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Dr. Holtroplaan 3 5652 XR EINDHOVEN



18105 ft²

First floor

11959 ft²

Second floor

3294ft m²


33357 ft²


RENT The average rent is €9,19 per square feet. This amount may vary in case of partial letting

MINIMUM LEASE TERM Minimum lease term of 1 year.

PARKING FACILITIES The premises has 44 on-site parking facilities, with the possibility of further expansion. Expenses: €750,- for each parking facility per year.

NOTICE PERIOD The minimum term of notice is one month, prior to the end of the lease term.

VALUE-ADDED TAX All named amounts do not include VAT.



New floor covering; New suspended ceiling; Elevator; (natural) stone stairs; With a flexible layout; Sanitary facilities on each floor; Solar panels; Natural ventilation; Mechanical ventilation and temperature control by air-conditioning units; Heating via radiators; Cafeteria on the second floor.

SPECIAL DETAILS 路The partitioning can be changed to the tenants wishes.


Partitioning The building is a three-floored office building: Ground floor

The ground floor has a surface of 18105 ft². The largest space of the premises, with the small office spaces in it, is also on this floor. Reformation is an option. The areas on the ground floor are anticipated with a suspended ceiling and contains plastered walls. The floors are mostly covered with carpeting and partly with laminate or tiles.

First floor

The first floor has a surface of 11959 ft² and is accessible via the elevator/stairs. At the first floor there is great space which can be used as a showroom. Like the ground floor, the first floor has reformatting options. The showroom panels can be removed if wanted.

Second floor

The second floor has a surface of 3294ft2 and can be used as a cafeteria. This floor has his own accumulated kitchen and contains a few offices. The second floor can also be used for other activities.





Skyline Eindhoven

LOCATION The premises is located at the office area called ‘Poort van Metz’ in Eindhoven. E-ON, Philips NV en Boskamp & Willems attorneys are companies that are also located in this area. The office area is positioned within easy reach of the A2 motorway, in the south-west of Eindhoven.

ACCESSIBILITY Car: The premises is in proximity to a motorway (A2). Public transport: There is a bus stop present just 99 feet from the premises. This bus stop will take you to the train station within 5 minutes.

LAND REGISTERY DETAILS Municipal authorities Strijp, Section E, Number 200


Zoning plan




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