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I would like to introduce you, and welcome you, to the Graduate Art Education Programs at Memphis College of Art. Certainly you will sense in these pages the quality of our facilities, the flexibility of our programs, the look and feel of artwork created by our students, faculty, and alumni, and the career opportunities that abound for those pursuing a career in Art Education. I immediately recognized some special attributes that distinguish and differentiate MCA. They are the qualities and strengths that set MCA apart, and feature the most important points to consider in the development of your career as an art educator: MCA is solely dedicated to educating art professionals, including art educators, who impart knowledge through visual art, and prepare students to think creatively, critically, and to solve problems.

MCA recognizes that living fully means living artfully, and that nurturing the artful spirit is a means to developing a complete person. Your talent as an art educator will flourish as you develop the skills and gain the insights needed to help students realize their creative and artistic and scholastic potential. My academic roots are in art education. The Graduate Art Education programs here are respected and valued because we see the roots of art appreciation, and consequential broadening of mind and spirit, growing in primary and secondary education. Our faculty, students, supporters and community, each recognize that fertile soil is cultivated by art education professionals, like you. Visit our spectacular Nesin Graduate School located in the heart of Memphis’ South Main Historic Arts District; talk with the graduate students who are already here; visit with faculty . . . come, see for yourself . . . and I would be delighted to meet with you to talk about this incredible place. MCA is an opportunity you cannot afford to ignore.

Dr. Ron Jones


2015 MAART Catalog  
2015 MAART Catalog