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5 Pizza Slice: $5.00

Pizza has been available for a while at AutoZone Park, but this is Hunt’s Brothers’ debut season. You might recognize this great tasting pizza from gas stations and convenience stores throughout Memphis, but it tastes even better outside at a Redbirds’ game. There are two types of pizza for you to choose from (pepperoni or three cheese), and the slices are a good size for the price. One slice at the ball park is like two regular slices, so head to the Main Street or Chef Express concession stands and enjoy some great pizza along.


6 Catfish and Hush Puppies: $8.00 Technically this is the sophomore season of this yummy meal, but this meal is so delicious and such a bargain, we had to include it on the list. Fresh fish, breaded and fried to perfection might seem like an odd snack at a baseball game, but when you think about how easy it is to eat and share with friends and family you begin to understand why it is selling as well as it does. This particular treat is easy to share amongst the kids and it can be a meal for adult attendees. Add to it the fabulous hush puppies and fries and you have one tremendous meal to enjoy with the game. If you are craving some great fish, just head over to the Gayoso Grill concession stand and order this meal between innings.

7 Parker’s Water Ice: Small $5.50/ Large $7.00 It is not ice cream. It is not a snow cone. It is not shaved ice. It is a delicious treat that is fat free, cholesterol free, dairy free, and kosher. Parker’s Water Ice is a local company that specializes in this unique frozen treat, and man is it good. They make this fantastic frozen snack by mixing water with fruit juice and fruit flavors, then they freeze it. What you end up with is a great treat that has a uniquely soft and smooth texture. Water ice is a tasty treat that is sure to cool you down during those hot days at the ball park. Sadly only five of the 34 flavors offered at AutoZone Park (lime, mango, cherry limeade, sour apple, and cherry), but if you want to try some of the other wonderful flavors you can go to their store located at 7050 Malco Crossings.



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