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February 10, 2013


What is an ACTS Community? More important   than   asking,   “what?”   is   asking,   “why?” Why   is  Memorial   launching   ACTS   Communi>es?   To  extend  the  community  of  Christ  in  the  heart  of   Katy.  That  is  the  heartbeat  of   everything  we  do  at   Memorial.  We  want  to  see  Christ’s  community   of   faith   grow,   and   broaden   its  reach   in   the  Katy   &   West   Houston   area.   We   believe   our   disciples   (that’s   you)   are   the   prime   catalysts   for   such   increase.   From   our   worship   to   our   studies,   from   Livin  in  3D  to  choir  and  youth  ministry  -­‐  everything   we  do  is  aimed  at   growing  disciples  and  extending   the  Kingdom  of  God  in  Katy.   Sadly,   almost   3-­‐out-­‐of-­‐4   people   who   are   not   in   church   on   a   given   Sunday   (unchurched   or   de-­‐ churched)   will   not   darken   the   doors   of   an   established   congrega>on   such   as   Memorial   to   receive  the  life  giving  Word  of  Christ  or   be  blessed   with   faith  through  the  Sacraments   of  Bap>sm  or   Holy  Communion.  That’s  a  travesty.   But,  before  we  throw  in  the  towel  we  must  realize   that   the  answer   to  the  above  problem   is  right   in   front   of  us.  If  the  community   isn’t   likely   to  come   to  us,   we  must  go   to  the  community.   And   that’s   not   too  hard,  because  WE  ARE   THE  COMMUNITY.  


We live   in   Katy   and   its   environs,   we   work   in   Houston   and   we   shop,   eat   and   celebrate   at   the   local   shopping   centers   and   entertainment   complexes.   This   is   our   city.   These   are   our   neighborhoods.   These  are  our   family   and   friends   who  need  the  Gospel  to  come  to  them.   And   we’re  the   ones   who   are   going   to   bear   the   Gospel  in  thought,  word  and  deed.   How?   Not   only   by   our   individual  witness,   but   in   collec>ve  efforts  known  as  ACTS  Communi>es.   Memorial   launches,   supports   and   gathers   in   missional   communi>es   of   believers   pursuing   passionate  spirituality,   living   in  radical  community   and   engaging   a   neighborhood   or   people   group   with  missional  zeal.   ACTS   itself   stands   for   Accep>ng;   Connec>ng;   Training  and  Serving.   ACTS   communi>es   seek   to   be   accep>ng   of   any   and   all,   connect   with   each   other   in   formal   and   informal   ways,   train   each   other   as   disciples   following  Christ  and  serve  their  neighborhood  or  a   par>cular  people  group.   Cont’d  on  the  reverse  side...


They consist   of   15-­‐50   people  and   are   led  by   one   individual  or  a  group  of   individuals  forming  a  core   leadership  team.  The  community   is  led  by   normal   folks,   who   hold  normal  9-­‐5  jobs  and  endeavor   to   lead  with  a  small  budget,  a  lightweight  leadership   load  and  a  low-­‐maintenance  schedule.  Leaders  are   supported   by   Memorial  staff,   who   oversee  their   development   and   provide   guidance   and   encouragement.   ACTS   Communi>es  are  small  enough  to  care  and   large   enough   to   dare.   They   are   natural   and   organic,  not  coerced  or  stressful.  They  are  simple.   They   are   reproducible.   They   are   defined   by   disciples  who  want   to  live   lives  bringing  glory   to   God,   serving   one   another   and   blessing   the   community   of   Katy.   The   vision   for   each   ACTS   Community   is   different,   shaped   by   leaders   and   par>cipants   who   believe   God   is  calling   them   to   extend   the   community   of   Christ   in   a   par>cular   way,  in  a  par>cular  place.  


Our hope  is  that  in  the  coming  year  our  first  ACTS   Communi>es   will   provide   space   for   con>nued   learning  and  growth  when   it   comes  to  extending   the  community  of  Christ  in  Katy.  We  also  pray  that   these   ACTS   Communi>es   will   reach   lost   people   and  results  in  Bap>sms  of  new  believers.   We   also   hope   to   double   the   number   of   ACTS   Communi>es   we  support   by   this  >me  next   year.   We   would   like   to   see   these   first   ACTS   Communi>es   mul>ply,   but   are   delighted   to   add   new  ACTS  Communi>es  as  well.   So,   what’s  the   next   step   for   you?   Get   involved.   Connect.  Be  trained.  Serve.   You  can: 1) Sign   up   today   to   learn  more,   or   be   a  part   of,   one  of  our  new  ACTS  Communi>es,  listed  below 2) Contact   Vicar   Ken   for   more   informa>on   on   star>ng  your  own  ACTS  Community

La Familia   (“the   family,”   in   Spanish)   is   a   missional  community  led  by  Pastor  Dimas  and   other   leaders   from   our   Hispanic   service.   They've   been  meeAng   for  a   few   months  now,   seeking   to   grow   deep   in   their   relaAonships   with  God  and  one  another,  and  reach  the   lost   in  Katy.  

Adelphos (“brothers  and/or  sisters,”  in  Greek)   will   be  partnering  with   a  house  church  ministry   in  the   3rd  Ward  led   by   Pastor   John  Ojode,   a  Kenyan  by   birth.  Elizabeth  Chitwood  &   a  group  of  ladies   are   currently   spearheading   this   project.   They   are   going   to  serve   alongside  the  Ojodes  to  provide  a   mul>cultural  front  for  the  Gospel  in  the  3rd  Ward.  

GPS Gathering  with  a  Purpose,  purposeful  ScaGering   will  be  led  by  Nathan  Engman,  April  Ramsey  and  one   other   disciple   at   Memorial.   Members   of   their   exisAng   discipleship   huddles   will   gather   for   the   purpose   of   idenAfying   individual   mission   contexts   and  encouraging/challenging  each  other  each  month   to  pursue  mission  through  vocaAon.  

The Publicans   ("town   official,"   known   as   a   tax   collector   in  Jesus'  day   &   as  a  tavern  keeper   in  the   middle   ages,   hence   "The   Pub")   aren’t   a   poliAcal   group.   Instead,   they   will   be  seeking   to   extend  the   community  of  Christ  in  Katy  by  meeAng  at  No  Label   Brewing   Co.   etc.   Vicar   Ken   will   lead,   because   he   enjoys   beer,   loves   people   &   is   passionate   about   Jesus  and  extending  his  Kingdom.  

What is an ACTS Community?  

This newsletter describes the why, what and how of ACTS Communities at Memorial Katy.

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