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volume 12 | december 2013


Website fully updated Highlights

Dutch Protein & Services® is proud to present its fully updated, informative website. DP&S®’s new red and white house style has been stylishly incorporated into the site. Visitors can go to the English-language site for general company information, full details of the DP&S® product range, a company video called ‘DPS Demo’, which gives an idea of the

More fish variations Earlier this year DP&S® introduced the NO-FAT Tempura® coating for vegetable and chicken combinations. Now it is also available for fish products.

wide variety of solutions offered by the company, and for interesting product news. The ‘Our Products’ section is conveniently arranged on the basis of DP&S®’s four product categories – DPS® for Vegetables, DPS® for Poultry, DPS® for Meat and DPS® for Fish and Seafood – and highlights the wide-ranging uses of DP&S® products in these four areas. Innovations from DP&S®, such as Clean Label or hybrid products for example, are detailed in the ‘News’ section. In ‘Company Info’, visitors can find the company history of DP&S®, brief portraits of DP&S® team members and PDFs of all available editions of DP&S NOW, which inform readers about the latest product developments at DP&S®.

A perfect ball every time Meatballs come in all shapes and sizes. With formulations tailored to the required texture, DP&S® ensures a perfect meatball every time.

This section also explains the added value delivered by Future Concepts®, the development department of Dutch Protein & Services®, which is devoted to innovation and product development. Future Concepts® involves all the relevant disciplines both within and outside of DP&S®.

The Mushroomburger With its Mushroomburger, DP&S® has a quality vegetarian product with a great taste, good structure and pleasant bite which can easily be produced in a standard process.

Like a second skin DP&S® has developed a new coating for cooked chicken products such as fillets, wings and burgers. It is applied as a waferthin glaze, acting just like a second skin.

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Attractive and tasty Consumers are often won over by the attractive appearance of a food product, and the subsequent eating experience hopefully leads to repeat purchases. DP&S® contributes to your sales success with its revolutionary NO-FAT Tempura® coating. Following its launch for vegetables and chicken, it is now also available for fish. Earlier this year DP&S® introduced its


fish product which already looks great and

revolutionary NO-FAT Tempura® coating for

DP&S® uses fish, water and a special NO-FAT

therefore does not need to be deep-fried. In

vegetable and chicken combinations. Now it

tempura binding agent to make its new NO-

other words, a nice crispy coating without

has also been adapted for fish products.

FAT Tempura® for fish. It is easy to use and

the fat.

offers optimum adhesion. NO-FAT Tempura


You have to admit: the fish product in the

Just the way you want it

for fish has the same processing characteris-

photo looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it?

The many possibilities include beautiful

tics as a tempura batter and can be applied

And isn’t it time to ask DP&S® to make this

white fish, of Baader quality if required, with

simply with the aid of the tempura dipper.

revolution a success for you too?

an attractive, salmon-coloured coating. But

The result is a beautifully coated

the best way to learn about all the possibilities is to talk to the experts at DP&S®. They will be delighted to help you. The NO-FAT vegetable and chicken tempura launched in the run-up to IFFA was a resounding success at the Frankfurt trade fair itself. The vegetable and chicken mix, coated with the revolutionary NO-FAT Tempura®, was chosen on the basis of children’s taste perceptions. The idea was developed by Future Concepts®, the development department within DP&S®, in close collaboration with Michelin star chef André Gerrits of the ‘t Amsterdammertje restaurant.

Special NO-FAT Tempura®. Invented and developed by Future Concepts®.


A perfect ball every time Meatballs come in all shapes and sizes and for every occasion. From snacks to main meals. Nice and soft or firm and sliceable. To suit nationwide tastes or with a specific, regional touch. As a welcome addition to its existing range, DP&S® is introducing a number of new products which not only make your meatball more versatile but also give you more control over the structure and texture of the finished product. There are a number of factors that deter-

tailored to the desired texture.” That is

with their own, or their customers’, wishes.

mine the structure and texture of a meatball

clearly demonstrated by the recipes inclu-

“By using our ingredients flexibly, we can

and hence the eating experience. These

ded here for two new products. “Working

rise to any challenge,” says Chris Driessen.

include the choice of meat, the fat content

with the manufacturer, we can achieve the

“At home and abroad, whether the köfte of

and the preparation process.

desired product with a complete mix of

the Middle East, grandmother’s deliciously

ingredients or, if the formulation and the

soft meatballs or firmer versions that are

Ready-to-use formulations

required texture permit, just use supporting

better for slicing.”

“Depending on the customer’s wishes or

stabilisers in a lower dosage,” says Chris

the intended use, one manufacturer wants


to make a looser meatball with a soft bite, whereas another will have reasons to create

From soft to firm

a firmer version,” says Chris Driessen, the

With the right ingredients, including binding

owner of DP&S . “We can meet both requi-

agents and/or stabilisers geared to the de-

rements – and any others between those

sired texture, DP&S® makes it very easy for

two extremes – with our formulations

manufacturers to produce meatballs in line



Granny’s meatball Meat and ingredients


Meat and ingredients


Beef 70/30


Beef 70/30




Pork 70/30
















145252 Stabilizer TTN




Köfte Spices

140003 Granny’s Meatball mix



The Mushroomburger A vegetarian burger that does not look like meat and is made 100% from nice big chunks of mushroom. A burger that does not fall apart when cooked, even without a coating, and one that tastes just as delicious as sautéed mushrooms. DP&S® is launching the Mushroomburger as a sustainable, natural and healthy alternative. Future Concepts®, the development de-

mushrooms (which naturally contain a lot

and future developments. At IFFA earlier this

partment of DP&S®, successfully developed

of water), a binding agent and herbs,” says

year, these principles were embodied in the

a binding agent that holds together the

Mark Dobbelsteen, DP&S ’s R&D manager.

company’s trade fair theme, ‘Light’, which is

generous pieces of mushroom without the

“The roughly chopped mushrooms are briefly

also reflected in the DP&S® house style and

resulting product requiring a coating.

sautéed, mixed with some onions and our

on the new website.


special binding agent and then shaped and

Delicious flavour


The Mushroomburger concept is currently being fine-tuned on an exclusive basis in

This achievement has led to the Mushroomburger: a high-quality vegetarian product


The Netherlands and is scheduled for market

with a delicious flavour, good structure and

The words ‘sustainable’, ‘natural’ and ‘he-

launch in the near future.

pleasant bite. And what’s more, one that is

althy’, as well as ‘easy to make’, not only

easy to produce in a standard process.

apply to this Mushroomburger but are also

“The Mushroomburger is made of

key elements of DP&S’s vision of current


like a second skin Chicken is not only the most versatile but also the most widely eaten meat in the world. DP&S® has produced a new coating for cooked chicken products such as fillets and wings, but also burgers. It is applied as a wafer-thin glaze, acting just like a second skin. With this development, you’re ready to face 2014. The marinade-like coating from DP&S® is

remains perfectly in place around the edge

applied as a wafer-thin layer to the raw

of each slice. The coating adheres so well

product before cooking. As well as providing

to the meat that it does not even flake or

the desired flavour and appropriate colour, the

become sticky. Hence, the product retains

coating adheres perfectly to the chicken.

all its taste and colour. The standard options

The special coating, which can be applied

include smoked, roasted or grilled flavours,

in-line using a preduster, also maintains the

complete with a grilled pattern on the product

succulence and texture of the product and,

if required.

last but not least, offers a better return and a

A real pleasure for the senses!

particularly attractive visual appeal. DP&S® might seem to be promising a lot with these claims, but practical tests back up the promises: when the coated, cooked chicken fillets are cut into very thin slices, the coating

dP&S guarantees quality and safety Dutch Protein & Services® produces top-quality ingredients for the food industry. We aim for optimum food safety and manufacture in accordance with GMP principles. We comply with the HACCP system and work to BRC guidelines. Both systems, HACCP and BRC, include a preventive duty of care with regard to food safety which also applies to our production process. DP&S® has the highest levels of BRC and HACCP certification.

BRC certified DP&S® has been BRC certified for many years and recently extended its certification with grade A status according to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 6. The BRC Food Technical Standard was established to guarantee the quality and safety of food sold by members of the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The BRC represents 90% of the British retail industry. Over time, BRC certification has also been incorporated in the quality policies of retailers outside of the UK.

HACCP certified DP&S® is also certified in accordance with HACCP (version 5). HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points. Our team is constantly focused on all such critical control points and other relevant factors before, during and after production. Our aim is to improve our processes wherever and whenever necessary.

Halal Food products also have a moral dimension and the circumstances under which they are produced play an important role for many people. DP&S® aims to respect particular wishes relating to cultural, religious or geographic circumstances. DP&S® can therefore supply its products in Halal versions if required. The necessary tracking & tracing, monitoring and certification have been placed in the reliable hands of the Foundation Halal Correct Certification. The FHCC quality system guarantees food quality in accordance with universal and Islamic values.

Gluten-free An ever-growing number of our products are gluten-free. DP&S® guarantees the gluten-free status of its ingredients by means of external, independent analyses of the presence of gluten. We are able to produce gluten-free products in accordance with EU regulations (< 20 ppm).

External quality and safety audits DP&S® manufactures its products in accordance with the highest possible hygiene and quality standards. We regularly undergo external audits to ensure that we follow correct procedures for hygienic processes, storage and cleaning. The auditors also assess the condition of our buildings, our production resources, the traceability of raw materials and our finished products. We invest constantly in our plant to maintain our leading position in terms of guaranteed hygiene and quality standards for the production of food ingredients.

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