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Our school provides a caring, exciting and challenging learning environment. The unique potential of each and every student is nurtured. The pursuit of excellence is valued by all members of our school community. Kia whakaratorato ai te kura he taiao whakawanawana, He taiao whakawerohia ki aku tamariki He kura kia poipoia, kia whanake ai te pito mata o ia whakatipuranga Kia taea e te tamaiti te whai ki te iti kahurangi

Kia Ora, Welcome to Melville Intermediate School

I extend a warm welcome to all students and their families. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment. We help students achieve their “personal best” by providing stimulating and challenging programmes. Our teachers offer personalised enrichment in a digital learning environment for each and every child in their care. Together we strive to ensure your child is equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes necessary to continue as successful learners at secondary school and beyond as life-long learners. Our school specialises in meeting the learning needs of emerging adolescents. This is reflected in our curriculum and student support programmes. We recognise the importance of the trust you put in us to “get it right” during these important years. Your trust is well placed. Melville Intermediate School has a fine tradition of excellence and innovation. We are committed to excellence in everything we do. I invite you to find out why we are proud of our school. You are welcome to visit our school at your convenience. Further details are available on our website. ( We look forward to you joining our school and being an important part of our learning community. We welcome and value the support and participation of our parents and whanau at all school activities and events. I give you my commitment that we will do our very best to ensure that your child has the strongest possible foundation for their studies at secondary school. Yours sincerely


M.A. (Hons), Dip. Tchg, Dip Ed, Dip. Management Studies, Dip. Business Studies.



What makes Melville Intermediate School the best choice? We provide support and encouragement to every student for the transition from primary to secondary school. We aim to build a solid academic foundation towards success at secondary school. We focus on raising the level of academic achievement for every student. Personalised teaching to ensure each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We set challenging but achievable goals for students and parents. Progress is measured against National Standards and National Curriculum levels. We apply research-proved concepts of “cross-grouping” and “cluster-grouping” to maximise learning in various curriculum areas to develop and extend all students. Teachers who are leaders and innovators in Education. Specialist technology, art, drama and music programmes are available to all students. A digital learning environment at no extra cost to parents. Our school has the highest computer/student ratio of any state school in Hamilton. Leadership qualities are encouraged and students are fully involved in the running of the school. We encourage traditional values of personal responsibility, courtesy, respect and integrity through restorative practices. We have been assessed by the Ministry of Education as a leading school in the Positive Behaviour for Learning programme.



Our Focus on Achievement

LEARNING HOW TO LEARN Students are encouraged to learn the skills they need to be high achievers and successful in every way.

BUILDING FOUNDATIONS In partnership with home and whanau we build an academic

foundation which motivates and encourages children to become “lifelong learners”.

SELF-ASSESSMENT Our school assessments, portfolios, learning profiles and reports are designed to help students “take the next steps” in their learning. Self-assessment plays an important role.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY We have an emphasis on “inquiry learning” through the use of digital technology by all students in every classroom.

HIGHER THAN THE NATIONAL AVERAGE We invest time in motivating and engaging students. National testing

with NZCER shows our students’ engagement with learning is higher than the national average.

CONGRATULATED ON SUCCESS Students are encouraged to be active participants in their own

learning. Students are encouraged to be proud of their achievements.



Choice and challenge In the curriculum

In addition to our integrated classroom programme all students take part in a comprehensive technology programme covering two years.

Melville Intermediate School offers a balanced and exciting

curriculum. We have combined Year 7 and Year 8 classes. Our

programme is carefully planned and integrated over the two years. Each classroom offers enrichment and extension


opportunities for all students.

Hard Materials (wood/metal/plastics) Material Technology Food Technology Bio Technology (Enviroschools) Electronic & Robotic Technology Science and Technology All class teachers cover the core learning areas with special

emphasis on literacy and numeracy. Within the classroom

programme, teachers cater for each student’s academic needs and focus on progress and personal excellence.

Teachers work hard to encourage positive and productive

relationships within their classes. We monitor each child’s

progress carefully and adjust the teaching to provide a personalised






encouraged to work hard in well disciplined and stimulating classroom environments.

All students are involved in a specialist visual art, drama and music programmes.

A strong feature of Melville Intermediate School for many

years has been the choices offered in many innovative and exciting modules. We offer modules in five week blocks twice

a week. Students will participate in up to 16 different modules per year. We continue to introduce new modules that will challenge and excite students.



Information and Communications Technology Art, Drama and Music

Specialist programmes

Academic Extension Cluster Grouping

Te Ao Ipurangi

All classes are provided with enrichment opportunities which ensure that students are extended and appropriately challenged in their individual learning needs and strengths. Information on each student is provided on enrolment forms, achievement data from primary schools and discussions with parents and previous teachers. Those who exceed in specific areas of learning are placed in clusters to ensure they are extended and supported in their work.

Mathematics, Cross-Grouping All students are grouped in Mathematics according to their ability and progress within each class. Children may therefore be in a different class for Mathematics. That grouping may change during the year depending on an individual child’s rate of progress.

Digital Learning We provide a digital learning environment to all our students in every classroom. A digital approach supports our integrated programme where learning is motivating, collaborative, challenging, exciting and effective. Children may bring their own laptops to school to connect to our school network. In 2014 students and their parents can access much of their schoolwork and homework through our school website.

“Enriching Te Reo O Nga Tikanga Maori through a digital environment”. This innovative programme emphasises Tikanga and Te Reo Maori. Digital learning and inquiry learning are important elements of this class. Please indicate on the enrolment form if you would like more information about this programme.

Language Modules Students who want to develop their skill and understanding in Te Reo and Tikanga Maori, Spanish, French and Sign language can elect to do several modules related to these languages.

Sports Development Squad Selection for students to the Sports Development Squad is based on previous successful participation in sport, evidence of leadership potential, commitment and resilience, a competitive approach to sport and an ability to work as part of a team.

Learning Support Programme Every student’s level of learning is reviewed each term to determine what additional learning support might be needed. This can range from adjustments in individual learning programmes to teacher aide assistance.



Special features


Check out the bus service and routes in our Information Pack.

Careers Education & Goal-setting

We take a two year approach to researching and developing skills for students.


Vocal tuition is available to selected students. The choir performs at many community venues.

Computers & TV Studio

We have over 250 networked computers in our school along with a school TV studio run by students.

Cultural Performing Arts Group

We have around 50 students performing Maori, Cook Island, Samoan dance and song. Groups have performed in Australia, Te Papa Museum, Auckland and Coromandel.


Melville Intermediate was the ďŹ rst Enviroschool in 1993. This is now a national scheme. Our Biotechnology garden, complete with hydroponics and worm farms are the centre of our Enviroschool activity. We promote sustainability throughout the school.

ESOL Programme

Students with non-English speaking backgrounds participate in individual and small group programmes to improve communication skills in English.

Gallagher Aquatic Centre

Modern swimming facilities are located just 500m from our school.


Two specialised gymnasiums and specialised physical education teachers are an important part of our programme.

Melville Stars

Our students’ artistic and musical talent is showcased in a concert or talent quest every two years. In 2013 we participated and won the regional Stage Challenge.

Music Tuition

In addition to core music (all students), additional tuition is available to students wishing to advance in music. There is an added cost for this.

Outdoor Education

An opportunity for students to experience the outdoors. In 2014 we will have an Outdoor Activity Week and in 2015 we will have a School Camp Week.

Rock Bands

We provide tuition during school time for these performance groups who compete in several competitions throughout the year.

School Production

Every two years the school performs a major musical and drama production.

Sports Teams

We have a proud tradition of outstanding success and fair play. We compete at the Winter Olympics, the national NZAIMs Games and every inter-intermediate competition.

Student Services

Include a canteen, stationery shop, a sickbay and access to onsite counsellors.

Website and Intranet will take you to a wealth of information about our school and classroom programmes.



Student support and guidance

We are a caring school. Our guidance plan helps to achieve a safe and welcoming school environment in which students can learn and teachers can teach.

There are classroom and playground plans which are displayed in all classrooms and around the school. Our behaviour code is based on our schools STARS values. The school has a clear policy on bullying. It is simply not acceptable. Our anti bullying guarantee ensures that any allegations of bullying are dealt with on the day we hear about it. Our success in dealing with bullying depends on quick and honest communication. Parents know the Principal’s mobile phone number (021-777-947) for when his involvement is needed.

Our behaviour guidance plan is based on reinforcing excellent behaviour. Individual students are awarded “POSITIVE” slips to reinforce good behaviour. The slip is given to the student and put into a regular prize draw. Our school STARS values form the basis for these awards. STARS awards are given out regularly. Students progress from bronze through silver to gold awards. Students are held accountable for inappropriate behaviour. We take a restorative approach to resolving problems. Our staff are trained in facilitating restorative conversations. We make every effort to ensure that students fully understand the consequences of their actions and that they learn from any mistakes they might make. Where necessary, we involve parents and whanau in restorative conversations or restorative conferences. The school has strategies for dealing with any students who might continue to disrupt the learning of others. In such situations we keep parents fully informed and work with them to resolve any problem behaviour. In serious cases a student may be awarded a period of community service to be done under the Principal’s supervision after 3pm.



School Fees

The Ministry of Compulsory Fees Education provides Materials Fee (Payable by all students) guidelines to schools Our compulsory Materials Fee is $20 per student per term or $80 per year. This about what types of fee subsidises the cost of materials and take home components for all of a student’s core technology and art classes and all of their option modules. If the compulsory fees schools materials fee has not been paid students will not be eligible to be involved in school extra-curricular activities and trips. can charge parents. We fully comply with these Music Tuition Fee music tuition is offered to all students. Additional fees are payable guidelines. In addition, Instrumental for this tuition. we invite parents to Camp and Trip fees make a voluntary Trips range from an extended school camp to a brief trip to the Museum. While donation to assist the these trips are not compulsory we encourage parents to support their children give their consent for these educational out of school opportunities. We school to provide the full and provide as much notice as possible for such trips. range of activities which Sports Fees are not covered by Students who are involved in sports and other activities outside the normal Government funding. school programme may be charged a fee. The amount of this fee is based on registration fees charged by sports organisations.

Voluntary Donations

The School Activity Donation is a voluntary tax deductible donation. The amount remains unchanged at $100 per year discountable to $90 if paid by the end of March. It covers many items not covered by Ministry of Education funding to schools. This includes additional Library materials, computers and sports equipment and the school yearbook. If you have more than one child attending Melville Intermediate School the family cost is $150.

Payment Of Fees

Invoices for fees will be issued in late-February. We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit cards at the school office. Automatic payments can be arranged. We have found that these work well especially when set up the year before your child starts Intermediate. Payments can then go towards uniform and stationery for the start of the year and then fees during the school year. We are happy to accept term by term payments. If fees remain unpaid students will find they are not able to use some services and materials provided by the school. In cases of hardship please contact the Principal.

International Students Fees

In 2014, International students will pay a fee of $2,500 per term. Please check the school website for further details.



The School Timetable The School Day 8:30am

Students invited to be in tutor classrooms


Students must be in tutor classrooms

8:50am - 9:50am


9:50am - 11.00am

Block 1

11:00am - 11:20am


11:20am - 12:50pm

Block 2

12:50pm - 1.30pm


1.30pm - 1:50pm


1:50pm - 3:00pm

Block 3


School Finishes

The School Year 2014 Term 1

Wednesday, 29th January to Thursday, 17 April 2013

Year 7 students begin at 8.40am on Wednesday, 29 January; meeting outside the main office area.

Year 8 students first day is Thursday, 30th January.

Term 2

Monday, 5 May - Friday, 4 July

Term 3

Monday, 21 July - Friday, 26 September

Term 4

Monday, 13 October - Friday, 12 December

The School is Closed on: Waitangi Day

Queen's Birthday Labour Day

Thursday, 6 February Monday, 3 June Monday, 27 October

(Easter and Anzac Day are during school holidays)



Uniform Worn with Pride Our uniform is compulsory for all students attending Melville Intermediate School. Wearing correct uniform is a condition of entry.

All Students Uniform Polo Shirt

Regulation GREEN/GOLD short sleeved cotton knit shirt with Melville Intermediate School logo.


Regulation grey shorts. Girls may wear shorts OR skirt (not worn together).

Long Pants (optional)

Regulation grey long pants. No other long pants may be worn.

Polar Fleece

Regulation red Melville Intermediate School’s polar fleece with Melville Intermediate School logo.

Jacket (Shower proof)

Regulation plain red shower proof jacket without logo may be worn to and from school and in the playground all year round.


Melville Intermediate School uniform brimmed hat only to be worn in Terms 1 and 4. The Melville Intermediate School beanie can be worn in Terms 2 and 3. No other hats, beanies or caps to be worn.


Black polishable school shoes only. Black or brown roman school sandals may be worn during Terms 1 and 4. Shoes must be worn in materials technology classrooms.

Girls Uniform Skirt

Regulation grey skirt


Either white above ankle or knee length socks all year. Black socks are not acceptable. Black stockings can be worn in Terms 2 and 3 only. White socks must not be worn with black stockings. Socks or stockings are to be worn with shoes only and not to be worn with sandals.

Boys Uniform Socks

Regulation grey socks with green turndowns. Socks must be worn with shoes but are not to be worn with sandals. Socks to be pulled up at all times.

Physical Education Uniform This uniform is compulsory for all students. It is to be worn during periods of physical activity.



Regulation green Melville Intermediate School’s PE shorts. Not to be worn under the grey dress skirt or dress shorts.

Polo Shirt

Red polo shirt (with collar). No other shirt may be worn.



Other Uniform Items Black or White Long Sleeved T-Shirt

Students may wear a black or white, long sleeved t-shirt under their green uniform polo shirt for extra warmth during Terms 2 and 3 only. No other colours may be worn.


A wristwatch may be worn.

One ear stud or sleeper may be worn in each ear. No other body piercing is permitted. (See Policy on Body Piercing). If crucifixes, bone carving, other taonga or items with special meaning are worn around the neck, they must not be visible. No other jewellery is permitted.


Hair must be clean and styled in such a way as to not bring discredit to the school (Principal’s discretion). Unnatural dyed hair colours are not acceptable. All hair ties, bands and accessories will be in one plain uniform colour.

Fingernail polish

Fingernail polish is not permitted.


Students may wear scarves that are one solid colour of either red, black or green. No other colours may be worn. (Bandanas are not acceptable)


Bags must not have offensive writing or gestures on them.

Naming items

All student gear, including bags, uniform, shoes, books, must be named.

Melville Intermediate School uniforms can be purchased from: NZ Uniforms (Canterbury)

Corner of Tristram and Rostrevor Streets. Free parking behind the shop. Open: Weekdays 9am to 5pm. Saturday 9am to 1.30pm.

Quotes (e.g. WINZ) for ALL uniforms are available from NZ Uniforms and Melville Intermediate School Office and on the enrolment evenings.



Important Information

Absences, Sickness & Emergency

Under the regulations, only illness or other unavoidable causes can be permitted to interfere with regular attendance at school. The school must be notified on the morning of the absence. Parents/caregivers of non-reported absences will be contacted after 9am. If contact is not possible we will refer the absence to Hamilton School Attendance Services for immediate action.


Students are welcome to ride bicycles to and from school and to lock them up during the day in our bike compound. However, we require that students demonstrate an understanding of road safety and road rules related to cycling before they ride their bikes to school. Cycles must be roadworthy and riders must wear a cycle helmet.

Mobile Phones & Digital Devices

Students may bring mobile phones and other digital devices to school ONLY if they have a signed parental permission form. Storage facilities will be provided, however the risk and responsibility for those devices remains with the student.


All of our computers have access to the internet through a carefully filtered and monitored ‘firewall”. A student license signed by parents is required to access the internet. This internet use agreement is included with our enrolment pack.

Found/Lost Property

All property must be clearly marked with the student’s name. Students are not to bring articles of value to school (such as music players, portable games etc). While teachers or the office staff may accept articles for custody and will take all reasonable care, they cannot be held responsible for loss or damage.


A sickbay, administered by the office staff, is designed for unforeseen illness or injury that occurs at school. However, it is only a temporary measure and children who continue to feel unwell will be sent home whenever possible. Parents are asked to ensure that the school has a correct daytime contact telephone number as well as an alternative emergency contact number. Medication If your child needs medication while at school, please notify the office. Clearly mark the medication and ask the student to hand it to the office for safekeeping during the day. Remind him/her to collect it before leaving school at the end of the day. Parents may be required to complete a Permission Slip for dispensing medication. Wherever possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of class time.

Contact Details

Please inform the school office immediately if you change your address, postal address, telephone number/s, or if the alternative contact’s details change.

Damage And Breakage

When negligence or misbehaviour has caused or contributed to damage of school or other people’s property some payment will be required from the student(s) responsible.


Health And Well Being


Mount View Road Hamilton 3206, New Zealand ph +64 7 848 9008 fax +64 7 848 9009 ofďŹ Principal: David Cooke

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