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SPORTS FANATIC Jon Duke is a first grader at Collierville Elementary who enjoys everything sports. Whether playing or watching, his active lifestyle keeps him and his family busy throughout the year.

JON DUKE WHITWORTH AGE: 7 SCHOOL: Collierville Elementary ARE YOU ON ANY LEAGUE OR COMPETITIVE TEAMS? Yes, right now I am on the Germantown Baseball All-Star Tournament Team. I’ve also played for the Collierville Soccer Association and Grace Evangelical Basketball. WHAT SPORT ARE YOU PLAYING RIGHT NOW? Baseball. We won second place in the Dizzy Dean Bash Tournament. Our record was eight and three. We are about to play in the Dizzy Dean World Series. HOW FAR HAVE YOU EVER TRAVELED TO COMPETE? We have traveled about an hour and a half – about 90 miles, I think, to Batesville, Mississippi. WHAT IS THE MOST FUN THING ABOUT PLAYING TEAM SPORTS? I like my friends I play with, and it’s a lot of fun. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORT TO PLAY? My favorite is baseball, because I like to hit the ball hard and run! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH? That’s hard. I like to watch baseball, basketball, and sometimes football.

WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETE? That’s hard too. For basketball, it’s Zach Randolph, but for baseball, it’s Matt Holiday from the Cardinals. I really like him. But I also like Matt Carpenter from the Cardinals too, because I ran on the field with him at the Redbirds game, and he’s a leadoff hitter and plays second base like me. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SPORTS TEAMS? For baseball it’s the St. Louis Cardinals or my team the Germantown Jets, and for basketball it’s the Memphis Grizzlies. DO YOU HAVE ANY CLOTHING OR GEAR THAT YOU WEAR WHEN YOU CHEER THEM ON? Yes, I have a Randolph jersey, a Jr. Grizz jersey, a Matt Holiday T-shirt, and a Cardinal jersey with my last name on it. WHAT IS ONE GOAL THAT YOU HAVE SET FOR YOURSELF? I want to hit a Grand Slam and a walk-off home run! WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO BE A TEAM PLAYER? It means to be a good sport and cheer my team on. HOW HAS YOUR FAMILY BEEN SUPPORTIVE OF YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE? They come to all my games, encourage me, and cheer me on. We play baseball and basketball together and I ride my bike and run with my mommy. HAVE YOU COMPETED IN ANY RACES OR COMPETITIONS? Yes, I have done two 5Ks and two Family Fun Runs with my mommy.

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HOW DID YOU DO? I finished!


Interview and photo by Kristen Waddell.

WHO IS SOMEONE YOU LOOK UP TO? My daddy. DOES YOUR FAMILY STAY ACTIVE WHEN YOU GO ON VACATION? Yes. We walk on the beach and I run with my mommy sometimes. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL? Math. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? My favorite is steak and a baked potato that is cooked at my grandfather’s house.