model 3Dprinted at the end of the workshop. For more info please check page xxx 3D PRINTING DESIGN COMPETITION Freshly Baked Today, the first collaborative physical gallery of 3Dprinted Designs, is organizing a Design Competition for its official launch during Beirut Design Week 2015. More details on

Mar Mikhael, Salah Labakeh Street +961 1 566 241 3D SKETCHING WORKSHOP For dates refer to p xx BIG VOXEL Ongoing performance throughout BDW

Profile for MENA Design Research Center

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.