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DOORS Memphis Goodwill 2011/ 2012 Annual Report



Tony Martini CEO & President Memphis Goodwill, Inc.


Doors of

Then & Now From parking lot kiosks to attended donation centers, Memphis Goodwill has changed since we opened in 1927. But our mission has always been the same, creating opportunities for those facing job barriers. Your donations and purchases make our mission possible.


Thousands of people come through the doors of Memphis Goodwill each year. Legions of loyal shoppers browse and buy in our nine area stores. Generous donors visit our 25 attended donation centers. More than 500 hardworking employees come into our facilities every day to serve you. Those doors symbolize what Memphis Goodwill is about, which is opening the doors of opportunity. We’re building programs that lead to learning new life and employment skills, getting a job and building a better life. These doors have been shut to many of our neighbors for a variety of reasons: a lack of education or work experience, a disability or social/economic disadvantage or maybe just the tough economic times in which we’re living. Everyone must prove themselves and make their way, but everyone needs a chance to get a foot in the door. It’s our mission to open those doors. In this annual report, you’ll learn about the doors we're opening at Memphis Goodwill. You’ll read about some of the people who have taken advantage of these opportunities, worked hard, and excelled. Because of their contributions and service, we continue to expand programs and grow our mission. Because of them, we're proud of what Memphis Goodwill is doing now, and of new opportunities we'll build in the future. A leader once observed that we must open the doors of opportunity – but we must also equip our people to walk through those doors. That is the mission you support when you give to Memphis Goodwill. Thank you for helping us open doors for people in our communities.



Doors of

2012 Donation Visits:

370,147 333,072 Donation Visits in 2011 313,111 Donation Visits in 2010


Accepting and selling donations of clothing, household wares, books and furniture is the primary focus of Memphis Goodwill’s Donated Goods division. Your donations are our mission’s lifeblood, providing the resources to employ hundreds of people and to offer jobs and life skills training programs. Our goal is to show our gratitude every time you visit a store or donation center by giving you prompt, courteous help.

Teamwork Every Day Service with a smile at the Stage Road store! Left to right: Channin Cochran, Assistant Team Leader (ATL); Ralph McIntyre, Team Leader Coach; Gemia Wortham, Keyholder; and Juanita Scott, ATL.

The flow of donations from many generous

How the “River of Donations” works:

Mid-Southerners keeps the doors of our 25 attended donation centers (ADCs) and nine retail stores open in Shelby, Fayette and Tipton counties. Since 1927, our goal has been to offer convenience, service and good value to our

A friendly donor greeter meets you at the door and accepts your donated items.

customers and donors so we can continue to fund the life-changing work of Memphis Goodwill. Our mission is to improve the community by changing the lives of its people with disabilities

Inside the store, our graders and hangers inspect, sort, and price your donated items.

and other barriers to employment through services, partnerships, collaborations and responsible use of community resources. Our vision is a community that works together to create an environment where everyone can achieve self-sufficiency and reach their full potential.










Vintage Favorite Everything old is new again at Memphis Goodwill. In 2012, Goodwill was voted Memphis’ Favorite Vintage Clothing Store by the readers of The Memphis Flyer.

Store sales associates hang clothing, display items and rotate the store inventory.

Items that don’t pass inspection are prepared by our salvage team for recycling or bulk resale.

Our smiling store cashiers ring up and bag your purchases.

Your purchases find a new home while they help to fund programs that change lives.

Memphis Goodwill’s presence is growing in the Mid-South. In 2011, we opened our Riverdale store, and five new attended donation centers. Our Tipton County store opened for business in 2012, along with our donation centers in the Fox Meadows neighborhood and in Oakland, Tenn.


Doors of

But our business expansion includes

Why I Thank God for Goodwill

something greater than buildings.

I can’t possibly express the magnitude of transformation in my professional and personal life since joining Goodwill.

Memphis Goodwill also gives people a chance to expand their personal and professional horizons. It’s all part of the Goodwill philosophy to “give a hand-up, not a hand-out.”

As a young man, I made some bad choices, including alcohol, drugs, and violence. I was shot three different times before I was 24 years old. I left Florida and came to Memphis, where I was blessed to meet a welder who gave me a chance to train and apprentice in his shop for more than seven years. I thought I had found something tailor-made for me, but was suddenly hit with a form of cancer that causes severe inflammation in my body’s tissue, and had to quit the job I loved. That took me right back to old, harmful bad habits. At some point, I prayed to God for a change in my life. I started chemotherapy and radiation, but was still drinking heavily, which was breaking up my marriage and family. So I checked into a treatment center and asked God to direct my path. I completed treatment and set out on a vigorous course of action. My goals were to complete my high school education, find a job and get my family back together.

2012 Store Transactions:

851,728 6 GOODWILL

700,343 Store Transactions in 2011 591,055 Store Transactions in 2010

PANSION While shopping at a Goodwill for some items for my small apartment, I decided to ask the assistant team leader about an employment application. That moment began my journey with Goodwill, and it has turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I am grateful to so many people at Goodwill who recognized my hard work and dedication and gave me the chance to prove myself. So many people on the Goodwill team have given me so much. My family is back together, and I have earned my GED, my certification for substance abuse counseling, and am now working on a degree in human services. I still face health challenges related to my cancer and tissue inflammation, but I’m thankful that it is under control enough to continue to work, lead my family and pursue my goals. My life’s journey has been very challenging and very rewarding. Today I’m a better man, husband and father. Thank you, God, and thank you Goodwill.

Darrell Mallard Team Leader Coach, Riverdale Store Goodwill Team Member since 2009

Amy is a graduate of Goodwill’s warehouse training program. She began work in May 2013 as a box maker at Medtronic’s Distribution and Logistics Campus in Memphis. Several thousand orders are filled each day in Medtronic’s distribution warehouse, and Amy’s role is to pre-build shipping cartons so the orders can be filled promptly. Having Amy on the warehouse floor speeds up the packing and shipping process, since others don’t have to stop to make the boxes themselves, says her manager. With her smile and can-do attitude, Amy is contributing to her employer and her community.

Amy Wolfe Box Maker, Medtronic New Goodwill Team Member


Doors of


Having a job is important, and there are benefits besides a paycheck: experiencing the pride of accomplishment, the satisfaction of being part of a team and contributing to a goal. It’s building a sense of self-worth, self-sufficiency and realizing potential. Preparing people for employment and expanding and filling job positions are Memphis Goodwill’s primary focus, as we work to help people overcome barriers and change their lives for the better. We accomplish those goals through three divisions: • Donated Goods – our network of nine stores and 25 attended donation centers • Government and Commercial Contracts – placing workers in government and business locations • Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) – providing training and job placement support for those with special needs Memphis Goodwill job opportunities are focused in retail operations, janitorial services, grounds maintenance, warehouse services and customer service.


2012 Employees:



Employees placed with other companies

(28% of all employees have declared disabilities) 418 Employees in 2011 383 Employees in 2010

Through its Government & Commercial Contracts division, Memphis Goodwill trains, places and supervises janitorial, groundskeeping, customer service and warehouse workers.


Doors of

Our Government Contracts clients include the

Memphis IRS Service Center, Federal Buildings in Memphis and Jackson, Tenn. and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) rest areas in Henning, Jackson and Memphis. In late 2011, we formed our Commercial Contracts division, and currently have active, working partnerships with companies such as Hilton and Aramark – as well as companies in the assisted living and construction industries. We look forward to serving our newest partner, Stax Museum and Soulsville Academy, beginning in August 2013.

1.8 Million Square Feet of Office Space Cleaned Daily More than 17 years of service in Memphis

Goodwill is proud of our contract teams, like the hard-working crew that maintains the 23-acre rest stop facility in Henning. They recently ranked No. 2 in the entire state of Tennessee for facility care and appearance, and have received high praise from visitors, including this note from one traveler: “My wife and I travel Highway 51 on a regular basis, and I want to share a compliment. We often stop at a rest area just north of Covington whenever we go through that area, and the gentlemen working there are a true compliment to your department. Not only do they keep the rest area clean, but they are great ambassadors for the state of Tennessee. They are always friendly and courteous. Too often, these people are overlooked, so I wanted to share this compliment. By far, these guys put the other rest areas to shame.”

High-Performing TDOT Team 1 0 GOODWILL

The Henning Crew: (left to right) Cashawn Rogers, Bobby Whitelaw, Qudrell Barnes, Thomas Jarrett, William Baskin and Larry Paris.



Doors of

VRC Impact:

283 76

Students Served

Placed in Jobs


Memphis Goodwill’s Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) and AT&T teamed up in 2010 to create a warehouse training environment. Our collaboration has resulted in local success through the AT&T CapABILITY program. AT&T currently employs six full-time and 13 contractto-hire employees. Warehouse production and work quality have risen with the contributions of these CapABILITY employees. Eighty (80) percent of them produce in the top 20% of their areas, and 20% are consistently in the top 10% of producers in the workforce.


After completing his training at the Memphis Goodwill Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Albert Harris (far left) was the very first AT&T CapABILITY Program hire in January of 2011. Albert has been consistently recognized by AT&T for having one of the highest productivity rates in the Memphis distribution warehouse. He is focused and dedicated, and always eager to help. Christopher Brandon (right) entered the Goodwill Vocational Rehab Program in 2011. Since completing his training and entering the workforce under the AT&T CapABILITY Program, he has flourished and advanced. Chris’ mother writes: “Employment with AT&T has enormously empowered my son Christopher. He has conquered the difficult adversity placed before him because of his disability. Working at AT&T has given Chris the confidence and resources to take control of his own life. Equally as important, Chris engages in a diverse environment every day at AT&T. This opportunity has profoundly helped him develop his social skills. Christopher is now a successful young man, employed by one of the largest companies in the country.”

Albert Harris and Christopher Brandon Distribution Coordinators at the AT&T Memphis Distribution Center Memphis Goodwill Vocational Rehabilitation Center Graduates in 2011, 2012


Doors of

Memphis Goodwill aims to be a good community neighbor. Outreach includes education and events collaborations, job fairs, informational tours and carefully selected sponsorships. Goodwill’s involvement with the University of Memphis men’s basketball program included a “Goodwill Night” at the FedEx Forum, where we honored our Business Partner Pillar Award recipients: Aramark, AT&T, Hilton & Versant Supply Chain.

2012 Goodwill Recognitions • Top 25 Most Inspiring Companies in U.S. by Forbes Magazine • Ranked in Top 5 for Donations by Non-Profit Times • Top 25 Social & Human Services Non-Profit Agency by the Memphis Business Journal • Favorite Vintage Clothing Store by readers of The Memphis Flyer • CEO Tony Martini named a 2012 Power Player of Public Service by Memphis Business Quarterly

Goodwill in the Community (Clockwise from above):

• Corporate team gets moving in annual Breast Cancer walk • Aramark’s Terry Hardaway accepts a Business Partner Pillar Award • Fox Meadows team members share a spirited, patriotic greeting • Goodwill’s colors flying high on the FedEx Forum scoreboard • Drawing winner shows off “Penny” Air Nikes signed by Hardaway • Helen Neal’s smile shows why she won a Kindness Revolution Award • On the greens during Goodwill’s 2012 Day Trip to the Masters • Goodwill takes donations at University of Memphis dorm move-out • “Annie Hall” look: from the Goodwill racks to a fashion show runway




Doors of




Tremayne Davis

Julie Snipes

Willie Walker

Salvage Operations Stage Road Store Goodwill Team Member since 2012

Janitorial Services Memphis Federal Building Goodwill Team Member since 2002

Senior Director Commercial Janitorial Services Goodwill Team Member since1996

Tremayne came to Goodwill’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services Center for job skills training. A shy young man, Tremayne’s learning challenges kept him isolated from other people, and kept him from reaching his potential and gaining independence. Since joining the Goodwill team, Tremayne has blossomed in confidence and social interactions. He now lives in his own apartment, rides the bus to and from work, and hopes to get his driver’s license. No one can stay down when Tremayne shares a friendly hug!

Transferring from one of Goodwill’s store locations, Julie found a work home at the Memphis Federal Building in 2002. Over the last 11 years, she has matured into one of the most dependable members on the Federal Building team. Julie is someone who can be called on at any time, and if there’s something to do, she does it, and does it well. Active in her church, Julie has faced some challenges in life but does so without complaint. We can all learn a lot from Julie’s faith, her commitment and her beautiful smile.

Hardworking and wise. Diligent and patient. Friendly and kind. That’s how co-workers describe Willie Walker, who has been an important part of Memphis Goodwill since 1996. An Air Force veteran, Willie began his career with Goodwill working as the assistant project manager at the IRS Center. Since then, he has risen through the ranks and become a leader in our Commercial Contracts Division, providing direction, training and guidance for workers assigned to commercial and government client locations.





Ryan Smith

Keith Von Allmen

Michelle Easley

Sales Associate Austin Peay Store Goodwill Team Member since 2006

Donor Greeter Park Place Bookstore Goodwill Team Member since 2005

Housekeeping Services Internal Revenue Service Center Goodwill Team Member since 2000

“Ryan is such a pleasant person with a great attitude. He comes to work every day with a smile on his face and filled with such a wonderful spirit. He is a team player and likes to give assistance any time that he can. Ryan often takes the initiative to help out without being asked, from helping out at the donor door to sweeping restrooms and getting shopping carts from the parking lot. Ryan’s glowing personality shines through every day that he comes to work, and he gets along well with everyone,” says Maria Scurlock, Austin Peay Team Leader Coach.

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from donors who visit our Park Place Bookstore location: “It’s always a joy to give and have such a nice reception.” “Always courteous! Best bookstore in East Memphis!” “My favorite drop-off spot.” One reason for this location’s rave reviews is center Attendant Keith Von Allmen, who has been greeting and helping donors for the last eight years. Drive up to the door and Keith will be there quickly, offering service with a smile. Keith is a huge University of Memphis Tigers fan, and attends nearly every men’s home basketball game. Go Tigers, and Go Keith!

Michelle began her work life at the Memphis Internal Revenue Service Center in 2000. It was her first job, and Michelle adapted quickly. Easy-going and mild-mannered, Michelle is one of 54 Goodwill employees working at the IRS Center, and she is one of the most loyal, long-term employees you’ll meet, says her manager Janie Johnson. “Seventy-five percent of the team faces some type of challenge, yet they are so dedicated. Our turnover rate is low, and many people have been here for years.”

4,558,087 Pounds of Recycled Salvage in 2012 4,110,895 pounds recycled in 2011 4,711,864 pounds recycled in 2010

When You See Goodwill Blue, Think “Green.” At Memphis Goodwill, items not sold in our stores go to recycling or bulk salvaging operations, keeping millions of pounds of waste out of area landfills. One of our recycling partners is the Dell Re-Connect program, which takes all computers and accessories. Got a worn-out computer, monitor, old keyboard or printer? Bring it to Goodwill and we’ll dispose of it safely. 1 8 GOODWILL

Financials Revenue



Donated Goods (Stores) $ 11,562,238 Government Contracts 4,606,802 Commercial Contracts/Grants 983,474 Workforce Development (VRC) 339,559

$ 14,091,419 4,400,901 1,024,528 288,798


$ 19,805,646

$ 17,492,073

Wages & Benefits Operating Expenses Administration Total

$ 8,852,030 5,544,374 2,448,322

$ 10,751,156 5,201,572 2,855,082

$ 16,844,726

$ 18,807,810

Operating Surplus To reinvest in mission and capacity planning

Memphis Goodwill gratefully acknowledges financial and/or in-kind support from:

Commercial Contracts


• Assisi Foundation

2012 Revenue

• James Davis • Kemmons Wilson Family Foundation • Medtronic, Inc.

Operating Wages & Benefits

• Entercom Communications • First Tennessee Foundation



$ 997,836

$ 647,347



• We are committed to providing world-class customer service to all our customers. • We are committed to a clean, neat, organized and safe facility. The image of the facility reflects Goodwill, the manager/Team Leader Coach and the team. • We are committed to a store fully stocked with fresh inventory.

• All donations should be processed within 24 hours. • Every time we touch a donation – something good should happen.

Contracts Division:



Donated Goods/Stores:

• Donors and shoppers should be greeted within 10 seconds.



Our Guiding Principles

• Oak Hall

2012 Expenses

• Plough Foundation • WREG-TV

• We will provide world-class customer service. • We will treat each person with respect, integrity, honesty, openness and fairness. • We will respond to requests, needs and issues in a timely, effective manner. • We will provide clean, healthy, green and safe facilities and work environments and project a clean, neat and professional appearance. • We will build and sustain long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial. • We will bid and accept contracts that align with our company’s mission, skills, capacity and price structure – creating win-win situations for all parties.

Memphis Goodwill Leadership

Tony Martini

Dave Leutwyler

Henry Brenner

Tom Murach

Chief Executive Officer and President

Executive Vice President

VP of Corporate and Community Relations

VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development

2011/2012 Memphis Goodwill Board Members Brian Williams – Chair Billy W. Tedford, Jr. – Treasurer/Secretary Larry C. Clayton Joseph S. Clift Deacon Bill Davis Thomas J. Dayton, Sr.


Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway Joyce Lower William B. (Ben) Madden Mark R. Nance Michael Robilio Macky Sneed Alan Taylor

We thank you for your generous, tax-deductible contribution to help individuals with disabilities and other special needs receive the training and opportunities they need to find employment and become a productive member of society.

Our business is changing lives.

Yes, I would like to make a contribution to the mission of Memphis Goodwill!





 Other _____________

Name(s) _____________________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________________________ City _________________________________________ State _________ Zip _____________________ Email _______________________________________ Phone _________________________________

Donation Payment Options:


My check for $ ________ is enclosed (made payable to Memphis Goodwill Incorporated) Please charge my credit card:



Account number ___________________________________________ Expires ___________________ Name on card _______________________________________________________________________ Signature ___________________________________________________________________________ If you would like to make your contribution online, please visit www.goodwillmemphis.org


Store Locations: 3830 Austin Peay 574 South Highland 6063 Park Ave. 6899 Stage Road 7114 Winchester 783 W. Poplar – Collierville 8059 Highway 51 North – Millington 800 Highway 51 North – Covington

Attended Donation Centers: 9947 Wolf River Blvd. 1890 Berryhill Road 2235 Central Ave. 574 South Highland 6063 Park Ave. 3109 Poplar Ave. 2964 Covington Pike 3101 South Mendenhall 1144 North Houston Levee 6518 Quince 1939 Madison Ave. 700 Mt. Moriah 4725 Summer Ave. 3315 Hacks Cross 1724 South White Station 1740 Whitten Road 6745 Winchester 11615 Highway 70 – Arlington 11680 Highway 51 South – Atoka 330 Market Blvd. – Collierville 800 Highway 51 North – Covington 1655 Highway 51 South – Covington 9733 Highway 64 – Lakeland 8510 Wilkinsville Road – Millington 7275 Highway 64 – Oakland

Our business is changing lives.


Profile for Memphis Goodwill

Memphis Goodwill 2011/2012 Annual Report  

Memphis Goodwill 2011/2012 Annual Report