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Almost every homeowner wants a unique and beautiful home, a place that is comfortable and shows their sense of style. While some may have the means to make expensive alterations, most need more economical changes, like repainting or updating furniture. Other changes that can be made within a budget are light changes and one great option is adding recessed and spot lighting, using reflector light bulbs to enhance special places in the homes. You can use reflected light in several ways. You can use recessed lights beneath counters. You can use track lighting to highlight a photo display on a wall. Depending on where you live, the reflector light bulbs you use will have one of three types of mounts. The Edison Screw base, "E" base, is mostly used in the United States and Japan, as well as some other countries. The Bayonet Cap, "B" base and the GU10 are mostly used in Europe, including the UK, Ireland, in Australia and New Zealand, and in the Middle East and India. The Edison screw connector was originally created under a Mazda trademark by Thomas Edison. The name describes how it works; it basically screws into the socket. Reflector light bulb sizes are listed as E**, with the number being the diameter in millimeters. So E26 has a diameter of 26 mm and this size is standard for general use in the US. Other fairly common sizes are E10 for decorative lights and E12 for candle bulbs. The Bayonet cap is a more complicated connector. The reflector light bulbs have a "male" side which consists of pins which fit into the "female" socket. Besides home use, bayonet caps are used in situations where an extra secure connection is necessary. For example, it is used on the reflector light bulbs in car headlights where the motion and vibration of the motor could jar and loosen a less secure connector. GU10 styles are similar to Bayonets. While each mount is in greater use in certain parts of the world, all can be found pretty much everywhere. So, once you decide how you want to use reflective lighting in your home and you find the perfect fixture, check the mounting of the reflector light bulbs and make sure they are viable. While Edison screw may be easier to install, Bayonets and GU10s may be more secure. You may be tempted to use Edison screw reflector light bulbs in hard to reach areas, to ease installation, but if that area has a lot of outside movement or vibrations, a Bayonet cap or GU10 may be a better, more secure choice. Just as a bright sunny day and a dusky evening are examples of how different lights are beautiful in nature, so to can various light styles find a place in our homes. Using reflector light bulbs is a great way to create drama in one room while it creates warmth in another. All that is need is planning, attention to hardware specifications, and willingness to try something new.

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