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Fall 2020 - Jackson Edition

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Paula Anderson is the founder of Writing by Design Media. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from LeMoyne-Owen College and bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Memphis. She is also pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Memphis. She is a member of the Memphis Association of Black Journalists (MABJ) and the Black Public Relations Society in Los Angeles.

Emerging Entrepreneurs Kimberly Lovelady Randall Roby Lori Reeves Tim Hayes

Enterprising Entrepreneurs Dr. April Webster-Wilson Tia Jones

ERIC BRINSON Eric Brinson is vice-president of Sales. Eric received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). He is also a real estate investor.

Small Business Resources Jackson Chamber of Commerce Jackson Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce U.S. Small Business Administration Tennessee Small Business Development Center Pathway Lending TheCO.

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JOHARI HAMILTON Johari Hamilton is a content writer and copyeditor. She is pursuing an associate’s degree in Foreign Language at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

JUSTIN KEY Justin Key is a graduate of LeMoyneOwen College. He has a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and entertainment from Mount Saint Mary’s University. Key is a contributing writer.

JACOB MAYO Jacob Mayo is an undergraduate student at the University of Memphis Jackson campus. He is a social media intern and is pursuing a degree in English.


Emerging Entrepreneurs

Kimberly Lovelady Fundamental Health Solutions The impact of mental and emotional health is essential for entrepreneurs and small business owners who might Kimberly Lovelady, founder of Fundamental Health Solutions, works consulting and training. According to Lovelady, she has taught everyday health-focused entrepreneurs how to use the strategies she mastered with 20 years of healthcare experience. Lovelady faced her own challenges when she was diagnosed with a serious illness. Her tenacity and commitment to not give up have prepared her for the work that she does to help other women overcome fears and take charge of their lives. Her services include self-care and wellness for women. As a licensed social worker, she can provide behavioral and cognitive therapies for her clients. Courtesy Photo of Kimberly Lovelady

Lovelady said, “Self-care is the steady act of taking care of yourself so that you can show up in the world as the woman that you were meant to be. It is the sum of daily rituals and habits

sessions to help clients navigate through life’s challenges. Her blog shares resources and tips for women who need to step back and take a break. To learn more about Kimberly Lovelady, visit https://www.kimberlylovelady.com/.

Randall Roby Ikanos Emergency Management COVID-19 has impacted many business owners in ways that we never imagined. As a result, businesses, schools and organizations have been shut down and most companies are faced with doing business in a virtual environment. to chaos.” His company provides solutions to small businesses who need to streamline and restore normal operations. According to Roby, companies have to be proactive and consider the “what-if scenario.” This consists of taking a comprehensive approach, which includes taking the following items into consideration - “threats, stakeholders, visitors and guests.” Using this same approach, his company has developed a solution for taking temperatures for individuals who enter various buildings and public spaces because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandated social distancing guidelines and masks requirements. Roby received a degree in meteorology from Texas A&M University. His background includes emergency management. During the course of his career,

Courtesy Photo of Randall Roby

emergency planning for the Memphis/Shelby County Emergency Management Agency.

His philosophy is for companies to strive to be “disaster resistant and disaster resilient.” To learn more about Randall Roby, visit https://ikanos.us.


Emerging Entrepreneurs

Lori Reeves BrandStrength As a business owner or entrepreneur, having a website presence is part of a company’s image. Prospective customers and clients visit websites to verify the credibility and legitimacy of a business. Lori Reeves, founder of BrandStrength, specializes in website design, copywriting and branding. Over the past few months, Reeves has seen an increase in her business due to COVID-19. with online marketing, copywriting and web design services. While COVID-19 has required business owners to pivot and learn new ways of doing business, her services have been a solution to many business owners who need an online presence.

and generate revenue. According to Reeves, she had 200 people to sign up for the course and 100 people to complete it. be more streamlined. She plans to build a wireframe for customers to design and add copy. “I have faced challenges as an entrepreneur and I had to put systems into place to help manage my business and I can help other entrepreneurs put systems in place that will help them achieve success too,” said Reeves.

Courtesy Photo of Lori Reeves

To learn more, visit https://brandstrength.co.

Tim Hayes How Sweet It Is Most entrepreneurs don’t start out thinking about becoming an entrepreneur. The journey usually deviates from a traditional path to a path focused on a “calling and destiny.” Tim Hayes, founder of How Sweet It Is by Tim, thought he would become a trauma surgeon. But that path shifted when he decided that baking was his purpose and passion. With no prior baking experience, Tim relocated to Orlando, FL to get a culinary degree. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. After completing his culinary education, he worked as an intern for a local bakery in Jackson, TN and began his career as a pastry chef. According to Hayes, he has been highlighted in several magazines and on The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. Hayes said, “This is my gift from God.” He uses that gift to sweeten and add happiness to his customers who primarily consist of brides, grooms and partygoers. Courtesy Photo of Tim Hayes

Although COVID-19 has impacted many business owners, Hayes has seen an increase in sales which will give him an opportunity to scale his business.

cocky and don’t be afraid to say, No.” Due to high demand and limited human capital, Hayes felt the pain of over extending himself with orders, but he is He shares his baking gifts with students where he teaches a culinary class at Haywood County High School. To learn more about Tim Hayes, visit https://www.howsweetitis731.com/.


Enterprising Entrepreneurs

Dr. April Wilson-Webster & Tia Jones Loving Arms, LLC intellectual disabilities.

elopmental and

Dr. April Wilson-Webster and Tia Jones partnered to provide services through a home care health agency based in Jackson and Memphis. Before becoming full-time entrepreneurs, Dr. Wilson-Webster and Jones worked a ‘9 to 5’ job to pay for the opening up their business. Instead of loans and outside funding sources, they used their personal savings in order to purchase equipment and supplies for their business. making person centered resolutions to assist them to live a purposeful and meaningful life within the community. Dr. Wilson-Webster has a doctorate degree in Chrisitian Counseling and Jones brings a sales and marketing background to the partnership. They both have a passion to serve and help others. “We currently provide service to over 100 members Wilson-Webster. Loving Arms, LLC provides services to elderly and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The company has a contract with the Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) through the state of Tennessee and three managed care organizations serving the Medicaid population BlueCare, Amerigroup and United Healthcare. While the company has not seen a decrease in revenue, it has faced challenges due to COVID-19 in the

Courtesy Photo of Dr. April Wilson-Webster & Tia Jones

Like many other companies who had to switch to virtual and telecommunications, the transition brought a learning curve with it. Face-to-face visits became virtual check-ins and e-visits to continue patient care and services. Other factors related to COVID-19 include supplies for employees. “We had to purchase thermometers to perform temperature checks daily on all employees and members.”Internal policies have changed with ,” said Dr. Wilson-Webster. and words of encouragement through these uncertain times. She and her partner will continue to keep their mission and vision in the forefront of their minds. “The vision of Loving Arms, LLC is to be a beacon of light to inspire the people wwe support and our employees to reach their purpose: One Dream, One Goal, One person at a time,” said Jones. Dr. Wilson-Webster lives by her favorite quote by Bishop TD Jakes: “If you do not know your purpose Arms, LLC is their purpose. To learn more, visit www.lovingarmsllc.com.


Small Business Resource

The Jackson Chamber The Jackson Chamber serves as a connection for its members and the community. Founded in 1905, its mission is "to develop and maintain an economic climate, which creates and retains jobs and enhances the quality of life for all citizens of Jackson/Madison County and West Tennessee." This multifaceted mission includes more than resources, contacts, and networking to help around 1,100 business owners. It consists of facilitating Courtesy Photo of Jackson Chamber of Commerce economic growth through new jobs and capital investment in Jackson-Madison County. It is investing in our community's growth and success with goals and initiatives from our Forward Jackson strategic plans. These plans are created with input from leaders, members, and citizens concerning education, health and wellness, safety, and the many components that create and sustain a great economic climate. This mission also includes pivoting during a crisis and helping members relay business information during a pandemic. It involves initiating conversations and relationships for harmony and strength to celebrate diversity among residents and businesses. The list of components is endless to this mission, but one thing the Jackson Chamber is proud of, besides its elite four-star accreditation from the United States Chamber of Commerce, is being the centerpiece for connections. To learn more visit, https://jacksontn.com/chamber.

Jackson Madison County African-American Chamber of Commerce Jackson Madison County African American Chamber of Commerce (JMCAACC) serves West Tennessee and • • •

Growth and Development of Member Businesses Youth Entrepreneurial Development and Community Economic Development in West Tennessee.

According to the website, the Chamber is “a resource for African American business owners, partnerships and corporations in Rural West Tennessee, our objective is to help new and existing businesses reach their potential by using our resources to connect them with major corporations, community leaders, and other business owners so that they learn, grow and network for greater economic development and success." One of its signature programs is the JEWEL Awards. JEWEL is an acronym for Joining Entrepreneurs with Enterprising Leadership (JEWEL) Awards. JMCAACC highlights small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is normally held in February. To learn more about JMCAACC, http://www.jmcaacc.org.


Small Business Resource

Monique Merriweather Tennessee Small Business Development Center TSBDC serves as a resource to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the challenges and obstacles that many are faced with on their journey. Monique Merriweather, executive director of TSBDC for Jackson said, “If you are thinking of starting your own business and don’t know where to begin or if you are currently in business and need assistance with internal counseling may be helpful to you.” Entrepreneurs and business owners can receive assistance planning, marketing, social media strategy and technology planning.

Courtesy Photo of Monique Merriweather

To learn more about the resources, visit tsbdc.org or call 731-424-5389.

Travis Hughes Pathway Lending Pathway Lending, a regional nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), is providing minority and womenowned businesses with access to capital in West Tennessee. Travis Hughes, Vice-President of Lending, works with entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to achieve financial and strategic goals through funding solutions.

Courtesy Photo of Travis Hughes

“As a CDFI, our goal is to provide responsible capital and technical business ownership training in underserved markets. We consider the 5 C’s of Credit: character t we have to add another ‘C’ coachability. Pathway Lending has a goal to ensure that 60 - 70 percent of our activities are concentrated on minority business owners and those located in low-income census tracts,” said Hughes.

To reach Travis Hughes, send an email to travis.hughes@pathwaylending.org.


Small Business Resource

TheCO TheCO is a resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and startups. The organization provides co-working space, residency, and access to other programs to help startups build a business. Since 2014, it has assisted new entrepreneurs with learning how to develop business models and how to launch a business through the CO.STARTERS Program which is a nine-week program designed to help entrepreneurs learn how to form and develop a business. Other resources are available include meeting space, media room and makerspace for creative entrepreneurs. To learn more about theCO., visit https://www.attheco.com.

Courtesy Photo of TheCO

Jennifer Sharp and Johari Hamilton Photo Credit: Isaac Singleton


Small Business Resource

LaTanya Channel Tennessee District Director COVID-19 has caused many businesses to pivot during this season of uncertainty. This pandemic has challenged everyone on how to continue to stay in the game. LaTanya Channel, Tennessee District Director, shares upcoming Candid Conversation. Below are some of the highlights from the interview. Under the SBA, entrepreneurs and small business owners can receive training and development through the following organizations in your local area. These are organizations funded by SBA, and as a federally funded program, there is no cost or very low cost to entrepreneurs to receive services. Women’s Business Centers (WBC): Pathway Lending oversees the Women Business Center in the state of Tennessee. Although Pathway Lending is based in Nashville, the resources are for entrepreneurs throughout the state, via funding that SBA provides (www.sba.gov/women). Jarlecia Jones serves as the director of the Pathway WBC.

Courtesy Photo of LaTanya Channel

Veterans Business Outreach Centers (VBOC): Pathway Lending also hosts the SBA VBOC for the State of Tennessee (www.sba.gov/veterans). Reggie Ordonez serves as the Director of the Pathway VBOC that provides business planning, mentorship, and training for eligible veterans here: --- Pathway VBOC. Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): There are workshops on access to capital, government contracting, marketing and business planning along with one-on-one business assistance and counseling. Rory Thomas serves as executive director for the Memphis SBDC Center and there are 14 other SBDC Centers around the state, including in Jackson TN –Tennessee SBDCs. SCORE counseling with 4 Chapters in Tennessee – Tennessee SCORE The Memphis SCORE Chapter is located on Poplar Avenue in Clark Tower.

on Eventbrite - SBA Tennessee District. Sign up for the SBA newsletter here: Email Alerts and follow SBA Tennessee on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/SBA_Tennessee.


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Fall 2020 Jackson Edition  

This edition features entrepreneurs in Jackson, TN.

Fall 2020 Jackson Edition  

This edition features entrepreneurs in Jackson, TN.