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Welcome! We extend a special welcome to our guests, visitors and all who join us in worship today. Please let us know of your presence or any prayer requests you have by filling out one of the cards in the pew rack and placing them in the offering plate. We hope that our church home becomes your church home and the spiritual place where you grow through the Word of God. Nursery care for children up to three years old is located on the main floor of the Welcome Center across from the library. Older children attending the church service are encouraged to borrow a Toddler Tote filled with activities as you enter the Sanctuary. Concerning the Sacrament of the Altar We believe that Jesus offers Himself to us in the Sacrament – His true body and blood, for the forgiveness of sins. We also share the scriptural concern for those who participate in the Lord’s supper that they recognize what they are receiving (1 Corinthians 11:27). Therefore, we ask that all who desire to receive the Lord’s Supper please carefully examine themselves using the communion information card found in the pew rack. Communion is celebrated on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at both services.

“The Game of Life – Young Adults” Father’s Day June 16, 2013 OPENING SONG 8:00 am 10:45 am

“Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” “Everlasting God”

LSB 790 vs. 1 - 4


Isaiah 40:28 - 31

CONFESSION P: Merciful Father, C: we confess that we are sinners in need of Your mercy and grace. Too often we rely on our strength, whether in body or mind, to get us through each day. But our strength will fail, our bodies will grow old, our mind is sinful. Forgive us for not relying on You, for in You alone do we find everlasting life. For the sake of Jesus Christ, hear our confession and forgive us our sins. Amen. ABSOLUTION RESPONSE

Psalm 91:1 - 4a, 9 - 10, 14 - 15a, 16

See screens

SONG OF PRAISE 8:00 am 10:45 am

“On Eagles’ Wings” “On Eagles’ Wings”


1 Timothy 4:6 - 16

Bible page 992


Mark 14:43-52

Bible page 851


Apostles’ Creed

LSB 727

LSB back cover

OFFERING SONG 8:00 am 10:45 am

“Take My Life and Let It Be” “I Have a Maker (He Knows My Name)”


LSB 783

Vicar Ken Chitwood


“Oh, How Great Is Your Compassion”

LSB 559


10:45 am


“Agnus Dei” “Just As I Am, Without One Plea” “I Come, O Savior, to Thy Table” “The Gifts Christ Freely Gives” “My Hope is in the Lord”

LSB 198 LSB 570 LSB 618 LSB 602 vs. 1, 3-5 See screens

“Jesus, Messiah” “Complete” “Take My Life” “The Potters Hand”

BLESSING CLOSING SONG 8:00 am 10:45 am

“Hope of the World” “Blessed Be Your Name”

See screens

This week’s flowers are given to the glory of God by Tony and Waldean Rylander in celebration of their 44th anniversary and Steve and Becky Schulenberg in celebration of their 12th anniversary

DISCIPLESHIP STUDY OPPORTUNITIES SUNDAYS Families at 9:30 am: Family Discipleship (Nursery - 12th grade & parents)

(Loomis Center)

Adults at 9:30 am: Spiritual Gifts: Empowered to Live for God All Christians are gifted by the Holy Spirit, but many Christians don't know how to use their gifts. In this study, we will explore what the gifts are, why they are given, and how we can begin putting our gifts to use for God's glory. Led by Alan Bishop, Pat Croll, and Tina Hergenrader. (Library)

God’s Word for Today: Leviticus Holiness. What is it? For some, holiness is our attempt to live up to God’s expectations recorded in His Word. Failure is attributed to human error, while success is ascribed to human accomplishment. Holiness becomes a measure of how well we’re doing in the sight of our holy God. In contract, Leviticus shows how God goes to great lengths not only in defining true holiness, but also in sharing His holiness. Through blood God bestows the forgiveness of sins and His own holiness to His redeemed and ransomed people. This study explores the institution of High Priest and the royal priesthood in God’s service, the power of God’s grace in imparting holiness and the connection between the Old Testament sacrifices and Jesus’ final sacrifice on Calvary. Our study is led by Tim Gandre, Tony Rylander and Gary Tober. (Welcome Center 2nd floor)

IN OUR HEARTS & PRAYERS Members: Elsie Calafell; Jerry Denman; Elizabeth Drescher; Ursula Fitzner; Jennie Grisbee; Linda Husfeld; Priscilla Johansen; Maribel Liñan; Allyne Moerbe; Norma Moore; Louise Ohlenbusch; Betty Pampell; Sherry Parker; John & Elsie Pierce; Phyllis Radcliff; Dennis Riske; Mary Smith; Dorothy Swain; Don & Cathie Thomas; Inga Wood. Friends & Family: Rosie Barrera (Tim & Marilyn Gandre’s friend); Melinda Cieszinski (Stephen Leffingwell’s sister); Joe Dalton (Dave Graesser’s nephew); Donnie Heinrich (Leslie Sandifer’s father); Audrey Hansen (Glenn Hansen’s mother); Brendan Husfeld (Rich & Linda Husfeld’s nephew); Roger & Christine Ibarra; David & Katy Kummerfeld (Janet Parker’s nephew and wife); John Landry (Tom & Joanne Story’s son); Mike Lightle (Judy’s husband); Jason Lindbloom (Kathy Lindbloom’s son); Betty Maeker (Brenda Davis’ mother); Bobby Norris (Robin Stankus’ uncle); Maycel Plautz (Bob Plautz’s mother); Ryan Richardson (Tim & Marilyn Gandre’s friend); Shannon Richmeyer (Lori Bishop’s sister-in-law); Gilbert Rippe (Joyce Adams’ brother); Valerie Rivera; Roger & Olga Segura (Rachel Peckenpaugh’s parents); Carrie Linscott Terry (former MLC member); Wayne Toye (Jennifer Pergande’s father); and Joe Turner (Bill Cook’s friend). Military Friends & Family: Kyle Appelt (Keith & Laura Evans’ nephew), USAF Academy, Colorado; Stephen Appelt (Keith & Laura Evans’ nephew), USMC, Camp Pendleton, CA; Joel Davidson (son-in-law of Ron & Debby Ferguson), CWO, US Army, Afghanistan; Jeffrey Gruetzmacher, USN. OUR THANKS TO THOSE SERVING TODAY Acolytes Altar Guild Audio Elders Elders Greeters Nursery Ushers

8:00 am: 10:45 am: 8:00 am: 10:45 am: 8:00 am: 10:45 am: 8:00 am: 10:45 am: 8:00 am: 10:45 am: 8:00 am: 10:45 am:

Kristina Hansen; Victoria Petry Joel Somich Donna Gruetzmacher; Kristie Just; Mildred Nietsche; Jan Schulze; Shannon Wolfe; Lynn Yates Bob Plautz; Pat Ramsey Bob Plautz; Jack Somich Pat Croll; Martin Haskett; Ricky Nietsche; Alan Ostermann Marcus Behrens; David Pergande Dean and Tracie Arldt; Diana Marquardt Stuart and Cindy Michalk; Tony and Waldean Rylander Viktoria Pugnetti Heather Pugnetti Dean Arldt; Craig Battle; Leroy Bretting; Dick Pursley; Bob Thiele Bill Blum; David Elmore; Paul Goerner; Stuart Michalk; Travis Schulze MEMORIAL AT A GLANCE June 16 – June 23, 2013

Sunday ~ 16th Father’s Day

8:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:45AM 1:00 PM 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Monday ~ 17th

7:00 AM

Tuesday ~ 18th

4:30 PM 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Worship Service with Communion Family Discipleship Hour / Bible Studies Worship Service with Communion Servicios en Español High School Youth Krause Golf Tournament Preschool Board Meeting Summer Fun & Fellowship – Splash Pad Night

Wednesday ~ 19th

7:00 PM

Leadership Team

Thursday ~ 20th

6:30 PM

Praise Team

Saturday ~ 22nd

9:00 AM

Hispanic Community Visitations

Sunday ~ 23rd

8:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:45 AM 1:00 PM 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Worship Service Family Discipleship Hour / Bible Studies Worship Service Servicios en Español High School Youth

Memorial’s Financial Status Report Following is our church’s financial status report and shows offerings and expenses through May 31. Giving has slipped a little in May and consequently we are ~ $14,000 behind expenses so far this year. Our monthly need averages about $65,000 a month to cover all budgeted expenses. Please contact Stuart Michalk if you have any questions. Y-T-D Actuals Offerings Expenses Net

303,873 317,676 (13,803)

Y-T-D Budget 322,570 326,869 (4,299)

Monthly Need 65,000

CONTACTS AT MEMORIAL John Davis Senior Pastor 281-391-4501 Email:

Ken Chitwood 832-795-3564 Vicar, Missions Director & ACTS Coordinator Email:

Dimas Jimenez Pastor 281-467-7373 Email:

Dale Leland Visitation Pastor Email:


Nathan Engman 281-795-9844 Director of Family Discipleship Email:

Linda Stahmer Preschool Director Email:


April Ramsey 281-703-9743 Children’s Discipleship Coordinator Email:

Jody Cook Office Manager Email:


Elizabeth Chitwood 281-574-5440 Director of Music Ministries Email:

Church Office Preschool Office website

281-391-0171 281-391-0172

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Bulletin - June 16, 2013  

Our worship bulletin from Father's Day at Memorial Katy

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