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ABOUT MEMORIAL PARK CONSERVANCY With 1,500 acres of forest, cycling and running trails, ballfields, picnic areas, and public spaces, Memorial Park is one of the largest urban sanctuaries in the United States. It is nearly twice the size of New York’s Central Park and equally important to the city. Its size, location, and composition distinguish it from other local parks and also make it unique nationally. Memorial Park has played an important role in Houston’s ecological, economic and cultural history, serving as a home for Native Americans and as a training camp for soldiers in World War I named Camp Logan. Today, Memorial Park truly serves ALL Houstonians. Visitors enjoy the Park’s urban wilderness—which blends multiple regional ecology types, including woodland forest and native plant species—as well as an array of activities that range from running and cycling to croquet, volleyball and bird watching. Memorial Park hosts 4 million visitors per year and, as Houston’s largest urban park, serves as a critical civic asset. The mission of the Memorial Park Conservancy is to preserve, restore, and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today and tomorrow. Our vision is to implement principles of world-class park management and stewardship in partnership with the Houston community.

Letter from the Board Chairman Dear Friends of Memorial Park Conservancy:

In April of 2015, fans and supporters of Memorial Park celebrated

The mission of the Memorial Park Conservancy is to preserve, restore

Houston City Council’s approval of the long-range master plan, directing

and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today

the future of our Park. I am overjoyed to share this success with all who have

and tomorrow. Our vision is to implement principles of world-class park

contributed to Memorial Park Conservancy during our 2015 fiscal year.

management and stewardship in partnership with the Houston community.

The Conservancy is taking major steps into making Memorial Park, your

Memorial Park is able to be the oasis that it is, and serve the needs of

a wide variety of Houstonians, because of the support of the philanthropic

Park, into a premier park in Houston and beyond.

community. Memorial Park Conservancy fills a vital role in maintaining and

improving Memorial Park in partnership with the Houston Parks and

unique natural resources and landscapes. Public and private support for

Recreation Department, Uptown Houston TIRZ and City of Houston.

Memorial Park is critical to ensuring that tomorrow’s generation has a

beautiful and enduring urban green space. On behalf of the Conservancy’s

This is no small task, and includes caring for the ecological health of

nearly 1,500 acres, monitoring trail systems, providing general maintenance,

Thanks to friends like you we will be able to maintain the Park’s

Board of Directors and staff, thank you for your support of Memorial Park.

controlling invasive species, coordinating volunteer groups and managing the many issues that arise day-to-day in one of the largest urban parks in

With sincere gratitude,

the nation. We steward future caretakers through dynamic programs such as our Friends of Memorial Park membership group and Urban Wild, geared towards young professionals and the young at heart. We continue work on significant improvements, including progression of the master plan.

Steve Jenkins Chairman, Board of Directors Memorial Park Conservancy



Fiscal Year 2015 in Review PARK CARE including ecological restoration, reforestation, watering and irrigation, landscape maintenance, invasive species control, wildlife conservation, soil conservation and the creation of fire protection zones as part of the Conservancy’s transition to a proactive natural resource and park maintenance management model. HIGHLIGHTS: • Continued reforestation and ecological restoration throughout the Park • Delivered invasive species and undergrowth removal program on over 400 acres • Conducted the first park-wide tree inventory, providing critical baseline data for proactive natural resource management

MASTER PLANNING with the goals of restoring habitat and a healthy ecosystem to the Park including upgrading existing amenities, addressing unmet community needs, elevating Memorial Park to an award-winning park, and honoring nature and culture. HIGHLIGHTS: • Continued studies and analysis in conjunction with over 70 consultants and experts • Completed a robust public engagement process to inform planning that included 3,000 Houstonians in 8 large public meetings and 20 workshops • Engaged a 25-member Ecology and Technical panel of top local ecological scientists and experts to ensure that design served to enhance the resilience of the Park’s ecology and to enrich habitats • Established an operations and maintenance plan to ensure stewardship of the Park as the Master Plan is implemented • Achieved unanimous support from Houston City Council for the Memorial Park Master Plan on April 1, 2015 2 MEMORIAL PARK CONSERVANCY

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT including volunteer natural resource maintenance projects, trail cleaning, special events, and advocacy for Park needs. HIGHLIGHTS: • Mobilized 3,300 hours of volunteer work in Memorial Park resulting in over $75,000 of park care • Continued community education on the needs of an urban park, and how to proactively care for an urban greenspace • Launched Friends of Memorial Park membership program as well as Urban Wild to engage young professionals • Hosted three successful signature events – the annual Golf Tournament, the Green Gala and the Brunch Run

PARK IMPROVEMENTS including new trails, structures, commemorative plaques and pavers, and general upgrades. HIGHLIGHTS: • Opened the Running Trails Center providing restrooms, lockers, showers and community space in the south side of the Park • Upgraded the South Side Trails surface and signage • Resurfaced the iconic Seymour-Lieberman ExerTrail in conjunction with our partners at Uptown Houston TIRZ • Supported additional maintenance staff in partnership with Houston Parks and Recreation Department



Thank You to Our Supporters GENERAL OPERATIONS Making Our Mission Possible $50,000+

Anonymous Mr. Kenneth Jones Marvy Finger Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Paukune The Ray and June Smith Charitable Foundation Mr. Jeffrey Shidler

Mr. Michael H. Grasley Mr. and Mrs. Joe Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Harrill Mr. Brian Hollowell Ms. Katherine Holt The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation Mr. Willy Kuehn Mr. and Mrs. Randall B. Lake Luke’s Locker LyondellBasell Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Marye Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mithoff Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Moss National Christian Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rice Neuhaus The Oshman Foundation Ms. Chalon Fontaine and Mr. Pete Seale Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Scott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newell Silver Eagle Distributors Mr. Tom Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Strange, Jr. Texas Stairs and Rails, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Vincent Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Wolff Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wulfe

$2,500 – $4,999

$500 – $999

Abbott and Leslie Sprague Family Foundation Edward H. Andrews Foundation Ms. Nelsy Gomez Jean Lykes Grace Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Meadows Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lindley Runners High Club Mr. Robert Saltiel Mr. and Mrs. Mark Shidler

Mr. and Mrs. J. Murry Bowden Chanel Ms. Almeria Cottingham Mr. and Mrs. James F. Craig III Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Allen Dundee EP Energy Ms. Patricia Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Gray Mr. and Mrs. James Hamilton Houston Croquet Association Ms. Shelly Immel Ms. Nancy Younger Kruka Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lyman Maddox Thomson and Associates Mr. Stephen Massad Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Neumann Mr. William J. Rafferty Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers

Anonymous The John P. McGovern Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999 George and Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Houston Striders The Wortham Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999 Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Casey W. Doherty The Elkins Foundation The Hildebrand Fund Huffington Foundation McCoy-Rockford The Powell Foundation The Robert and Janice McNair Foundation The Susan Vaughan Foundation Wells Fargo

$5,000 – $9,999

$1,000 – $2,499 Mr. Jim F. Avant Mr. David E. Auer M.D. Mrs. Leslie Blanton Mr. and Mrs. Guy P. Burdett Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Francis Clark, Jr. Ms. Lorie Dunne Mrs. Clare Attwell Glassell


Memorial Park Conservancy is deeply grateful for the support of the community as we continue with our mission of caring for the Park. We would like to thank the following donors who supported us during the 2015 fiscal year.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Sheldon Ms. Carol M. Slator Ms. Deborah Sondock Ms. Dorothy C. Sumner Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Sutton Mr. and Mrs. Winston Talbert Mr. Cole Thomson Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Tullier Mr. and Mrs. Mark Viets Ms. Dena Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Welcome W. Wilson, Sr. Mrs. Penelope Wolter Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zuber

$100 – $499 Mr. Roy B. Adams Ms. Linda Alardin Aguilar The Alkek and Williams Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Amstutz Mr. and Mrs. William J. Anderson, Jr. Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Appel Mr. Toby D. Atkinson Ms. Cara Baez Ms. Faye Baker Baker Hughes Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Vic E. Baldridge Ms. Cynthia J. Bamberger Bayou City Outdoors Ms. Zoe Dolly Bell Ms. Patricia Biggers Ms. Margaret W. Blome Ms. Shirley Bludau Mr. Mark Bradicich Ms. Maria Brown Ms. Sheila Brugger Mr. Kanwalpreet Bual Mr. Clyde Burleson Mr. James Calbeck Mr. John Cater Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Certain Ms. Janet Cheung Mr. Jack Chism Mr. William V. Conover, II Ms. Barbara G. Cowan Mr. Travis Crabtree Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Crist Mr. Rod L. Crosby

Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Davenport Ms. Ellen Donnelly Mr. William Dooley Ms. Dortha L. Dougherty Mr. Pat Taylor Dyer Dr. and Mrs. Edward Earle Ms. Virginia A. Elkins Mr. Christopher Foyt Ms. Jan F. Fuerst M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gee, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Gilbert Ms. Michelle Phebe Grace Mr. Taylor Green Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Greer Mr. and Mrs. R. Kent Grubbs Ms. Nancy S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hamman Ms. Amy R. Harberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. and Vicki E. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. David T. Hedges, Jr. Ms. Sandra Herrin Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Hicks Mr. Michael B. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Hogan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Huber Huml Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jones Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Johnston KBR Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baker King Ms. Katherine L. Kohlmeyer Mr. Bryce D. Kotzebue Mr. Michael Kuhn Ms. Lizabeth Lary Mr. Douglas A. Leach Ms. Janie Lee Mses. Ariel and Doreen Leibovitz Ms. Lynne Liberato Mrs. William C. Liedtke, Jr. Mr. Thomas Lockwood Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Londa Mr. John Maclay Ms. Meredith Macnaughton Mr. Emerson Marcellus Mrs. Graeme M. Marston Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mason Ms. Joanne B. May Ms. Linda May

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCoy Mr. and Mrs. Paul J McConnell III Ms. Rita McKenzie Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Messrs. Bert Melnick and Carl Moore Mr. and Mrs. David B. Middlebrooks Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Miller Mr. Robert Mitrane ML Interiors Ms. Marion Fay Monsen Moore Archeological Consulting Mr. Alfred Jay Moran, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Seth Irwin Morris, Jr. Mr. Clinton F. Morse Mr. and Mrs. Mark Newell Mr. and Mrs. William D. Noel Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Oakes Mr. Timothy Opartny Ms. Eveline Iris Otten Mr. John E. Parkerson Ms. Jan Pasternak Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pastorek Ms. Jaunda Payne Ms. Louise Perlitz Mr. and Mrs. George A. Peterkin, Jr. Phillips 66 Company Ms. Marie Maxwell Mr. and Mrs. Gary Polland Mr. and Mrs. Allan Port Mr. and Mrs. Gary Pressel Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Purcell Dr. and Mrs. William Henry Quayle, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Raschke Ms. Cheryl Ray Mr. Paul Richardson Ms. Sonia Marisol Rocha Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rogers Ms. Polly Roth Mr. and Mrs. Milton R. Rose Ms. Lillian C. Rowan Dr. Richard S. Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Rudy Mr. Mark Ryan Saunders Foundation Mr. Richard Scharchburg Mr. Mark Schwartz Mr. Bryan S. Scrivner Dr. Mary N. Shinn

Mr. Donald G. Simpson Mr. and Mrs. James R. Smith Mr. Tracy D. Smyth Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Steadman Mr. David R. Swenson Mr. Andrew Tallin Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor Texas Star Garden Club Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Tipps Ms. Mary Tysor Mr. Mike Urban Mrs. Anne Vance Ms. Nelva L. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wallace Mrs. Pamela A. Wallace Ms. Virginia Seale Watt Mr. Brian Witt WR Starkey Mortgage Ms. Penelope Wolter Ms. Patti Young Ms. Cheryl Lynn Zane The Hon. and Mrs. Alvin L. Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Zindler, Jr. Mr. Henry N. Zwirek

PARK CARE Investing in Today’s Park $25,000 – $49,999 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

$10,000 – $24,999 Charles N. and Melissa Davis Charitable Foundation The Hildebrand Fund

$5,000 – $9,999

Mr. John O. Brown Ms. Terrie Gorney Mr. Michael H. Grasley Houston Croquet Association Ms. Alyssa Howell Mr. Jacques Landry Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lummis Mr. Alexander Petrovic Ms. Suzy Seeley Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Swonke Mr. and Mrs. Michael Talbert

$100 – $499 Mr. Gregory M. Attrep Ms. Kelly Ayers Ms. Laura Blowey Ms. Elise Brooking Ms. Karen Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Knut Eriksen Mr. Robert L. Gerry III Ms. Joanne L. Graf Mr. and Mrs. Lee E. Greb III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haberman Ms. Melissa Hahn Mr. Warren Holleman Ms. Odette McMurrey Mace Ms. Michelle Mishoe Miller Mr. Victor C. C. Murray Mr. Adam J. Newar Ms. Anne Rappold Ms. Jennifer Reichek Ms. Kristina Sebesta Ms. Janette Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Vernotzy Mr. Juan Zapata

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Coco The Lillian H. and C.W. Duncan Foundation GRITS Foundation Mr. and Mrs. C. Leland Hamel Ms. Susan Garwood and Dr. George A. Peterkin III The Louis and Joyce Tucker Foundation

CONSERVATION and NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Caring for Urban Greenspace $50,000+

$2,500 – $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hixon, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hawkins KBR

$1,000 – $2,499

$10,000 – $24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Jim DuLaney Ms. Anna Kuhn Lynch Molitoris Group Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Lee Slataper

$500 – $999 Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bridges Mr. and Mrs. Randy Broiles

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation

$25,000 – $49,999

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation The Garden Club of Houston

$5,000 – $9,999 Ray C. Fish Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999 Chevron Products Company

$500 – $999 Candace and Mark Williams Charitable Foundation

$100 – $499 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Anderson Mrs. Patricia Grant Mr. Orlando Montesino Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moore Ms. Laurette Wilson

ENDOWMENT Investing in Tomorrow’s Park $10,000 – $24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Shannon B. Sasser

$5,000 – $9,999 Mrs. Leslie Blanton Nicklos Drilling Company

$2,500 – $4,999 Chanel

$500 – $999 Mr. and Mrs. Jim S. Dougherty

$100 – $499 Dr. and Mrs. Peter Thompson

EVENTS Sharing Passion for the Park Green Gala $25,000 – $49,999 City Kitchen

$10,000 – $24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Fielding L. Cocke Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Costello IndemCo Mr. and Mrs. Steve Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Ben T. Morris Mr. Adam J. Newar Mr. and Mrs. Grier P. Patton Mr. John W. Porter The Radoff Family Foundation Ms. Shannon Robinson Uptown Houston Wells Fargo

$5,000 – $9,999 Ms. Julie B. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Armstrong Mrs. Leslie Blanton Mr. and Mrs. John H. Briscoe Mr. Joseph A. Cleary, Jr. Mr. Larry S. Davis The Elkins Foundation Mr. and Mrs. James C. Flores Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Franklin

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hill Hines Interests Mr. and Mrs. Chris O’Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Pierce The Richard W. Weekley Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rudelson Silver Eagle Distributors Mr. and Mrs. Russell Windham

$2,500 – $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Myron G. Blalock III Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burke Mr. and Mrs. John Caudill Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gibson Highland Resources Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hobby InduMar Products Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Mavis P. Kelsey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John Knapp Lauren Griffith Associates Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Moss Mr. and Mrs. Michael Padon Mr. Philip M. Schneidau Mr. Mark Seavers Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith Mr. and Mrs. Tio Suman Mr. and Mrs. Michael Talbert Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thomas Walter P. Moore and Associates Mr. and Mrs. K.C. Weiner

$1,000 – $2,499 The Ann Lents and J. David Heaney Foundation Mr. James A. Baker III Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Blanco Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Brewster, Sr. Mr. Jimmy Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Russell Brown Mr. and Mrs. Jay Chernosky Mr. and Mrs. Harvey H. Cody III Mr. and Mrs. Jim Connell Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Cooksey Mr. and Mrs. Rogers Crain Mr. and Mrs. Markley Crosswell III Mr. and Mrs. Steven Crowell Mr. and Mrs. James L. Cuclis Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. C. William Doubleday Mr. Thomas K. Dowe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barton Duckworth Sis and Hasty Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Finger Dr. Kathryn S. Galvin

Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Garver Mr. Robert L. Gerry IV Mr. and Mrs. Lance Gilliam Mr. and Mrs. Doug Glass Mr. Michael H. Grasley Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hawkins The Hildebrand Fund Mr. and Mrs. Harold Holliday Mr. Jay Houren Houston Croquet Association Mr. Steven Howard Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Jameson Mr. and Mrs. Sam Jones Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Kelley Mr. Victor A. Kormeier, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lamp Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ted Lyons Mr. and Mrs. Larry Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Mansell Mr. and Mrs. Mike M. McDaniel Mr. Robert T. McDowell Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. McGowan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mace Mr. and Mrs. Dorrance Monteith Mr. and Mrs. M. Bradford Moody Mr. and Mrs. P. Chad Moss Mr. and Mrs. R. Nelson Murray, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Norris Mr. and Mrs. John Paukune Ms. Kay Kamas and Mr. Jim Porter Ms. Dena Prasher Mr. Bradley L. Radoff Mr. Robert K. Reeves Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rice Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Roberson Drs. John Roff Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ruddy Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sklar Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Springmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Terry Strange Mr. and Mrs. Bass C. Wallace, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Wilde Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wulfe Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Zdunkewicz

$500 – $999 Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Ables Ms. Jennifer Arnold Ms. Maggie Brown Mr. and Mrs. James David Cecil Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Coco Dancie Perugini Ware Public Relations Mr. and Mrs. James Doyle



Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Duenner Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fenoglio Ms. Deborah Francis G2X Energy Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Gaylor Mr. and Mrs. George Hawkins Ms. Jennifer Hazelton Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hixon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hunsaker Mr. and Mrs. Dunham Jewett Mr. and Mrs. Lee Alan Lahourcade Mr. and Mrs. Jay Levy Ms. Linda Lorelle Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Lummis Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. McGee III Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. McGee Mr. and Mrs. Downing Mears Dr. and Mrs. Cary Moorhead Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mueck Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Paine Mr. and Mrs. Edward Patterson Mr. and Mrs. Albert Pepi Mr. and Mrs. George A. Peterkin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Petersen Mr. and Mrs. Noel Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rowland Mr. and Mrs. John Sanchez Ms. Chalon Fontaine and Mr. Pete Seale Mr. and Mrs. James E. Thorp Mr. Craig Van de Mark Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Wood Ms. Tana R. Wood

$100 – $499 Mr. John O. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Chan Ms. Sara Paschall Dodd Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hine Mr. and Mrs. Sharam Honari Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Levitt Mr. and Mrs. Bart Menscher Mr. and Mrs. David Miclette Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Pennington Mr. Kenneth Susman Mr. and Mrs. James Vick Mrs. Sara E. White Mr. Thomas B Wynne, Jr.

Brunch Run $25,000 – $49,999 Anonymous Raymond James Financial

$10,000 – $24,999 Cumulus Media, Inc.


Luke’s Locker LOCAL Houston Schlumberger Technology Corporation D.E. Harvey Builders Silver Eagle Distributors

McCombs Energy Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Moss Mr. Adam J. Newar Mr. Brian Romere Mr. Dane Stewart Uptown Houston

$2,500 – $4,999

$1,000 – $2,499

$5,000 – $9,999

The Bank of River Oaks CenterPoint Energy IHeartMedia

$1,000 – $2,499 Amegy Bank of Texas alliantgroup Mr. Andrew A. Bernstein Breathe Physical Fitness Carrabba’s Koala Health and Wellness Memorial Park Vision Transwestern Charles T. Zimmerman Family Foundation

$500 – $999 Strake Jesuit Booster Club

$100 – $499 BHP Billiton Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown Mr. and Mrs. David Doherty The Hildebrand Fund

Golf Tournament $10,000 – $24,999 Anonymous IndemCo Tokio Marine HCC West Point Lincoln Buick GMC

$5,000 – $9,999 H-E-B The Hanover Company

$2,500 – $4,999 Axia Partners Chicago Title Insurance Company Chilton Capital Management Cobb Fendley and Associates Mr. and Mrs. Doug Glass Mr. and Mrs. R. Randall Grace, Jr. Green Bank IBERIA Bank Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Johnston Gorrondona and Associates The Kayser Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Knapp Lockton Companies Mr. Steven Madden

Anonymous Atlantic Trust Ballard Exploration Company Chilton Capital Management The Jeff B. and Katherine B. Love Foundation Mike Calvert Toyota Mr. John S. Moody Moss Landscaping O’Rourke Petroleum Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pickering Rowan Companies Ms. Chalon Fontaine and Mr. Pete Seale Mr. Tadd Tellepsen

$500 – $999 Mr. Matt Barker Mr. Ben Brown Mr. Will Brown Mr. B.W. Crain IV Mr. and Mrs. Rod L. Crosby Mr. T. Kelley Erwin Fisher Trigg Interests Mr. P. Richard Gessinger Mr. and Mrs. Carl Baker King Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Lasher Mr. R.D. Maxson Mr. and Mrs. Mike M. McDaniel Mr. Doug Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Grier P. Patton Silver Eagle Distributors Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Springmeyer Mr. Adam Tepper Texas Petroleum Investment Company

$100 – $499 Becks Prime Mr. and Mrs. Rogers Crain Mr. James Elder III Mr. Charles Kingswell-Smith Mr. Charles L. Lamme Dr. and Mrs. William Henry Quayle, Jr. Mr. Neil Stone

FRIENDS OF MEMORIAL PARK Connecting with Your Park Ambassador Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dishberger

Hero Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Moss

Patron Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Claiborne Ms. Bridget Day Mr. Tom Doneker Mr. and Mrs. Steve Durham Ms. Nealan Kerwin Mr. Marty Lindle Lodge Lumber Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ramirez Mrs. Anita Smith

Supporter Mr. and Mrs. John H. Briscoe Mrs. Betty T. Chapman Ms. Nancy S. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kuhn Mr. Robert W. Lowerre Mr. and Mrs. Adam Metry Drs. Stanley Novy Mr. and Mrs. Ted Reynolds Ms. Janet Rothwell Mr. Rob Todd

Individual Plus Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arbour Ms. Shellye Arnold Mr. Stephen Bond Mr. David Bucci Ms. Janet Fisher Mrs. Kerry Goelzer Mr. Keith Hagler Mr. and Mrs. David R. Hoyer, Jr. Ms. Lee McCarthy Huber Ms. Tajdin R. Popatia Mr. David C. Redford Ms. Margaret Rochs Mr. and Mrs. Scott Simmons Ms. Courtney Smith Mrs. Carter Stone Mr. Harve Truskett Mr. Jon Welkey Ms. Carolyn Wildenthal Mr. David Williams Mr. Colby Wright Individual Ms. Sadie Gwin Blackburn Ms. Andrea Cash Center for Assisted Learning Mr. Larry Cucciniello Mr. Robert Douglas Ms. Janae Evans

Mr. Christopher Goins Ms. Marianne Gooch Mr. Steve Green Ms. Zenab Haq Mr. Robert Hay Ms. Laura Hollinger Ms. Nanette Hyden Ms. Shannon Jack Ms. Suzanne Landau Mr. William Lee Ms. Susan Lynn Mr. Mark McDowell Ms. Odette McMurrey Mace Ms. Cathy Miller Mr. Juergen Carl Mueller Ms. Susan Osterberg Mr. Timothy Potts Mr. Matthew Ramirez Ms. Cara Rudelson Ms. Rupal Shah Ms. Anne Vance

Urban Wild Patron Mr. Michael Vaughn

Urban Wild Dual Ms. Ecky Prabanto Mr. Trey Bahney Mr. and Mrs. David Brannen Ms. Caitlin Davis Mr. Arin Formanek Mr. Rob Todd

Urban Wild Individual Ms. Anna Brewster Mr. John Brewster Ms. Madeleine Ditto Ms. Elyssa Fink Dr. Roger Moore Ms. Maiella Olmos Mr. Taylor Richardson Mr. Brian Rudelson Mr. Mark Salvie Ms. Holly Samaha Ms. Sarah Schellenberg Ms. Elisabeth Schulz Ms. Jenny Stevens Ms. Lindsay Sturm Ms. Bianca Vance

Financial Information Consolidated Statements of Financial Position as of May 31, 2015 and 2014 2015


ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents $ Pledges receivable Grants receivable Prepaid expenses and other assets Cash restricted for Endowment Investments Property and equipment, net

1,783,394 $ 72,000 36,968 5,215 10,849 223,968 42,233

2,264,444 245,800










Net assets: Unrestricted Temporarily restricted Permanently restricted

1,243,286 736,658 154,823

1,223,709 985,480 111,000





2,333 12,025 185,376 5,917

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities: Accounts payable

Total net assets






Consolidated Statement of Activities for the year ended May 31, 2015 TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED




REVENUE Contributions $ 585,459 $ 391,322 $ 3,200 $ Special events 746,803 Donor benefit costs (176,083) Government grants 36,968 Investment return 2,116 12,052

Total revenue 1,195,263



979,981 746,803 (176,083) 36,968 14,168 1,601,837

Net assets released for: Purpose restrictions 611,573 (611,573) Donor redesignation (40,623) 40,623

Total 1,806,836 (248,822)



Park enhancement and programming 1,007,532 Management and general 365,982 Fundraising 413,745

1,007,532 365,982 413,745

Total expenses 1,787,259



CHANGES IN NET ASSETS 19,577 Net assets, beginning of year 1,223,709 NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR





(248,822) 985,480 736,658


43,823 111,000

(185,422) 2,320,189




The mission of the Memorial Park Conservancy is to preserve, restore and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today and tomorrow. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT


MEMORIAL PARK CONSERVANCY 7575 North Picnic Lane Houston, Texas 77007

Memorial Park Conservancy Annual Report FY15  

The mission of the Memorial Park Conservancy is to preserve, restore, and enhance Memorial Park for the enjoyment of all Houstonians, today...

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