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October/November 2013 Volume 24, Number 10/11

Memphis Restaurant Association


Message from the PRESIDENT Dear Fellow Members: It’s November, time for giving thanks and heading to the voting booth. While it may be an ‘off year’ for national politics, there are still good reasons for you to focus on political issues. As the saying goes... ‘All politics is local.’ While Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill may have been addressing the need of politicians to address the everyday concerns of their constituents, his words are also a call to arms for us as business owners to understand and participate in the political process. How it affects you. Let’s look at the recent government shutdown. Business meetings were cancelled, family trips were postponed, and hundreds of thousands of people were without paychecks. According to the U.S. Travel Association, $152 million PER DAY was lost in travel spending alone. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to have my slice of that $152 million per day in business traveler per diem spent at my restaurant. TnHA President & CEO Greg Adkins said it best: ‘We elect our government officials to conduct business that helps Tennesseans, not shut the government down when times get rough.’ Think you don’t have the power to make a difference? Collectively we do! Here are some facts from the TnHA for you to mull over: The hospitality industry is the second-largest private-sector employer in TN with an extremely diverse workforce at all levels, comprised of approximately 180,000 employees Direct tourist spending has an impact of $16 billion dollars in Tennessee - much of this spent in restaurants Our industry created over $5.2 billion dollars in worker income and paychecks Our industry collects over $1.12 billion dollars in state and local taxes So watch the news, read the newspaper, read industry publications...staying informed helps you keep your business on track. And get involved! Not only is the MRA the ONLY restaurant association in the State of Tennessee, we have our own PAC (Political Action Committee) that works hard every day to make sure YOUR BUSINESS needs are being met at the local, state and national level. CLICK HERE to join the MRAPAC and let your business needs be heard and give thanks for the hardworking men and women that keep your business going day in and day out. Slainte,

Patrick Reilly Majestic Grille 522-8555, FAX: 328-5655

MISSION STATEMENT: The Memphis Restaurant Association (MRA) is the premiere support organization dedicated to the success of our industry and community now and into the future. We provide useful, accessible tools, educational services and governmental representation to promote the stability and growth of our members. The MRA is dedicated to building community relationships and involvement in order to increase membership and create a spirit of fellowship among its members.

Giving Thanks for our Wonderful Members! Check this Out! 6th Annual MRA Thomas Boggs Golf To u r n a m e n t Pictures & Highlights • inside •

TnHA Update

Tourism Industry Holiday Party Please Join Us!

A focus on state legislative issues Danny Sumrall, Chairman Elect of the Tennessee Hospitality Association (TnHA), is gearing up for a legislatively productive 2014. Danny said, “As for as the state legislative arena, we are working with the State to clarify and ensure consistency in the interpretation of the TABC laws. Our new TABC director has changed the previous enforcement of the law concerning fusion drinks as well as beer sold in hotels. These changes in middle and east Tennessee have caused a tremendous strain in the operations of several of our members. If anyone has a story to convey concerning the above please let us know so when we meet with the Governor we can present all of the information on this problem. There is also a movement to slow audits by the revenue department if you have a computerized POS system that can provide them the sales information they require. This is a win/win for us as well as the revenue department. We also are expecting more gun law rights, and we are working on worker’s comp and unemployment reform.” If you have any local anecdotes regarding the TABC’s enforcement of fusion/’premixed’ drinks (infusing or blending alcoholic beverages prior to the immediate sale to the consumer) or beer sold in hotels, please e-mail so we can add it to what we take to Nashville next year.

The TnHA legislative priorities include: 1. Lodging/Occupancy Tax 2. Wine & Liquor Reform 3. Increasing the Tennessee Tourism Marketing Fund 4. Other Defensive Legislative Issues 5. Vacation Rental By Owners (VRBO’s) 6. Online Travel Companies (OTC’s) 7. Worker’s Compensation & Unemployment Reform 8. ProStart & HTMP 9. Guns Rights Learn more about current legislative issues and industry advocacy from the TN Hospitality Association. TnHA DATES TO REMEMBER IN 2014: February 26th – TnHA Day on the Hill in Nashville, TN April 5-3 – Annual TN ProStart Championship in Nashville, TN April 29-30 – National Restaurant Association Public Affairs Conference in Washington, DC May 17-20 – NRA Food Show in Chicago, IL July 15th – TnHA Law Symposium September 17-19 – TnHA Convention & Trade Show in Knoxville, TN

Working for You

Shawn Danko, MRA Vice-President, brought back the following updates from TnHA Conference & Trade Show held in Nashville, TN in August, 2013. Matt Walker, Vice President of Government Affairs for National Restaurant Association (NRA) highlighted upcoming legislative issues at the federal level. Shawn shares, “From a business owner’s perspective the full on assault by government bureaucracy is overwhelming, just new mandates from OSHA, PPACA, and the IRS are enough to get any operator fired up.”

The NRA legislative priorities include:

1. Minimum Wage – Calls for the federal minimum wage to rise in stages to $10.10 by 2015 including raising the tip employee minimum hourly wage. 2. Health Care – PPACA taking effect in 2015 for businesses. 3. Tax – FICA tip credits, Enhanced Deduction for Charitable Food Donation. 4. Immigration – An easy to use E-Verify system that provides employers with certainty in hiring 5. Payments (Card Transactions) 6. Patent Trolls (Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs or Trolls) Demand letters alleging patent infringement) 7. Menu Labeling 8. Farm Bill Learn more about current legislative issues and industry advocacy from the National Restaurant Association. TABC UPDATE NEW UPDATED Declaration of Citizenship form required by TABC effective immediately! CLICK HERE to view new form. Instead of one, you must now have TWO forms of ID, or copies attached to the form. This form, just like the Server Permit Application, must be notarized This form was introduced in April, 2013 and updated a few weeks ago If you are picking up Alcohol Server Permit cards for others these forms must be completed, notarized, and have two copies of ID (See the list of acceptable ID’s).

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 5:00 - 8:00 pm. Cannon Center for the Performing Arts 255 North Main Street

Sponsored by Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau and Metropolitan Memphis Hotel & Lodging Association Business or casual attire RSVP by calling 901-543-5321. Non-member Admission $20 per person Classifieds Employment Wanted Evan Webster is trying to relocate back to Memphis and is seeking employment. Wight Boggs shares, “I have known Evan for 23 years and he is an outstanding person with a great work ethic. I believe he would be an asset and investment well made for any company!” CLICK HERE to view Evan’s cover letter. CLICK HERE to view Evan’s resume. Carrie Hencyk, Sales Manager, formerly with Gordon Food Company seeks employment in the Greater Memphis hospitality/restaurant industry. 10+ years’ experience and well established relationships with local chefs and restaurant operators. For more information or to review resume, please contact Carrie Hencyk, 901-650-2338, As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Panera Bread in Laurelwood hosted MRA associate members on November 7th for our Fall MRA Associates Coffee Club (MRAACC) Several new MRA associate members joined a group of coffee club veterans for coffee and a light breakfast. Again associates were honored to welcome one of Memphis’ restaurant royalty, Tawanda Pirtle (Jack Pirtle’s Fried Chicken), who joined us for the lively discussion and networking session. Several members shared stories of business that has been gained through the relationships they are cultivating at coffee club. It was great to see our work in action. Board Committee Chairs will attend in the near future to give associates a clearer picture of what we are doing for you and ways to get more involved. Discussion topics included a MRA golf tournament recap, 50th Annual Banquet and forming a committee to plan out the 2014 Coffee Club Agenda. An associate box ad on is given away each quarter to a regular attender of the MRAACC. Lisa Finch with AmeriPride Services won the November giveaway. Congrats! Make plans to join us in 2014. Associates in attendance: AmeriPride Services David Holcomb AmeriPride Services Lisa Finch Contemporary Media/ Memphis Flyer Brian Dickerson Frost Bake Shop Alisa Cunningham GEM Restaurant Supply Hale Barclay Hudspeth Benefits Group Bill Hudspeth Jack Pirtle’s Fried Chicken Tawanda Pirtle New York Life Randy Jackson Patrick Accounting & Tax Rick Bowers Paychex Jennifer Bernero Paychex Tracy Tutor State Systems Inc. John Seay & Front Street Deli Lance Silkes The Shopping Center Group Shawn Massey TraveHost of Greater Memphis Bill Sumner

Please join us.. MRA Health Care Meeting & Holiday Mixer December 2, 2013 3:30-6:30 The Peabody MRA Business Meeting in Louis Room, Mezzanine Level • 3:30-4:00 Health Care Panel Discussion in Louis Room, Mezzanine Level• 4:00-5:30 Holiday Party* in the Corner Bar, Main Lobby • 5:30-6:30 *Cocktails & Hors d’Oeuvres served The business meeting is open to ALL MRA members. Please feel free to bring a guest that may be interested in joining the MRA. Restaurants that join at the meeting will get 1st six months free ($125 in savings). If you are recently new to the MRA, please come and introduce yourself as a new member. Parking: The Peabody offers valet parking and covered self-parking in the garage across the street. SORRY NO VALIDATIONS.


50th Annual Memphis Restaurant Association Banquet We have several special tributes in the works for our 50th. This is one you do not want to miss so please mark your calendars. February 23rd, 2014 6:00 pm until 11:00pm Cocktails 6PM Dinner & Awards 7PM Dancing & Mischief ‘til 11PM The Peabody Memphis Award Nominations will take place during the month of December. Please be thinking about your fellow MRA associate and restaurant members who you feel are deserving of an award nomination.

Allied Café

Metro Memphis Hotel & Lodging Association Allied Product and Services Presentation Show The best in Hospitality Products & Services along with Breakout Sessions covering the most up-to-date industry concerns made for a informative and successful event. The following pages contain a recap of the day, along with highlights from the Breakout Sessions.

FOOD ALLERGY FACTS: • Over 425 million people Worldwide have at least one special dietary need: 3 15 Million in US with food allergy 3 150 Million with food allergy worldwide 3 168 Million with Food Intolerance 3 3 Million in US diagnosed with Celiac Disease 3 Vegan, Vegetarian, Diabetic, Low Sodium, etc. • People with food allergies that ingest a food they are allergic to are at high risk of anaphylaxis, which could lead to death if not treated immediately. • Over160 food allergens Lara Holland, the Food Allergy Gal, wowed the crowd at the MMHLA Allied Café sponsored by the MRA, with her presentation Food Allergies & Gluten Free- Fad or Forever? 15+ Million reasons to know your food products well. Attendees to Lara’s breakout session were amazed by the facts concerning food allergies as it relates to our industry and the potential revenue opportunities out there for those of us who market to this group. Lara treated guests to the most delicious gluten free and allergy friendly brownies. Lara is a nationally recognized food allergy consultant and offers food allergy and gluten free restaurant certification for you and your staff.

Can you name the TOP 10 Food Allergies? CLICK HERE to see if you are correct.

LAWS TO KNOW: • FALCPA (The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004) any packaged product • Federal Food Code 2009… coming soon 2013 Food Code 3 TN Adopting this – effective 2015 • State Specific Food Allergy Laws 3 MA, NY, MD, MN, RI, OK • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) • FAAMA (Food Allergy & Anaphalxis Management Act of 2011) POTENTIAL REVENUE TO FOOD SERVICE: 3 According to GFRAP- 8-10% increase due approved gluten-free menu 3 10% increase due to focus on allergen awareness 3 4% of orders from allergy menus 3 Some food service facilities see as much as 25% increase in revenue after catering to this clientele 3 “Winnable” Market Share of Incremental Customers roughly 10-15% or more

CONSIDER BECOMING A FOOD ALLERGY GLUTEN FREE RESTAURANT! HERE ARE SOME OF THE ADVANTAGES… 3 Increase Revenue up to 25% 3 Gain Exposure • Listed on apps and websites that reach niche 15 million person market • Cater to more that can’t eat out in local area 3 Decrease potential fines and lawsuit exposures Lara Holland Phone: 678-720-8845 Will travel to your location(s) Want to learn more from Lara? Sign up for her AllerSmartMenu™ Online Class What food service MUST know and often doesn’t! Get the nitty gritty details of serving those with special dietary needs. Real solutions for Every Day issues. Wednesday, December 11, 2013 10-11:30am in EST (9-10:30 am in Memphis) CLICK HERE to register.

JESSE DENTON, publisher of the Risk Bulletin & Hospitality Loss Prevention Consultant, offered attendees to the Allied Café information on the upcoming new OSHA changes with his presentation- Are you prepared for the change to OSHA’s new Global Harmonization System by December, 2013? Attendees were able to find out what you must do and how to do it. GHS vs. HazCom. Why the change is necessary? December 1 is the deadline set by OSHA for training your affected associates on the new chemical safety system, GHS (Global Harmonization System of Classification and labeling of Chemicals.) The required components are: • Training on Labels and SDS • Written Compliance Program • 30 Days is approximately the time you have to complete this required task. Jesse Denton offers complete training programs for managers and associates and the written compliance program, posters and more.

In person training and teleconference sessions available with your trainers. 678694-8586 is the number you need to call to complete your GHS program and not wreck your properties’ budget. For assistance with your Loss Prevention and Safety programs, for training resources, emergency, safety, first aid equipment and supplies contact Jesse Denton, your Hospitality Engineering & Loss Prevention Services [HELPS] Consultant. Call 770-257-8363 or by email at jldentonjr@ Be sure to check out OSHA’s command central regarding GHS! CLICK HERE for website.

Otho Sawyer, Supervisor for the Shelby County Health Department, filled the room for his breakout session. Attendees were eager to learn about the most current Health Code updates. Mr. Sawyer shared their timetable of implementation and key changes to the code. Note: The Summary of Regulation Changes and Implementation of the New Code appear on pages 6- 9 of this months TIPS.

December 1st, 2013 Training Requirements for the Revised Hazard Communication Standard. Read more… CLICK HERE TO VIEW OSHA’S GHS TRAINING REQUIREMENTS FACT SHEET. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OSHA’S BRIEF ON GHS. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PICTOGRAMS. State Systems, Inc.

MRA Associate Members show Their Stuff! US Foods

Stop Alarms

The Guys from Turner Dairy


Tennessee Department of Health Food Code Summary of Regulation Changes Tennessee Department of Health has adopted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 2009 Food Code. The Food Code is a model code of regulations that are based on the science of preventing foodborne illness. This new code/regulation will be enforced beginning July 1, 2015. Adoption of this code shows the state’s commitment to its mission to improve the health of people living in, working in, or visiting the State of Tennessee. The following chart summarizes important changes that impact the Food Service Establishments that are currently or will be regulated by Tennessee Department of Health/Environmental Health. Current Regulation

New Regulation (Beginning July 1, 2015)


Knowledgeable STAFF Available “The Person In Charge (PIC) shall Demonstrate Knowledge” of foodborne disease prevention by one of the following methods: No critical violations of a routine inspection, or Being a certified Food Protection Manager by passing an exam from an ACCREDITED PROGRAM *See prgID=8&status=4 for accredited programs*, or Responding correctly to inspector’s questions based on the Foodborne illness risk inherent in each establishment.

Employee Health:

Employee Health:

No person, while infected with a disease in a communicable form that can be transmitted by foods or who is a carrier of organisms that cause such a disease or while afflicted with a boil, an infected wound, or an acute respiratory infection, shall work in a food service establishment in any capacity in which there is a likelihood of such person’s contaminating food or food-contact surfaces with pathogenic organisms or transmitting disease to other persons.

Personnel w/ infections must be restricted or excluded by management.

No Bare Hand Contact

No Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat foods

Food shall be prepared with the least possible manual contact, with suitable utensils, and on surfaces that prior to use have been cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized to prevent cross contamination.

Except when washing fruits and vegetables, employees may not touch ready to eat foods with their bare hands.

Parasite Destruction (Raw Fish) NO CURRENT REGULATION

Parasite Destruction (Raw Fish)

Management must have a written policy in place for Employee Health. Policy must state exclusions and restrictions based on specific diagnosis and symptoms of a foodborne illness .

If not serving a highly susceptible population, a variance from the no bare hand contact may be granted under certain circumstances. The application for such variance is available by clicking here.

Fish that is served raw, raw marinated, partially cooked, or marinated partially cooked shall be received FROZEN and stored at a temp of -4°F Consumer Advisory NO CURRENT REGULATION

Consumer Advisory A disclosure and reminder about the consumption of animal foods that are raw, undercooked, or not otherwise processed to eliminate pathogens must be provided to all consumers, using brochures, deli case or menu advisories, label statements, table tents, placards, or other effective written means.

Hot Holding Temp 140°F and above

Hot Holding Temp 135°F and above  

Current Regulation

New Regulation (Beginning July 1, 2015)

Cooling Foods:

Cooling Foods:

Potentially hazardous food requiring refrigeration shall be rapidly cooled to an internal temperature of 41°F or below. Potentially hazardous foods of large quantities shall be rapidly cooled, utilizing such methods as shallow pans, agitation, quick chilling or water circulation external to the food container, so that the cooling period shall not exceed four (4) hours. Potentially hazardous food to be transported shall be pre-chilled and held at a temperature of 41°F or below.

~Potentially hazardous foods (cooked) shall be cooled: Within 2 hours from 135°F to 70°F; and Within a total of 6 hours from 135°F to 41°F or less.

Time as a Public Health Control (Time in Lieu of Temperature “TILT”) NO CURRENT REGULATION

Time as a Public Health Control (Time in Lieu of Temperature “TILT”) Time as oppose to maintaining a temperature of 135°F or above and 41°F or below is allowed. If used the following will apply: • Written procedures shall be prepared in advance • Food can be held for 4 hours upon leaving temperature control via a hot holding unit or cold holding unit • Food must clearly marked with Time of discard (4 hours from time of removal) • Foods not marked (foods in tilt only) or foods that have exceeded the 4 hrs will be discarded.

~Potentially hazardous food shall be cooled with 4 hours to 41®F or less if prepared from ingredients at ambient temperature such as reconstituted foods and canned tuna.

*See additional Requirements or Allowances under our TILT instruction section* Date Marking NO CURRENT REGULATION

Date Marking All “Ready to Eat” (RTE), Potentially hazardous food (PHF) prepared in a food establishment and held for more than 24 hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded, based on the temperature and time combinations specified below. The day of preparation shall be counted as Day 1. RTE, PHF prepared on site, opened commercial container, or “Commercially processed foods opened and held cold” shall be discarded after 7 days at 41°F or below and 4 days at 45°F or below (*See Cold Holding Temperature Specifics for temperature requirements on certain Cold Foods)

Highly Susceptible Population “HSP” (i.e. Children, Seniors, and ImmunoCompromised individuals*) NO CURRENT REGULATION

Highly Susceptible Population “HSP” (i.e. Children, Seniors, and Immuno-Compromised individuals*) A food service establishment shall not serve the following items to a HSP individual or population: Unpasteurized juice, Raw Animal Food (Raw Fish, Raw Marinated Fish, Raw molluscan shellfish, or steak tartare). Partially cooked animal food (lightly cooked fish, rare meat, soft cooked eggs-that are made from raw eggs and meringue. Raw seed sprouts Foods served to patients or clients who are under contact precautions in medical isolation or quarantine shall not be re-served to others. *immune-compromised (example: an individual going through cancer treatment or similar treatment that leaves an individual with a compromised immune system response)

VARIANCE/WAIVER REQUESTS for SPECIAL PROCESSES** **Special Processes (Smoking foods, Curing foods, using Food Additives, packaging foods (Vacuum sealed or Reduced Oxygen Packaging) ALL special processes require special approval through a variance/waiver request before an establishment can perform the process. See Variance request section for more processes and specifics on how to submit a request for approval


When is the New Health Code going into effect? July 1, 2015

How will we be given access to the Health Code? (Copies in hand?)

We are currently working on incorporating the 2009 Food Code into our rules and regulations. Once that process is complete, the Food Rules & Regulations will be available electronically.

Will the New Health Code be available On Line?    If so, where?

Will there be a grace period for restaurants to come into compliance with the new code? For example, if the Code goes into affect (date), will restaurants have 30 days, 60 days to make adjustments & train staff or should we start training now?

The 2009 Food Code is available electronically at

Our objective is to partner with the industry to provide as much information and education as possible.    The Department of Health is currently working on several projects to help facilitate a smooth transition to the food code. These include: • One-page guides covering topics such as 3 Food Guide 3 Equipment Guide 3 Management & Personnel Guide 3 Employee Health 3 Inspection Guide 3 Differences Between the 1976 and 2009 Food Code • The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) has already implemented a Foodborne Illness Risk Factor Based inspection protocol where the majority of inspection time is spent focused on the risk factor items that are known to be more likely to cause foodborne illness. Those risk factor items are; 3 Food Source 3 Improper cooling and holding temperatures of potentially hazardous foods 3 Improper cooking temperatures of potentially hazardous foods 3 Cross Contamination and improper cleaning/sanitization 3 Improper personal hygiene and Ill food workers

It is our goal to develop training materials and job aides in the next six months to one year that we will use to educate and train all food establishments with during regular inspections between July 1, 2014 through July 1, 2015.

Additionally, there will continue to be food safety training offered at every County Health Department monthly at no charge to the participant. The training materials have been updated to focus on the foodborne illness risk factors and as additional training materials are finalized they will be available as well at the monthly training classes.

When should we expect to be inspected? Are there any changes to the timeframes for health inspections under the New Code? Until July 1, 2015 there should be no changes to the inspection frequency of an establishment. Between July 1, 2014 and January 1, 2015 we will be working to assess which risk category each establishment each food service establishment should be assigned. These risk categories are: RISK DESCRIPTION CATEGORY 1





Examples include most convenience store operations, hot dog carts, and coffee shops. Establishments that serve or sell only pre-packaged, nonpotentially hazardous foods (non time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods). Establishments that prepare only nonpotentially hazardous foods (nonTCS foods). Establishments that heat only commercially processed, potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods) for hot holding. No cooling of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods). Establishments that would otherwise be grouped in Category 2 but have shown through historical documentation to have achieved active managerial control of foodborne illness risk factors. Examples may include retail food store operations, schools not serving a highly susceptible population, and quick service operations. Limited menu. Most products are prepared/cooked and served immediately. May involve hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods) after preparation or cooking. Complex preparation of potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods) requiring cooking, cooling, and reheating for hot holding is limited to only a few potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods). Establishments that would otherwise be grouped in Category 3 but have shown through historical documentation to have achieved active managerial control of foodborne illness risk factors. Newly permitted establishments that would otherwise be grouped in Category 1 until history of active managerial control of foodborne illness risk factors is achieved and documented. An example is a full service restaurant. Extensive menu and handling of raw ingredients. Complex preparation including cooking, cooling, and reheating for hot holding involves many potentially hazardous foods (TCS foods). Variety of processes require hot and cold holding of potentially hazardous food (TCS food). Establishments that would otherwise be grouped in Category 4 but have shown through historical documentation to have achieved active managerial control of foodborne illness risk factors. Newly permitted establishments that would otherwise be grouped in Category 2 until history of active managerial control of foodborne illness risk factors is achieved and documented. Examples include preschools, hospitals, nursing homes, and establishments conducting processing at retail. Includes establishments serving a highly susceptible population or that conduct specialized processes, e.g., smoking and curing; reduced oxygen packaging for extended shelf-life.





What happens if I get inspected between now and when the Regulations go into affect? You can expect your inspections between now and July 1, 2015 will be the same as our current method. Starting July 1, 2014, you can expect to receive additional information regarding what to expect beginning July 1, 2015.  Each establishment will be informed which risk category they are assigned based on their food preparation (and, consequently how many inspections per year they will receive beginning July 1, 2015). How much time should we anticipate the environmentalists spending at a location for a general inspection? During the transition period, it is reasonable to expect increased time required to inspect and train/educate the operators of food establishments. Each establishment is different and some prefer as much interaction/ information as possible during the inspection and others do not.  We will strive to provide as much information as possible during the inspection during the transition period, and provide alternative training opportunities such as the monthly training classes for those who may not have enough time for interaction during their inspections. Are there any other implementation changes of which we should be aware? New forms? New Website? All of this is in the process of being developed. It WILL be provided in paper form as well as electronically and on the web page.

MRA’s 6th Annual

Thomas Boggs Memorial Golf Tournament The Sixth Annual Thomas Boggs Memorial Golf Tournament was held Wednesday, October 23rd at the Mirimichi Golf Course in Millington. Crisp sunny weather greeted friends and industry associates as they got together for friendly competition and fund-raising. The annual golf tournament was a favorite event of departed friend and civic leader, Thomas Boggs. The MRA is proud to honor him at each years’ competition.

RegistrationGift Bags & Greetings

Ready- Set - Go

Participants started the morning off with killer Bloody Marys and Chick-fil-A chicken n’ biscuits. Before the field left for their starting holes, they took a swing at this years TrackMan ™ Closest to the Pin Contest.

TrackMan ™ Closest to the Pin Contest

Snacks and Prizes from Sponsor AmeriPride Services and A Shot of ColdCock American Herbal Whiskey courtesy of West TN Crown made hole #11 a fan favorite.

Chef Shannon “Smitty” Smith from The Majestic Grill filled the air with the delicious aroma of burgers sizzling on the gridiron. Heirloom brats and Mirimichi’s rounded out the lunch menu.

AmeriPride Services teams take a break from the play to pose for photos.

Autumn at Mirimichi Golf Club

Along with the coveted Tournament Trophy, players vied for prizes in these additional contests! Thank you 2013 contest sponsors for adding to the fun!

Par 3 Poker Contest AmeriPride Linen

TrackMan™ Closest to the Pin Contest GEM Restaurant Supply

Putting Contest The Grove Grill

Hole in One Contest Restaurant Technologies Inc.

Longest Drive Contest Everything but the Food

The Right Team makes all the Difference! MRA is grateful to be teamed with 2013 Tournament Event Sponsor, Heartland Payment Systems

Everyone gathered on the patio as they finished play. A delicious Mexican Fiesta Fajita Bar and blazing fire-pits kept all warm as the after-party continued and the contest results were announced.

2013 Tournament Event Sponsor: Heartland Payment Systems The day also boasted ice cold beverages, a generous prize offering, and the support of a great Mirimichi staff. Costs were kept low thanks to the support of our generous sponsors with special thanks to Heartland Payment Systems, our event sponsor. The MRA uses the money raised from the tournament and other fundraisers to provide contributions to various charities and community programs throughout the year.

Par3 Poker Contest AmeriPride Linen TrackMan™ Closest to the Pin Contest GEM Restaurant Supply Putting Contest The Grove Grill Hole in One Contest Restaurant Technologies Inc. Longest Drive Contest Everything but the Food 2013 In Kind Sponsors A.S. Barboro Athens Distributors Budweiser of Memphis Chick-Fil-A Germantown Coca-Cola Refreshments Interim PepsiCo Foodservice West TN Crown Distributing Co.

2013 Hole & Prize Sponsors A.S. Barboro AmeriPride Linen Athens Distributors Auto-Chlor Automatic Slim’s Budweiser of Memphis Café Olé Chick-Fil-A Germantown COLDCOCK Blended Herbal Whiskey Courtyard by Marriott Collierville Everything but the FoodPOS & Restaurant Services Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey Folk’s Folly Galler Foods, Inc. GEM Restaurant Supply Hampton Inn & Suites Beale Street HCS/ Aloha Heartland Payment Systems Hilton Memphis Holiday Inn Research ParkHuntsville, AL Holiday Inn Select Downtown Honey Baked Ham Huey’s Interim Jay Uiberall Legacy Foundation/ Serving Memphis Kooky Canuck MCVB Memphis Cook Convention Center Memphis Marriott East MMHLA Off the Dock Seafood Patrick’s Restaurant Paychex PepsiCo Foodservice Residence Inn Mariott Restaurant Technologies Inc. ServSafe- Richard A. Zurburg Star Distributors State Systems Susan Medina- Crafted Gourds Sysco Memphis, LLC The First Tee of Memphis The Grove Grill The Half Shell The Majestic Grille The Peabody Tito’s Handmade Vodka Tops BBQ TravelHost of Greater Memphis US Foods Vantage Point Café & Golf Center West TN Crown Distributing Company

The Results are in!

We Appreciate You!

Top Prize Winners Championship Flight- 1st Place Bhan Thai (-17) 1. Aaron Quertermous 2. Clay Golday 3. Taylor Pfohl 4. Mannie Martinez Championship Flight- 2nd Place Budweiser of Memphis (-15) 1. Jerold Overton 2. Levi Clarkson 3. Josh Tidwell 4. Traynor

Mirimichi Golf Club, especially Greg King Jessica Harmon Bobby Hebert & the fabulous Staff 2013 MRA Tournament Chairs: Kate Pera & Patrick Reilly Special Thanks to Grill Master: Chef Shannon “Smitty” Smith Tha Majestic Grille

2013 Tournament Winners Bhan Thai

Championship Flight- 3rd Place MMHLA (-15) 1. John Rucker 2. Andy Odle 3. Wayne Tabor 4. Doug Owings First Place Flight - 1st Place West TN Crown Distributing Co. (-6) 1. Robert Dean 2. Bobby Maupin 3. Dennis Flannigan 4. Mark Youngblood First Place Flight -2nd Place Auto-Chlor (-5) 1. Kirk Caliendo 2. Kevin McDonald 3. John McDonald 4. Tim Ruff First Place Flight - 3rd Place Huey’s (-5) 1. Neal Shelton 2. Trey Hurst 3. Lynne Norton 4. J.R. Willis Closest to the Pin #3 Levi Clarkson (Budweiser) Closest to the Pin #8 Josh Spearly (Amerigo) Closest to the Pin #11 Jimmy Kiser (US Foods) Closest to the Pin #13 Jimmy Kiser (US Foods) Longest Drive #18 Dennis Flannigan (West TN Crown, Silky’s) TrackMan™ Closest to the Pin Robbie Wilson (Athens) Putting Contest Finalist Randy Black (Amerigo)

The Par Three Poker Contest sponsored by AmeriPride Linen was a new addition to the festivities. Players collected cards assembling the best poker hand hoping to win a big screen tv!

Volunteers: Kate Pera- Automatic Slims & Café Ole Julie BrionesRestaurant Technologies Inc. Samantha Boggs Dean- Huey’s Mary Schmitz- MCVB Maury Wade- US Foods Lisa Bass- TN Hospitality Assoc. John StephensonEverything but the Food Tabitha Burchfield David Carlson Photographer: Susan Medina- ABC Design

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Memphis Restaurant Association


The 2013 MRA Board of Directors

“Our Members Hotline to the Association”

President................................ Patrick Reilly, The Majestic Grille 522-8555, FAX: 328-5655

Vice-President............................ Shawn Danko, Kooky Canuck 578-9800, FAX:578-9808

Treasurer......................Lisa Franklin, Interim Restaurant & Bar 818-0821, FAX:818-0819

Secretary......... Kate Pera, Catering for U, Alfred’s, Automatic Slims 528-1748,

Sergeant-at-Arms..... Daniel Bamrick, Peabody Hotel Memphis 529-3687, FAX: 529-3639

Past President........................................... Mike Miller, Patrick’s 682-2853, FAX:767-9673

2013 Elected Restaurant Officers Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman (Co-Officers) Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen, Hog & Hominy............................... 347-3569 / Samantha Dean, Huey’s..............................................726-9693, FAX: 726-5162

2013 Appointed Officers Restaurant Members Eric Vernon, The Bar-B-Q Shop. ........................................................... 272-1277 Jerry Wilson, Fino’s from the Hill............. 272-3466,

Associate Members Hale Barclay GEM Distributors...................................744-7005, FAX: 744-7069 Louis Costabile, SYSCO Memphis, LLC....................369-9287, FAX: 375-8855 Rebecca Fowler, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis................ 278-2947 John Seay, State Systems, Inc............................................................ 489-0421 Ginger Wilkerson, Athens Distributing............................................... 774-8888 Maury Wade, U. S. Food............................ 230-4186, Hotel/Lodging Representative: Wayne Tabor, Metropolitan Memphis Hotel & Lodging Assoc................ 525-5491 Tourism: Mary Schmitz, Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau..... 543-5327, FAX: 543-5350 Executive Director: Kimberly Carlson......................... 488-4745, 1-888-836-5061

P.O. Box 770027 Memphis, Tennessee 38177 901/788-1000 • FAX 1-888-836-5061 http:// E-mail address:

Important Numbers At a Glance 3R Project (Division of Corrections/ reentry program) John H. Freeman............. 545-3175(office),596-8846(cell) email: Project MOST Patricia Melton.................................................... 222-8868 email: Commercial Appeal Jennifer Biggs, Food Editor............................. 529-5223 email: Federal Probation Re-entry Program Gloria Simpson.............................................. 495-1460 Greater Memphis Chamber Angela Michaels, Manager/Member Services...... 543-3546 email: Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau Mary Schmitz, Tourist Information Link .......... 543-5327 email: Memphis Flyer Hannah Sayle................................................. 626-3489 email: Memphis Magazine Marilyn Sadler..................................................575.9451 email: Memphis Light Gas & Water 24 Hour Outage Number: ................................. 544-6500 (after business hours) 24 Hour Emergency Number: ................................... 528-4465 (Call for burst water pipes, gas leaks, power line down) Commercial Resource Center: ........................ 528-4270 (outage information during regular business hours, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)........................ email: Residential & Commercial Electric Outage Reporting (reports status of current outages)...................... 544-6500 Al Sander’s Direct Line .............. 528-4143, 491-5235 (cell) (Use this number during business hours for suggestions and tips on how to best utilize your energy sources.) email: Memphis & Shelby County Code Enforcement Ask for a Building Plans Examiner...................... 379-4270 Memphis & Shelby County Health Department Otho Sawyer, Assistant Manager.................... 222-9213 email: National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Randy Horn, Territory Manager...................... 605-5774 email: Project Green Fork Margot McNeeley............................................. .292-1700 ServSafe TIPS Alcohol Server Training Certification Richard Zurburg................................................861-2535 Tennessee Hospitality Association Melissa McIntyre. ......................................615-385-9970 email: TIPS/TABC Certification Sharon 737-6755 or mobile: 569-1207

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TIPS - October/ November 2013  
TIPS - October/ November 2013  

The Memphis Restaurant Association Newsletter, Volume 24, Numbers 10/11