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. . .Continuing the work of Jesus


n i t e l l u B y l h t n o ECC M ECC Minister : Revd John Adams

ECC Leadership Team are : Secretary : Mr Trevor Sharp Treasurer : Mr Phil Alford Mrs Gillian Eastley Mr Justin Stone Mrs Michelle Ovenden Mr John Geelan Get more details about our church from admin@exwickcomm or our WEB Site Prayer Requests :  Messy Church  Youth Work  Youth Mentoring  Andy’s Café  Soul Café  Joint work with St Andrew’s  The Ark

Psalm 107.9 'He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.' We are always wanting more than we have, striving for more, reaching for better, never satisfied. Even when we get what we'd been wishing for, we're only content for a short time. Then the feeling wears off and we start chasing after something else. Why?

Always wanting something more is part of our human nature. It's a Godgiven trait. The only question is, 'WHAT do you long for?' What's the one thing that you think will make you happy if only you had it? A better job? A little more money? A partner?

A bigger house? The newest Apple gadget? A smaller waistline? Better health? Fame? Just a bit more understanding from others? It's not wrong to hope for things like these. It's human. It becomes wrong when we allow our desires to take over our lives. When we don't get what we want, we become bitter. When we actually get what we want, our satisfaction only lasts a short time. Then we start the whole process again. In the end, we realize that we'll never be truly satisfied. This isn't just a problem for non-Christians. I've been a follower of Jesus for many years, and still find myself in this trap.

What's the answer? Jesus said, 'Whoever drinks the water I give will never go thirsty.' John 4.13. Our very human desires can have the effect of leading us to Jesus. Jesus is the true source of satisfaction. Allow your dissatisfaction to lead you to Jesus. Make it a habit. Whenever you hear yourself saying, 'if only I had . . .', turn that sentence into a prayer: 'Jesus, help me to understand my dissatisfaction. Do I actually need . . . ? Or is my desire really pointing to my need for more time with Jesus?' Sandy, with help from http://

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ECC Monthly Bulletin

Angel Tree—The prison Fellowship are hoping to run Angel Tree again this Christmas in Exeter Prison, enabling the prisoners to send presents to their children. They are the innocent victims of their parents’ mistakes and Angel Tree helps to strengthen the vital relationship between parents in the prison and their children. The likelihood of re-offending is definitely reduced if the family bonds remain strong. Christmas is a time when the separation caused by imprisonment is felt very keenly both by the prisoners and their families. Last year Exeter PF bought suitable gifts for 71 children of the men in our local prison whilst nation-wide over 5000 children received presents through Angel Tree.. This year we estimate the cost of each parcel will be £15. For more details please contact Jan Catlin.

Soul Café

Carol Singing

Friday 15th Dec 1900

Soul Café is going from strength to strength and reaching out to people in the Community, this month our dates are:

Carol Service

Sunday 16th Dec 1600

Joint Christmas Day Service @ 1030

01 December 2012 Soul Lite 08 December 2012 Soul Lite 15 December 2012 Soul Worship 22 December 2012 Soul Lite 29 December 2012 Soul Worship Soul Lite is a very informal time of quiet worship around the scriptures with a chance to meet and share bread and wine, this usually takes place in the Café room and everyone is welcome to come and take part. If you cannot make Sunday worship, come on over to the Café and meet with God on a Saturday Evening instead. All are welcome. 15th Dec 12 We are replacing our usual band night in the Church with a Community Carol Sing starting at 19:00. Afterwards everyone is invited back to the Café for hot mulled apple juice, mince pies and hot sausage rolls. 29th Dec 12 will be a chance to think about the Year that is ending and the New one coming up as we ask ‘What’s in a resolution?’ For more please see Graeme or any of the

information Michele, Jerry or ask Café staff.

Keswick Convention Bible Reading with Simon Manchester from Australia

Talks On John chapters 14-17 Prepared For A New Day @ Arthur & liz's Cinema on Wednesday 9th Jan 2013, Wednesday 16th Jan 2013, Wednesday 23rd Jan 2013 & Wednesday 4th February 2013 1900 for 1930 start, please bring your bible. All Are Welcome. More details from Liz & Arthur

Ladies Fellowship Breakfast: We plan to start a Ladies Fellowship Breakfast on the second Saturday of each month, starting on January 12th, 9am. at 102 Clyst Valley Road, Clyst St Mary. Slap up breakfast, fellowship and prayer. For more details, Lin or Janine.

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Meditation on 1 Thessalonians 5: 4-24 Be Alert I want you to remember

Comforting, blessing, esteeming,

Put on the armour,

The things I have said,

Encouraging one another,

Be ready for the fray.

If by my Spirit you

Lifting the faint-hearted

I need willing warriors

Are seeking to be led.

Caring for the weak brother.

My will to obey.

Not quenching my Spirit

Keeping pure hearts

For this I have called you

Allowing me to reign

And minds stayed on me,

And brought you as one

Watching, praying, listening,

Guarding your thoughts

I will remain faithful

So constant you remain.

So my hand you can see.

And complete what’s begun. AB 8/11/2012

It’s the Crossline homeless Christmas meal on Monday 10th Dec.. lf you feel you would like to give a Christmas present for a man or a lady please wrap it up and put a little Christmas message on it if you'd like to, and pass it/ them on to Ena or Jan Nind. How ever big or small ,your gift will be very gratefully accepted by the homeless in this city. Warm things are always welcome, as gifts or just to give to the visitors at crossline on a Monday, Tuesday or Saturday. Clothes, hats, socks, gloves, scarves, ear warmers, vests etc........... Also thermos flasks, candles, blankets, sleeping bags, underwear, water bottles, and all the above, are always needed. And there are always those with a very sweet tooth. The Devon and Cornwall Food Assoc., are supplying us with Pasties now, which go down really well on cold nights, and the stews and soups that volunteers are making. Sainsbury's are also dropping in unwanted veg and some fruit too, which is great. Lots of vitamins. : ) Another very important thing you can give to these amazingly loveable people is your prayers, please. What ever reason they find themselves on the streets, from very young to very old, God loves them all and He would love to know your love and prayers going up for them all too. Thank you. Jan N. (please pass this message on to others who you think might like to donate something). X Proposed tour of the Holy Land is now provisionally set for March/April 2014. A visit to the sites of the Bible and the places where Jesus walked is an experience that is never forgotten and one which gives you a deeper appreciation of God's Word. We are all aware that Israel/Gaza is headline news at present and that parts of the Middle East are experiencing severe turmoil. However, tour groups to Israel do not enter dangerous and sensitive areas and there are hundreds of tour groups visiting at any one time. While the itinerary is still to intend to visit include: therein (Mt of Olives, ingWall, Temple Mount, Sepulchre, Upper Room, Tomb etc..), Jericho Galilee (Cana, Nazareth, Beatitudes and a boat trip etc..), Caesarea on the Medimany more. Please approach John Adams or Phil you on costs and a saving plan if required.

be finalised the likely places we Jerusalem and the many sites Garden of Gethsemane, WailVia Dolorosa, Church of Holy Caiphas' house, Garden (Dead Sea and Masada), Tiberias, Capernaum, Mt of on the Sea of Galilee terranean coast - plus many Alford for further details. Phil can advise

Whether you have an interest in joining the tour or not remember that we are all encouraged in Scripture to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Blokes’ Breakfast Articles for the next issue by 26th December

Anyone interested in coming on the Easy Worship Rota please see Geoff Page

Next month’s Blokes’ Breakfast will be a post Christmas on Saturday 29th December at the Imperial in Exeter kicking off at 09:00. Check out the Menu here: breakfast/breakfast-9 the Porridge with Strawberry compote is great if you are feeling virtuous and Trevor Sharp highly recommends the Eggs Benedict if you want to treat yourself. This month’s chat topic is: ‘What was my best Christmas presence…?’ More info from Justin, Trevor or David.

Christmas Cycle Outing to Exmouth Leaving from University Boatshed at Countess Wear canal bridges on Saturday 22 nd December at 10:00 PROMPT. As people had so much fun doing this last year, we have been asked to organize another run to Exmouth as a pre-Christmas outing. We will follow the guided cycle route out through Countess Wear to Topsham and then down and along to the estuary path all the way to Exmouth. We will then congregate at the Bath House for lunch. (More info and menu here: You can then choose to return by bike or take the train back from Exmouth. Based on last year’s times, with a leisurely cycle most people were home before 16:00 in the afternoon and before it got dark. In order to let the Bath House know how many people are coming, please get names and number to Graeme Salisbury by Thursday 20th December. If you would like to act as a marshall to help ensure everyone gets there safely please also let Graeme know. We will have several designated first aiders but you will need to bring waterproof gear, a spare inner tube for your bike and helmets are mandatory NO HELMET, NO RIDE! The route can be seen here: http:// there is limited parking at the boatsheds so please arrange to either park in Marsh Barton and cycle along the canal to the Boatsheds or user the walker’s car park on the other side of the road to the Boatsheds and cross by the light controlled crossing.

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ECC Bulletin December 2012  

ECC Bulletin December 2012

ECC Bulletin December 2012  

ECC Bulletin December 2012