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Routing shows. Filling seats. Making memories.


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The MemoryHaus proposition is simple; we connect venues with content and provide high quality touring and marketing solutions. We route shows, fill seats and make memories.


Our approach. Our focus on high quality and immersive concepts and productions, means we have built a team of experienced and seasoned executives with world wide and world class expertise and knowledge. In essence we provide a ‘turn key’ solution to producers through appropriate routing, venue deals, marketing, sales, PR, sponsorship and ticketing service.

The MemoryHaus team is a collective of experts in: + + + +

The touring and marketing of live experiences Credible international networking Building relationships with venues, promoters, producers Delivering strategic marketing, PR and commercial rights packages

Our capabilities: + + + + + + + +

General management and oversight Tour planning and coordination of venue deals based on risk mitigation Marketing, media and commercial services (including design) Ticketing and pricing Coordination of touring operations Market research Business case and assessment VIP hospitality and B2B sales



A team of experienced and seasoned executives with world wide and world class expertise and knowledge


How we operate.

By being supportive and collaborative, we tailor a touring strategy that suits you

We are a full service partner that takes care of the clients’ touring needs

We create unique partnerships between venues and producers


Our experience, creativity and commercial knowledge allows us to...

‘think global, but know local’

We effectively utilise our team’s cumulative experience, international network of relationships and full service resource

Touring shows. Filling Seats. Making Memories.


Our services.

Routing. Marketing. PR. Sponso Mitigation. Home Venues. Acce Operational & Venue Expertise. Routing shows. Filling seats. Ma


orship. Co-promotion. Risk ess To Rehearsal Space. . Group & B2B Sales. Ticketing. Making memories.


The team.


MANAGING DIRECTOR Koen has over 18 years’ experience within the international venue business and live entertainment industry. His career includes promoting and producing international tours and events. Having worked with companies such as Endemol Live Entertainment, Holiday on Ice, Stage Entertainment and NEC Group has provided a strong international network and experience. Koen’s expertise is to develop each opportunity from plan to successful tour and he has done so for shows such as Holiday on Ice and Walking with Dinosaurs across North America


HEAD OF COMMERCIAL SERVICES Steve has an in-depth understanding of the commercial side of the live events industry. Following stints at Wembley Arena and as a promoter, Steve has headed up the commercial arm of the NEC Group’s Arenas, looking after sales, sponsorship and incremental revenue streams.


INTERNATIONAL TOUR AND MARKETING COORDINATOR Tara has a wealth of experience working with consumer brands and businesses, having joined the NEC Group in 2011 from a highly successful PR Agency. Tara will lead on all consumer PR and communications and put together frameworks and plans for each regional venue on the tour also.



SENIOR DESIGNER Adam will lead on all artwork and design projects for the UK tour, including managing any media production such as photography and video where required. Adam is an experienced designer with a keen eye for targeting the consumer visually in the best possible way.


HEAD OF DIGITAL Gail heads up our digital services, including email, web and application production and management. Gail joined the NEC Group from a major FMCG brand who were number 1 in their sector for online commerce. Her team will help to develop exciting, interactive and engaging content that will help to build a community of fans and ambassadors for the production and support active online sales also.


HEAD OF COMMERCIAL MEDIA Sarah joined the NEC Group in 2011 after a successful career in radio media sales. Sarah heads up an extremely competent sales force who work across multiple clients and channels to maximise revenue from advertising, sponsorship and promotional activity.


How we do it. Business plan MemoryHaus starts with solid research to gain a thorough understanding of your market. By identifying and knowing how to attract your show’s target audiences we can optimise the tour; maximise the impact of your business plan; build on our existing arena network and create additional revenue streams next to the core business of ticket sales. Tour planning and venue network Through our strong and long-lasting relationships with keyarenas in the UK, Europe and beyond we are able to negotiate the appropriate venue deals which allow for optimal conditions and using venues capabilities, resources and network. Marketing Like a Full Service Marketing Agency, the MemoryHaus marketing team will maximise your budget with a through the line campaign, encompassing all of your marketing needs. We will work closely with the venues and producers supporting all elements of venue, regional and national marketing. We know these marketplaces and have a wealth of contacts, knowledge and experience to leverage fantastic results. Insight Understanding the consumer marketplace is crucial to getting the routing, marketing and pricing right for any tour. We have the capabilities to understand what your target customers look like,

based on demographic profiling, wealth, age, where they live, what they enjoy to do in their spare time and more. Added to this, our intelligent analysis looks at booking trends, audience groups and similar shows, researching the UK marketplace and more. From these key pieces of insight, we can then select the most appropriate marketing methods, brands and media partners which would be most suited to your production. PR and Comms We will build a sound and robust communications strategy to support your tour. This will include national consumer coverage, regional campaigns targeted at each venue and a national trade press campaign to ensure that everyone is talking about the production. We have the connections and relationships with relevant media and an unrivalled knowledge of media landscapes in Europe. We build a sound and robust communications strategy to support your tour. This will include targeting regional and national media, trade press and key websites and blogs. We can not only create a bespoke, strategic communications plan, we can deliver it too. We have the connections and relationships with relevant media and an unrivalled knowledge of media landscapes in Europe. Added to this, we can also manage your social media presence; from strategic planning to day-to-day management.


We have a wealth of contacts, knowledge and experience to leverage fantastic results


MemoryHaus enjoys the benefits of the buying power of the NEC Group


How we do it. Creative design and digital delivery Our design studio and digital teams will work seamlessly with the producers and venues to produce all the collateral required for the production. We can utilise existing or create new collateral and tailor it for the appropriate audience. The digital team will manage all online and digital outputs for the tour; including website, social media platforms (copy/content coordinated with PR team), digital screens at venues (where appropriate) and mobile applications. This will also be incredibly important for ensuring seamless working with the venues’ ticketing and national box office for the tour, to maximize click through and conversion for ticket sales. Print distribution Our strategy for Print Distribution is to manage nationally, deploy regionally and to work with each venue to ensure any existing partnerships for distribution locally are engaged. We would use a blend of methods, including distribution networks, magazine inserts and door-drops. We already have strong relationships with a roster of reputable, economical and reliable printers. Coupled with this, MemoryHaus enjoys the benefits of the buying power of the NEC Group, meaning that we enjoy very competitive pricing on any print, merchandise and other collateral.

Media buying All media is managed centrally by the MemoryHaus marketing team, in partnership with key media agencies such as Mediacom, to ensure the best rates and placement of spend. Our commercial focus on ROI means that we would look at targeting specific online, outdoor, radio, TV and print media. Campaigns are planned utilising profiling, demographics and geographic intelligence from MemoryHaus’ insight team to generate maximum penetration to target audience groups. We measure the effectiveness of all elements of the campaign, with tracking codes on online elements to track clicks and ticket purchases through the national box office for the tour.


How we do it. Sponsorship and partnership We have the experience in creating schedules of media rights and partner opportunities that would deliver an additional revenue stream. We often find that a considered schedule enhances the audience’s experience and widens the media messaging through tactical associations. Our experienced commercial media team can build a strategy and pricing framework for all sponsorship and media opportunities and work as an agent to sell these opportunities, dependent on fee and commission structure and scalability of the saleable properties against the event. Ticketing MemoryHaus has a close, but not exclusive, relationship with The Ticket Factory; one of the UK’s primary ticket agents. The Ticket Factory sell tickets for every ‘To maximise sales for type of live experience; from sport to clients by providing concerts, festivals to comedy, niche customers with to mass market. They are driven by excellent service’ one simple aim: Using a state-of-the-art web-based ticketing system, our contact centre and website sell over 2.5 million tickets a year to a national database of customers. Our size allows us to offer our clients a responsive, flexible and personal service, with a dedicated

point of contact through a Client Services Executive to a well-briefed and highly motivated telephone sales team. Groups, B2B and Corporate Sales Within The Ticket Factory team we have a dedicated Group, B2B and Corporate Sales department who are experts in the travel trade market. By working with clients to guide their group sales pricing strategies and offer promotion to niche markets. This is done via a series of channels from print, face-to-face and digital outputs. We have a growing database of regular group bookers. This covers a range of audience profiles from coach companies and tour operators, to sports and social clubs, schools, businesses and many more.


To maximise sales for clients by providing customers with excellent service


Conclusion. We create unique partnerships, we are supportive and collaborative; we tour shows, fill seats and make memories. Our experienced team of experts will ensure that every stage of your touring strategy is considered and tailored to suit you. For more information on how we can provide a tailor made ‘turn-key’ solution to your production and maximise your budget please contact me directly.

Koen Melis T:

+44 (0)7584 236 149



Thank you. From the MemoryHaus team.

MemoryHaus Birmingham, England B40 1NT +44 (0)7584 236 149

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Routing shows, filling seats, making memories


Routing shows, filling seats, making memories