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winter 2015

craft dies

99289 Sketched Tree

99316 Jolly Holly Frame

99304 Little Deer 99299 Tippington Vine 99317 Jolly Holly Branches

99286 Paper Angel

99284 Grand Bell

99292 Autumn Border


craft dies 99283 Large WInter Sled

99287 Stitched Boxes

99314 Stitched Lattice Background 99290 Small Winter Sled

99293 Stitched Bubbles

99295 Modern Tile Background


craft dies 99307 Plush Mountain Snowflake

99310 Plush Holly Stocking 99306 Plush Celestial Star

99305 Plush Bundled Snowman

99301 Plush Sheldon


craft dies

99319 Plush Holly Leaves and Berries

99311 Plush Arctic Snowflake

99309 Plush Poinsettia 99318 Plush Little Heart

99300 Plush Small Poinsettia

99308 Plush Frosty Mitten

99302 Plush Bright Heart


craft dies

99288 Curved Thank You

99285 Curved Happy Birthday

99303 Pitelli Ornament

99282 Curved Dashing

99296 Square Links

99291 Curved Happy Holidays


99298 Merry Christmas Tree

rubber stamps holiday

C2071 White Christmas CS2071C

C2077 Sometimes CS2077C

B2072 Beginnings CS2072B

C2078 Happiest CS2078C

B2073 Season to Sparkle CS2073B

C2079 Chocolate CS2079C B2074 Holiday Cheer CS2074B

B2080 Merry and Bright CS2080B B2075 Share Joy CS2075B

B2081 Brightly Shining CS2081B B2076 Journey CS2076B

stamps available in wood mount or cling


open studio cling stamps

images scaled down 10%

CS2214J O Christmas Tree

CS2215J Dancing Snowflakes


CS2219J Sky Full of Snowflakes

images scaled down 10%

open studio cling stamps

CS2218H Cabin Pine Tree

CS2217J Drifting Oak Leaves

CS2216H Maple Leaf Sunset

CS2220G Three Little Birds


open studio clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

32156 We Go Gouda Together Die Set

CL5156 We Go Gouda Together Clear Stamp Set

CL5157 Flying High Clear Stamp Set


32157 Flying High Die Set

open studio clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

CL5158 Autumn Birdie Clear Stamp Set

32158 Autumn Birdie Die Set

CL5160 Halloween Sideshow Clear Stamp Set

32160 Halloween Sideshow Die Set


open studio clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

32164 In the Kitchen Die Set

CL5164 In the Kitchen Clear Stamp Set

CL5165 Gobble Til You Wobble Clear Stamp Set

32165 Gobble Til You Wobble Die Set


open studio clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

32163 Moose Crossing Die Set

CL5153 Moose Crossing Clear Stamp Set

CL5159 Hoppy Holiday Clear Stamp Set

32159 Hoppy Holiday Die Set


open studio clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

32161 Gnome For Christmas Die Set

CL5161 Gnome For Christmas Clear Stamp Set

CL51662 Santa Paws Clear Stamp Set

32162 Santa Paws Die Set


open studio craft dies 30073 Studio Hexagon Layers

30070 Stitched Octagon Layers

30076 Stitched Hexagon Layers

30068 Polkadot Bows

30067 Studio Octagon Layers

30074 Silverdale Bows



winter 2015

craft dies 1338 Stitched Poinsettia

1342 Verona Flourish

1341 Exquisite Branch Frame

1336 Poinsettia Stem 1331 Holly Leaves and Berries

1333 Snowflake Oval Frame


craft dies

1332 Merry and Bright Channel

1337 Let It Snow Channel

1343 Peace On Earth Channel

1330 Proper Happy Holidays 1335 Proper Merry Christmas

1340 Proper Happy New Year


1339 String Ornament

clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

1344 You Melt My Heart Die Set

CL407 You Melt My Heart Clear Stamp Set

1350 Holiday Hoopla Die Set

CL413 Holiday Hoopla Clear Stamp Set


clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

1349 Christmas Delights Die Set

CL412 Christmas Delights Clear Stamp Set

CL410 Snow One Like You Clear Stamp Set 1347 Snow One Like You Die Set


clear stamp sets

images scaled down 10%

1352 You Keep Me in Stitches Die Set CL415 You Keep Me in Stitches Clear Stamp Set CL408 Cup of Cheer Clear Stamp Set

1345 Cup of Cheer Die Set


clear stamp sets

1351 Yuletide Birdies Die Set

images scaled down 10%

CL414 Yuletide Birdies Clear Stamp Set

CL411 Foxy Holiday Clear Stamp Set


1348 Foxy Holiday Die Set

images scaled down 10%

clear stamp sets

1346 Falling For You Die Set

CL409 Falling For You Clear Stamp Set


Memory Box 2015 Winter Catalog  
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