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This studio was based on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House located in Springfield, Ohio. It started off with collaborative group studies to help inform and prepare students for individual final architectural analysis. The study began by analyzing the Froebel box principals by designing and making our own Froebel set. Through block studies, we then created weaves depicting how the various elements worked together to create compositions and spatial relationships. Stemming from the weaves, we devised a site master plan as an expansion to the original house, integrating a visitor center, japanese garden and tea house, interactive garden, and temporary pavilion. From the landscape and masterplan design, I created my own architecture for the visior center, tea house, and temporary pavilion basing my concept off of Wright’s system of board and batten. With the incorporation of weaving, site vernacular, and extension, the architecture came to life, creating a cohesively designed site. ** Group Members: Alyx McCarthey and Kristina Phillips

Froebel & Weaves

Master Plan

Museum Store Coffee Space Educational Space Restrooms Mechanical Breakout Space Outdoor Courtyard Staff Offices

Visitor Center

As a way to expand the Clifton Public Library in Cincinnati, Ohio, the library was to be redesigned in its existing corner lot in an upwards, statement-making fashion. Through an iterative design process, the initial design and research was done in the spring of 2011 and then re-addressed in the fall of 2012 to develop a more mature, cohesive design, represented through the application of BIM software. The concept stems from the theme of an opening book with a centralized core--or binding--with the various floors acting as the pages, fanning out over the street to create different cantilevered spaces.

Clifton Library

The Live:Make competition hosted by the Cincinnati chapter of the AIA, resides in the Brewery District of Over the Rhine. The competition calls for both living and making components; an industrial arts center and residential complex, together promoting the concept of living and working in the same facility. I chose to solve this task by investigating how people congregate and collaborate in various enviornments. The use of natural lighting and axial nodes helped drive this notion into the essence of my building.


Shipping & Receiving

Artist Studio Digital Fabrication


Computer Lab Artist Studio

Maintenance & Mechanical

Artist Studio

Artist Studio


Machine Shop Welding Zone


Grinding & Abbraisions Room

Wood Shop

Tool Rental

Tool / Equipment Storefront


Member ship Storage

Light Industrial Unit Finishing Sewing Room


Level 1 1/16" = 1'-0"


Open Work Shop

Maker Storefront Gallery

Light Industrial Unit

My design background stems from the art of pencil to paper and brush to canvas. All drawing and paintings are originals created as early as the fall of 2009. All photographs were taken during summer 2011 during my study abroad trip to Austria and Malta; the breath-taking landscapes, colors and forms helped me discover the essence of what defines a place.

Drawing | Painting


Nestled in the hillside of Miami University’s western campus, the pavilion was created as an outdoor classroom for students to come and learn about the surrounding landscape during all seasons of the year. ** Group Member: Frankie Paolino

Located in Northside, Cincinnati, Our Harvest is a food co-op facility designed to promote purchasing locally grown food and the education of healthy eating habits. Through the collaboration of architects, interior designers, and graphic designers, company branding and a building were developed. Sustainability and atmosphere are reflected through a processing facility, demo-kitchens, restaurant, and market by preserving as much of the orignal structure as possible and advocating for a fresh, organic, and inviting setting. ** Group Members: Reid Groth, Julia Hustedt, Meridyth Johnson, Kristina Phillips, and Jenna Samuels









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Maggie Mueller Design Portfolio  
Maggie Mueller Design Portfolio  

Design portfolio from my undergraduate degree at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio