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Letter from the editor Wow, November has arrived and the realisation that Christmas is just around the corner, has come swiftly. This is our last edition for 2013 and what a year it has been. Our very first year, has received incredible support from readers and authors, who have found Imagine This, to be something worthy to read. Feedback receives from readers is they love that Imagine This is filled with great content and not too cluttered. They enjoy finding new authors that have been promoted within. And authors have enjoyed participating in the various interviews, profiles and the like that I have organised this year. The New Year will see the readership grow, plus I will endeavour to create some more exciting content that I know you will just devour to read. A big thank you to my fabulous writer, Anita Makaju who submits monthly content that always connects with me on a big wave length (even though Anita and I are countries away from each other – thank you internet!) and I am sure her content has also touched something inside you. A big thank you to my family as well, my husband who always reminds me – ‘just create the magazine how you want it to be, do not do something because everyone else is’, has been a great support. I love to provide inspiration and dream chasing content. I formed Imagine This, because I love the idea that a picture or a story can create an idea in our minds, as we Imagine the scene play out. A writer’s dream really. A final thank you to the awesome advertisers over the year, as well as all the authors who have given up their valuable time to provide you with awesome reading material. I look forward to discovering more authors and new work in the New Year and sharing it with you all. Thank you Imagine This devoted readers, who make this magazine, mean something great!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! Yours sincerely,

Melanie Toye Editor of Imagine This Click here to become a fan on Facebook Interact on our blog at: Email me at: Disclaimer Not all opinions in this publication are necessarily those of the publishers. No responsibility is taken by Imagine This Publications for any errors, misleading information or the validity of any third party content. This articles, information and anecdotes are not necessarily the original work of the editor or writers. Content thereof published by Imagine This remain the property of Imagine This and cannot be reproduced under any circumstances without prior consent. All published information, to the best of Imagine This knowledge is correct at time of publishing. Copyright All content submitted by a third party is copyright to the author.


Follow Melanie’s blog here: Be kept up to date on other works Melanie is working on: See what eBooks Melanie currently has published here: Written by Melanie Toye Everyday people walk to work. I see people chatting on their mobiles, playing on their iPads, listening to music, walking fiercely and with one direction in mind – work. Lunch time comes shops are filled, coffee huts are packed and take away fast food joints have long queues. The day ends, TV or computer is turned on. Then one hits the pillow. The next day, all is repeated the same. Emails are bombarded from retailers, trying to catch you for their latest product or annual sale. Social media notifications that must be viewed or replied to at the moment, or the latest game addiction, can suck hours from your day. (Even if you are only doing ten minute intervals – to be good).  What are your distractions?  What is taking up your time from doing what you really want to in life?” If thirty years from now, stuck in bed and unable to walk, would you regret all that lost time? When you could have used it to really live the life want, at the time you were healthier? We do need time out, but how much? How much does your time matter to you? Are there other interests in your life that you rarely do because you have no time? I hear you ask the question – what is the solution? Be honest with yourself, but do not feel guilty. When you ask – how much time in a day am I distracted?

If you had just ten minutes of allotted time to do something you would love to do or learn. Do you believe you could find ten minutes from your day to do it? And during those intervals in your life, where you would normally call someone or listen to music on the way to somewhere. If you try just once in a day, during one of those moments to be in the moment and just see your surroundings and give your mind a rest. Just see if you feel your mind is clearer and more refreshed. Two simple acts to help make you recognise that you do have time to do what you want. Plus you have time to reconnect with yourself. Try these techniques today. Be aware of how you feel. By doing this, you become closer to achieving your dreams.

Imagine This Space You go for a walk. Get lost. In doing so, you uncover the most glorious site you have ever seen. A true explorer’s delight. You set your goal to uncovering something new in your every day. Imagine This.

SHADOW LORD Book One of the Second Species By Tony-Paul de Vissage Double Dragon Publishing, 2013 Full-length novel, Kindle/ebook/paperback. “Shadow Lord begins with a wonderful intense scene full of action... and will hook any reader who love vampires and likes something fresh and new.


There is romance and some hot scenes in this one but the paranormal and historical aspect of this novel stands out. The author has obviously done a lot of research and I applaud that depth and eye for detail and this unique new vampire world. The characters are interesting and the writing style dramatic. All in all a very good read that I would highly recommend... a delightful read that had me hooked from the beginning to the powerful end.”-AmberKatzke's Book Blog (Vienna,

Shadow Lord, winner 2009 Maryland Romance Writers “Reveal Your Inner Vixen” contest, Horror category. About Shadow Lord: Men call them vampires. They call themselves aventurieri. For generations, they hide in the mists of the Carpathians away from their human foes. In 1793, everything changes… Their Prince’s assassin is murdered. His son demands revenge. Marek Strigoi’s quest for justice will take him from his Transylvanian homeland to the Hellfire clubs of Vienna and the boudoir of a Parisian Marquise, and a love surviving the centuries but he can’t give up his desire for vengeance. When both the hunter and the hunted are vampires, not even Hell will stand in the way! Buy at Amazon: Buy at Double Dragon Publishing:

Coming soon!

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This Month’s Book Review By Melanie Toye

Wedding Season By Katie Fforde Book Synopsis: Sarah Stratford is a wedding planner hiding a rather inconvenient truth - she doesn't believe in love. Or not for herself, anyway. But as the confetti flutters away on the June breeze of yet another successful wedding she somehow finds herself agreeing to organise two more, on the same day and only two months away. Luckily Sarah has two tried and tested friends on hand to help her. Elsa, an accomplished dress designer who likes to keep a very low profile, and Bron, a multi-talented hairdresser who lives with her unreconstructed boyfriend and who'd like to go solo in more ways than one. As the big day draws near, all three women find that patience is definitely a virtue in the marriage game. And as all their working hours are spent preparing for the weddings of the year, they certainly haven't got any time to even think about love. Or have they? My review: You know when you have those months and really just cannot handle any crime, horror or mystery novels? You really want to read to relax. But how can you when the novel itself hosts too much stress? Well if you are seeking a light read that will help you feel restful and entertained, then this book is for you. Based around the main character - Sarah, a wedding planner who is a non-believer in love. You can already consider what some of the plot may include – weddings, romance and disastrous relationships and more. In addition, you will also fall in love with the girly friendships formed and can imagine yourself there with them. There are lots of twists and turns that you do not see coming. And it is a great escape from reality (if you need it) or just awesome entertainment. I would add this to your must-read book list for the year. You will not regret it. Also ideal for anyone who loves romance and chick lit reads. For more visit here:

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Healthy Body and Mind Why you should walk daily

Do you sit down for more than four hours a day? Office workers, writers, even college students can find themselves sitting down for a minimum of 7-12 hours a day. Considering the general timeframe that we are awake is roughly 16 hours. Spending more than 50% of that time sitting means that the other 50% of your time should be moving. But after a long day sitting, you become too tired to really have the energy to move around. I find that if I wearily spend ten minutes cleaning, my body sees it as a warm up. Although I feel my body pushing through the tired legs and body. Once the task is complete, I have more energy. So much so, that I can go for a long two hour walk, or turn up the music and dance for thirty minutes or do strength exercises in my back yard, outside with the fresh breeze and awe-inspiring sky. I feel refreshed. All types of exercise helps you focus on the moment, clearing your over used thoughts and sometimes helps you find a solution to a problem that you have been thinking about for days. Not to mention the health benefits – lowered blood pressure, a stronger body and mind to fight off disease and sickness. It aids against depression and helps deal with stress. Walking, I find is one of my most treasured exercising traditions. At least twice a week, I ensure I take time out to go for a walk. I discover a new route and look out for something new to see.

“Exploring should be much a part of an adult’s life as it is a child’s.” I might find a tree blooming with new flowers, or a group of trees that inspire a new scene for a chapter in one of my books. If I have had any niggling thoughts, I try and deal with them head on and find a solution by the time I reach home. Make time to walk and stretch your body. Your body is made to be active. Give it the fuel it needs. If, for no other benefit, than to see the glorious beauty this world has to offer.

FIND PEACE Mind chatter. Take five minutes to completely cleanse your mind. Have a pen and paper near. Have no other distractions, mobile, TV etc. – turn it all off. Take three deep breaths. Now imagine what you want your life to be like. Picture yourself achieving your goals and dreams. What is the expression on your face? How do you feel? Take 3 deep breaths and empty all thought. Write down any thoughts that appear, than start again. Feel the energy from your body, from your head to your hands, to your toes. Ask yourself, what you need to do today, to be one step closer to your dreams. Any thoughts – write it down. Breathe. Take a moment to thank yourself for taking the time out to do this. Do it every day for three days. One the fourth day, ask yourself, how do you feel?

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: 'If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?' And whenever the answer has been 'No' for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. ~ Steve Jobs

Movie Review: Jobs By Melanie Toye

“In your life you only get to do so many things and right now we’ve chosen to do this, so let’s make it great.”

I am a creative, positive minded person. And to watch the genius thoughts and words delivered by Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Inc really left a lasting impression. The difference between an artist and Steve Jobs is, he took his creative mindset and his business savvy and combined them to create an unstoppable journey of turning his dreams into reality. For many struggling creative people around the world, having the guts, focus and drive to really get out into the world and sell their craft, can be one of the hardest obstacles they face. They love to create not sell. Personally, I was hooked from the beginning to end as I watched Kutcher’s negotiation tactics out wit and out play any situation. I never knew much about the ever famous Steve Jobs, yet now watching a small taste of what his mind was like. I cannot wait to find out more about him. Obviously, he pushed himself to incredible heights and wanted his colleagues to step out of their task orientated mindset and really brainstorm, what the Apple technology could really do. He had downfalls, yet he recovered and learned from them. The message in this movie is, if you have something great, that you love to do. Sell it to the world. Think about what to create that nobody has ever seen before. Create it. Sell it. Then make it better. Your dreams are key. If you are not doing what you love to do each day, if it all becomes too much, that the fun has been sucked out – change the way you do it.

Sample of Entice Me by Melanie Toye Work again “Miranda, thanks for coming in at such short notice.” Jim said. “Sure, what’s the problem?” “We are hosting an event and I want you in charge. I know you will do a fantastic job. The event will be held this Friday for 1000 people.” Panic started to take hold of Miranda. “This Friday, that is very soon to organise such a large event. Invitations are normally sent out a month in advance.” Miranda replied trying not to sound too apprehensive. “I know and I am sorry for this. The Board of Directors are coming down soon and want to see how the budget is going. Besides all the business you bring in for this company, everyone else has gone stale. This event is in need to boost our client database and in turn increase our pay packets.” “Thank you Jim for giving me this opportunity.” Miranda replied on autopilot. “Miranda, thank you, you are a life saver. Sally will be reporting to you for the event so get her working. If you need any more staff involved, let me know.” He said soundly. Including today Miranda had seven days to prepare for the event. She was feeling low. Jim said she was the only one still bringing in business. So why was she being punished for everyone else’s slackness? Miranda knew she should not feel angry or upset. Obviously Jim had chosen her, because he could rely on her. Reality soon fronted Miranda the reason why Jim had brought her to the office. Jim expected her to begin organising the event today, on her weekend. Miranda promised herself she would only work for an hour. Jim had already left. She did not know why he could not help. She took a deep breath and tried to push out the negative thoughts and focus on the task ahead. She began by writing a task list. Task lists always helped Miranda when she felt too much had to be done at once. She is able to breathe after she can see all the tasks are achievable within the length of time provided. Once an item is completed she takes great pleasure crossing it off the list. First on the agenda, is to think of a theme. Entice Consultancy’s mission is to match perfect candidates to their ideal roles. Miranda always boasted to her clients of the candidate’s star talent. Maybe she could call it Star Night? Hmm, sounds like a pre-school awards night. What about Star bright? Now she rhymed. Come on Miranda think. Star Talent, yes Star Talent worked. Miranda made a few calls to an invitation shop and confirmed an order for 1200 star invitations to be created. She then ran a report from the company’s database detailing all of the current client contacts. They had approximately 500 current clients. She needed 500 more. Miranda looked in the yellow pages to find large companies who might utilise Entice Consultancy’s business and prints out their details. She would ask Sally to call each contact on Monday to find out the name to include on the invitation. Miranda called the caterers to view their menu and price list. Then she drafted up the program for the evening. Miranda glanced at her watch, it was past midday. She had been in the office for over three hours now. True to her word to not work all day, she gathered her belongings and headed for home. On her way home, Miranda’s mobile beeped. “Hello Grant.” Miranda said with a huge smile forming across her face. “Hello lovely lady. I just wanted to see how my pretty lady is going today?” “I was having a relaxing morning until I got called into the office.” Miranda said irritated. “Working on a weekend, when you work so hard during the week? That is very rude of your manager.” He replied angrily and then paused for a moment to remember why he was calling. “Have you finished work for today then?” He asked in a soft voice. “I have decided I have finished for the day however I should probably go back; I have so much to do.” Miranda started to remember the mass amount of work still waiting to be completed and wondered if she should turn around and head back to the office. “Feeling hungry?”

“Yes actually, now you mention it.” “Good, walk over to the botanical gardens and meet me at the front gates. I have a surprise for you.” Read your free sample here: Entice Me is also available at Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and a variety of other online retailers.


Written by Anita Makaju I was in the deep, even somewhere dark the sunlight can’t reach. I was crying to myself with that sorrow and pitch Hope was walking the other way ignoring my occurrence Such was the course; I lost all my grip and perseverance Felt like I was murdered inside, even much inner than my heart’s core Love was never ever, never ever able to hold itself high and soar Where was my life? Where were the others to support my life? My abilities were all disappeared at the peak of that sharp knife Every time I inquired, made inquiry whether it was the end My image said, “Happy it is not, end it cannot be so, let your heart whirlwind” I rose up so high, I broke all the chains, and I was ready to fly so high Truly I loathed that feeling and I realized I was still bound in ties Here is the chain and there are the limits so hard to get rid of I tried and tried, I finally got rid and I saw myself rough and tough Tangled was I, feeble were mine, how could I’ve been perfect? Kept on wondering whether my tireless effort was going to affect My feet were wounded, my eyes were burning, and my destiny seemed so far Intuitions were crying so high, shouting “why don’t you take a car?” With all those intuitions and desires so strong I climbed, climbed and never rest The path was full of thorns, full of pricking sorrows but I reached to the top of the Mount Everest Efforts were mine; motivations were heart’s, these combined to transfigure me to winner Now I’ve been invincible, I was always pulled down when I was a beginner

I reviewed the path, the path I had crossed and so fast I had rushed Kept visualizing the people who seemed so able to distrust my trust A drop of tear rolled down my cheek, with that happiness that I’ve not changed I got beyond the level, that level up to where fellows around had ranged Now I celebrate every invincible moment I’ve been experiencing in those hands Still something doesn’t feel good; my fate is to be written right in this land I still got to be strong, strong enough to reach the top of the success I yearn There’s always going to be a battle and sometimes I have to lose what I’ve learnt So this is my first poem on Imagine This’s edition, so I am still in need of the readers’ support: Follow me on twitter: @makajuanita13 And like my facebook fan page to give me your feedback:

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About Entice Me Miranda is the top recruitment consultant for Entice Consultancy, working long hours to achieve great results. From the outside she appears to have her life in order as a successful career woman. Yet a jealous rival is determined to do anything to take her down and soon Miranda’s life turns problematic. Grace and Louise both met Miranda through work and lead interesting lives of their own. Grace a free spirit, falls in love with a man that appears to be perfect. When her true love goes missing her world soon falls apart. Louise’s eating disorder is pushed to the limit as is her marriage with Mike. Retirement and a new relationship seem like bliss until one night’s event changes everything. Entice Me is a journey that explores life changing events that forces each woman to rediscover themselves and what they are seeking from life. Meltdowns, break-ups, love and laughter make Entice Me into an entertaining read.

Review by Elizabeth Wright on behalf of “Entice Me follows the lives of three women who are caught up in the struggle to find their true selves and work out exactly what they want. This question of life and what we should do with it is something that everyone has pondered over at some point in their lives and many are still struggling with. Melanie Toye uses her novel to delve deeply into the issue and gives her three heroines, Miranda, Grace and Louise, the answer we all long for. Each woman is strong and successful in her chosen career and yet acknowledges that there is still something missing. This question of the balance between a career and family life is very popular in today's culture and is sure to generate a heated discussion amongst women. Toye generously gives her characters very successful work and personal lives, with highly paid glamorous careers and handsome men with bottomless wallets. This gives each woman the chance to make an unbiased decision. If you had the option of financial independence and the perfect man who was completely devoted to you, what would you do with your life? Ultimately, Toye is saying to all of us, your life is in your own hands. Make of it what you will!” Available from:

Please note, this is our last edition for 2013. Have a Merry and safe Christmas and incredible start to the New Year!

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