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This spring,


go green. No, not as in Stratford, but as

in going green for your planet. By just changing simple habits,

you can make an impact and decrease

your carbon footprint significantly. Small details like recycling water bottles and using your lunch box are easy ways you can help

save our planet. Conserving

energy and water are two step stones we can take to renew our planet’s resources. Simple things not only save money, but

conserve energy. Your actions

will help keep the sun bright, the skies blue, and the trees green. Mother nature will

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helped did:Johnson set up the bottle

recycling program at Memorial, with the help of his mother, and other involved parents.


Recycle your water bottles and used paper in the correct bins all around the school.

t You can Kristin Holcomb

“Being environmentally friendly is something everyone should strive for, we shouldn’t take our earth for granted and we should protect it the best we can,” junior Philip Johnson said. e did:a lunch box to What sh

Compton brings

school everyday so that she doesn’t waste the paper bags and create extra trash.

You can re-use shopping bags too: instead of wasting You can paper ones or get a lunch box of your own. Kristin Holcomb

“I love using my dinosaur lunch box instead of using the paper bags. It is really fun and it helps save the environment,” senior Katharine Compton said.

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Unplug your iPod “I read somewhere that remembering to unplug my iPod speakers would be beneficial,” junior Jessica Hines said. “Not only does it keep my iPod from overcharging, but I also feel like I’m being responsible and doing my part for the environment.”



By Emmie Martin, Alexa Junek & Lierin Pena Reporter, Reporter, Entertainment Editor

B a e v c i

“A couple years back, I started using an aluminum water bottle so I don’t have to go through numerous plastic ones,” senior Eve Ackerley said.


Invest in a reusable water bottle


cle cell batteries

onserve by recycling my cell phone ome service providers, such as AT&T, ail old batteries in and they’ll recycle you,” sophomore Luke Schaffer said.

drive, ride your bike

my mountain bike at Memorial Park me,” sophomore Cameron Ellerbeck also ride it a lot in Colorado during the summer.”

g for EEN

Go APES for recycling

In A.P. Environmental Science (fondly known as APES) students not only learn about the environment and environmental issues, but also get involved. APES students are in charge of the recycling bins around the school. “We went [on a field trip] to a water sewage plant to learn about the importance the process of cleaning water so we can apply that knowledge to our habits today to make tomorrow a more environmentally-friendly place,” senior Julia Bell said. Students also participate in classroom assignments to extend learning. “After recycling, we do labs that test things pertaining to the environment. A few weeks ago, we are testing the ozone level,” senior Lauren Miller said. “We take the paper recycling bins from each classroom once a week and take them to the recycling bins out back by the engineering room,” Bell said. Environmental Science also includes a field trip to a waste treatment plant and 15 hours of outside, environmental-related Artwork By Devyn Jupiter service per semester.


cycling water bottles and using your lunch box are easy in going green for your planet. By just changing simple renew our planet’s resources...

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