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David has been a professional driver for 38 years and has been with Melton for 7 years. In a former life, David was an insurance salesman, but always wanted to be a truck driver. When asked what makes Melton different from other companies, David replied, “Melton has a great culture and has an exceptional support system in place for their drivers and top-of-line equipment.” You can read more about David Sunde on page 4.

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If you know Jimmy Gay, you understand that when he is asked how long he has been driving for Melton, he just smiles. His tenure began back in 1984 and he recently exceeded 3 million miles with Melton.

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Jimmy is True Blue through and through. He has only driven OTR for Melton and just can’t see himself working for any other trucking company. You can read more about Jimmy Gay on page 4.

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Ten Ways to Get Organized at Work and At Home Managing Holiday Stress Simple Pleasures to Bring You Close As a Family Over the Holidays

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Congratulate our newest Million Miler, Ken Phillips (pictured with DM Michael Genay). Read more about Ken and the other recent additions to the President’s Club - Don Vasbinder, Terry Hopkins, and Michael Russell on page 4.

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Simplify ALL - lw 1210

Message from The President - Bob Peterson

New Hires & Promotions Cont’d By Dece Bringham, HR Supervisor

Hello Melton Drivers, Welcome to the September/October edition of the Open Line. First, I would like to recognize the October Driver of the Month David Sunde and the October Rookie of the Month Ronald Stephenson. Congratulations to both of these fine drivers. I recently attended the trucking industry’s national conference and had a chance to visit with other trucking CEO’s and senior management members. Whether it’s refrigerated, dry van or flat bed, most trucking companies are experiencing the same difficult freight and driver hiring environment that we are. The economy has just not recovered as quickly as most have predicted and, in my opinion, our political leadership hasn’t helped anything either. Our West Coast freight is up over 32% from last year, with the average length of haul over 1,400 miles. We have also added some new sales resources to the upper Midwest and Canada regions. We have increased our loads to/from Canada by over 20% in the 3rd quarter with an average length of haul over 1,200 miles. Our over-dimensional load focus is resulting in more freight as well. Remember, hauling OD freight pays drivers an extra 8 cpm, and Canada/ Hazmat loads pay an extra 3 cpm. Since freight levels are not where we anticipated, we know we’re not keeping some drivers as busy as they’d like. As a result, we are reducing the current size of the fleet by about 60 trucks by the end of this year. After a 51% increase in our truck count since the Great Depression of 2009, I thought it was time to pause the growth in the company, and focus our efforts on finding more freight for the trucks on the road. Melton makes money the same way our drivers do, therefore, it is our highest priority to keep freight levels high for you to safely haul. When you’re moving and freight levels are high, we are both happy. Currently, we are still developing our equipment plans for next year. We expect to buy 100 larger trucks for our trainers, and sell 100 of our oldest trucks. Hopefully, by not growing the fleet in 2014 and increasing our sales efforts, there will be more freight for you to haul. In addition, taking a break from growth will allow us to spend more time refining our student program. These new hires need a lot of help and coaching – but they also bring a fresh perspective and a strong sense of safety to our organization. To provide a smoother transition into Melton, we have created a group of driver managers that will serve as the initial contact for our new drivers. This group of managers will have smaller fleets and more time to answer questions. The Driver Development Team will be lead by one of our Senior Driver Managers, Mike Potter. We believe this change will help new drivers learn our culture and succeed at Melton. I am happy to report that we have reduced our CSA violations for October dramatically. I know that we made some unpopular decisions to address our problems, but I am proud of your work and diligence. Continue to pay attention to speed transition zones and weigh stations.

Maria Valtierra, Bilingual Driver Manager - Maria is responsible for managing drivers and ensuring each driver is running safely and efficiently. Maria is excited to work for such a great company that appreciates its drivers and employees. Maria completed an Associate’s of Social Science degree from DQ University in California. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, going to movies, and traveling with her family to Pow-Wows.

Rose Gonzales, Extended Coverage Operations – Rose is responsible for providing after hours support to drivers and other departments. Rose comes to us with 4 years of dispatching experience. Some of her hobbies include art, anime, billiards, and video games. Rose is pleased that she has found a fun, exciting place to work that includes great benefits, and genuine care for its employees.

Maritza Loza, Bilingual Accounting Associate - Maritza will be responsible for invoicing, billing, and collections. Maritza comes to us from the Army Reserves, where she has served for the past 2 ½ years as a Power Generator Mechanic. She hopes to continue her education and complete her degree in Electrical Engineering. In her spare time, she enjoys bowling, paintball, dancing, and watching movies.

Bruce Lamont, IT Manager – Bruce will help manage the day-to-day operations of IT – phones, computers, terminal issues, and working on projects for the new building. Bruce comes to us with 10 years of IT and management experience. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Oklahoma State University. One of Bruce’s personal accomplishments was being a 2-time Regional Golden Gloves Champion. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, and son.

C NEXUS Supply Chain Solutions Delivered

Norma Herrera, Logistics Coordinator - Norma started with Melton Truck Lines in 2011 in Operations. In her new position, Norma is responsible for supporting the account managers in finding and coordinating reliable freight service with Conexus. Norma appreciates that we have many growth opportunities for our employees. Her favorite part about the company is that we are family oriented and care about our employees’ health. In Norma’s spare time, she enjoys working out and traveling.

Finally, we have recently received a lot recognition for our efforts. There is a magazine called Logistics Management that surveys its readers annually and asks them to name their best transportation providers. Each carrier is ranked by this readership in—OnTime Performance, Value, Information Technology, Customer Service, Equipment and Operations. This year, over 6,000 readers responded and Melton Truck Lines was recognized as a winner for the 8th time out of 9 years in our category. Melton was recently named one of Tulsa’s Best Places to Work for in 2013. In addition, Oklahoma Magazine honored us with the Greatest Companies to Work for award. Finally, Melton earned its 2nd US President’s E award for Export Service for our outstanding international service. I’d like to thank you for your role in making this a terrific company. It’s one thing for me to say “We’re wonderful and terrific”, but another to receive recognition from outside the company. Be proud of our great company. I am! Until next time, drive and work safely—stay healthy--- and thank you for being part of our terrific company.


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New Hires & Promotions - Melton Truck Lines & Conexus

Safety Awards

By Dece Bringham, HR Supervisor

Joanna Castaneda, Accounting Associate – Joanna is assisting with cash posting, resolving customer issues, and driver payroll reimbursements. Joanna recently received her Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and hopes to complete her Master’s degree someday. She’s excited about the many opportunities at Melton. In her spare time, she enjoys planning parties, interior design, and kick boxing.

Dustin Dennis, Team North Manager – Dustin has been with us for 3 years. In his new position, Dustin will work with the Operations and Sales group to provide structure for our North TAM group. Dustin has 10 years of transportation management experience and a BBA degree in Marketing from NSU. Most recently, Dustin served as our Senior Driver Manager responsible for training, and successfully trained 10 new Operations professionals. We are so proud of his accomplishments.

Lisa Aleshire, Senior Driver Manager - Lisa has been with us for 3 years. In her new position, Lisa will lead a team of Driver Managers and take an active role in training new members of the Operations team. When asked what makes Melton different from other companies she commented, “This is not just a job.” We truly are a family. We care for one another; we challenge each other, and lift each other up when needed.” Lisa encourages new employees to be eager to learn, and remain teachable. In her spare time, she enjoys fishing, working on her land, and spending time with her family.

Blue Knight Alton Mercer with Katrina Cromartie receiving his BK jacket

Blue Knight Bernard Small - 3 years Ron Stephenson - 1 year safe with safe with DM Wanda Cozart DM Staci Butler

Ambassador Alton Jackson - 20 years safe with President Bob Peterson and SDM Katrina Cromartie

Ambassador AJ Winans - 10 years safe with President Bob Peterson and SDM Ramona Williams

Blue Knight Ed LaChance - 6 years Steve Bossman-1 year safe with DM Wanda Cozart safe with Melissa Stephan and Karie DuBois

Owner Operator and Blue Knight Mitch Henize - 7 years safe with DM Dylan Davis

Mike Potter, Senior Driver Manager (Driver Development Team) - Mike has been with us for 8 years. In his new position, Mike and his team will work with the new drivers coming out of orientation. His focus will be increasing the success rate of new drivers by teaching them how to be more efficient and productive as they adjust to Melton’s standards. Mike believes that Melton is different from other companies because Bob truly cares about his employees and that attitude flows down to everyone else. When asked what it takes to be successful at Melton, he states, “Arrive to work early; work when there is work to do, and stay until the job is complete.” In Mike’s spare time, he enjoys watching NASCAR and running.

Jenny Benitez, License & Permits Coordinator - Jenny has been with us for 2 years. In her new position, she will be responsible for assisting driver needs with their truck boxes, permit books, and processing necessary paperwork to keep our tractors and trailers fully operational for hauling loads. She believes that Melton’s family-oriented community sets it apart from other companies. One of her favorite parts about Melton is the on-site clinics; a doctor and nurse are just steps away if she needs medical attention. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping and spending time with her family.

Blue Knight Terry Edwards - 6 years Owner Operator and Blue Knight safe with Melissa Stephan and Karie Shawn Davis - 6 years safe with DM Mike Potter DuBois

Ambassador Melvin Eason -13 years safe with SDM Katrina Cromartie

Ken Becker - 1 year safe with DM Staci Butler

Chris Newton, Lead Associate - Chris is responsible for background investigations, and qualifying and scheduling new drivers. Chris comes to us with 4 years of HR experience. He is close to finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University. Chris’ favorite part about working at Melton is providing the right person with a great a job, at an exceptional company.

Gebsy Gramajo, Engagement Coordinator- Gebsy is responsible for conducting driver surveys and interviews. Her work is intended to take the pulse of our drivers so that we can highlight our successes, communicate our benefits, and identify challenges early. Gebsy brings 4 years of customer service experience from working in her family’s business. She enjoys her part-time hours because it allows her to balance work and time with her daughter.


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Ambassador Nate Virgil - 13 years safe with SDM Katrina Cromartie

Ambassador Raul Munoz - 10 years safe with President Bob Peterson

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Top Fleets: Best Average M.P.G. August Top MPG Fleet

David Sunde - October Driver of the Month When asked what tips David has to help other drivers be successful, he said, “Making yourself available to help others will help you live a fulfilling life. Studying different loads and securement techniques, being mindful of your surroundings, and taking your time will help you succeed in the flatbed industry.� David was born and raised in Minnesota, but now calls Texas home. When David is not on the road, he enjoys watching reality TV and reading Science Fiction and Mystery novels.

Jimmy Gay - Three Million Melton Miles Jimmy is an outstanding example of success at Melton Truck Lines. Not only does he have 3 million miles with Melton, but Jimmy has gotten those miles with over 25 years of safe driving and has held the title of Driver of the Month 3 times! Everyone at Melton is so incredibly proud of Jimmy for his accomplishments.

1. Amy Smith, Fleet 21 with an average of 6.66 MPG 2. Paul Owens, Fleet 27 with an average of 6.64 MPG 2. Aaron Campbell, Fleet 12 with an average of 6.64 MPG 3. Katrina Cromartie, Fleet 19 with an average of 6.63 MPG Entire fleet average was 6.54 MPG for August September Top MPG Fleet 1. Amy Smith, Fleet, 21 with an average of 6.68 MPG 2. Staci Butler, Fleet 23 with an average of 6.60 MPG 3. Matt Stillwell, Fleet 25 with an average of 6.59 MPG Entire fleet average was 6.55 MPG for September

Top Fleets: Best Expert Fuel Compliance Our Newest Ambassador Club Members Meet our newest Ambassadors. These professionals have driven a million miles safe with Melton. Ambassadors Club members receive: Truck Decals, Custom Truck Color, $2,000 in Custom Additions, Profit Sharing, 10% Company Store Discount, Card Key Access, and a Million Mile Jacket.

Terry Hopkins

Hire Date: 01/22/02 Years Safe: 9

Michael Russell Hire Date: 01/06/04 Years Safe: 8

Don Vasbinder Hire Date: 4/7/05 Years Safe: 8

August Top Compliance Fleet 1. Wanda Cozart, Fleet 14 with compliance of 86.10% 2. Aaron Campbell, Fleet 12 with compliance of 82.88% 3. Julayne Stinnett, Fleet 22 with compliance of 81.80% Entire fleet compliance was 78.00% September Top Compliance Fleet 1. Wanda Cozart, Fleet 14 with compliance of 87.00% 2. Todd Yokum, Fleet 22 with compliance of 84.06% 3. Amy Smith, Fleet 21 with compliance of 81.48%

Ken Phillips

Entire fleet compliance was 77.20%

Hire Date: 11/12/97 Years Safe: 10

Top Fleets: Totals Based on Driver Score Card September Top Fleets Based on Driver Score Card 1. Katrina Cromartie, Fleet 19 with a total of 201 points 2. Roberto Torres, Fleet 15 with a total of 198 points 2. Ramona Williams, Fleet 10 with a total of 198 points 3. Dylan Davis, Fleet 07 with a total of 197 points Entire fleet average was 181 points for September


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Top 100 Driver Leader Board

An Update from Your Sales Team By Dan Taylor, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Overall economic growth has been somewhat less than all the economists and Washington pundits projected this year, but we are still in the midst of a steady, slow growing market. The 4th quarter will present its usual seasonal challenges but we have been working hard to increase our freight levels and options on several fronts. Our market analysis indicated that the Western 11 states present a high growth opportunity with the potential for long length of hauls, open roads, and favorable driving conditions. To capitalize on this opportunity, in May of this year we added an experienced Regional Sales Manager to focus exclusively on building our freight options in the Western 11 states. The results so far are very positive. Load volumes to the Western 11 states are up over 32% year to date with average length of hauls just over 1,400 miles! And, we have added many new accounts in the region to get trucks reloaded faster. We also identified a need to increase our sales penetration in the upper Midwest and Canada. To provide better coverage, we realigned some existing sales regions and added a new Regional Sales Manager. These actions better position us to maximize our freight opportunities in the important Upper Midwest/Canada areas. The early indications are very favorable as we increased our combined loads to/from Canada by over 20% in the 3rd quarter of 2013 vs. the 3rd quarter of 2012. The average length of haul to Canada is over 1200 miles, not to mention the additional driver pay on Canada loads. Another new area of emphasis is over-dimensional loads. We dedicated a position exclusively to increasing our overdimensional freight opportunities, managing the permits, routes, and assisting drivers as needed with OD loads. Last year we averaged 19 OD loads per month. I’m happy to report with this additional focus, our OD load counts have risen to as many as 100 loads in a month with an average YTD of 58 and the numbers are climbing each month. We increased driver pay by an additional $ .08 per mile on OD loads! I am pleased with the success our detention program. Drivers are making more detention pay than ever before, while the number of loads going into detention at Shippers & Consignees is less than last year. This means that you as drivers, and we as a company, are doing a better job enforcing our load times and detention fees with customers. But most importantly, it indicates drivers are being held up less time at Shippers & Consignees than in the past. Customers are gradually getting the message that time is money to drivers and we have seen some significant improvements in load/unload times with several key customers. While the 4th quarter is never as robust as the summer, indications are that freight will be available but we will all have to work harder to secure that freight. This means we will have to knock on more doors and ring more phones to keep trucks rolling. Driver Managers and drivers will have to be extra prudent in trip planning and running hard on the loads as assigned. The 4th quarter is always more competitive – and I welcome this competition as it gives us more opportunity to show Shippers why they have chosen the BEST of the BEST when they use Melton.


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Welcome to The Conexus Corner

By Rick Vincent, Director of Safety and Driver Training

Where you can find all your news and updates about Conexus Logistics

Greetings from the Safety Department!

Conexus Hosts OSU Students

Our 2013 Safety Campaign is in full swing. As you see, we focus on 4 monthly topics that reinforce good driving habits, safe working tips, load securement tips, and fuel conservation updates.

By Aubrey Blankenship, Marketing Manager

On July 23rd, Conexus was honored to host 14 OSU students and their professor at Conexus’ headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The group is studying logistics in Mexico through OSU’s

We deliver the required training to you in a number of ways –hotline messages, daily terminal safety meetings, terminal monitors, online training links, email blasts, QUALCOMM tips, and driver manager reinforcement. Please make sure we have an email address for you so you can receive our weekly Safety email. You can also friend us on Facebook to see receive the weekly training topics. Remember that participating in the training will earn you extra points on your scorecard.

School of International Studies and was on an extended visit to the United States. During the tour, the students had the opportunity to experience the ins and outs of a logistics company while touring the headquarters of both Conexus and its sister company Melton Truck Lines. The highlight of the tour was when students were given the opportunity to climb

In October, we will be focusing on:

up in the cab of one of Melton Truck Lines’ trucks. “We were honored when OSU asked if we could host their students for the afternoon,” said Kyle Gholston, Vice President of Conexus. “We are very proud of what we do here at Conexus and were more than happy to let OSU’s students look behind the curtain at how we operate. It is our hope that seeing the passion we have for logistics will help drive the students to their own future success.” After an afternoon of learning, touring and photo-taking, the students returned to OSU’s Stillwater campus with smiles on their faces, lasting memories and plenty of Conexus branded gear.

Right Hand Turns - Making right hands turns can be a challenge depending on the environment. Set up the turn by evaluating room available, checking mirrors and traffic conditions. Communicate your intention well in advance. As the turn is being made, constantly check your mirrors because other vehicles can and will take advantage of any space you leave while making the turn. E-Log Flags - Form and Manner violations are the number one DOT log violation. Always make sure you flag your load check/tire check, pre and or post trips etc. Compliance in many cases is all about the details. Avoid these preventable violations by taking the time to complete the details. A/C Securement – Air conditioners are typically a fairly straight-forward load to secured. AC loads are unique because they are more fragile material than most of the freight you will secure. Take special care in securement placement (normally identified by the shipper) and do not over tighten your straps.

Conexus Concludes Employee Exchange Program In May, 2013, Conexus kicked off its employee exchange program. Designed to share

MPG - Fuel cost as you know is a large cost of doing business. Following your fuel solution plays a significant role in helping to control our cost. Expert Fuel takes advantage of pricing throughout your route and when followed can reduce the expense of the trip significantly. Always follow your fuel solution and call your DM if you feel there are necessary changes

knowledge, experience and insights between offices, one Conexus employee from the Tulsa

to be made.

By Aubrey Blankenship, Marketing Manager

headquarters switched places with one Conexus employee from the Laredo office for a period of four months. Andres Garza, an International Account Manager from the Laredo office switched places with Kevin Hill, an Account Manager from the Tulsa office. Conexus set them both up with temporary housing during their time and then let the information sharing

Driver Kudos

begin. “What’s great about our employee exchange program is that we had the opportunity to fully integrate the knowledge from one office into another,” said Kyle Gholston, Vice President of Conexus. “Our two offices are substantially different – with Laredo focused mainly on international business into Mexico and our Tulsa office mostly focused on domestic and Canada business. The employee exchange program allowed for complete knowledge integration of both offices and gave two of our employees a very unique opportunity to experience another part of the country.” The employee exchange program officially ends this month when at least one of the two employees will be returning home. Kevin Hill was offered an opportunity to stay and continue working at the Laredo office for an indefinite period of time which he accepted and he will remain a part of the Laredo team. September/October

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1. William Reynolds would like to thank William Alexander for helping him with a load and making sure everything was right. 2. A recent customer wanted to thank Darren Cundiff for his excellent service. The customer said the following about Darren, “If all of your employees are like Darren, you have struck it rich. He was honorable, professional, kind, and very light-hearted.” Thank you, Darren, for doing your job with excellence – Kudos to you! 3. It was just a normal day on the road for Harry Welker and his trainee Jason Castrodad. They stopped for their 30 minute break in Kannapolis, KS. After stretching their legs, they returned to their truck and noticed that a highway patrol car had stopped behind another vehicle close by. The officer approached the vehicle and asked the driver to get out of his car. Once the man stepped out of the car, he attacked the officer and eventually pulled out a gun. The man was erratic and out of control – and it appeared that it would be just a matter of time before the guy would have overpowered the officer. Both Harry and Jason jumped out of the truck to help the officer. With our drivers’ help, the officer subdued the man. The officer was so thankful for the intervention because the perpetrator was wanted for murder in another state. | Page 15

Happy Anniversary - Years of Service

Deer Strikes on the Rise


By Patti Arroyo, Claims Manager It’s that time of year again! An industry friend and fellow safe carrier experienced a tragic accident, killing 7 people in an accident that started with a simple deer strike. Please note that claims for deer strikes across several states increase during this time and we definitely have our fair share of them each year. Deer strike incidents cost Melton thousands of dollars each year. In 2012, we had 40 deer strikes in 22 states that cost Melton $86,000 and our drivers lost wages during downtime for the truck repairs. With 2 months still to go in 2013, we have already had 38 deer strikes in 20 states with similar repair expenses. Our history shows that these incidents are most common in May, June and October through December. While we had deer strike incidents in 28 states (both years combined), the heaviest activity for both years has been in Missouri and Texas. But don’t get complacent when driving in other states - they are everywhere! Fortunately, our drivers reacted accordingly in each of the above incidents and did not drive off the road in an attempt to avoid the deer. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that deer-vehicle collisions result in more than 150 fatalities annually and cause over $1 billion dollars in damage as well. Research shows that some recommendations for avoiding deer collisions are: Collisions occur most often in prime deer habitat, but they can also occur on busy interstates. One deer means more deer. Deer travel in herds and if you see one, slow down, as there may be many more. The highest risk times for deer-vehicle collisions are from sunset to midnight and during the hours shortly before and after sunrise. Choose your route wisely and accordingly. Narrower county roads may be shorter to your destination, but with the decrease in overall speed required to navigate them safely and adding in the aspect of deer in the road, it may be better to stay on more heavily traveled areas, such as the interstate. One of the best ways to avoid deer collisions is to drive at a safe speed, especially in areas with deer warning signs. These signs are strategically placed in areas known to be frequented by wildlife. Heed the signs, slow down, and be prepared to take evasive action, which includes being able to quickly slow down, brake suddenly, or turn down blinding headlights. When driving at night, use high beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. The high beams will better illuminate the eyes of deer on or near the roadway. Brake firmly when you notice a deer in or near your path, but stay in your lane and blow your horn with one long blast to frighten the deer away. Drive so that you are able to stop within the space of your headlights. Actively scan both sides of the road as you drive for any signs of wildlife - they love the grass medians. If you see flashing lights (hazard or headlights), hear tooting horns, or see people waving madly about, slow down and be ready to stop! Always wear your seat belt and stay alert!


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September Anniversaries Roger Dishong 23 Deborah C. Green 23 Thomas Compton 20 Mary L. Self 19 Daniel Ocasio 16 Robert Francis 13 Melissa A. Stephan 12 Kristi M. Weathers 12 Lamar Degges 11 Scott Stephan 11 Michael J. Tucker 11 Dan C. Taylor 10 Ramona R. Williams 8 James Monclair 7 David Sunde 7 Christopher B. Forister 7 Shawn Davis 6 Robert Miller 6 John B. White 6 Jeffery K. Gholston 5 Duane Cousins 5 Michael K. Dukes 5 Stuart Vandenberg 5 Kevin Vang 5 Cinthia V. Molina 4

Kenneth Conatser 4 Brandon W. Norris 3 Jesus Arellano 3 Mark Elam 3 Juan C. Garcia 3 Keith Provost 3 Eric Shaw 3 Dylan Davis 3 Lisa M. Glenn 3 Martin R. Trevino 3 Patrick Diventi 3 Jack Putz, Jr. 3 Jerome Chapman 2 Kenneth Donnelley 2 Victor Garcia 2 Michael Greenwell 2 Kevin Harr 2 Ryan Kittridge 2 Jerry Parson 2 Jeffrey Paulsen 2 David Potzner 2 Jean Providance 2 Anthony Vaughan 2 Jennifer C. Benitez 2 Staci R. Butler 2

Elizabeth M. Ludinich 2 Marilyn Surber 2 Eric Alveshire 1 Charles Bass 1 John Donovan 1 Kenneth Draeger 1 Randy Durant 1 Raymond Durk 1 Brandon Fisher 1 Michael Hunter 1 Thomas Keller 1 Kenneth Moss 1 Sirdarious Parker 1 Brian Rogers 1 Johnny Smith 1 Joshua Tallent 1 Hilda V. Espinoza 1 Jesse A. Richesin 1 Derek M. Swift 1 Christopher Whitlock 1 Andres M. Garza 1

October Anniversaries Ronnie R. Hardiman 35 John Hall 20 Ricky D. Green 19 Dean D. Reaves 17 Sabino Alvarez 16 Renita J. Alcaraz 16 Lisa D. Mason 15 Dunane E. Block 14 Corkey Gault 12 Jeff J. Robinson 12 Bill R. Richison 12 Christopher Sampson 10 Carolyn L. Totten 7 William Alexander 6 James Malone 6 Albert Shed 6 Paul R. Baker 6 Eric C. Boyles 6 Allison Humphries 6 Roger Hays 6 Clyde Alexander 5 Eva Gray 5 James A. Johnson 5 Mark W. Cruzon 5 Dave K. Voller 5

Thomas Compton 4 Michael Dewar 4 Clyde Roark 4 Henry Sanchez 4 Larry Cutcher 3 Fernando Fuentes 3 David Simons 3 Jay Willoughby 3 Ron S. Hembree 3 Ricky Brock 2 Leslie Brown 2 John Casas 2 Patrick Coblentz 2 Kenneth Coleman 2 Gerald Donnafield 2 Jeffrey Granat 2 Paul Hall 2 John M. Johnson 2 David Leasure, Jr. 2 Justin Livingston 2 Thomas Okoniewski 2 Ronaldo Panaligan 2 Cesar Ramirez 2 Olaf Sword 2 Michael T. Potter 2

Pax Rolfe 2 Michael S. Richardson 1 Stephen Bailey 1 Alejandro Bauta 1 Willie Bobo 1 Gary Chesser 1 Gavin Dubois 1 Joseph Godsey 1 Barry Hager 1 Douglas Kosowski 1 Norman Kressler, Jr. 1 Brian Libberton 1 Johnny Melton 1 Charles Redgrave 1 Charles Schreck 1 Jimmy Stout, Jr. 1 Robert Wyatt 1 Kendra Updike 1

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Home Time Flags By Mary Gosnell, Operations Manager Your home time is important to us! Time at home with family and friends is a major key to being happy and successful in life. Just one year ago, Melton Truck Lines implemented ‘Guaranteed Home Time’ for drivers who have been with us for four months or more. In addition to our regular home time requests, where we get you home as close to the date you request as freight will allow, we have Guaranteed Home Time (GHT). GHT is one date per six months that you are guaranteed to be home on the date requested, so that you can be sure not to miss important personal or family events. We’ve had great success with this program! But we need your help to ensure we meet your expectations. It’s important to remember the GHT request guarantees that you will arrive on the day you request – but not at a specific time. That means if you need to be home on Monday for an 11:00 AM appointment, your Guaranteed Home Time request needs to be for Sunday, not Monday. We’ve had a few situations where drivers have had a critical appointment (court, doctor, graduation, etc) and not used their GHT request. This can lead to some stressful times for the Driver, the Driver Manager and the TAM once it is evident that the Driver really needs to be home at a specific date and time. If you aren’t sure whether you should use a GHT versus a regular home time request, please talk with your Driver Manager. Let them know if there is anything special about your trip home and they can assist in assigning the proper flag. Remember, the GHT requests cannot be accumulated, so ‘Use It or Lose It!’ If you have any questions about flagging for home time, regular or GHT, please ask your DM next time you talk with them.

Shop Talk By Jeff Robinson, Sr.Vice President of Maintenance Winter weather is approaching and it’s time to get your truck ready. Here are a few tips: • If your truck uses DEF fluid (UREA), do NOT add any type of winter conditioner to the DEF tank. The DEF system has a built-in heater that will keep the DEF fluid at the proper temperature. If any fluid other that DEF is added to this system, severe damage will result. • Using fuel system additive labeled WINTER CONDITIONER is required when cold weather arrives. Follow the directions on the container to properly mix the additive in the fuel tanks. All Melton locations will have quarts of WINTER FUEL CONDITIONER available. Contact Melton’s Road Service for help in purchasing some on the road if necessary. • Proper tire pressure and visual inspections of the tires will prevent tire problems due to the extreme cold temperatures. Save yourself time by CHECKING YOUR TIRES (with a Tire gauge)! If you see problems, call Outside Repair. • Raise the hood and give the engine area a good inspection. Look for worn fan belts, leaking radiator hoses, or anything that looks like trouble. • Check windshield fluid and wiper blades to make winter weather a more tolerable. When you go to a Melton terminal, have these items checked. Tell the inspection staff if you are having any problems with the heater/defroster system. Let’s gets this stuff fixed early and not wait until it is 10 degrees outside! • Chain laws go into effect in OCTOBER. Make sure you have cables or chains on your truck -- it’s a DOT requirement. Cables /chains will be available at all Melton locations. September/October

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How to Maximize My Earning Potential By Eric Boyles, Terminal Manager - Masury As a professional truck driver, the winter months always brings additional challenges. There are many things that we can do to help maximize the miles/money we are making weekly, even in the slower freight times. Below are some key areas to focus on in both winter and summer months. Take a minute to answer the questions below and act on them if it is warranted. 1. Preventative maintenance is a key component to keeping your truck moving. A) Did you perform a thorough PreTrip/Post-Trip? Please call Outside Repair with any issues. B) Are you using Anti-Gel during the cold months to prevent a freeze-up? Anti Gel is available at all terminals or contact Outside Repair. C) When is your next PM due? Have you topped off your fluids? D) Is your APU running properly? Look for issues before they become problems! 2. Operationally speaking, there are some things you can do maximize your productivity. A) Are you delivering early whenever possible? Always try to get to your delivery as soon as possible and try to get unloaded. The sooner you are empty, the sooner you can be dispatched on your next load. B) Trip Planning is a critical tool that is essential for every trip. During the winter months, be aware of some additional info that is required to run an efficient trip. Are you running into bad weather, which can lead to road closures, delays, etc.? C) Send in your Macro 63 every day you are making a delivery by 0700. This will let your DM and the Planner know what you can legally do that day after you empty. They are striving to turn your tires as much as possible. D) Do you have the proper gear with you for the winter months? Coveralls? Weather-Proof Boots? Additional gloves? Some form of head covering? If you are sick, you can’t work. Always remember that communication with your Driver Manager is very important. Make sure you are sending in all of your Macro’s and please let him/her know if you need anything. We are all in this together to keep you and your truck running as productively as possible. Thanks for your continued hard work!

Radio Melton is another great way to stay in touch with Melton Truck Lines. Please, “Tune In” often as we bring you more great information on a wide variety of subjects. To kick it off, we’re bringing you a series of Medical Minutes, featuring our Company President, Bob Peterson and Melton’s Medical Director, Dr. Scott Conard. You can access Radio Melton by visiting Thanks for listening!


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Welcome to Open Enrollment for 2014 Cont’d

Welcome to Open Enrollment for 2014 By Shelly Fisher, Benefits Manager

For assistance selecting a Medical Option please contact Melton’s Compass Health Pro, Kelly Cochran at (800) 513-1667 ext 601.

Open enrollment begins on 11/1/13 and ends on 11/30/13. All elections and changes you make during this period will be effective 1/1/14.

For assistance with an UltiPro password, please call Kevin at (918) 270-9404.

All benefit elections for 2014 will be made in UltiPro. To login to UltiPro, please follow the instructions below: Website: Login: driver code (for drivers)/ AS400 login (for office staff) Default password: birthdate Example: 09051900 Password: Drivercode@last 4 digits of social security number Example: Surm@1234

For other Benefit questions or making elections in UltiPro, please call the Benefit Team - Kelsey, Stacy, or Shelly at (918) 270-9455.

If you are keeping your benefits the same for 2014 then no action is needed on your part in UltiPro. Reminder: the medical reimbursement account and the dependent reimbursement accounts (flexible spending accounts) must be elected each year.

If you are keeping your benefits the same for 2014 then no action is needed on your part in UltiPro. Reminder: the medical reimbursement account and the dependent reimbursement account (flexible spending accounts) must be elected each year.

If you wish to elect for the first time or make changes please make them on UltiPro. Attached is a handout with tips about making Open Enrollment elections in UltiPro. Any elections you make in UltiPro will override any existing elections or beneficiaries so please proof the confirmation page prior to clicking the submit button.

If you want to elect for the first time or make changes for 2014, please follow the steps listed below:

Internet Explorer of 8 or higher is needed to make benefit elections in UltiPro. There are compatible computer terminals available in Tulsa (in the Safety department) and Laredo (in the Safety trailer) for you to use if your computer does not have IE 8 or above. You can also have your browser updated to IE 8. If you need to do so, please put in a request with IT @ http://mtlsupport/scripts/TIWebPortal/TrackItUser.asp.

1. Getting started – Watch the Quick Tour “Making Open Enrollment Elections” – which is available on the right hand side of your Ultipro Open Enrollment Page. 2. Begin the process by selecting the Next arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. This will bring you to the Verify Beneficiary and Dependent screen where you will enter your beneficiary and dependent information.

As a reminder, the medical reimbursement account and the dependent reimbursement accounts (flex accounts) must be elected each year. These tax savings plan are great, but anticipate your medical or child care expenses closely.

You will need Social Security number and birth date for your dependents to complete this section. Click on the green Add button to add your dependent’s information. 3. You can save a draft of your benefits elections until you are ready to finalize them. If you need to save a draft – click on the draft button located in the upper right corner of the screen. 4. The elections you make in Open Enrollment will override any previous elections so be sure UltiPro is accurate (i.e. if you currently have Short Term Disability and want to keep Short Term Disability be sure to mark elect). To see your current election click the drop down arrow in the upper right hand box.

You now have enhanced access to quality healthcare with reduced wait times and the ability to schedule prompt appointments for urgent needs. Drivers, we will work to get you in.

Once you have finished making all changes and election choices, click the Submit button located in the upper right corner of the screen. NOTE: Only when you hit “Submit” have you made the elections. Once you have clicked the Submit button, your changes are final. 5. You will then have the option to print out your final selections at the end – this will be your confirmation statement. 6. If you make or increase a Supplemental Life election over $10,000 for yourself or $5,000 for your spouse an Evidence of Insurability Application must be approved by the provider. Please complete the attached Evidence of Insurability form and return to the Benefit Team by November 30, 2013 otherwise the life insurance will be declined automatically.


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Openline September - October  
Openline September - October  

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