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Anthony Hicks, APR serves as the editorial consultant for MSBQ. He has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Arkansas State University and a master’s degree in Urban Affairs and Public Policy. His current role is director of public relations for SRVS (pronounced serves). He worked as a media relations manager and newspaper reporter previously for other local companies. Anthony is a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Anthony Hicks

Paula Anderson is a freelance journalist and public relations professional. She is a graduate of LeMoyne-Owen College and is pursuing a master’s degree. She writes stories that uplift, inspire and motivate others. She is also the author of a 15- Day Devotional Journal for Women. Paula has 20 years experience as an instructor and teaches medical coding and professional development workshops. She is the founder of Writing by Design PR, a public relations writing service, for nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and authors and is a member of the Memphis Association of Black Journalists (MABJ).

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Helping women through teaching and training by Paula Anderson Reaching women and youth is the focus for Zenobia Jackson, a Greenville, MS native, who has decided to plant “seeds” in the Lamarie Banks and MEA students Memphis area. Jackson, founder of P3 Consulting, works with youth organizations and women who need healing and transformation from life challenges. “I believe in the Power and Possibilities of Purpose.” She wants youth and women to ask this question? “Why am I here?” During her 12 years as an educator, she developed a passion for teaching and training the next generation of empowered leaders. Jackson said,” I am relatable because I have a family and parenting background.” She received a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Mississippi. Currently, she is working with youth organizations like UCAN of Memphis, Inc. and Jack-n-Jill of America - Memphis Chapter to empower youth. Jackson is affectionately called “Queen” because she sees the value in others and wants them to be their best. “I am inspired when I see an individual overcome life’s challenges. Those who take an I’m not giving up attitude gives me life.” Her message to women is: “We all have a scars, yet will your scars Remind you of the hurt or Release you into your Purpose? You choose.”

Zenobia Jackson

P3 Consulting and Development is a purpose driven consulting firm and prides itself on building plaforms designed to support forward thinkers. We have an innovative style for reaching youth, women and educators. Dominic and Kenda Lawson

Our mission is to help individuals discover the POWER in their PURPOSE which will UNLOCK their possibilities. Zenobia Jackson is a life transformational speaker and she has developed a passion for teaching and training the next generation of empowered leaders.

Contact Zenobia Jackson @ Memphis Small Business Quarterly Summer Edition - Spring 2018

Financial literacy and empowerment by Paula Anderson Managing money is a skill that everyone has to master to achieve financial goals. As a new entrepreneur, Sarita Price, is focusing on helping clients move to the next level through financial literacy and empowerment. Price said, “ My father laid my financial foundation when I was a teenager. I grew up in Whiteville, Tennessee and my father was an entrepreneur. He owned a plumbing business.” “He told me to keep at least six house payments in the bank and to save money for a “rainy day”. When I became an adult I remembered that advice and when I filed my tax returns each year, I would pay bills and save the money.”

Sarita Price

As a result of the guidance, Price saved approximately $6,000 dollars when she was laid off from her job. She did not lose her home while applying for mortgage assistance because she had the resources to sustain her during difficult period.

Over the years, she has become a wise shopper. She sticks to a budget and uses coupons to help save on spending. She has done her own hair and nails to reduce expenses and says shopping at “The Goodwill” for clothing allows her to save also. As Christians, we are taught to tithe, which means to give 10 percent of your increase and allow God to help you manage the 90 percent. “I continued to pay my tithes,” said Price. Since leaving corporate America, she has made adjustments to her lifestyle to pursue entrepreneurship. She is the co-author of the book - Tying the Knot Between Ministry and The Marketplace, Vol. 2 Price started learning about personal finance through a local church community. She said, “My development started under the direction of an Economic Empowerment Ministry.” Roselle Gause, former faciliator of EEM, said, “When I started teaching others about financial matters, it forced me to do right in my own life.” Her former pastor encouraged her to start the ministry to help the church to increase awareness about financial literacy. Price has decided to use what she learned from others to help African-Americans learn about budgeting, saving and preparing for major financial decisions. “Our community lacks discipline and education when it comes to spending dollars.” According to an article in, the spending power for African-Americans reached 1.7 trillion in 2017. In addition to her family upbringing, she received financial education from other ethnic groups about buying a car and saving money for college. Price provides financial coaching sessions designed for individuals who may need guidance with saving, budgeting and planning for the future.

Memphis Small Business Quarterly Summer Edition - Spring 2018

She has packages, but she prefers to make sure she is a “good fit” for a new client. A complimentary consultation to assess the coaching relationship is the first step. She added, “People have to be coachable, trainable and teachable” when entering into a coaching partnership. In addition to personal finance coaching, she offers leadership and strategic direction. To learn more about Sarita Price, contact her via email at MSBQ

Networking to build relationships and share resources... The Summer Entrepreneurial Networking Event hosted on June 27 was an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to meet, talk and exchange services and value. Entrepreneurs, Lameka Ivy and Eric Ryan Brinson, Kareem DaSilva, served as co-hosts for the event. The event consisted of education and interaction with other entrepreneurs. Lauren Brown, owner of LRB Global Consulting Services, Inc. ,was one of the presenters who spoke about Shifting Gears.

Pictured: Lauren Brown

Brown said, “I discussed the difference between an entrepreneurial mindset (the reason one starts a business) and a profitable business mindset (the mindset needed to run one’s business profitably).”

She illustrated her point with a poster and it contained a list of entrepreneurial mindset characteristics such as -- “have passion, are risk takers, are focused, are action takers, who obsess over cash-flow and think for themselves.” “I thoroughly enjoyed the other speaker, the networking, the vendors and light refreshments. Most of all, I had the opportunity to meet and connect with emerging and seasoned business owners, who understand and embrace the “profitable business owner mindset.” Vendor tables were set-up to display products and services. Sandra Q. Bailey was an enterprising vendor and provided information about life insurance, retirement and financial planning. Gloria Carson, manager of Union Centre, LLC, said, ‘I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with small business owners at The Summer Entrepreneurial Networking Event! The event created a positive atmosphere for networking with business professionals. I learned what is trending in marketing and other great nuggets that I can apply to my business. I am looking forward to the next event.”

The FALL Networking Event will be Sept. 19 from 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 1331 Union Avenue, 10th floor. Free to attend. Vendor and sponsorships are available. Register via Evenbrite.

Educate. Network. Change.

A Journey of Health and Entrepreneurship Shonta Kilgore

For 20+ years of being a teacher in the public-school system, educator Shonta Kilgore decided to continue to advocate for quality education by starting her own business, Failure Free Educational Services. Founded in 2005, the LLC provides professional development and leadership training for youth. As the consultant and coach, Kilgore wants to help youth reach their full potential. She began her career as an educator in 1997 where she taught in the heart of South Memphis.

After seeing a shift in the standards and expectations for education, she began to leave the classroom and start her own business. “Every child deserves a free and appropriate education,” said Kilgore. From her experience in teaching, Kilgore witnessed herself being comfortable and stagnant in the classroom and Whitney the wanted to doCole everything she could education make sure that every child deserves a good education and what she calls “authentic education”. Kilgore defines authentic education as education that helps someone reach and maximize his or her full potential and be his or her own boss and achieve a goal. “Authentic education disarms poverty and every child should be afforded an opportunity to get out of poverty,” said Kilgore. Kilgore’s goal for her business is to become a fully staffed organization as she continues to provide youth with authentic education and disarm poverty. She will also present at a conference in October about digital literacy. Another goal has been Kilgore’s year-long fitness journey to lose weight. Kilgore said, “Life-long challenges with being overweight and a family history of high blood pressure and diabetes inspired me to focus on my health.” On June 1, 2017, she started walking each day and made a Facebook (R) post with a picture and marked the day as completed. Kilgore said, “I exercised everyday because I wanted to change old habits and focus on being the best of me - personally, socially, and emotionally.” “I decided to use social media as a platform to hold myself accountable.” Each day she received likes and comments from people who were paying attention stated Kilgore. Her fitness journey and leap of faith toward entrepreneurship has increased her confidence to try new things and not be concerned about the end results, but to focus on the process. Her message to others is to not allow the “fear of failure to hinder your progress.” For more information about Failure Free Educational Services, LLC contact via email @ shontakilgore@gmail. com.

Jennifer Sharp is a freelance writer. She can be reached at

Brenda Palmer

Brenda Palmer has been an entrepreneur for many years. She has been “The Candy Lady”, “The Avon Lady” and now she is “The Apron Lady.” BJ’s Creative Stitches is a home-based business that specializes in making hand-crafted aprons, hand mittens and pot holders. Her grandmother, the late Mary Brown, taught her to sew. She was the only sibling interested in this skill. Her love for sewing has shifted her to another level of entrepreneurship. On June 15, she made it official and launched her new business. Her aprons are designed to meet your cooking needs. She attended her first small-business workshop on June 14 and was a vendor at two events in June. Contact her via email @

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Memphis Small Business Quarterly - Summer Women's Edition  

This newsletter includes features on women who are coaching, consulting and crafting.

Memphis Small Business Quarterly - Summer Women's Edition  

This newsletter includes features on women who are coaching, consulting and crafting.