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Are you getting Botox or fautox?

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Tips for marathon day

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A dessert to be thankful for without the guilt!

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What I did on my summer vacation

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Living with type 1 diabetes: A secret worth telling.

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20 cover profile Cyclocross turns 25 in Memphis

24 WEEkend warriors

Amy Martin and Hulesy Britt

A bounty of flavors at The Grove Grill

health+fitness | November 2011

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Spirited temptations for the holiday season

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h+f team Amy

When not beating the streets to promote health and fitness, Amy enjoys walking Midtown’s Green Line with her 8-year-old daughter Emma. Her favorite part of magazine publishing is sharing success stories with readers.

L isa

Lisa Abbay, R.D., LDN, is the Director of Food & Nutrition at Baptist Memphis Hospital. She was recently awarded the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year for Tennessee for 2010.

L ori

Midtown makes the perfect place for Lori to raise her two girls and care for her over-needy husband. When not performing duties of housekeeper, homework police, household super mom and chief object of desire for super dad, Lori’s professional talent is that of freelance graphic arts specialist. While she’s worked graphic magic on coupon books, direct mail – and of course, magazine layout – her true artist comes out in painting, BBQ Fest prop design and science fair projects.


Angela Moon has been in the business of wine for almost 20 years. As an expatriate living in Germany, she traveled throughout Europe, eating and drinking her way to the realization that her vice was slowly morphing into her vocation. She can be found dusting bottles and extolling the virtue of vino at Kirby Wines and Liquors.


Hailey has been on the run over half her life – fortunately not from the law. She has placed nationally in the Shelby Farms 50/50 ultramarathon, and has run marathons in Dublin, New York, LA, Seattle, Big Sur, Redwoods, Anchorage and Memphis (four times). When she slows down long enough, Hailey loves interviewing Weekend Warriors with the same passion for health and fitness.

Ma c

Come join the unique atmosphere of the Germantown Athletic Club!


Macrae is a cooking instructor at Viking Cooking School as well as mom to fifteenmonth-old Baylus and newborn Charlie. In her free time, she chases after two dogs, a cat and her husband.

er Je ni f

Our full-service Club features exciting activities for the whole family, from the latest trends in Group Fitness classes to our newly-renovated Fitness Area with new, state-of-the-art equipment. Take advantage of the trial membership below – we’re waiting for you!

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1801 Exeter Road, Germantown, TN 38138 901-757-7370 •

Jenifer is a part-time writer and full-time mom to 3-year-old Madelyn. She enjoys yoga, mountain biking and swimming, and received her MA in Medical Anthropology from the University of Memphis in 2008. She enjoys living in Midtown and finds inspiration from the awesome people she meets through Memphis Health & Fitness.

Come stressed, leave refreshed!

e lle Mic h

Michelle Anderson is a freelance writer, designer, actress and model. She also writes the lifestyle blog, Elle Beautiful ( and is a former NCAA athlete.

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health+fitness | November 2011




sta rting l ine


H+F Picks:

Get things really spiced up at this year’s Thanksgiving party by serving your guests pumpkin pie. According to neurological studies, the aroma of pumpkin pie is a nutritional libido lifter and stimulating to both sexes. Plus, pumpkin is a tremendous source for zinc which is crucial to male potency. Bursting with five of the B-vitamins, plus protein and magnesium, Pumpkin seeds (also known as pepitas) pack a nutritional punch. Try roasting them for a healthy fall snack. Simply toss the seeds in olive or canola oil, add kosher salt (and a combination of spices if you like), spread the seeds on a baking sheet, and roast at 300 degrees—stirring one or twice—for about 45 minutes or until they’re golden brown.

Exert. Hydrate. Repeat.

Strap on your shoes, grab a water bottle and throw on this “Exert. Hydrate. Repeat.” illustrated mantra t-shirt to keep you motivated while working out. Price: $24.99 Other mantras available at

Nuts for Coconut.

health+fitness | November 2011

Reader SnapShots


The latest fit trend is coconut oil. It contains healthy fats (medium-chain triglycerides) that digest quickly and burn fast, so it will not be stored as fat. Also, coconut oil contains good HDL’s for heart health, while stabilizing blood sugar and acting as a super energy source. Swallow a tablespoon before or after a run, and if you slow down long enough, cook with it. It’s an excellent oil for cooking in high heat (like in a stir-fry) or use it as a butter substitute. Coconut oil has also been reported to help reduce abdominal fat and is superb moisturizer for skin and hair.

Wh a t o ur . fa ns a r e s a ying... What is your last minute marathon tip? James Ford My first marathon is coming up, so I plan to just keep moving forward! Hilde Haynes Find a comfortable pace, then crank it up one degree. Lara Holley Scott It’s not the time to try anything new! Stick to what you know and what’s worked in training. Locals Ride to Cure Diabetes in Death Valley, CA. (Left to right) Ryan McClatchey, Karen Roth, Vince Sampietro and Simone Loket at Zabriskie Point

Write a might see it in the next issue!


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“I had excruciating pain for 10 years! After having the varicose laser procedure with Dr. Arcot, my PAIN has gone. I can finally go back walking everyday without any pain!”

“I came to Memphis Vein Center, and I had suffered from venous stasis for years. I’m a nurse, and I had constant pain in my leg. After treatment with Dr. Arcot, my leg looks really good with very little pain. I have already referred my sister to him. Great job Dr. Arcot and all your staff !”

health+fitness | November 2011

Get dramatic results without drastic measures. Banish varicose veins without painful surgery and lengthy downtime. • 45 minute procedure with no general anesthesia or hospitalization • Relief from swelling, pain, ulcers "My legs hurt all the time. They were tired and & discoloration achy. I couldn't keep them still when sitting. I had • Covered by most the endovenous laser treatment done and my insurance carriers symptoms have improved. I would recommend



Botox or Fauxtox?

How to Know You’re Getting the Real Deal at Your Skin Care Clinic Botox Cosmetic is a prescription medication injected into muscles to reduce frown lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows (glabella lines) and eye area. According to Allergan, the manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic, there has not been a confirmed serious case or spread of toxin effect away from the injection site when Botox Cosmetic has been used at the recommended dosage in adults 65 and younger. For real Botox, the prescription must say “Botox Cosmetic” and a hologram will appear on the label.

Sanders adds, “With the fake Botox, or botulinum toxin type A, side effects have been reported from the use of neurotoxins of an unknown origin.” These include double vision, blurred vision, drooping of the eyelids, hoarseness or change or loss of voice (dysphonia), trouble saying words clearly (dysarthria), loss of bladder control, trouble breathing, trouble swallowing and loss of strength and muscle weakness all over the body. The symptoms can happen hours, days or weeks after you receive an injection.

“Patients should look for the Botox Cosmetic hologram label for authenticity and be given the medication guide or package label information for product safety and usage,” says Veronica Sanders, R.N. and Spa Director with Spa Therapies, LLC.

The real Botox Cosmetic is available in 50-units single dose vials or 100-units single dose vials. Contact your doctor if you have any questions about your Botox Cosmetic treatment. You can also visit www. to view a list of authorized medical facilities with trained injectors.

Health+Fitness recommends the following skin care clinics:

Reported By H+F Staff

• Advanced Dermatology and Skin Cancer Associates, PLLC • Avanti Skin Center of Collierville • Dermatology Realm • Ditto Aesthetics • Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness • Pelli Aesthetics • Spa Therapies health+fitness | November 2011

• Women’s Care Center of Memphis


TIRED, BLOATED, TROUBLE LOSING WEIGHT? Like most Americans, do you have problems with constipation and elimination? Our safe, effective cleansing methods restore natural balance for optimal health and wellness.

Discover the ancient wisdoms that renew ageless bodies. Colon Hydrotherapy Infrared Sauna Massage Therapy Contour Body Wraps


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THE FOLLOWING TREATMENTS • Skin Cancer Screenings/Mole Exams • MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery • Mole Removals • Acne & Rash Evaluations • Scar Revisions • Latisse™ • Chemical Peels • BOTOX®/Dysport® • Restylane®, Juvederm, Radiesse, Scupltra and Evolence Dermal Fillers

• Laser Treatment (Pixelated CO2 laser,

tightening, laser facials and laser hair removal)

Advanced Dermatology & Skin Cancer Associates, PLLC 901.759.2322 7658 POPLAR PIKE ACROSS FROM GERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL

health+fitness | November 2011

Advanced Dermatology provides to its patients an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art dermatology facility where patient comfort is always a priority. ADSCA will conduct a thorough skin evaluation and analysis using the most up-todate technology combined with years of clinical expertise.




f itness

To (Not) Do List: Four Tips Before Marathon Day by Star Ritchey

1. Never try something for the first time.

You may think it’s not a big deal to wear those new socks you just got at the expo the day before, but it is! This goes for clothes, accessories and fueling. The marathon is not your practice run.

2. Don’t start too fast.

Remind yourself that 26.2 miles is a long way to go and you don’t want to use all of your energy too quickly in the beginning. Fight the panic you may feel when getting passed by other runners. Ease into a comfortable rhythm and hold onto a little bit of that early energy. At mile 18 you can re-evaluate, and if you’re still feeling like you’ve got more to give, go for it!

3. Don’t forget about etiquette.

Watch where you’re throwing your water cups and gel packets—avoid throwing them at another runner’s feet. Don’t forget—you’re not the only one on the course. If you’re planning on walking, please scoot over. And never come to a grinding halt, because the runner behind you will rear-end you! If you have the opportunity (and breath!), thank the volunteers and spectators who are out there for you. Support your fellow runners!

4. Don’t expect a perfect race.

We all hope for the perfect race day, but don’t fall apart if it doesn’t turn out that way. Have an “A” goal and “B” goal and be prepared to roll with the punches when certain things don’t go as planned—like that unexpected bathroom stop. Keep your head in the game.

Race Day Fuel Rules:

Star Ritchey (ACE-certified Personal Trainer, RRCAcertified running coach, MSW) leads Star Runners, a running group training for the St. Jude Memphis Marathon, Saturday, December 3.

health+fitness | November 2011

Super Smoothie to the Rescue


Replenish your glycogen stores, rebuild muscles and repair tissue with this delicious blend of carbs, protein and superfoods. The perfect post-race recovery beverage, drink it within 30 minutes to an hour after your workout.

This goes back to the “do not’s” list. Never try something for the first time on marathon day. However, practice fueling throughout your training. I always suggest to my runners to start sipping on water within the first 10 minutes of their long runs and start fueling with carbs around mile four. The key is to fuel before your body is depleted of glycogen and it’s too late. Continue to re-fuel with carbs every four miles or so and continue to sip water every 10 minutes. If you prefer to go by minutes rather than miles, I suggest fueling every 40-50 minutes throughout the race. Fuel with sports drinks, gels or chews. As long as you wash these down with water and have practiced this way before race day, you should be good to go! Also, remember race isn’t complete until you’ve re-fueled. It’s crucial to replenish your body with a good carb and protein snack within about 30 minutes of finishing the race.

Ingredients: Berries or a banana, almond, soy or dairy milk, whey protein powder, coconut oil, honey, almond, cashew or peanut butter, a blender or food processor and ice (optional) — 1 cup fruit — ½ cup milk — 1 scoop protein powder — ½ T coconut oil — 1 T honey — 1-2 T nut butter Blend until smooth, add ice if you like it thick and frothy, drink it down

Get Back to your Active Lifestyle with Prolotherapy! Osetoarthritis Hip and Knee Restoration Special $1,500.00

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Get Relief from Chronic Pain

This procedure has a 90% success rate! Prolotherapy is a minimally invasive, tremendously safe therapy that stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms to repair and rebuild injured tissue. Typically, three injections are needed to heal an area. For more information go to

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Come See Us Before You Consider Surgery


– Dr. C. Everett Koop, M.D. , Former United States Surgeon General and Deputy Assistant Secretary for U.S. Public Health Service

health+fitness | November 2011

Marcus E Meekins, M.D., MMM is Board certified in Integrative Medicine, Member of American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, Member of the American College of Sports Medicine, The American Academy of Pain Management with a Fellowship in Stem Cell Medicine.

“At 40 I was diagnosed with incurable pain. I was remarkably improved to the point where my pain ceased to be a problem. I could not help but to become a believer in prolotherapy.”


n u t r ition

Sweet! A Dessert You can be Thankful for Without the Guilt. For many, the holiday season sparks fond memories of family gettogethers, gift-giving, wintry nights spent by the fireplace and of course, the delicious aroma of fresh-baked treats coming from the kitchen. The smell of grandma’s chocolate chip cookies alone is enough to bring a smile to the faces of all. Although those cookies are just the thing to hit the spot with an ice cold glass of milk, we all can’t help but feel guilty about the high amounts of calories and sugar we’re consuming. Rather than fretting about sugar intake this year, try baking your favorite treats with XyloSweet ®, a xylitol-based sweetener. Xylitol is an all-natural sweetener derived from corn cobs, strawberries, plums and other natural sources. It’s similar to sugar in taste and texture, but with unique and surprising health benefits not found in other artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes. Xylitol contains 40 percent fewer calories than sugar, has a net carb level of only 0.4 per gram, and has minimal impact on blood sugar levels, making it an appropriate sugar substitute for diabetics with a sweet tooth. Available at Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe.

XyloSweet® Pumpkin Bars To prepare crust:

Crust: –— — — — — — — —

1 ¼ cups quick-cooking oats, uncooked 1 ¼ cups spelt flour or whole wheat pastry flour ¾ cup XyloSweet® ¾ teaspoon maple flavoring ½ cup finely chopped pecans ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon baking soda 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened 1 ½ tablespoons unsweetened applesauce


health+fitness | November 2011

— — — — — — — — —


2 cups canned pumpkin 1 egg ½ cup plus 2 tablespoons XyloSweet® 1 ½ teaspoons cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ginger ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon allspice 1/8 teaspoon cloves 2/3 cup evaporated skim milk

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Combine oats, flour, XyloSweet, maple flavoring, pecans, salt and baking soda; mix well. Cut in butter and stir in applesauce; mixture should be crumbly. Divide crust mixture in half; press half of mixture onto bottom of lightly buttered 9” x 13” baking pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes.

To prepare filling:

Place all filling ingredients, except milk, in a large bowl and mix well; stir in milk.

To prepare bars:

Spread filling over the crust, then sprinkle remaining crumb mixture over filling. Bake at 375 degrees for 18-20 minutes or until light golden brown.


the most effective exercise technique

discover the workout that is transforming bodies nationwide

Second Location NOW OPEN Audubon Place 4700 Spottswood Ave. Memphis, TN 38117

Pure Barre Germantown | 7685 Farmington Rd. Ste. 112 | Germantown, TN 38138 901.484.0705 |

health+fitness | November 2011

• lift your seat • tone your thighs • burn fat


f it k i d

What I d i d o n m y Summe r Vac at io n Matthew Haynes, a senior at Lausanne, spent a month this past summer hiking through the wilderness of Colorado. His Outward Bound journey took him to new heights and a greater compassion for the world.

health+fitness | November 2011

You just completed an Outward Bound (OB) course at 17—what an accomplishment. What is Outward Bound and how did you decide to do it? Outward Bound is a wilderness program designed to challenge participants, push them to achieve more than they thought possible, and enrich them with wilderness living skills. Their mission statement is: “To inspire character development and self-discovery in people of all ages and walks of life through challenge and adventure, and to impel them to achieve more than they ever thought possible, to show compassion for others and to actively engage in creating a better world.” My parents found it online and thought it would be a great confidence builder.


You were enrolled in the 30-day Mountaineering Course, which involved over 100 miles of hiking in the remote wilderness mountains with a 50-lb pack. How did you prepare physically for the journey? Thanks to my amazing parents and personal trainers at InsideOut Gym, I had expert help preparing for this extremely challenging course. I found out I was taking the course just five weeks before it started, so I didn’t have much time. I started going to the gym every day for spinning, running and weight lifting, along with walking on the treadmill with a weighted backpack. I began walking at a 5% incline with a 20-lb pack. I walked 15 miles the first week, then added 10-lbs each week until I was carrying a 70-lb pack on a 12-15% incline the week before I left for Outward Bound. My trainer had me wear a mask during some sessions that restricted breathing to simulate the low oxygen at high altitude.

your sleeping bag and the wild animals was difficult. Believe it or not, the very night before our solo began we saw a bear cub about three miles from our solo site, and that means the mother is not far away. You summitted five peaks during your OB course. What were they, and what were their respective elevations? Twin Sisters Peak (13,432 ft.) Arrow Peak (13,803 ft.) White Dome Peak (13,632 ft.) Handies Peak (14,058 ft.) 5th Peak was unnamed, but by far the most beautiful, about 13,800 ft. The final challenge for your OB group was to complete the “course end marathon.” Had you ever run a marathon (26.1 miles) before, and how was the experience? It was my greatest physical challenge. None of us had ever run anything close to a marathon before. Some of my friends had run half-marathons but nothing more. I had been training for it a lot beforehand—running 5-6 miles 2-3 times a week and 10 miles just once. The course was very tough and got us all in great shape for it. It was an absolutely amazing experience. Our starting elevation was 9,900 feet and went over Engineer Pass which peaks at about 12,900 feet. Toward the end, I realized I had missed my turn when the road I was on turned into a river. I backtracked, found my turn, and at the end of the road crossed the finish line second just behind the girl that was behind me for most of the marathon.

Are you different now and how will the Outward Bound experience help you as you begin your Senior year at Matthew Haynes, 17, co m Lausanne? pl et ed Outward Bound’s 30 -day I am definitely a different person after Course and marathon Mountaineering this summer. the trip, although it’s tricky to put into words. I have a new appreciation of everything around me after being without a bed, a shower and Huey’s for a month. Although I did miss all of the Outward Bound has a “no impact” philosophy. conveniences I had in the “real world,” like phones and computers, the What does that mean? course made me see that living without them is possible and actually a All Outward Bound courses practice “LNT” living, or Leave No Trace. relief at times. All of these different outlooks on life I now have were This simply means to leave very little or no trace at all of us having nearly polar opposites of what I had before my trip. been there. This includes carrying all of our trash from food or other I also learned why compassion and responsibility are the most gear, carefully sweeping each campsite to pick up any trash we see, important values at Outward Bound. Throughout the course, we were and eating every bite of food that we make (or carrying with us until we all forced to become a family and rely on each other because we simply are able to dispose of it properly). couldn’t do it alone. Having compassion and receiving it from others is You were required to do three overnight solos. what life is all about. Things may be tough in the moment, like a Describe the experience. marathon, but it’s always worth the effort in the end. The solo experience was definitely one of the hardest, but also very rewarding. Being alone at night with nothing but you, your thoughts, Interview By Lisa Buckner. Lisa is a co-owner of InsideOut Gym.

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health+fitness | November 2011

Lindsey Siebrase at Epic Salon


prof i l e

A Secret Worth Telling: Living with Type 1 Diabetes By Michelle Anderson

Karen Roth has a very desirable life. She eats what she wants while maintaining a perfect figure, bicycles with friends through the countryside every weekend, and has plans to open her own restaurant called Alchemy in Midtown this November. But everyone has a secret, and Karen was no exception. Her secret made her feel embarrassed, alone and misunderstood. Daunting her for years, this secret would compel her to go behind closed doors in order to deal with it. Her secret was Type 1 diabetes. “I basically neglected my disease until I was 22 years old. Everyone would look at you differently. I’d be at a party and someone would be like, ‘oh you can’t eat that hamburger’ and they’d give me a bowl of carrots,” Karen says. “It’s already bad enough having to test your blood and take shots. It makes you feel like even more of an outsider.”

health+fitness | November 2011

“I was pretty much close to death. I couldn’t really eat. I had lost over half of my body weight. I had withered away.”


Type 1 diabetes, formally known as juvenile diabetes, is when a person’s pancreas produces little to no insulin, a hormone necessary for sugar to enter cells to produce energy. Every time a Type 1 diabetic eats, there’s nothing to regulate blood sugar, which is why insulin injections are critical before every meal. Usually found in children and young adults, only 5% of people with diabetes have Type 1. It is not to be confused with Type 2 diabetes, which is usually found in adults and can often be treated with a diet and exercise. Like many, Karen discovered she had diabetes at a young age—just 10 years old. “I was pretty much close to death. I couldn’t really eat. I had lost over half of my body weight. I had withered away,” Karen says. “You just drink, go to the bathroom, and you wet the bed—until finally you go to the doctor and find out you have diabetes.” After she was diagnosed, Karen spent a week in the hospital. She began lugging around needles and injecting herself with pork insulin on an average of eight times a day. She grew up in a rural farm area in western New York where she had to go to pediatrician for her medical issues until she was 18 years old. There were no specialized doctors, nobody in her family has diabetes, and she had no support group to turn to.

“I always hid it, which is stupid, because when you have low blood sugar, people don’t know what the heck is wrong with you,” Karen says. “It’s very similar to being drunk. You start sweating, you get shaky, you start babbling crap no one can understand—you lose control. I might want to go get a bottle of Gatorade out of the refrigerator, but I can’t. Your body won’t cooperate with you at that point.”

Karen Roth won’t let her Type 1 diabetes slow things down as she lea ds eight other Memp hisarea riders on a fourday trip during the an nu al Tour de Cure Diabet es in Death Valley.

As a diabetic, low blood sugar attacks are always a threat, but technology has made huge advancements since Karen was first diagnosed nearly 25 years ago. A blood test used to take two minutes, whereas now it takes two seconds. Karen now wears a glucose pump with a continuous glucose monitor that holds four days of insulin, which is genetically modified (versus pork) and works immediately (versus two hours). But even with modern advancements, diabetes is still no walk in the park. “It’s not an easy disease where you can just take a pill once a day,” Karen says. “It depends on everything. It could be the heat outside, it could be your physical activity. Every day is a different day.” After struggling through daily activities in college and taking a few trips to the emergency room, she’d finally had enough. She was tired of hiding in bathrooms to test her blood sugar levels. “I’ve learned it’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Karen says. “It’s something I’ll have for the rest of my life and I’ve got to deal with it.” Her struggle has motivated her to reach out to others with her same issue. Today she mentors newly-diagnosed children at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) in Collierville, TN. “I wish I would’ve had support from a group like this when I was a child. It’s nice talking to

other people about it, whether you’re just comparing treatments or about all the crap you have to deal with,” Karen says. “A doctor is one thing, but it’s nice to talk with someone who lives with it, versus someone who studied it in a book.” For the past three years, Karen has also been attending JDRF’s annual Tour de Cure Diabetes in Death Valley. This year Karen became certified as a coach and just last month led eight other Memphis-area bicycle riders out on the four-day trip. This is one of the many programs JDRF does to help raise funds and spread awareness of the commonly confused disease. But Karen says the most important thing is to not be afraid of it. “You have to step forward and take charge of it,” Karen says. “It’s amazing when you realize you have friends that will have your back, and that diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of.”

The Tour de Cure is a series of fundraising cycling events held in 44 states nationwide to benefit the American Diabetes Association. Visit to find the Tour de Cure nearest you.

health+fitness | November 2011


h e at h ly l iving Ask Craig O’Neil, Physical Therapist “I’m a runner and have pain in my knee. Is it serious?” Over the last 10-15 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of running with a significant increase in the number of marathons, half marathons and 5k’s. Running is known to have a positive influence on a person’s physical fitness, as well as to reduce the incidence of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and many other chronic health problems. However, running may also cause injuries, especially to the lower extremities. Numerous articles have reported on injuries to runners of all experience, with yearly incidence rates for injury reported to be as high as 90% in those training for marathons. According to a two-year study of more than 2,000 runners completed by the University of British Columbia, almost half of all injuries occurred at the knee, with patellofemoral pain syndrome making up 46% of those injuries. For all runners, it is important to be fully recovered from an injury prior to running a marathon. For runners with less experience a graduated training program that avoids any sudden increases in running load or intensity is best, as a higher risk for injury begins to occur once a threshold of 40 miles/week is crossed. What are the common symptoms of patellofemoral (PF) syndrome? Usually this condition presents as pain on either side of the patella (aka kneecap) or on the front of the knee. It is often described as a deep ache or a sharp pain. In more advanced cases, symptoms of “grinding” or “popping” of the kneecap may also be present. It is often worse when going up or down stairs, squatting, sitting for prolonged times or after getting up from sitting for an extended period.

health+fitness | November 2011

What are the causes of PF syndrome? This is a complex condition with a variety of contributing factors. Most commonly it is caused by poor tracking of the kneecap on the femur-the long bone of the thigh. This may be due to imbalance in the thigh muscles, poor foot biomechanics, or weakness of the gluteal muscles at the hip all causing abnormal movement of the knee and kneecap, placing abnormal stress on the knee.


What treatments are available for PF syndrome? Physical Therapy treatment involves identifying what the contributing factors are and addressing these through corrective exercises, manual therapy, taping and orthotics. Strengthening and re-education of the hip muscles, specifically the gluteal has been found to significantly reduce stress on the knee by controlling excessive motion of the thigh. Re-education of the quadriceps muscles has been shown to be beneficial in treating this condition as well. Taping of the patella may help improve the tracking of the kneecap and take stress off of the ligaments that stabilize the kneecap. Appropriate footwear or supportive orthotics may need to be implemented if poor foot biomechanics are a contributing factor. Rest or modified activity from aggravating activities and sports may be needed to settle inflammation to allow therapy treatment to correct the contributing factors. Physical therapy is an optimal treatment for patellofemoral syndrome in runners. A rehabilitation program should be specifically designed to suit the needs of the runner so they can return to pre-

injury status as quickly as possible. It should also include a home exercise program to maintain results and prevent reoccurrence of symptoms. At Results Physiotherapy, each patient is evaluated and treated for the specific movement dysfunction that may be contributing to their symptoms. A specific program is developed for each individual to optimize their recovery time and resume running as usual. A patient should consider manual therapy and exercise as a great alternative form of treatment for their issue. At Results Physiotherapy every therapist has been through specific training in the treatment of patellofemoral syndrome. If you have been experiencing knee pain that has been unsuccessfully treated by medication or are only getting temporary relief it is time that you called to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Most insurances do not require a referral from a physician for physical therapy. Craig O’Neil PT, DMT, OCS is a Physical Therapist with Results Physiotherapy. For a complete list of locations and information regarding Results Physiotherapy Centers, visit,, or call (800) 888-0531.


Performance With Purpose! • Personal Training Starting at $25 Per Session • Nationally Accredited Certified Personal Trainers • Group Exercise Classes • Nutritional Coaching • Affordable Memberships for Everyone

Expires 11/30/11

901.454.0003 2858 858 Poplar Avenue

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Ask Dr. Alan Blanton “My husband was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and can’t tolerate wearing a CPAP machine to treat it. Is it true there might be a mouth appliance to treat his Sleep Apnea?” Yes. There are three recognized treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The first is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP. This special breathing machine forces room air—under pressure—to “blow” the collapsed airway open, much like you would blow up a collapsed balloon. CPAP is always effective in treating OSA, but many people can’t tolerate having air forced down their airway. A second option is surgical removal of the soft palate, uvula and lateral pharyngeal tissue. Surgical procedures often have a lower success rate than other options and tend to relapse over time. There is a third option that is successful for many people. Oral Appliances have been used for over 20 years to stabilize the lower jaw in a forward position, thus keeping the base of the tongue and adjacent structures from falling back into the airway and causing an obstruction during sleep. In 2006, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (the governing body that accredits Sleep Physicians and Sleep Centers) declared, “Oral Appliances are indicated for use in patients with mild to moderate OSA who prefer them to CPAP therapy, or who do not respond to, are not appropriate candidates for, or who fail at attempts with CPAP.”* Oral Appliances Therapy for treatment of Disruptive Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea should be administered by dentists specifically trained in aspects of sleep medicine and who have command of multiple appliance modalities.

health+fitness | November 2011

*Practice Parameters for the Treatment of Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Oral Appliances: An Update for 2005


Alan O. Blanton, DDS, MS is the owner of Mid-South Snoring and Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Center, a part of Aesthetic Dentistry of Collierville, PLLC. For more information or a free no obligation consultation, visit or call 901.853.8116 today.

To Schedule 901-826-3261

Myofascial Release TMJ & Chronic Pain Management Sports Massage & Injury Recovery Full Time L.M.T. Since 1991

More information about Dan at on the faculty page.

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cove r prof i l e

Memphis Celebrates the Longest Running Cyclocross Race in the Nation

Teresa Faulk

It all started with a book, Cyclo-Cross: Training and Technique by Simon Burney. Joe Royer, co-owner of Outdoors, Inc. and race director for the Outdoors, Inc. Cyclocross Championship, loved road racing and mountain biking. He read Burney’s book and started practicing cyclocross. Cyclocross was created in France to give cyclists an alternative training option in the colder months. They race many laps around a short course consisting of pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and barricades requiring the rider to quickly dismount and carry the bike while jumping over the barricades and then remounting. It is a physically demanding sport that requires balance and speed. Royer spent over 25 years racing cyclocross, road and mountain bikes all over Europe and America, and he would hand out postcards about the Outdoors, Inc. Cyclocross Championship to every cyclist he could.

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He and his wife Carol Lee qualified for 2 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in Durango, CO and Lucca, Italy. In addition, the Royers raced in the inaugural Birkebeinerrittet Mountain Bike Race in Lillehammer, Norway the same year they watched 21-year-old Lance Armstrong win the World Championships in Oslo. He & Carol Lee have raced in 10 national championships in road, mountain and cyclocross, and they have done bicycle tours in Norway, France, Italy, Austria and Scotland.


Royer has seen and participated in countless bicycle races in Europe and America, and he wanted to use his knowledge of world and national championship racing to bring the highest level of racing to his hometown Memphis. In its last years, the wildly successful former Tour de Wolf Mountain Bike Race gained 1500 – 2000 riders, and it was taking 3 weeks to plan, which was taking business away from Outdoors, Inc. “It was too successful,” says Royer. The Outdoors, Inc. Cyclocross Championship is 25 years old this year. The race started in Shelby Farms Park, and other venues have included the Lucius Burch Natural Area and Sea Isle Park. “I love the Mississippi River and thought its tremendous energy would lend itself to the race, so we moved it to Green Belt Park on the banks of the Mississippi River,” says Royer. In the early days of the race, it attracted as few as 20 riders, and they were fit and serious about racing. That number quickly grew to 30

and 150 riders of all types and fitness levels, and now it attracts riders from the Memphis metro area and throughout the nation. “Now more and more everyday people are riding. Memphis has a great cycling community on every level,” says Royer. The race benefits The Church Health Center, which Royer says is a “perfect marriage of exercise and healthy living”, and it has previously drawn well-known cyclists from all over the United States, including Paul Curley, Steve Tilford, Frank McCormick and Catherine Walberg.

For the race to run smoothly, it takes attention to detail from all Outdoors, Inc. staff handling the event. “Everything from registration to the take down of the course has to be perfect,” says Royer. The company dedicates extra time for the take down after the race to guarantee that the race site is left cleaner than they found it. This could be a detail that will ensure the race will stand the test of time. This year’s race is Sunday, November 13th at 9 a.m. Visit for more info.

First, Andrea Wilson Mastered Health & Sport Science— Now She’s Out to Conquer Cycling Andrea Wilson graduated from the University of Memphis with a Masters in Health and Sport Science in the summer of 2007. She immediately began teaching exercise physiology classes in the same department. Now, you’ll find her at the Outdoors, Inc. store in Cordova repairing bikes and helping cyclists find the perfect bike. Although Andrea almost solely competes in endurance mountain biking events, her sport background includes horseback riding, weightlifting, trail running, road racing, Cyclocross and adventure racing. Andrea started road riding and racing with a local team in the summer of 2007. After her first season, she was recruited to the elite developmental program of Team Kenda Tire for 2008. Then she found herself competing on the Metro Volkswagen Cycling Team in 2009. After suffering severe burnout, she quit road racing in April and decided to buy a mountain bike where she has found her niche in endurance mountain bike racing. In 2010, she competed in her first 100-mile race, the Cohutta 100. She won the bronze in the USAC Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals Open Singlespeed Category, then completed the Breckenridge 100 in just under 13 hours, becoming the only female singlespeed entry to finish. In 2011, Andrea raced her singlespeed mountain bike to a 5th place overall finish in the Open Women’s Category of the National Ultra Endurance (NUE) series. When Andrea isn’t training and racing, she’s repairing bikes and helping cyclists of all levels find their perfect bike. “My job is great. I love fixing bikes, and I love helping our customers find the right bikes—whether it’s a full-on race setup, or the ride they’ll take to the Greenline on the weekends,” says Andrea.

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wee k en d wa r r ior s Amy Martin, 38 – Attorney with The Landers Firm, PLLC – F  amily: Husband, Bobby; two daughters: Abby (6) and Lily (4)

Sport: A runner who dabbles in cycling and swimming Latest Weekend Warrior Claim to Fame: My husband and I tackled the Big Sur Trail Marathon in September. The course was extremely challenging, but offered spectacular views, especially of the Bixby Bridge. Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: It’s a tossup between completing my first marathon (the 2008 St. Jude) and completing my first Triathlon-Iron Mountain in June 2011. I had such an incredible feeling after both races knowing that I set a goal, trained hard and actually achieved my goal. Inspiration: I strive to develop healthy habits and set good examples for my two daughters in hopes they’ll be empowered to achieve their goals. Obstacle Course: While running the Chicago Marathon I felt off that day and ultimately passed out after crossing the 25-mile marker. I woke up in an ambulance and was completely disoriented. It was a scary experience that had me question why my body shut down that day. I had to mentally overcome what transpired in Chicago, and it took awhile to feel normal again when I headed out the door for a run. Next WW Challenge: I am running the Flying Monkey Marathon in November and the Death Valley Trail Marathon in December. Pre-Race Fuel: Toasted whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter for breakfast and two Succeed S Caps (salt tablets) just before the race begins.

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Favorite Eats: Blue Fin, sushi happy hour for lunch. Two Memphis staples are McEwen’s and Tsunami. I have never had a bad meal at either restaurant!


WW Gear: Montrail trail shoes; Nike road shoes; Lululemon shirts and shorts; Nike tops. I never head out the door to run without my Garmin, ID road bracelet, and my Ultimate Direction handheld water bottle! WW Transportation: Lexus GX 470, but when I transform into a Weekend Warrior, I drive my Jeep Wrangler!

“I strive to develop healthy habits and set good examples for my two daughters in hopes they’ll be empowered to achieve their goals.” Interview By Hailey Thomas, Photo By Allen Elliotte

Indulgence: Lindt sea salt dark chocolate and red wine. Usually together at the end of a long day! When I’m not training: I am an avid Alabama football fan. Anyone who knows me understands how I feel when I hear Roll Tide! Bucket List: Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rimto-Rim Run Mantra: Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Results Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing a unique tailored approach to Physical Therapy. Our patients receive a custom plan of care at each visit by a Results therapist that has been trained in manual therapy. Manual therapy involves a “Hands-on” approach that uses techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and soft tissue release to find the source of the problem, reduce pain and restore function. An individualized exercise program is developed for each patient.

A referral for Physical Therapy is not required by most insurance providers Feel the difference of “Hands-on” Therapy

Bartlett - Collierville - Cordova - East Memphis - Southwind 759-9210 683-9630 756-4818 213-2900 850-5742

Scan the QR Code for more information about Results Physiotherapy or go to Follow us at

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Take control of your pain

You will see a licensed physical therapist at each and every visit. We have more specialty trained therapists than any other Physical Therapy organization in Tennessee.


wee k en d wa r r ior s Sport: Running

Hulesy Britt, 44 – Senior Manager for West-Ward Pharmaceutical – Two Daughters: Kwinci and Kristian

Recent Weekend Warrior Events: Chick-fil-A 5K and Cooper Young 4-Miler Favorite Fitness Accomplishment: Cooper Young 4-Miler—I finished in the top 6% overall. Why Run: Running is my escape. It’s low maintenance, perfect for meditating, and the best stress reliever. Inspiration: My daughters Motivation: Diabetes and hypertension is very common in my family, most being diagnosed in their 30’s. Enough said. Race Goal: I would like to run a sub 21 in my next 5K Pre-Race Rituals: I run a half-mile to get the blood flowing and to open my lungs. Favorite Local Eats: It’s a tie. Houston’s for ribs and McEwen’s on Monroe for Sweet Potato Crusted Catfish and a glass of Meiomi “Belle Glos” Best Place to Shop: Lansky 126 and James Davis WW Gear: All Nike (Nike has invested in Memphis). Lunar Glide 2, Nike GPS watch and all their Dri-FIT apparel. WW Transportation: Volkswagon CC Download: I have a playlist titled “Miles of Coltrane” which is my favorite! “Love Supreme is my power song! Bucket list: I have run on three continents: North America, Europe and Asia. I would like to run in at least three more. One thing people don’t know about you: Semper Fi! Indulgence: Cigars and Ice Cream (but not at the same time)

health+fitness | November 2011

Mantra: Live every moment, Laugh every chance, Love every time.


It’s Hip to Be Fit! “Running is my escape. It’s low maintenance, perfect for meditating, and the best stress reliever.” Photo by: Allen Elliotte

Reach Active, Affluent Memphians Call H+F at 901.335.6005 for ad rates and sponsorship opportunities.

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f it pl ate

A Bounty of Flavors Fall into The Grove Grill Fall has arrived and with it comes a bounty of colorful comfort food. At Grove Grill, chef Joshua Perkins focuses his flavorful and seasonal menu on fall vegetables like butternut and acorn squash, along with juicy braised meats and the local tomatoes he cans each summer. Canning and preserving ensures high-quality and great taste. Perkins gets pasture-raised hogs and carves various cuts of meat himself.

“The local movement is nothing new. I’m from the South and eating locally-grown foods is our culture.”

“I make my own bacon, pork chops, pate and sausage from whole hogs we get from Eden Farms. Our tasso ham is house-made. I cut it from the back hindquarters and cure it for 10 days, then it’s smoked for 12 to 16 hours”, says Perkins. Besides his skills as a butcher, Perkins delights diners with his homemade jellies and pickling veggies—such as beets, carrots and okra—blended with cider vinegar, herbs and spices. Most of these recipes are a secret. However, he does share his unique sweet and sour eggplant recipe with H+F readers, just in time for Thanksgiving.

– Chef Joshua Perkins The Grove Grill 4550 Poplar Ave. 901.818.9951

The Grove Grill’s Sweet and Sour Eggplant Makes 4 Servings — — — — — — — — —

Nightly chop, chickpea fries, sweet and sour eggplant and green tomato jelly served with a side of braised turnip greens, pickled beets and wood-grilled vegetables. MKT price.

2 Eggplants, cubed 2 Red Bell Peppers, chopped 2 T Garlic minced 2 T Shallots minced ¼ cup Honey ¼ cup Sherry Vinegar ¼ cup orange juice Sea Salt White Pepper

1. Cook peppers until soft 2. Add shallots and garlic, cook until translucent 3. Deglaze with orange juice, honey and vinegar then boil 4. Add eggplant, cook until soft, then season with salt and pepper

Back Yard Burgers Cheeseburger Fast Food Confessional


H+F says

Diss It

My friend Mary called the other day with a confession. “I’m no priest,” I said, “but let’s hear it.” health+fitness | November 2011

She had eaten fast food for lunch. But it was at Back Yard Burgers, the grilled fast food, so how sinful could this cheddar cheeseburger be? After all, it’s not fried in grease. Hail Mary!! Turns out, their cheeseburgers have twice as many calories as the infamous Big Mac! The 2/3 lb cheddar cheeseburger has 1290 calories, 88 gms of fat and 1390 mgs of sodium for one burger! Mary wept—then blurted out her final transgression. She had consciously chosen the large seasoned fries over the side salad! “Shame, sister Mary!” I said, “but you have made your choices and now must live with the consequences— another 960 calories, 68 gms of fat and 1740 mg of sodium. Repent!”

Wood grilled salmon, local fall squash, field pea ragu with port butter. $22.95


By Hailey Thomas By Hailey Thomas

Sophisticated Food In CASUAL Atmosphere.

Bogie’s Deli Midtown

Enjoy a healthy salad or deli sandwich on our front porch! Now Serving Breakfast. Bogie’s Deli Midtown 2098 LaSalle in Overton Square (by Studio on the Square) 901.272.0022 To see our menu go to Open: Mon-Fri: 7am-7pm • Sat: 8am-3pm

Bogie’s Deli serves the finest salads, sandwiches, homemade soups and desserts. We feature Boar’s Head meat and cheese. Don’t forget to call Bogie’s Deli for all your Catering Events!

Valet Parking Available Nightly 120 Monroe Avenue, Downtown 901-527-7085

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f it pl ate

Edible therapy By Macrae Schaffler

T h a i B u t t e rn u t Squa s h So up

Thai Butternut Squash Soup: – 1  butternut squash, peeled, seeds discarded, and cut into cubes – 2 tablespoons olive oil – ½ yellow onion, diced

Every year around this time, I become obsessed with butternut squash. I make hash, pasta, polenta, soup. Roast it, boil it, mash it, spread it. Whatever can be done to this most versatile of fall vegetables, I’ve done it. In last year’s Thanksgiving issue, I included my recipe for garam masala-spiced butternut squash soup, but this year I’m going vegan and southeast Asian with my Thai-influenced version. Incidentally, it’s my favorite one yet.

– 1 tablespoon lemongrass paste

Lemongrass paste, which is used in this recipe, may usually be found in the produce section of your grocery near the fresh herbs. If you prefer fresh lemongrass, look for it in a local Asian market. Just trim the top of each stalk until all that remains is the fresh pale yellow and green bottom. Then smash the stalks with the flat side of your knife and put them into the pot at the same point in the recipe as you would if you were using the paste. For this soup, I would use just a couple of stalks. Be sure to remove and discard the stalks before you puree the soup.

– ½ cup coconut milk

While coconut milk is high in fat, it is composed of medium chain fatty acids, which are easier for the body to break down—even easier than oils like sunflower and canola, which are composed of long chain fatty acids. Coconut milk is also believed to aid in combating hyperlipidemia, or high cholesterol. Butternut squash is a wonderfully healthy source of anti-inflammatory antioxidants that’s low in fat and high in fiber, making it a great hearthealthy addition to your fall menu.

– 2 cloves garlic, minced – 1 tablespoon sriracha – 4 cups vegetable stock – 2 tablespoons fish sauce – salt to taste To peel a butternut squash, first, cut the squash in half (dividing the narrower top half from the more rounded bottom half). Then use either a knife or a piranha peeler to remove skin. Cut bottom half in half lengthwise and remove seeds with a spoon. Cut the squash into cubes. Heat oil over a medium flame in a large saucepan until it shimmers. Add the onion and sauté until translucent, about two to three minutes. Add the lemongrass paste and the garlic and sriracha and sauté for another minute. Add the butternut squash and sauté until the squash begins to slightly color, about five minutes. Add vegetable stock and simmer until the squash is tender, about twenty minutes. Puree soup with an immersion blender or in batches in a standard blender.

health+fitness | November 2011

Add the fish sauce and coconut milk and stir to combine. Season to taste with salt and additional sriracha. Serve hot or cold.



tense sore overworked muscles tired


Book a massage to find some relief!

Benefits of Thai massage: Improve range of motion Decrease muscle stiffness Improve movement patterns Increase flexibility Decrease chances for injury

TN Massage and Bodywork 5390 Estate Office Park Drive, Suite #4 | Memphis, TN 38119 901.489.5612 | Integrative Stress Remedies | Restorative Pain Relief Massage | Sports Maintenance Massage | Thai Yoga Bodywork

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1660 Bonnie Ln. Cordova, TN 38016

Health Care Transparency on the Table

by Jenifer Meeks

It’s that time of year again: autumn, when the leaves change color and night falls fast. There’s a chill in the air; it’s the perfect time to carve pumpkins and sip hot cocoa – and for those of you who are insured by your employers, what better way to start the fall season than by selecting a health care benefits package for the upcoming year? In order to make a wise decision about the plan that would best meet our family’s needs, my husband and I did what we usually do – he shook his Magic Eight Ball while I consulted the oracle bones.

It seems to go without saying that you should examine the details of a health care plan before you commit to it, or confirm the credentials of any doctor or hospital you are planning on using. Unfortunately, making decisions when it comes to health care isn’t like buying a car or a flat screen TV – there are vital pieces of the puzzle missing that often prevent consumers from making the best choices, and it can seem next to impossible to find reliable information about the quality of health care professionals and facilities. If you live in Memphis, however, you have an

“We are the Consumer Reports of health care in Memphis and Shelby County,” says the CEO of Healthy Memphis Common Table, Rene S. Frazier. Frazier is passionate in her long-held conviction that greater transparency is a key ingredient in the elimination of health care disparities and improvement of healthrelated outcomes, where the 2010 County Health Rankings indicate that Shelby County residents are at a high risk of experiencing (or are already suffering from) poor health and well-being due to a variety of ailments, including diabetes, asthma, cardiac disease, cancer, and HIV/AIDS, with a marked disparity apparent between Caucasians and their African American a d v e r T o r i a l

and Latino counterparts, both of which groups experience significantly poorer health outcomes. According to Frazier, “What we are doing with our website is cutting edge and innovative, especially here in the South. We are really drilling down to the provider level to drive improvement in health care, address disparities, and uncover bias – and the reality is race and place matters. This site is a useful resource tool that people should utilize to help them make educated decisions about one of the most important aspects of their lives—their health.” Healthy Memphis Common Table (HMCT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Memphis one of the healthiest cities in the nation through a communitywide collaboration between all those who have a stake in the health of this region’s population: health care consumers and providers, advocacy and support groups, government agencies, colleges and universities, the media, employers, insurance providers, faith-based organizations, and fitness and recreational associations. For more information, visit and

health+fitness | November 2011

We’re not alone. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a survey found that, despite the potential for seriously harmful health and financial ramifications, nearly half of those with employer-sponsored insurance have never spent so much as an hour choosing coverage, while even fewer knew how much they paid per month for that coverage; only 35% could even cite their annual deductible.

advantage you might not even be aware of. Healthy Memphis Common Table (HMCT), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of our community members while increasing their access to the information they need to make informed decisions about health care, launched a website in 2009, “Health Care Quality Matters!” that provides vital information about medical offices, doctors, and hospitals in an accessible, easy-to-understand format. On the site, you can learn about what constitutes quality care, read about patient experiences, evaluate the ratings of medical offices and hospitals, and compare health care outcomes to state and national averages. HMCT’s data is systematically gathered, regularly updated, open to the public, and free of charge. It is expected that cost comparison data will be added to the website by 2015.


ta sting room

Spirited Temptations

for the Holiday Season

The time of temptation is upon us! ‘Tis the season of parties and celebrations, when one must graciously decline the decadent but festive chocolate martini (a whopping 430 calories!) for the more down to earth (i.e. boring) white wine spritzer. Really? Perhaps not, especially if savvy hosts offer up cups of cheer that are just as spirited but merrily healthier. Rather than greeting your guests with the usual lineup of ‘tinis—apple martinis start at 235 calories for a 3 to 4 oz. glass while a basic vodka with olives weighs in at 250 calories—why not go retro with lively bowls of warm mulled wine, or an icy cold pomegranate champagne punch? Websites such as Live Strong and Eating Well list hundreds of drink recipes for any holiday event, with detailed nutritional information. Here are two I’ve happily tested and approve. Cheers!

By Angela Moon

Mulled Wine • • • •

8 – ½ cup servings 104 calories Low Carb, Gluten Free, Diabetes Appropriate Antioxidants

– – – –

 750 ml Merlot 1 1 cup water ¼ cup sugar, or to taste 3 whole cloves

– – – –

 teaspoon nutmeg ¼ pinch of allspice 2 strips orange 2 strips of lemon

Combine and simmer for 20 minutes. Serve warm.

health+fitness | November 2011

Pomegranate Champagne Punch


• 6 – ¾ cup servings • 128 calories • Low carb – – – –

 cups champagne 2 1 cup pomegranate juice 1 cup seltzer ½ cup of citrus vodka

Combine and chill well. Serve over ice with a twist of lemon, or in a champagne flute with pomegranate seeds.

f o t f i G e h t Give r a e Y s i h T h Healt

True Treadmill

Now selling used equipment at both locations!

Country Club Collection • 2140 W. Poplar • Collierville, TN • 901-624-3646 Cloverleaf • 5130 Old Summer Rd. • Memphis, TN • 901-761-9827

health+fitness | November 2011

Rated #1’ in Runner’s World Smooth Whisper quiet Strength and Durability


nove m be r events Friday, Nov.–Dec. 23, Free 9-Week Holiday Fitness Contest Did you know that the average person can gain between 5-10 pounds during the holidays? This CANNOT BE YOU. YOU cannot afford to be AVERAGE this year! Fitness INSPIRATION! Inc. is giving away over $1000.00 in prizes. Memphis, TN CONTACT: Lisa Higgins @ 901.825.4883 or Lisa@ Friday, November 4, 7:00pm True Blue 5k Are you True Blue? The University of Memphis Alumni Association Young Alumni Committee encourages you to come out and run on University of Memphis main campus! Memphis, TN Saturday, November 5, 8:30am Desoto Heart Walk 5k To promote walking as a part of a healthy lifestyle and raise funds to support cardiovascular research and educational programs for the DeSoto area. Southaven, MS Saturday, November 5, 9:00am Race for Grace 5k & 1Mile Walk/ Run Benefitting the Church Health Center Memphis, TN

health+fitness | November 2011

Saturday, November 5, 9:30am Human Race 5K Benefitting the Life Choices of Memphis Pregnancy Help Medical Clinics. Memphis, TN


Saturday, November 5, 2:30pm Sugar Run 5K Benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Collierville, TN

Saturday, November 5, 8:00am Fun,Fit, and Fabulous Female 5K Funds will benefit the less fortunate families for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with food and toys. Memphis, TN Sunday, November 6, 2:00pm SCSEF Race For Education 5K Benefitting the Shelby County Schools Education Foundation. Bartlett, TN Sunday, November 6, 7:00am MRTC RRS 1st Half Marathon Come out and be a part of the Race Road Series. Bartlett-Releigh, TN Saturday, November 12, 9:00am Tim Creager Memorial 5K Run/Walk Benefitting the Shelby County Schools Education Foundation. Memphis, TN Saturday, November 12, 8:00am Dash for Dad 5k Benefitting the ZERO – The Project to End Prostate Cancer. Memphis, TN Saturday, November 12, 8:00am Country Store 15k and 5k Have fun running for the Country Store! Olive Branch, MS Saturday, November 12, 9:00am 4th Annual Run for Ronald Charity 5k Benefitting the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis. Overton Park

Saturday, November 12, 10:00am Stovall’s Sacrifice For Soldiers/ Steps for Stovall 5k Benefitting Stovall’s Sacrifice for Soldiers. Southaven,MS Sunday, November 13, 2:00pm Gobble Wobble 5k and Kids ½ Mile Run Join Germantown Athletic Club and Baptist Rehabilitation of Germantown for the Fifth Annual Gobble Wobble 5K and Kids 1/2 Mile Fun Run. Germantown, TN Saturday, November 19, 9:00am House of Mews Meowathon 5K and Silent Auction Benefitting The House of Mews Overton Park. Sunday, November 20, 7:00am MRTC RRS 2nd Half Marathon Come out and be a part of the Race Road Series. Bartlett, TN

Thursday, November 24, 9:00am Memphis Turkey Trot 4 Miler & Turkey Leg Relay 4 Mile Run & Relay at Shelby Farms Park and Recreation Area with Net ChampionChip Timing for both races. Pumpkin Pie and lots of other treats for the finishers. Shelby Farms Friday, November 25, 7:30am-? “Burn the Gobble Gobble” Workout Friday AM we will have our first annual “Burn The Gobble-Gobble” workout along with a frozen “Bird Launch!” This will be a caloriecrushing workout to feel “human” again. It starts at 7:30 am and will be a ton of fun! Memphis, TN w/ Subj: Gobble Gobble or 901.825.4883 Saturday, November 26, 9:00am MRC 4th Annuel Recovery Run 5k Live music and refreshments following the for the whole family! Overton Park

H+F S p o t l ig h t R ac e Turkey Trot 4 Miler What are you doing Thanksgiving morning? The Turkey Trot 4 Miler and Turkey Leg Relay is the answer. Start 2 Finish is proud to bring you this great holiday tradition that benefits the March of Dimes. Run the Turkey Trot 4 miler or compete as a relay team in the Turkey Leg Relay. Either way, join the 2500+ runners at Shelby Farms Park to enjoy this great course, pumpkin pies, and 500 calories cleared for Turkey and all the Trimmings!

COMING IN December Saturday, December 3, 8:00am St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend

Saturday, December 10, 11:00am-1:00pm Dove Real Beauty Workshop

Sat–SUN, December 10–11, 8:00am Run Run Reindeer 5k Walk/Run & Kid’s Fun Run

Saturday, December 31, 8:00am DAC New Year’s Eve 10k Relay

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Medical Office Space Park Professional Plaza

Professional Medical Plaza with 3 Upscale all-brick freestanding Buildings with Front-Door Parking and Elevators too. Nicely Appointed with Class-A- finishes, and just been fully renovated, painted, landscaped, all lobbies updated.

5200 Park Ave. (Bldg. 1):

• One 5,024 sf space Doctors Office. • One 4,700 sf DaySpa/Medical Spa Space

5220 Park Ave. (Bldg. 2):

• One 5253 sf space can be completely customized, has Lead-Walls for X-Ray Room. • One 3,623 sf space can be customized too. Could be 8,876 sf large office for whole 2nd. floor for Large Doctors Practice. • One first floor space of 3,352 sf. Right at the front door.

East Memphis/Germantown Office

Great for a Nurse Practitioner, or an internist, or any type of “Consult” Doctor who works Downtown, but wants an East Memphis/ Germantown Office to see patients out East.

Doctors Office/Time-Share FOR LEASE:

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health+fitness | November 2011

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Shelby Farms Greenline half-marathon

health+fitness | November 2011

Benefiting the Shelby Farms Greenline










9 4




1. Micah Tirop

7. Ricky Jimez

2. Christopher Raye

8. Jesse Scheiver

3. Christian Lemon

9. Margaret Mclean

4. Caroline Baltti

10. Cassie Ladd (Arlington High Assistant Track Coach)

5. Brian Peterson

11. Megan Sosebee

6. Bjorn Danielson

12. Daniel Alston and Ray Berglund

Photos taken by: Jen Russell


ALLMAN t r e c n o C In That’s a phrase I still find amazing. You see, in 1999 I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C. Ultimately, I decided to talk to my doctor about my options. That step was a big one, but I’m glad I made it. Hey, taking time out of your life is never easy, but doing nothing is not an option.

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health+fitness | November 2011


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Luvmud 5k-obstacle run/walk

health+fitness | November 2011

Benefiting Habitat for Hope










9 4




1. Elizabeth Longo

7. Drew Franks and Callie Mills

2. Anna Butler and Adrienne Meuse

8. Judy Bragg, Ashley Bragg , Macy Bragg, and John Bragg

3. Kathy Graybill

9. Kalin and Beth Halbach

4. Christa Briney

10. Monigue Gray and Antonio Gray

5. James Allen and Sunnye Boyd

11. Barry Wright

6. Barrett Freemand and Turner Teckham

12. Ashley Reed

Photos taken by: Jen Russell

MHF November  

MHF November