2013 BOMA Views Fall Edition

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11 Mixing & Mingling

And the Winners are...

Elmer Johnson Golf Tournament Scenes from the Elmer Johnson Golf Tournament.

Above: Boston Properties’ Kevin FitzPatrick (center) won the Deck of Cards Raffle/Half Moon Bay Golf Package courtesy of NRG Energy Center’s Gordon Judd (left) and Dwain Botelho (right). Left: Courtney Conrad, Hines, and John Toppin, SCA North America, won Able's Best Dressed Contest.

YP Boat Cruise A special thanks to the sponsors of the annual YP Boat Cruise: Able, Impark, RN Field Construction Inc. and Universal Protection Service.

Top photo: Ryan Rusler, Associate Member of the Year, Steven Ring, BOMA SF President, and Phil Rapoport, Principal Member of the Year. Second: BOMA SF EVP Marc Intermaggio with Kathy Mattes, winner of the Raymond C. Nann Distinguished Service Award, and Ring. Third photo: Ring with Public Official of the Year Scott Wiener and BOMA VP Ken Cleaveland. Fourth photo: Ring and Anne Hinz, retiring from the board after six years of service.

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