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No pain , no gain.

Challenging the Half-Marathon Written by Beth Okeon, Photo by Leah Harrington For three Campbell Clinic team members, the same word could be used to describe the task they all chose to take on this spring—challenging. The challenge at hand? The 14th Annual Germantown Half Marathon.

2008 and entered her first half marathon the following year. In December of 2009, after training and participating in the St. Jude Half Marathon, Whitmore decided to tackle a half marathon a month for a year until a metatarsal fracture stopped her in her tracks until September of 2010, when she began training again. She has since completed races sporadically leading up to the Germantown Half Marathon. Whitmore balances her time running with other types of exercise including mountain biking and swimming, while also tackling full-time work at Campbell Clinic as a clinical assistant, part-time work as a waitress at a local pizzeria, and a full-time course load at the University of Memphis, where she is pursuing a second bachelors degree in biology. Whitmore’s fast-paced lifestyle is made manageable thanks to her love for exercise.

Campbell Clinic clinical assistant Dana Whitmore rests alongside the clinic’s mile marker on the Greenline in East Memphis. Whitmore often trains there for the half marathons she competes in regularly. Two of the three overcame significant injuries to train for this event while the other veered from a lifetime of one sport to participate in the 13.1-mile race, where more than 2,000 runners competed on Sunday, March 18. As presenting sponsor, Campbell Clinic encouraged its team members to participate in the race, and more than 10 took to the streets to begin training. Dozens also volunteered at the event and attended to cheer on their colleagues. Dana Whitmore, a race veteran among the three, began running recreationally in


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“Not only does staying active build your energy, but it affords you time alone to de-stress and think,” she said. “And, the focus you develop through training for races translates across the board, professionally and personally. No matter the scenario, I know I can set a goal and achieve it thanks to my training.” Campbell Clinic physical therapist Nick Bird also suffered a setback when he tore his ACL while playing soccer several years ago. He decided to incorporate running into his fitness routine following recovery from the injury and ran in his first half marathon in 2011. The father of two keeps fit by keeping up with his young children and combining weight training with cardiovascular exercise on a near daily basis. He attributes the endurance he’s developed to keep up with the physical demands of his work at Campbell Clinic to his dedication to stay in shape. Physical therapy technician Cory Smith always considered basketball his primary source of exercise until he took up

running as a way to condition himself for the sport. Only when the Germantown Half Marathon came along did he decide to participate in his first ever race. “I’m a competitive person so naturally this was the best way to compete against others,” said Smith. “But, ultimately, I wanted to challenge myself.” Smith prepared for race with several high intensity workouts per week, long-distance runs on the weekends and basketball games in between. He finds that by staying fit, he and his fellow race participants and coworkers can provide the type of example patients at Campbell Clinic can look up to. “I think it’s important to practice what you preach,” Smith explained in regards to working with physical therapy patients at Campbell Clinic. “It’s not easy to convince someone to lead a healthy lifestyle if you don’t do so yourself.” Bird also shared advice for those looking to start running or participate in a longdistance race. “Start slow, and build up your program gradually,” he said. “It’s important whether it’s the first time you’ve laced up your running shoes or the tenth time you’ve run a race to always listen to your body as it will let you know what you are able and unable to do.”

Celebrating over 100 years in business, Campbell Clinic is dedicated to providing unsurpassed patient care while continuing the clinic’s role as the leader in teaching and research in orthopedic surgery. Campbell Clinic has locations in Germantown, TN; Collierville, TN; the Medical District in Memphis, TN; and DeSoto, MS. Campbell Clinic also has an After Hours Clinic which is open from 5 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Saturday from 8 to 11 a.m. For more information on Campbell Clinic, call 901.759.3100 or visit

MemphiSport June/July 2012  

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MemphiSport June/July 2012  

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