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NOBRAND Creative Agency

Nobrand is a creative global agency specialized in luxury branding and hospitality. We offer for these industries tailor-made Graphic Design, Web Design, E-commerce, Apps and advertising and communication services for esteemed clientele throughout the Middle East and Gulf. Given the nature of our clients’ businesses, we push boundaries to offer outstanding solutions that can help take their company and products to the next level of distinction while remaining true to the brand essence. Nobrand boasts clients such as Elie Saab, Bugatti, Ginza Fashion Dubai, VB Notting Hill UK, and many others. In 2006, Nobrand became a Taschen Award-Winning Agency with work showcased in the World Best Logos book and in the Taschen Best Website-folios. OPEN STUDIO AT NOBRAND Nobrand welcomes you at the famous Blue House in Gemmayze where the design studio is located, to meet with the designers and enjoy a drink.

Gemmayze, The Blue house +961 1 565 997 OPEN STUDIO AT NOBRAND 02 June, 6pm-10pm


PAPERLANES Design Studio

Imagine a world of fairy tales, unicorns, fluffy clouds, heroes, maidens, and much more. And imagine you can create such a kingdom for your children, a kingdom that is far away from the current digital world and standardized ready-mades. Paperplanes is a design studio specializing in projects for children including event design, and room decoration. Our world is one where handcrafted products and experiences are inspired by, and for, the little ones. Paperplanes is influenced by the need to minimize the overly digitized life of our younger generations. The current reliance on the digital world of entertainment is preventing children from the personal reflective space needed to flex and grow their creative muscles. SOMETHING WORTH CHIRPIN' ABOUT AT SARAH'S BAG A wall installation at Sarah's Bag that transforms a corner into a vibrantly chattery scene of Paperplanes' signature exotic birds. Inspired by Sarah's bag current collection, each bird has a story to tell.

Sadat, Al Qal’aa Street +961 1 794 437 SOMETHING WORTH CHIRPIN' ABOUT AT SARAH'S BAG 02 June, 6pm - 10pm

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Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.

Beirut Design Week 2015 Catalogue  

An overview of more than 160 events that took place during BDW15.