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Hot to Trot

By Emmie Martin, Caitlin Guenther, Jenny Panahi Reporter, Editor-in-Chief, Reporter

3OH!3 You’ll be offended. And you’ll like it. 3oh!3’s strong lyrics and loud beats are more than enough to get you hooked. Formed by friends who met Images courtesy of Google in physics class at the University of Colorado, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte released their first album, 3oh!3, in 2007. After The city of brotherly love has certainly changed since the days of Ben In 7th signing with Photo Finish Records, the duo released Want in Franklin. Since 2005, the FX Network has aired the comedic antics of grade, 122008, and joined the Warped Tour for 2008 and 2009. The selffour egocentric friends, loosely called “The Gang,” as they traverse year-old Josh proclaimed “gangstas” combine hip hop beats with abrasive Philly, scheming their way into infamy. It’s Always Sunny is the Mendel’s hislyrics and techno undertones to produce a sound that’s fantastic brainchild of Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Rob tory teacher Evelyn fresh off the streets --electronic-80s pop-hip hop hard. McElhenney, all of whom act as three fourths of the malicious Sherman instructed Upbeat “Don’t Trust Me” is a pop anthem about the quartet heading Paddy’s Pub. The show’s humor comes from the him on a lesson not part promiscuous attitude girls present at parties, qualioutlandish scams Charlie, Dennis, Mac, and Deandra create of the curriculum: sex. After fied by revelations of being a player. Rougher “I’m in attempts to promote their self interests. As fraternal twins an affair lasting nearly a year, the Not Coming To Your Party” takes on a more Dennis and “Sweet Dee” (played by Kaitlin Olson) push small town of Brookdale is rocked by defiant tone by describing a guy’s annoyance sibling rivalry to its limits, dim-witted Charlie and edgy the scandal, which is revealed after Josh with a girl he is no longer attracted to. Both hunk Mac are constantly scrambling to defend their digaccidentally goes too far with his friend Raexude suggestive lyrics, disguised by invitnity against the cruel harassment provided by the rest chel during a game of “Spin the Bottle.” In his ing beats making it impossible to turn of “The Gang.” One of the most memorable episodes novel Boy Toy, Barry Lyga (author of The Astondown. Their high energy concerts folcomes from season three, ambitiously dubbed “The ishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl and Hero low suit with displays of their outraGang Gets Invincible.” After being inspired by the Type) explores Josh’s struggle to overcome the sexual geous antics and are sure to be Hollywood blockbuster Invincible, Dee, Dennis, abuse scandal and to learn to trust himself, as well as deal full of unforgetable moments. and Mac decide to tryout for the Philadelphia Eawith the guilt he feels for sending Eve to jail. Five years later, Eve 3oh!3’s rambunctious gles, while Charlie and Frank (played by Danny is released from prison on parole. Josh, however, is barely holding personalities shine through DeVito) go on an epic adventure of their own his life together. Constantly getting into fights, he is still trapped by the in both their loud music after ingesting questionable substances. agony and guilt of his past. To make matters worse, no one in Brookdale and wild concert style, Hilarity ensues. New episodes come on has forgotten; Josh’s sense of isolation from this fact is palpable throughout leaving you wantThursdays at 8 o’clock. [JP] the novel. Lyga once again excels at crafting a complex, plausible character. The ing more. Forget story is told from Josh’s point of view, effortlessly blending his present story with being politically flashbacks that he calls “flickers.” Slowly, Josh begins to reconnect with society with the correct, 3oh!3 help of his (only) friend Zik and his potential girlfriend Rachel, despite his almost-overpowis ready to ering fear of losing control and doing something wrong. Boy Toy is a sensitive study into love, rock you. guilt, manipulation, and the truth that, no matter what, life goes on. [CG] [EM]



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By Ruby Gee Opinions Editor

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My hobbies [include] ‘pwning noobs’ on Call of Duty 4, reading car magazines and making my own popsicles with different flavors.

My favorite TV shows are That 70’s Show, King of Queens, Still Standing, South Park and Family Guy.

e Th gs in ... h T ike IL

My favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers; Hines Ward is my favorite football player on the Steelers.

I think that Fogo de Chao is the best restaurant in town.


BOY TOY 3OH!3 T h i n T h e i L i k g s My hobbies [include] ‘pwning noobs’ on Call of Duty 4, reading car magazines and making my own popsi...