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Issue No. 150

May 2011

For Internal Circulation Only

From the President’s Desk Dear Member, April began with a traditional Ugadi lunch which was attended by over 250 members. The Club house was appropriately decorated for the occasion (see the photograph above) and both the lunch and the decorations were greatly appreciated by the members.

Forefront, the band from Goa which played at the New Year’s Ball will be in attendance.

April Blossoms, with music by DJ Ivan, attracted the youngsters, in hordes. We had a packed dance floor and had great difficulty in closing the function, even at 1AM.

For the first time, we had an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. The youngest entrant was just a few months old. The kids had a great time collecting the hidden eggs.

The members who participated in the Ugadi Bumper Tambola were a happy lot, what with the number of surprise prizes on offer.

Inclement weather resulted in the postponement of the International Gourmet evening. It has now been rescheduled and will be held on Saturday the 7th of May. This will be preceded by the inauguration of an exhibition of vintage cars, carriages and motor cycles as also the Brigadier Hill Memorial lecture which is being delivered by Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Director of Tata Sons Ltd. on the same day. Details of these programmes can be found in the calendar, on the last page of this issue.

The month ended with Mr. Prasad Bidapa conducting the curtain raiser for the May Queen Ball which is scheduled to be held on the 21st of May. We had pretty female and handsome male models walking the ramp, wearing exquisite clothes and jewellery. Prasad managed to persuade a number of our members to follow suit. I request our members and their families to participate in large numbers in the May Queen Ball event where a May Queen, a May Princess & a May Empress will be crowned. Prasad will provide free training sessions for all participants before the event, details about which have been printed elsewhere in the Dovecot. There are attractive prizes on offer and gifts to be won.

There was a good turnout of ladies for the monthly cooking demonstration. Our chef demonstrated preparation of some simple dishes.

Padmabhushan Dr. L. Subramanaiam and his son, Ambi, will give us a violin recital on Sunday, the 8th of May. I am sure the members must be looking forward to their performance with great expectations. Well known sports commentator, Charu Sharma, will be conducting the annual quiz on Sunday, the 15th of May. Contd. on page 2

...From the President’s Desk (Contd) This is a very popular programme and I am sure will attract the best talent in the Club. In order to counter the vagaries of nature, we will be covering the main lawn with a rain proof top from the 7th till the 22nd of May. Hence, come rain or shine, our programmes will go on during this period! The discount on the menu prices in the catering department has been increased from 5 to 12.5%. At the same time, we have started procuring most of our catering supplies from Metro. Though Metro prices are higher, we are assured of good quality ingredients and I am sure members would have noticed the difference in the quality of the food. We are shortly introducing ‘wine by the glass’ in the mixed bar and in the dining room. The renovation of the kitchen will start soon and we propose to operate the kitchen and dining room from the Bhatia Suite area while the renovation work is on. A wine boutique is being opened in the shopping area on the 6th of May. Meantime, the renovation work at the Food World outlet has also been completed. All this should improve the shopping experience of our members. A telescope has been installed on the terrace of Chambers C Block building. We will have it fully operational once the weather clears.

The use of the Club by Affiliated Club members is being closely monitored bringing down the misuse by them to a large extent. The draft accounts for the financial year 2010-11 have already been circulated to the members. The audit of the books of the Club is under way and the annual report should be in your hands by May end. As promised in the last issue, an article titled ‘Wills – Frequently Asked Questions’, contributed by Mr. Aditya Sondhi, has been published in this issue of the Dovecot. I hope members will find it useful. Before concluding, I have to regretfully inform you about a road accident, in which our tandoor cook, Shiva, lost his right hand, almost up to the elbow. The Club is making all efforts to rehabilitate Shiva and have assured him that a suitable position will be provided to him in the Club, as soon as he can resume duty. As usual, we would be glad to have your feedback and suggestions in our continuing endeavour to make your experience at the Club an enjoyable one. With warm regards, Yours sincerely,

Amarnath Kamath

Food Lovers (Tested Recipes)

Quick Soya Dosas Ingredients: ¾ cup rice flour; ¼ cup urad dal flour; ¼ cup soya flour; 1 tsp fruit salt; salt to taste; 1 tsp oil for cooking (makes 4 dosas) Method: Mix together the rice flour, urad dal flour, soya flour and salt with approx. 1 cup water to make a thin batter. Keep aside for 30 minutes. When ready to make the dosas, sprinkle the fruit salt on the batter and mix gently. Heat a non-stick pan and grease it lightly with oil. When hot, pour one quarter of the batter on the pan and spread it using a circular motion to make a thin dosa. When cooking pour a little oil along the edges. When crispy fold over. Repeat with the remaining batter. Serve with chutney.

Bread Dosas Ingredients: 3 or 4 bread slices; 1 cup dosa batter; 2 green chillies; 1 finely chopped onion; coriander leaves; oil for dosa preparation. Method: Mix onion and chopped green chillies and coriander leaves to the dosa batter. Heat the tawa and when hot smear with oil. Dip the bread slices in the dosa batter and place on the tawa. Smear some oil around the bread slice. Cook till golden brown on both sides.

To receive emails on various events & activities, kindly update your email IDs. Email to with your membership number. Interested spouse & senior dependent members may also register.

Annoucements Bulletin Board

May 2011

May Queen Ball - 21 May 2011

We welcome the following members who were elected in April: Sons & daughters of Permanent Members: Mrs. Poornima Manjunath Mr. Siddartha S. Gurukar Ms. Aarti Sampath Kumar Mr. Kean Walmsley Mr. Karthik Kalyanaraman Mr. Dinesh Amitha Mrs. Sumeet Gambhir Mr. Rohan B. Pinto Mr. Anil Maruti Gokarn Mrs. Mary Francis Ms. Pritika Narang Dr. Sonal Toshniwal Mr. Anand Shyam Barua Ms. Rheitu Bansal Mrs. Vaishali Hegde Ms. Priya Khanna Mr. Karan Malik Permanent Members: Mr. R. Vidyasagar Mr. A.D. Rebello Mr. M.N. Reddy Mr. K.S. Anand Murthy Mr. Arup Borua Mr. Samit Ghosh Mr. Prasad R. Deshpande Mrs. Greeta Verghese Mr. Darshan Appayanna Mrs. L.R.V.M. Rao

Calling all you lovely ladies, daughters, mothers and grandmothers. Participate in the May Queen Ball which is being held on Saturday 21st May 2011. The Mega Event to select • May Queen, age 20-40 years • May Princess, age16-20 years • May Empress, age 40 years and above. Free training sessions by Prasad Bidapa for all participants: • May 7th

Catwalk 4pm to 6pm

• May 13th Grooming and Make up 4pm to 6pm • May 20th

Rehearsal and Wadrobe and Jewellery selection 4pm to 6pm

• May 21st

Hair /Make up/costume 4pm to 5pm

If you have not registered your names as yet, please do so.Please collect the registration form from the club office. Lots of gifts and prizes to be won. The event includes a Fashion Show by Prasad Bidapa and Live music by the band ‘Forefront’ from Goa.

Lost & Found In case of lost club membership cards, please contact PA to President. In case of lost items in Chambers, please contact Chambers’ Reception. In case of any other lost items in the club, please contact Deputy Secretary (Operations.)

Obituary We regret to place on record the sad demise of the following members: 1. Mrs. Mrinalini Reddy -


2. Mrs. Jaswanthy Loganandan



3. Mrs. Shashi Balakrishna -


4. Mr. T.A.S. Bedi -


Catering Issues:

After giving due consideration to the requests of members and on the recommendation of the Catering sub committee the General Committee has, at its meeting held on 15th April 2011, decided to increase the discount on all catering items (other than Chinese items) from 5% to 12.5% of the menu price, effective from 19th April. The price of coffee & tea has also been reduced to Rs. 10, per cup. The Club has now started procuring a large part of its catering requirements from Metro. Though the rates at Metro are much higher, we are assured of good quality products. We are sure members will now find a significant difference in the food served to them.


Green Corner by Alex Abraham


Ten steps to good health 1. Healthy Food

1. Stress

2. Regular Exercise

2. Cigarettes; Junk Food

3. Positive Attitude

3. Fats & Carbohydrate in excess

4. Fresh fruits & Vegetables

4. Passive TV, Texting, Surfing

5. Burn Calories 6. Laugh & Talk 7. Family & Friends

6. Irregular Habits 7. Depression

8. Jog & Walk

8. Skipping Breakfast

9. Right Posture 10. Activity in Open air

5. Slouching & Couching

9. No interests, Hobbies, Pursuits 10. Emotional Eating

10 Steps On The Slippery Slope Down 10 STEPS ON THE SLIPPERY SLOPE DOWN Ugadi Lunch at the Club, April 2011

Ladies evening at the Club , April 2011


May 2011

Travel: Scandinavia & Iceland (By Nikhil Gupta) From the towering glaciers of Iceland to the scenic fjords of Norway, the fairytale palaces of Denmark and Sweden to the remote indigenous communities of Lapland, these Scandinavian countries will captivate you at every turn. The sense of light and space here is legendary in a region filled with beautiful panoramic views. This is the land of Vikings, picturesque mountain villages and bustling cosmopolitan cities. It is recommended to ICELAND spend 10 nights or more in Scandinavia. The most comfortable climate is NORWAY in May to September FINLAND with long summer days. SWEDEN October to April tends to be colder with longer nights. Those travelling in winter for the northern lights can beat the extreme temperatures by opting for cruises that travel along the Norwegian coast.

Special offers for Bangalore Club members on customized holidays and cruises

Each country has it´s unique and special appeal:

Our recommended Customized Holidays for the summer

• Sweden – Beauty & Pop Music

• Australia & New Zealand

• Scandinavia & Iceland

• Eastern Europe & Baltic

• South America

• Greece & Turkey

• Spain & Morocco

• Macau & Hong Kong

• Island Holidays - Bora Bora & Tahiti - Maldives - Mauritius

• Norway – Energy & Nature • Denmark – Design, Tradition and Scandinavia’s culinary capital with 11 Michelin-starred restaurants. • Finland – A Thousand Lakes & Technology Iceland’s volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, glaciers, geothermal pools and cliffs awe seasoned travellers as well as first-timers to Europe. Flight time to Iceland is about 3 hours from the European mainland. So take a break on your way to Europe to discover this unspoiled gem of nature and man. The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon where the sun is visible at the local midnight. With adequate weather conditions, the sun is visible for full 24 hours a day. It can be experienced between late May and late July.

• Russia • South Africa or Kenya & Tanzania

For 17 years, we have designed customized travel experiences within India and abroad: whether it is romantic honeymoons in Bora Bora, wine tasting in Italy or a weekend away in Coorg. With our extensive network, we will plan your trip down to the last detail and at the best possible rates. So your journey goes as smooth as a summer flight. When you plan to travel, do drop by. And you will notice our service is as personalized. Head office: Lavelle Road (next to Mandovi Motors) Contact Nikhil Gupta on 98860 26737

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) stem from when large numbers of electrons stream in towards the Earth along its magnetic field and collide with air particles. The air then lights up like a fluorescent light tube. The resulting colours of the Northern Lights reflect gases we find up there. Best experienced September through April, 11 pm - 2 am with a clear sky. Both these natural phenomenon are best observed from locations beyond the Arctic Circle such as the northern coasts of Norway, Lapland or Icealnd. It is particularly stunning from the North Cape, a 307m high cliff rising above the Arctic Ocean and the northernmost point of Continental Europe.

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Customized Holidays

Air Tickets



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Book Review by Malini White WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel. “So now get up”, is the first sentence in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall: A young lad, viciously knocked into a puddle by his brutal father, is being equally sadistically booted out of it. The image encapsulates Thomas Cromwell’s life. The novel recreates Cromwell’s gradual rise to dominance: a ruthless lawyer who clawed his way out of slum origins to become one of the most powerful men in Henry VIII’s court; no mean achievement, in the vicious bear-pit of Tudor politics. In this sizeable volume, Mantel’s imagination turns research into plausibly seething life, that of hovels, sexual favours, power & pageantry. It takes a while to get used to the shifts in the multi-narrational style [though the story is told by Cromwell, he sometimes refers to himself in the third person], & the flashbacks that span the whole of Europe. It is difficult to inject interest or new information into historical recreations, given that the characters are so well known, as is the outcome of events. One knows the bare bones of history: Henry discarded Catherine of Aragon, married Anne Boleyn by shucking off the authority of the Roman Church, & that Anne herself was executed in the King’s serial march down the aisle with his other wives. Henry VIII’s bulky presence still dominates much of historical fiction, though in this book he is diplomatically eased aside by the Machiavellian Cromwell. Booker Prize winner Mantel however also reveals Cromwell’s humane side: his dealings with his family, household & employees, and she gives his cold-blooded scheming against those he unseated – famously, Thomas Moore – more charitable treatment. It is a depiction the very obverse of Holbein’s portrait of a venal man, fist grasping a document, much as he controlled so many lives. “Wolf Hall”: what is it, & why is does it give the book its title? Mantel reveals it only at the very end - & also brilliantly gives herself the opportunity to write a sequel. The Witty and the Wise (a section of well-known humorists) Benjamin Franklin: Many hats, Many Quotes How much wisdom can you pack into one life? To answer that question, look no further than the career of Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. You probably already have an image of the portly, 18th-century gent with a receding hairline scribbling his name on the Declaration of Independence and commenting, “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.” Not content with his accomplishments as a statesman, Franklin was also a renowned scientist, inventor, philosopher, publisher, economist, and musician. How fitting that a man so fond of words would start his working life as a printer. Having served as an apprentice to his brother, Franklin was a talented fullfledged printer by age 17. By age 22 he had opened his own print shop in Philadelphia. He became an innovative publisher, best known for his newspaper The Pennsylvania Gazette and his yearly Poor Richard’s Almanac, the source of many of his most famous sayings. Here’s a sampling of ol’ Ben’s wit and wisdom: “Well done is better than well said”; “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”; “He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals”; “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead”; “If your head is wax, don’t walk in the sun” and “I am in the prime of senility”.

May 2011

Childrens’ Easter Egg Hunt at the Club

DJ Night at the Club

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Sports Ladder System Updated 1st April, 2011 Challenge Rules for Swimming, Tennis, Billiards, Squash:

1. Any Member \ Dependent can challenge the person immediately above him \ her on the ladder. A Member whose name does not appear on the ladder can challenge the No. 10. In Tennis, Billiards and Snooker, challenges can be made 2 steps at a time, if required. 2.

S.V. Subramanyam J.P. Memorial Trophy Open Snooker Singles Winner: Jasmeet Singh

Runner Up: Hemant Manay

To challenge, write your name in the book kept with the coach / marker. The person challenged shall be given 10 days to respond or lose his \ her position to the Challenger.

3. It is the responsibility of the Challenger to reserve the court / pool / table and mutually finalise with the Challengee the Challenge date, time, referee and other details. 4.

Once the Challengee confirms the challenge date / time and if the Challengee does not appear as agreed, it becomes the responsibility of Challengee to fix the same with the Challenger within the stipulated time limit.


All Challenges must be completed within 20 days from the Challenge date or else the Challenge will be forfeited without exceptions


If a player loses the challenge then he \ she has to wait for 20 days before challenging the same player again.

Final round of Rummy Knockout Tournament 24th April, 2011. Winner:

Mrs.Kumud Morzaria (2nd from right)

Runner Up: Mr.K S Makhija (extreme right)

7. The Member-in-charge or his representative will swap the positions as required. 8.

Resetting of Ladder (except squash):

A fresh ladder is made based on the positions recorded during the Annual Open Tournaments. Thereafter, positions are decided according to challenges.


Trophy will be given for the person longest on the ladder for the specified period.

10. Competition Rules: SWIMMING • The distance shall be length of our pool in free style. SQUASH • Challenge / Ladder matches - best of 5 games. • Games are scored to 11 points, American style scoring. • Official Rules of the Squash Racquets Association apply. • Matches must be played with standard yellow doubledot ball. TENNIS • Challenge / Ladder matches - best of 3 tie break sets. BILLIARDS • Dependents with 3 blacks (in Snooker & / or -150 handicap in Billiards will be allowed to participate in Challenge / Ladder Tournaments. • Snooker matches - best of 3 frames. • Billiards matches - 100 up best of 3 frames. • Rs. 35/- Per challenge

Squash: Bangalore Club vs Trinity Mess

Winners: Bangalore Club The Monthly Bridge Tournament held on 10th April


Mr.Rajgopal and Mr.C V K Mohan


May 2011

Swimming Competition held on 13th April SL No


A\c No


Jacoby Memorial Rolling Trophy Open Girls Winner: Anasuya Alva Runner Up: Sangita Navada

Ladder Under 12 years girls 1

Girishma Herur




Sushila Adiga



Ladder Boys Open 12 years and below 1

Siddrath Rai




Sunder Adiga



Jacoby Memorial Rolling Trophy Open Girls 1

Anusuya Alva




Sangita Nadava



Swimming Under 12 Girls

Men’s Open

Winner: Girishma Herur


Vishnu P Rajes




Nirad Muthanna



Runner Up: Sushila Adige

Sports Ladders Sl No. 1 2 3 4 5 6






Anirudh Thamanna

Jasmeet Singh

Vishnu Rajes

Sivom Sengar

Amit Jaipuria

Suhail Rahaman

Nirad Muthanna

Kuncheria Marattukalam Diwakar Rao

Shyam .R

Sandip Sodha

Vijayan Rajesh

Ashley Norhna

E.G. Jaideep

Vishnu Moola

Sivom Sengar

Tarun Chandy

Vinay Singh

Sandip Sodha

K.P. Balaraj

Nevile Panthaki

Sunil Rao

Nevile Panthaki

Rohit Suryavanshi

Shekar Nath .D

Arun Rabindranath

Nirav Parikh

Jasmeet Singh

Wills – Frequently Asked Questions Excerpts from the lecture delivered by Advocate Aditya Sondhi on ‘Making of Wills’ at the Bangalore Club on 31 March 2011 [Note: This is a generic note prepared on the basis of FAQs for the easy understanding of the readers. The readers are advised to consult an Advocate based on the facts of their case should they desire to proceed with the making of a Will.] 1. What is a Will? A Will is a testamentary disposition of the estate of the deceased and an expression of the manner in which the said estate is to be treated, after the lifetime of the deceased. 2. What can one bequeath under a Will? Any property belonging to the Testator can be the subject matter of a Will. However, Mohammaden Law places restrictions on the extent of disposition of property by a Will and the exclusion of legal heirs. 3. Who can one leave it to? Any person, whether or not a legal heir, can be a beneficiary of a Will. However, reasons for excluding legal heirs ought to be assigned. 4. How many witnesses does a Will need? Two, both of whom are present when the Testator signs the Will. 5. Who can be a witness to a Will? Any adult individual, who is not a beneficiary under the Will. 6. Does a Will need an executor? Not necessarily, though it is advisable, especially in cases where the estate is required to be administered or dealt with in terms of the wishes of the Testator. Such executor ought not to be a beneficiary under the Will. 7. Must a Will be on stamp paper and registered? Not mandatorily. A Will on plain paper is valid and registration is optional, though recommended where the Will is expected to be contested after the lifetime of the testator. 8. Must a Will be probated? Not necessarily (except for the few cases covered by the Indian Succession Act of a particular class of testators with properties in the old Presidencies of Madras, Bombay, etc.). However, seeking probate is, again, advisable to belie any future challenge to the genuineness or validity of the Will. 9. Can a Will be revoked? Yes, by the testator at any time before his/her death. In such case, the estate of the deceased would devolve by ordinary laws of succession, unless the testator replaces the earlier Will with a new Will.

10. Can a Will be modified? Yes, by the testator at any time before his/her death by executing a Codicil. 11. Is there any further documentation required after the death of the testator to give effect to the transfer of property? No, as the transfer takes effect by operation of law. However, mutation in revenue records (Khata, etc) is advisable for completion of records. 12. Is there a substitute for a Will? Not if the testator desires the transfer of assets to take effect only after his/her lifetime. 13. Can there be a ‘Living Will’? Indian Law does not expressly recognize a ‘Living Will’, i.e. an expression of intent of the manner of treatment of the estate during one’s lifetime should a person enter into a (medically) vegetative state. This is likely to assume significance in view of the recent judgment of the Supreme Court of India in Aruna Shanbhag’s case.

Update on Affiliations with Home Clubs Uttaranchal Dehra Dun Club Ltd. (1878) 15, New Survey Road, Dehra Dun 248 001. Tel: (0135) 2657353, 2656660, 2655747 Update on Affiliations with Overseas Clubs SINGAPORE Singapore Cricket Club (1852) Connaught Drive, Singapore 179681. Tel: (065) 63389271, 63383121 Fax: (065) 63370119 Email : W : Singapore Recreation Club (1883) B Connaught Drive, Singapore 179682. Tel: (065) 63389367 Fax: (065) 63396563 Email : Web : The Tanglin Club (1865) 5, Stevens Road, Singapore 257 814. Tel: (065) 67394169, 67376011 Fax: 67332391 Email : Web :


May 2011

Excerpts from Feedback received from members: On the financial report for the year “My heartiest congratulations. Just to think that the club got into a forgettable period of unsavory episodes during the year and yet recovered its poise and prestige in such a short time not just by prudent financial management but by wholesome overall achievement, is a tribute to your leadership and undoubted contribution by the other M.C members, all working in unison and purposefully. Congratulations once again on this wonderful achievement.” - Mr. P. V. Maiya (M-394) “Excellent Management. Keep it up.” - Mr. Shirish Mathur (M - 373) “Heartiest congratulations on an excellent financial year!” - Mr. Harish Bijoor “Congratulations. We are seeing a new attitude in you compared to all the previous presidents. The Club is recently becoming a very member friendly. Thank you for informing the members, the highlights of the finances of the club much in advance. Club is changing for good. I do not know whether you agree with me or not, but the club changed for better, once during Dayanand Pai’s president-ship also.” - Mr. Jayaprasad. H. B “Well done! Looks like the Club is in excellent fiscal health.” - Mr. Kishen Bhagavan “The President’s message covers the vital financial discipline in the club. I appreciate this.” - Dr. H G V Reddy, Past President (R - 85) “The way Club has improved all around in its functioning - be its programmes, services, presentations, - makes me feel proud of your leadership and your inspiring of your Team. Maya and I heartily CONGRATULATE you.” - Mr. Radhey P. Agarwal. “Thank you for the message from the President and the heartening news that our finances are going well enough for some benefits to be passed on to the members.” - Mr. R. I. D’Sa (R - 346) “Was happy to seen financial health of the Club & welcome your decision to reduce the food tariff.” - Mr. J. B. Gharpure (G - 153) “Excellent Sir! Keep it up. Needless to say, you have our full support.”- Mr. Vikram Sahgal ”Thank you for the update sent. It is indeed really nice to see the amazing progress that the committee has made in furtherance of taking the club forward. May I offer my heartiest congratulations to each and every one of you and our thanks for your outstanding achievements.” - Mr. Christopher Da Costa (C - 163) “Very well done Mr. President. Congratulations to you & your team!! Best wishes for continuing the good work.” - Mr. T. V. Mohan

“Excellent Report but also a lost opportunity. This was the time to report on the financial performance of the Sports Sections to buttress our position that a huge investment on it would harm the healthy financial position of the Club. ” - Mr. Bhaktavatsala, Past President (B - 39) “Referring to the ‘message from the President’, please do accept my hearty appreciation on the excellent performance and its communication to members. Members will certainly welcome the reduction on catering prices despite the input cost. Please do keep the good work going.” - Mr. A. P. Velayudhan, Past President (V - 93) “I place on record my deep appreciation for the record financial performance under the leadership of the present President. I am a permanent member of your club for the past more than 15 years, first as a corporate member on behalf of Canara Bank and then in my individual capacity. It is a difficult job to produce excellent results in an old club which is more than a century old with all systems and highly regulated club. Service also improved. My congratulations to you all and particularly to present President.- Mr. Y. S. Hegde “I just wish to congratulate you on the wonderful work being done at the club with the introduction of innovative programs and ideas - too numerous to mention here (example: tours, industry visits, library book exchange, golf, international gourmet menus... ). I wish you all the best and hope you and people like you continue bringing this kind of value to the club and its members.” - Kalyanaraman (K 218) On request for assistance to Mr. Shiva “I am very sorry to know of this unfortunate incident that happened to Shiva. Please convey my commiserations to him.” - Mr. Prasanna (P - 262) “Thank you for the mail regarding a member of your staff who has had an accident. It is really good to know that you have taken the initiative to help him- it’s great to reach out to those who you are responsible for. I am touched by your kindness in reaching out to the members to help this man overcome his problem.” - Mr. Nighst F. Mohammed “This is terrible news. I knew Shiva well with his constant smile and his ability to make some of the best tandoor in the city. I will certainly contribute to this program. Our prayers are with him and his family.” - Mr. Burjor Kothawalla (K - 230) On Ugadi lunch “I have had the pleasure of enjoying the sumptuous and (am at a loss to describe my joy and happiness) superb Ugadi lunch in the club. This is my first ever try at the festival lunch and am thoroughly impressed with the quality and the variety. Wish we could have them more often, wish we could meet our friends over such lunch often, please congratulate the team for having put up such good lip smacking food.” - Bhushan Narang (B-222)

Events Calendar

May 2011

M AY 2 0 1 1 FRIDAY








13 The Party

The Odd Couple (Comedy) (PG)

Vintage Car Exhibition 5PM onwards

Open all day upto 7:00PM

Starring:Jack Lemmon, Walter Mathau

Brig. Hill Annual Lecture by Mr. R.Gopalakrishnan

Manorama Baliga Memorial Bridge Tournament

Vintage Car Exhibition


6.30PM onwards

International Gourmet Evening 7:30PM onwards




Annual Titan Quiz conducted by Mr.Charu Sharma

Bumper Whist Drive



Bumper Tombola


Inner Engineering – Peak of Well-being Talk by Isha Foundation



Mr. & Mrs.55 (U)

Guru Dutt Retrospective Starring: Guru Dutt, Madhubala




Cooking Thoroughly Modern Demonstration Mille (Comedy) (PG) 11.00AM


Youth DJ Night


Retro Nite with the Goan Band ‘Forefront’ 8.00PM

Starring:Julie Andrews, James Fox


Starring: Peter Sellers, Claudine Longet






Padmabhushan Dr. L. Subramaniam & Ambi Subramaniam Violin recital 7:00







Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Musical)

May Queen Ball 8.00PM



Sports Night

Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes



Annual Swimming Gala

Weekly events: Wednesday’s: 8PM onwards, Live music at Main Lawn | Thursday’s: Whist Drive & Live music 7.30PM onwards, at Men’s Bar (Ladies allowed to use the men’s bar) Friday’s: 8PM onwards, Retro music at Main lawn | Saturday’s: 8PM onwards, Family evening with recorded music (Children permitted till 11PM) Sunday’s: 12PM - 3.30PM, Sunday Lawn Service with live music Tombola: Wednesday’s from 7PM to 9PM & Sunday’s from 11.30AM onwards


Varieties of beautiful fresh exotic flowers, fillers and foliages.


Beautiful flower arrangements designed for all occasions using glass containers, baskets, etc.

3. Dry hand crafted material, glass containers, baskets are available to design your own arrangements. 4. Hand bouquets with fresh beautiful flowers say it all. 5. Door delivery of flower arrangements, hand bouquets, are also offered. 6. Members from India and abroad could place the order for the delivery of the arrangements directly on the net to us. 7.

Floral decorations at the banquets of the club for all occasions are our expertise.

For enquiries contact:

Published by Bangalore Club, 10,Field Marshal Cariappa Road, Bangalore-560025. Tel: 4022 0000, 6606 0000 Fax: 2227 3605 e-mail: secretary@ |

Dovecot May 2011  

Dovecot May 2011

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