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Yeisha Hirani


Dead Air Dead Air

A couple of ice cubes, first, then the apple that really started it all. A loft apartment in London's East End; cool but doomed, demolition and redevelopment slated for the following week. Ken Nott, devoutly contrarian leftish shosk-kock attending a mid-week wedding lunch, starts dropping off the roof towards the deserted car park a hundred feet below. Other guests join in and soon half the contents of the flat are following the fruit towards the pitted tarmac... just as mobiles start to ring, and the apartment's remaining TV is turned on, because apparently a plane has crashed into the World Trade Centre...

Dead Air

Iain Banks

Iain Banks


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Black Spring


Henry Miller

Black Spring is vintage Miller. Continuing the subversive selfrevelation begun in Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, he sucks us along his mad, free-associating pace as he reverberates between America and Paris, transporting us fromt he damp grime of Brooklyn youth to sun-splashed French cafes and squalid Paris flats; from a winter night, pure as ammonia, to a dream where a woman's body has the strong white aroma of sorrow.

Black Spring


Black Spring Henry Miller

Book Covers Designed from experimentation with ephemera.



Typeface Typeface for London: created from the London Underground map. Wallpaper Pattern (opposite) Repeat patterns also derived from the London Underground map.


Brick Lane Graffiti Exploration of colour used in graffiti found on Brick Lane, London.

London Landscapes



Illustrations of London’s prime tourist locations with animals found at London Zoo.




Based on research collected on what individuals do with user manuals for personal gadgets.

AR GO Logo & Stationery Design Linear Insight: A start-up architectural company in London.

Logo Design


Argo: A start-up holdings company in Kenya.

Branding Lezzet: Proposal for a healthy kebab restaurant due to open in City of London in July 2012.



It’s an Everyday Thing An interactive book based on my everyday journey from home to LCC. Amnesty International (opposite) Concept and design for domestic violence campaign.



Trafalgar Square (opposite) Series of collages of Nelson’s Column, Trafalgar Square, London. Portrait 15


Sketch of heavily bruised male (chalk)

Study of African Women Focus of women in Kenya, created with Indian Ink. Post-Election Violence, Kenya Collage inspired by Kenya’s condition during the post-election violence in 2007.



CURRICULUM VITAE Yeisha Hirani D.O.B: 26 February 1992 Nationality: Kenyan (living in UK with Settlement Visa)



Internships & Employment

Professional Experience

Yeisha is currently an undergraduate student in FdA Design in Graphic Communication at LCC. She has also attained an ABC Diploma in Graphic Design. Her ambition in the future is to be a successful Graphic Designer.

London College of Communication London, UK (ongoing) FdA Design in Graphic Communication

Synnovate Nairobi, Kenya Summer 2009

London College of Communication London, UK (2010-2011) ABC Diploma in Graphic Design (Merit)

Kul Graphics Nairobi, Kenya Summer 2009

Gained experience in the design industry from the age of 16, in Kenya as well as London. Have extensive experience of working at WD&P Design as both a pert time and full time designer.

Royal Masonic School for Girls Rickmansworth, Herts. (2008-2010) A Level Art (B) A Level Psychology (B) A Level French (C) AS Level English Literature (C)

WD&P Design Pinner, Middlesex 2011-2012

St. Andrew’s Senior School, Turi Molo, Kenya (2006-2008) GCSE Mathematics (A) GCSE English Literature (A) GCSE Biology (A) GCSE Physics (A) GCSE Art (A) GCSE English Language (B) GCSE Chemistry (B) GCSE French (B) GCSE P.E (C) GCSE I.T (C) Premier Academy Nairobi, Kenya (1997 - 2006) GCSE Gujarati (C)

Young & Rubicam Group Nairobi, Kenya Summer 2012

Have worked and continue to work on projects for clients within areas including the arts, charity, education, government and retail. This is across many different design areas of expertise within branding, brand development, exhibition and information design. Wide ranging experience of Adobe digital software packages and of Mac and PC systems.

Interests and Achievements


Enjoy sports - athletics, swimming, netball, rounders and hockey. Proficient Indian Classical dancer. Finalist in the Young Enterprise Competition 2009. Bronze medallist of the Presidential Awards - Kenya (The equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards in UK)

CONTACT Yeisha Hirani 38 Coleridge Drive Eastcote HA4 8GW Email: Phone: +44 7702 160168 (UK) +254 725 545567(KE)

Yeisha Hirani Portfolio  
Yeisha Hirani Portfolio  

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