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Don & Mardele Atchison

Spring 2010



Up close and personal with Don and Mardele Atchison BY EDWARD WILLETT


askatoon Mayor Donald Atchison likes to say anyone who doesn’t like the way things are going in this city should call his wife, Mardele, “because she was the one who encouraged me to run.” It’s a joke, of course, and yet there’s an element of truth to it. She was the one who encouraged him to run, first for city council and then for mayor, and Atchison makes it clear that if it weren’t for her support, he wouldn’t be able to continue to serve as mayor today. In fact, if there’s one thing that shines through a conversation with the mayor more than anything else, it’s his love and


| Spring 2010

appreciation for his wife. Don met Mardele Assaly in high school, at Walter Murray Collegiate. “My brother (Doug) was a real charmer,” he recalls. “She was more interested in my brother than me. But he moved away afterward. Mardele and I met again one day, one thing led to the next, and we ended up getting married. It’s been wonderful.” Mardele, Don says, basically raised their five children, Jason, Carrie, Don Jr., Brielle and Aria. They’re all grown now—the youngest is 25, four are married (and have given Don and Mardele five grandchildren) and Aria is getting

married in August. “Mardele is a wonderful parent,” Don says. “She is very good. She’s the one who was really the guiding principle with the kids.” It seems clear she’s also been a guiding principle for the mayor. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Mardele, I know that. She is just a wonderful person, a great wife, and a great friend.” But Don also pays tribute to his parents, Frank and Martha. When Don was born, Frank was working with CN as an engineer, and Martha was in real estate. But Frank had been in menswear just after the war, and in the early ’70s he returned to it. Today, in their mid-80s, Frank and

Martha continue to run Atch & Co. at 214 21st St. E. (a store Don was very involved with up until he was elected mayor), and continue to campaign for their son when election time rolls around.

“A great childhood” Born and raised in Saskatoon, Don says he had “a great childhood.” Not only did he have “a really good family life,” along with his brother Doug and sister Debbie, “I got to play most of the sports in our city. I had a wonderful experience. “When I was in Grade 8 I got to play in the East Side/West Side All-Star Hockey Game, the last one ever held in Saskatoon. The rink was full.” He played pee wee hockey, midget hockey, juvenile hockey, and eventually played for the Blades. “I also played for the Saskatoon Macs, which became the Saskatoon Quakers, and played in the first-ever Canada Winter Games, held right here in Saskatoon.”

And, he adds proudly, “Either my Mom or my Dad were at every hockey game I ever played in Saskatoon. They always came to watch, one or the other.” He also played golf and football. At Walter Murray, in four years on the team, he was rookie of the year one year in senior football and captain as well. “I think that was another great learning experience,” he says. “I was really fortunate in all my sports to have wonderful coaches.” From the Blades, Don was drafted by the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League, who put him into their farm teams. “I played in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and I played in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and I played in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, on the team the movie Slapshot was about.” (And in case you’re wondering, Don says “a lot of that movie was very factual.”) He was eventually called up to the Penguins as a backup goaltender, but he never actually played in an NHL game. Still, he says, “I was really lucky to have

experienced all of that.”

Farewell to hockey After a while, though, he had to choose between continuing to play hockey, and potentially spending his entire career in the minors, or hanging up his skates. “I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the minor leagues, so I left hockey and came back to work in the store.” Not that “leaving hockey” meant leaving it entirely. He soon became involved with the junior Quakers, coaching the team and eventually owning it. He took the team to Europe twice, and even coached it in the Canada Winter Games, a nice bit of symmetry since he had played in the first-ever Canada Winter Games with the same team. Later on, he coached goaltenders for the Blades. Everything, though he didn’t think of it that way at the time, was preparing him for being in politics. “In a lot of ways sports and retail experience gives you a good mix,” he says. “Harry Truman was Spring 2010


posed to the private sector,” Don says. If you own a business, he points out, you can simply show up one morning and say, “This is how it’s going to be.” “In government it works more on the basis of consensus-building,” he says. “I had to learn to understand all of that.” In the years he served on city council, he used to say to himself, “If I was the mayor, I would do it this way or that way...and then one day after nine years I decided that it was time to run for mayor.” The result? “The citizens of Saskatoon were really kind, and they’ve given me the opportunity to be the mayor for several years.”

a clothier as well, and there have been other leaders that have also come from the clothing industry. It’s all about the customer service. It bodes well for getting into public life.” And having been at various times a goaltender, a coach and a referee, he says with a laugh, he’d gotten used to something else that goes with political life, “people always second-guessing what you should have done.” Don’s first taste of politics actually came in high school, when he ran for the SRC at Walter Murray Collegiate. “I never thought I’d ever be in politics. I did that because I wanted to be involved in the school. It was quite interesting.”

“You should run for city council” The fateful decision to actually run for


| Spring 2010

elected office as an adult came up almost out of the blue. “We were sitting at home one night watching television, I think it was on a Monday night, and they were saying that nominations closed on the Wednesday. Mardele said, ‘I think you should run for city council. I think you could do a really good job.’” They talked it over, and the next day he went and got the nomination papers and found 25 people to sign them. “We always hear about the business community talking about how things should be done, but never getting involved in the political end of it,” Don says. “I just wanted to bring a business point of view to council. That’s why I ran, and I said I would work hard.” He was elected, and continued to be elected for the next nine years. “The first term you had to learn how things function in a municipal government as op-

He’s proud of the way the city has developed over the past few years. “We had 19 years of consecutive GDP growth,” he points out. “2009 was the first year we were either at zero or slightly below, but this year looks like it will be a very positive year. We’ve had the best overall GDP growth in Canada.” But don’t call it a boom. “I don’t like to use the word booming,” Don says pointedly, “because people think there will be a bust,” and he doesn’t believe that will happen, in part because Saskatoon has such a balanced economy. He recalls the Conference Board of Canada investigating Saskatoon because it couldn’t understand how the city could keep growing during a time when the farming sector was in the doldrums. The reason, he says, is that although Saskatoon is a prairie city and certainly services the surrounding farmland, it’s got a lot more going for it. “We’re mining, transportation, education, manufacturing, processing,” he says. “People don’t realize we’re the largest steel manufacturing centre west of Toronto. The largest piece of mining equipment in the world is manufactured in Saskatoon.”

Mining, research, education and more He lists other assets of the city, starting with the mining industry.“Billions of dollars are going to be invested into potash alone in upgrades and new

mines.” Saskatoon also serves the nascent Saskatchewan diamond industry, plus the north’s gold and uranium mines and, of course, the oil industry. The university is a big part of the Saskatoon economic picture as well, Don says. “We do 30 percent of all the agricultural biotech research in Canada in Saskatoon at Innovation Place,” he points out, and there are many other developments at the university that contribute to the city’s success, from the Canadian Light Source to the new International Vaccine Centre. “The university is a big, big part of our community as well. We have worked very hard to make sure the city and the university have a good relationship with each other.” He’s proud of the fact that the city of Saskatoon, unique among all the cities of the world, gave $2.4 million toward the construction of a facility intended strictly for primary research, the Canadian Light Source. Saskatoon has done other unique things. “Our Land Branch is unique for selling residential property,” he points out. “We run it as a business. We need to get a return on our investment.” And yet, Don notes, even while he strives to apply a lot more business practices to the way the municipal government does things, it’s important to be mindful that there is a social side that has to be cared for as well. “It’s a combination of putting both together. Coming from the private sector, I think I have a good understanding of both sides of the story. “When I was first growing up almost everyone knew everyone in the city,” he adds. “We’ve tried to keep a communitytype flavour, but as you get larger it’s harder to get to know everyone in your community, especially now when we have around 225,000 people.”

Social and cultural achievements On the social/culture side of things, Don is particularly proud of the Shaw Centre, “the number-one aquatic centre in North America, if not the world.” The city partnered with the public school board, the

separate school board, the provincial and federal governments and private donors to build the Centre, located between two new schools in Blairmore. Another “truly remarkable story” is Persephone Theatre’s new facility, “the first actual business” on River Landing. “The theatre opened up with no mortgage, and it’s focused on culture. It’s not a private-sector business and it’s not a government institution. I think that’s exceedingly important.” Don attributes part of his appreciation for the importance of culture to his upbringing. “My first introduction was taking piano lessons when I was younger,” he says. He eventually reached the Grade 8 level. “I took lessons because I had to (as a condition for playing hockey), not because I wanted to. But when I look back on it, I think it helped shape my outlook on

life. “In government, they always talk about sports and culture as one department. I think they really do belong together. I have a better understanding of both today because of my parents insisting that I participate in a variety of cultural activities.” As mayor, Atchison keeps a busy schedule, and once again he pays tribute to Mardele for making it possible for him to do so. “I don’t take much time off work, off the role as the mayor,” he says, and as a result, he and Mardele agreed that they would only go on a holiday every second year while he’s mayor. “We’ve been going to Europe, since being mayor. We’ve travelled most of Europe now on different tours. We’ll go to Palm Springs now as well for a few days.” But basically, he says, “I spend most of my time in and around the city and just

Spring 2010


travelling on city business. “Mardele is just wonderful,” he says again. “She’s very understanding, very, very understanding about the number of hours I put in. I travelled to the Olympics, saw a bit of figure skating, and worked at the pavilion. There are a lot of trips to places I’m sure Mardele would love to go as well, but it just doesn’t make any sense because it’s business. She doesn’t say anything about that, just ‘Get home as soon as you can.’”

Family, friends and fun Within the city, they like to spend time with their family (four of their children remain in Saskatoon; one, Jason, is in Calgary). As well, “We enjoy going golfing together, certainly enjoy fine dining, going to a movie, going to plays.” They like to dine out, but diplomatically, Atchison refuses to name a favourite restaurant. “They’re all my favourites,” he says. “Saskatoon really and truly has great restaurants. As our community continues to diversify, we continue to have more and more different ethnic restaurants in our community, which is reflective of the community as a whole.” As for plans for the inevitable day when he is no longer mayor of Saskatoon, Atchison says he doesn’t have any at all. “I’m the type of person that stays very focused on what I’m doing at the time,” he says. “When I left professional sports, I just left it behind. There’s no point in having regrets, what’s over is over.” “I coached hockey. When I was finished, people wanted to know if I had regrets. No, that was just another part of my life. The same is true of retail. One stays focused on what they’re doing today.” Which is not to say he doesn’t look to the future. He does; but for Atchison, thoughts of the future are focused on what he’d still like to achieve as mayor. There’s the ongoing development of River Landing. There’s work to be done on the city yards. “We need to look at moving our buses out of Caswell Hill. A North Bridge needs to be accomplished


| Spring 2010

as well. We still need to stay focused on affordable housing and good-paying jobs. The list goes on and on. “Can I do a better job? Of course! You can always do better.”

Striving for perfection Atchison recounts a time when he was coaching future NHL star Tim Chevelday during his time with the Saskatoon Blades. “One day he had a shutout. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘you can’t say anything to me today, I had a shutout.’

“And I said, ‘Well, what about this pass? What about that play?’ He said, ‘You’ll never be satisfied.’ I said, ‘No, when you play a perfect game I’ll be satisfied.’ “We always strive for perfection, and strive to do better all the time. You reflect back and see how you could have done a better job.” Ultimately, Don Atchison’s philosophy is the same one that he and Mardele have tried to instil in their children: “Work hard, and be kind and understanding to other people.” fls

From first-timers to experienced pros, home winemakers find what they need at Wine Kitz - Varsity Common BY PENNY MCKINLAY



eople who appreciate good wine and enjoy trying out a variety of different kinds of wine will be delighted by the quality and variety of wine-making kits available at Wine Kitz in the Varsity Common Shopping Centre on Eighth Street. “Wine kits have really improved over the years,” says Kae Mann, owner and manager of Wine Kitz. “Home winemakers now have access to the same juice that is used by large-scale wineries.” Just take a quick look around the store. There is an Argentinean Malbec, a White Zinfandel from California, an Amarone from northern Italy and a Merlot from Chile—and that’s just the red wines. There is also a Pinot Grigio and a Chardonnay from California, an Australian Riesling and a Soave from Italy, and many, many more. Mann explains that Wine Kitz is part of Global Vintners Inc., a recognized global leader in personal winemaking. Each year, the company sources the highestquality juices and concentrates from some of the most renowned grape-producing countries of the world. In addition to the wine varieties that it stocks throughout the year, the company obtains a sampling of the very best wine harvests from around the world. These juices are distributed as Limited Releases and can be special-ordered by Wine Kitz customers. Recent specialty wine kits have included a Chardonnay Chenin Blanc from British Columbia, a Malbec from Chile and a Pinotage from South Africa. Customers can look forward to a Chilean Coastal Sunset, a colourful blend of Carmenère and Merlot, as well as a Coastal Sunset Chilean White, a blend of Riesling and Semillon. An Orange Chocolate Port will also be available later this year. The Country Mist fruit wine is a great

Spring 2010

| 11

addition to a summer barbecue. Or you can finish off your meal with a Reisling ice wine, sherry or port. Customer loyalty “I’ve been purchasing supplies from Wine Kitz Varsity Common for 10 years, and I’ve never had a bad batch of wine,” says Dorlan Oxelgren. He goes on to say that the store’s location is very convenient because it’s just three blocks from his home, and the store is always wellstocked with a good selection of wines.

Lyle Oberg

Wine Kitz has many loyal customers. One gentleman phoned in his order from Texas, while another has supplies shipped to Uranium City. Kae Mann, aka The Wine Lady, enjoys talking to her customers about wine. She says the biggest challenge is finding a wine that a novice winemaker will enjoy. “Lots of first-time winemakers aren’t sure what they want to make,” she explains. “I ask them if they prefer light-

or full-bodied wines and try to find out if they have a favourite wine. We usually get it right.” The store sends out a newsletter on a regular basis to update customers on new and exciting products. Getting started “We offer the most complete starter kit in town,” says Mann. “You need the proper equipment in order to make it as easy as possible for the new winemaker. And the price is right!” Customers purchasing a starter kit are encouraged to contact the staff if they have any questions. Whether they are unsure about what to do next or checking to make sure they haven’t made a mistake, knowledgeable employees are just a phone call away. In addition, Wine Kitz offers a satisfaction guarantee. If customers aren’t 100percent satisfied with the wine they make, the company will replace the kit or

Carol Kindrachuk Greg Clark

Kae Mann, Manager

Gary Tapp

refund the purchase price. Everything you need Wine Kitz stocks all the supplies you will need, from bottles and corks to yeast, additives and labels. They also offer specialty equipment for more experienced winemakers: a sulphiter, a bottle tree and a blast bottle-washer, for example. The store also has a wide range of supplies for making beer. “Festa Brew is 100-percent wort. You don’t even need to add water,” says Mann. They also sell Muntons and Brewers Spring. There is also giftware, including a Vinturi decanter, which aerates every drop of wine as it goes into the glass. fls

U-Vin is here! If you want to save money by using winemaking kits but don’t want the fuss and bother of making it yourself at home, Wine Kitz can help. The store now includes a miniwinery. The customer adds yeast to the kit of his or her choice and comes back when the process is done to bottle the wine. All the rest of the work is taken care of by Wine Kitz staff. Thirty bottles of wine at a third of the price at the liquor store, with next to no work! In the past, this service was only available in Ontario and British Columbia. A legislative change in July 2009 meant that Wine Kitz could expand its services. “Customers are very happy this service has come to Saskatchewan. They’ve been waiting years for it. And they’re certainly taking advantage of it!” says Mann. The first person to take advantage of U-Vin was a long-time customer who had been making wine for years but couldn’t lift it any more. U-Vin was the perfect solution.

Mention this ar ticle and r eceive a two-for-one special on your next U-Vin purchase! To find out more about making your own wine, visit Wine Kitz Varsity Common, 1526 Eighth St. E., (306) 653-9463

Spring 2010

| 13


The Dresser Fashion and Service are World Class BY KRISTINE SCARROW


ucked in the historic neighbourhood of City Park in Saskatoon is The Dresser, a locally owned and operated business offering the utmost in fashions for men. When you first step into the store, it feels as though you are walking into your own custom closet. Included are suits, casual jackets, shirts, shoes and men’s furnishings. With chic décor, great lighting and a well-planned layout, the store is designed to put the client at the centre of attention. It has a warehouse feel, with elements of chain and pipe, metallic paint on the walls and neutral tones on the floor. “We wanted it to look like it could be set up in SoHo in New York City, or downtown Toronto or Vancouver. I didn’t want anything that was overly refined be14

| Spring 2010

cause it is the quality of the fashions that I wanted to stand out,” explains Rodger Jeffrey, creator of the store. The idea for the store stemmed from the opportunity for Jeffrey to do a trunk show, which meant bringing quality Italian clothing to Saskatoon. After it was successful, Jeffrey decided that he was ready to open a store. “The timing was right,” he says. “The province is growing. The doors are wide open for possibilities for all walks of life.” Also onboard at The Dresser, now in its second year of business, is Dennis Carson. After initially starting out as an assistant to help with the growth of the store the first year, Carson made the decision to become a business partner just months after the opening.

Individualized service Individualized service is paramount. “I think anyone who comes through the door will feel very welcome,” Jeffrey says. “Service is our top priority. If the opportunity allows, if we’re not with another client, we usually greet our client at the door. We offer to take their coat and hang it for them.” Jeffrey and Carson want to educate their clients. “Before we look at our collection, we discuss the client’s needs and then educate them on buying a suit.” says Carson. “We introduce the client to the collection we have and how it has been crafted,” explains Jeffrey. “The wool for the suits is chosen from Australia and then spun in Biella, Italy. They are handcrafted and


hand-finished in Florence by the Lastrucci family.” One interesting detail of the store is that there aren’t any mannequins. “We prefer our client as the mannequin so that we can dress them,” says Jeffrey. “Then you can really see individuality and personality come into place.” For those seeking individuality, The Dresser adds a level of exclusivity unique to the province. The fabric samples carried and sold are exclusive to the store. In most cases when a line is made, thousands of the same suits are distributed among a multitude of stores. In contrast, Jeffrey can be selective and customize the fabrics and the cut of suit for his store. He only chooses 15 suits per fabric swatch, and once those 15 suits have been made and sold, it is discontinued. “We really gear it towards the client base and the expectations of future clients,” Jeffrey explains. The client can feel confident that if they go into a meeting or to a function that their suit will be unique to them.

A belief in quality Jeffrey believes in quality. “When you buy quality, you know that there is a lasting point to it,” says Jeffrey. “If you think of your working suits as being tools, like your Blackberry or computer, it’s a little easier to understand the buying process. Your image is very important.” And if you don’t wear suits during the day? “There are birthdays, weddings and other special events at which you should wear suits.” Jeffrey says. Jeffrey recalls how when he was growing up, on Sundays, his mother would put out the china and his family would dress for dinner. Having grown up on a farm, it was to acknowledge what they had accomplished that week so they could take pride in what they were doing. “It was just meant to say ‘You have worth. You have value,’” Jeffrey says with a smile. “If I can instill that and offer that to people, then I know that we are doing the right thing. I don’t want people to feel second.

I want them to feel first. I want them to look in the mirror and say, ‘I want to wear this.’” One of the most striking features of The Dresser’s commitment to customer service is that whatever a client purchases, Jeffrey and Carson take that purchase to the vehicle whenever possible. “Some people are a little overwhelmed by that,” Jeffrey admits. As an added convenience, as recently seen on the City Profile show, guests who stay in the major hotels in Saskatoon can be picked up and brought to the store by calling and setting up an appointment. “The necessity to always beat the expectations of your client, to provide them with more service than they anticipated, is very important. You don’t get into the service business unless you provide service.”

Convenient hours The store is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. This allows people who work shifts or on their way home from the office to come into the store. Appointments are also available during other times, but must be booked in advance. Plans are already underway to expand the shoe department, as well as to expand the menswear inside the store. Jeffrey believes that if you want quality, you need to invest in quality. “That’s the reason we opened the store. It’s important for people to shop and support their local businesses as much as possible. Having product that you feel comfortable standing behind and saying this is who we are, we know we are world-class. If you believe and have passion, that’s when success comes.” fls THE DRESSER FASHIONS FOR MEN

Rodger Jeffrey Dennis Carson 608 Duchess Street, Saskatoon 222-3095

Rodger Jeffrey & Dennis Carson The Dresser Fashions For Men


hen purchasing a quality suit, one should not be governed by price alone. Price can be determined by how the suit is made, such as where the wool comes from and how the wool is spun, as well as where the suit is manufactured. A suit made in Italy is a trademark of distinction; suits made in specific regions such as Milan and Florence showcase excellence and superiority above all else.


The finest wool comes from Australia and is spun in Biella, Italy. Suits made from this wool are hand-stitched and hand finished in Florence. A hand-stitched and hand-finished suit has incredible attention to detail. This can be seen by noticing how its fabric lines match up perfectly. This precision indicates excellence. Texture and feel are also indicators of quality, in addition to the visual colour of a suit. The tighter the weave of the wool, the more colour can be found in the suit. As vital as it is to look at the outside, the inside of the suit also offers important markers of quality. A quality stitched lining is significant, because a poor-quality liner will shift upon cleaning. Every suit should include in its label who the designer is and where it was made. In addition to the label, you should look at the composition of the suit. What is it made of? Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, trap body heat and cause the suit to feel hot and cumbersome. Buying a suit of all-natural fabrics is essential. Natural fabrics such as wool, cotton, bamboo and silk allow for breathability because they retain twice their natural weight in moisture. Today, the quality of wool is better than it ever has been; suits are lightweight and soft to the touch. There is also a natural give and stretch to allow for more comfort and movement. 16

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BUYING QUALITY Some brands that are made in Italy can also be reproduced for a North American market. Although the fabrics are from Italy, the suits are mass-produced and machine-made in North America. They are manufactured to fit people of different sizes, which means that an individual would need to have more tailoring work done to ensure a proper fit. In contrast, a higher-quality fitted suit, such as suits that are specifically made in Milan and Florence, have very little tailor-

ing to be done. When you buy a European product, it is always cut to fit. Look at the store’s buying ability to find out whether you are purchasing suits that are mass-produced or of limited quantities in order to give yourself the level of exclusivity and quality you are looking for. A store invested in quality should also be able to educate you on what you are purchasing. And remember, quality never goes out of style. fls


Saskatoon’s jewelry designers create beautiful expressions of individuality BY SARAH VERMETTE


Tammy Klassen of Olev Jewelry Designs



hether it’s purely for aesthetic purposes or as a token of love, rarely a day goes by when I don’t wear some type of jewelry. And I’m not alone. More often than not, jewelry is an expression of individual identity. Among lovers, friends and family, it’s a way of expressing love and gratitude. Whether it’s a hair piece, necklace, brooch, bracelet, ring or earrings, jewelry symbolizes many different things to different people and cultures—and that makes its appeal universal. Saskatoon is home to a number of budding jewelry makers. One of them is Tammy Klassen of Olev Jewlery Designs. She works with high-quality semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls and Czech glass to create visually stunning high-quality pieces. Tammy’s workstation in her home, with everything neatly categorized, is testimony to the respect she has for her materials. When Tammy was young she was always doing something creative with her hands, such as drawing or painting. In 2008 her son brought home for her a glass bead made at his preschool. Tammy turned the bead into a necklace—and that began her jewelry-making experience. A wife and mother of two boys, Tammy also works part-time as a speech-language pathologist. With jewelry, she once again found a creative outlet and stress-relief from everyday life. What began as a personal hobby less than two years ago has turned into a side business, merely through word of mouth and the encouragement of friends, with her pieces being sold in several stores in Saskatchewan. Naming the company was a family affair.

Spring 2010 Maja Montgomery

| 17

style Tammy asked her husband, also a speech-language pathologist, to come up with a name. He decided to name it Olev after their two sons, Oliver and Evan. You can find Tammy’s designs in Saskatoon at the Cutting Café, Lil’ Sprouts and the Con Amore Make Up Studio. They’re also at Fresh in Eston, Sask. You can view her pieces online at, or visit the Olev Jewelry Designs group on Facebook. Because no two stones are the same and each piece is handmade, buyers can be confident each piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind. Tammy also creates custom pieces upon request, perfect for a wedding or other special occasion. To contact Tammy, email: or call (306) 270-5027.

Art jewelry from Maja Montgomery Today there is a growing demand for art jewelry, where design and creativity is prized above material value. Lately, there has been an especially strong interest in hair pieces. Maja Montgomery is a young creative 20-something who specializes in such jewelry and hair pieces. The word jewelry traces back to the Latin word "jocale,” meaning plaything. By taking old ideas and reinventing them in her jewelry, Maja honours that origin. In recent years charm bracelets have become popular in the mainstream. Maja has put her own spin on that with her ani-

mal chain necklaces, where she wraps various animal pendants in chains. These necklaces have a certain shock appeal, because the overall piece delivers a statement. On the other hand, charm jewelry carries meaning in each individual pendant. Maja grew up surrounded by creative people and has always had her hands in something creative. Her first experience with jewelry was around the age of 10, when her father showed her how to weave a bracelet. Maja has used her imagination to extend her love of jewelry to accessories such as hair pieces. She uses a variety of real feathers to create eye-catching adornments for your hair. If the pieces are handled with care, the they’ll last a long time. The pieces are put together with a curved hair clip, which makes the feather bend to the natural shape of the scalp so that they aren’t obtrusive. Though she does create ready-made pieces to sell, she loves making custom hair pieces for special events such as weddings. Maja currently works out of a shared artist space in Saskatoon and sells her jewelry and hair pieces from home. If you’d like to see what she has to offer or order something custom-made, contact her by e-mail at fls

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Lingerie that’s a delight to the eye— and a delight to wear BY FLS STAFF


t Brianne’s Lingerie in the Scotia Centre Mall on Second Avenue, “eight out of 10 women come in wearing the wrong bra size,” says Bev Parker. “It’s so fulfilling to be able to fit them properly and have them look better, feel better and exude more self-confidence.” Other women are frustrated because they have searched everywhere and have not been able to find undergarments that fit properly. Brianne’s Lingerie deliberately stocks the sizes you can’t find at outlet stores: from sizes 28 to 52 and from double A to double J cups. “They’re so happy when they find something that fits and still looks pretty.” Brianne’s Lingerie also stocks swimwear. The tops and bottoms are sold separately,

with a particular emphasis on E to H cups. There is also a range of shapewear, from Squeem corsets to Spanx, Yummie Tummie, control camies and the all-in-one Unbelievabra. And Brianne’s Lingerie also stocks “fun” bustiers to suit a wide range of tastes— from gingham to black mock leather to sugar-pink lace, as well as higher-end pieces by Pleasure State and Canadian company Fagioni. Brianne’s Lingerie is the only lingerie store in Saskatoon to stock bridal bustiers. It also offers the option of an inhome bridal party with Bev. What fun to try on a whole range of pretty, fun underwear and to find the perfect piece to

complement your wedding dress! Brianne’s Lingerie has a Facebook page, which is updated regularly to showcase the new stock. But it’s even better to drop by the store, where you can fully enjoy the textures and colours and have Bev help you find the proper fit. For men who don’t know what to get that special someone, Brianne’s Lingerie has gift certificates—or drop in and they’ll help you to find that perfect piece. fls Brianne’s Lingerie Scotia Centre Mall Second Avenue (306) 242-0191 Spring 2010

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Love the hair you wear Jacquelyn Marquis is going places with her hot new hair technologies BY FIJI ROBINSON


rom the outside, the J Marquis Salon sign bespeaks distinction and sophistication, a sanctuary for its established clientele of happy and loyal customers. But inside there’s a revolution going on, masterminded by veteran stylist Jacquelyn Marquis, who is taking styling in directions few have dared to go. Jacquelyn and her business partner, husband Larry, have dubbed their salon on Circle Drive “the little salon that could” because of the new product lines and technologies they are venturing into.


| Spring 2010

“It is our aim to be leaders in giving women access to innovative, high-quality-yet-safe products that give them fabulous hair,” says Jacquelyn. “Part of our goal is to offer our clients products that tread softly on their hair and scalp as well as on the environment.” “We’re looking forward to being the Canadian distributer of the Dolce Milano line of hair products from Italy,” notes Larry. “Dolce Milano is very dedicated to making products that do not harm the environment, are not tested on animals and protect both consumers and

stylists. These are qualities that are very important to the philosophy behind our company.” The salon will soon be offering the VIDA line of beauty products, which includes water-soluble and environmentally safe colouring and perm products. For instance, the VIDA support system of colour and bleach developers allows for multiple chemical applications on the same day with no damage to the hair. VIDA also offers an innovative cleaning system that removes colour and product build-up from the hair.


There are also superior, made-to-spec hair extensions in the works and other hair products being made specifically for J Marquis Technologies.

J-Clip Wet-Set System taking world by storm Jacquelyn is a true believer in innovation because she is also an inventor. Her JClip Wet-Set System, a styling tool adroitly designed to provide lift and shape at the hair root, is currently taking the world by storm. “You can spray and spray but Isaac Newton will have his way,” Jacquelyn quips. “Volumizing products add volume but no lift from the scalp, which leaves the top flat. The J-Clip System solves that problem.” It took Jacquelyn 10 long years of ongoing research, client feedback, more trial and error and then market studies to perfect the revolutionary J-Clip, but it was worth it. Kevin Harrington, one of the players on ABC’s Shark Tank, took one look at the clever clip and snapped up the rights to market it in the U.S. That’s the same Kevin Harrington who is the pioneer and principal architect of the “infomercial” industry and has used it to launch more than 500 products with sales of more than $4 billion worldwide. Hollywood came knocking and asked Jacquelyn to travel to Los Angeles to

demonstrate the J-Clip. It is now being used on many of the hottest shows by many leading Hollywood stylists. That includes Norma Lee, the 10-time Emmy Award-winning hair-stylist nominee whose credits include Ugly Betty, who is now a firm believer and endorser of the system. An on-line marketing deal on the QVC shopping channel in February sold out, while a mass retail deal will soon make the J-Clip Wet-Set System available at WalMart and JC Penney. And, with more than 3,000 stylists across Canada and the U.S. now trained J-Clips stylists, the Marquises couldn’t be happier. As Jacquelyn looks around her salon, home to her ideas and aspirations, she credits much of the success story to the salon’s supportive family of stylists and clientele who kept her inspired to perfect the J-Clip. “We use them in-house, of course, and about 95 percent of our clientele own and use J-Clips regularly. They are definitely part of the story.” fls

J Marquis Salon 7 - 405 Circle Dr. E. (306) 978-2411

Recruiting established stylists The Marquises are now on the brink of expanding their operations by recruiting three established stylists. “We’re looking for great stylists who love their work, but who want to broaden their horizons by helping us represent our new products and product lines to the world,” Jacquelyn explains. “We need people who are comfortable in front of any size of group and eager to do product demonstration and product-use training at events such as international hair shows or consumer events. They should be able to make the experience fun and rewarding for everyone involved.” For the right stylists, it will be a great oppor-

tunity to build their careers internationally and to expand their teaching talents—which means better wage potential. And, of course, there’s the golden opportunity to be part of the J Marquis revolution. “We’re definitely looking for stylists who have a passion for our products and truly believe in what we’re doing at J Marquis Salon and J Marquis Technologies.” For stylist-entrepreneur-inventor-educator Jacquelyn Marquis, it all comes down to one simple concept: with a little genius, like the kind you find at J Marquis Salon, anyone can achieve star-quality hair anywhere, anytime.

owner Jacquelyn Marquis


Spring into colour at J Michaels BY LINDA EPSTEIN


pring is here! We shed our winter woolies and savour the vibrant spring colours — coral, teal, amethyst and leaf. It is time to add-to, bump-up and generally rejuvenate our wardrobes. Time to check out what is new at J Michaels. “Wardrobing requires more skill and diversity as today's woman is looking for a wardrobe that works for her,” says Susan Jacobucci, manager of J Michaels’s Saskatoon store in Midtown Plaza. “She [today’s woman] needs to see the flexibility of the individual pieces that she is selecting and how she can re-invent her look for every day of the week—how her wardrobe can change from relaxed to corporate, to lunch with the girls and to chic weekend wear. While the idea of classic head-to-toe suiting still exists, the 1980s ideal of perfectly matching, rigidly constructed wardrobing is over. Versatility is 24

| Spring 2010

in. Eclectic is in. Unique style is in.” The regular J Michaels customer knows that she only has to pick up the phone and book a time with her favourite sales associate to get personalized service and her own unique look. The associate already knows what looks best on her frame, what her style entails, and what is new to add to her already in-place J Michaels wardrobe.

Classic and trendy New customers to J Michaels will discover a wide variety of classic and trendy styles—everything from casual to dressy—with a few essentials in common. J Michaels carries quality clothing with a youthful edge, all at a competitive price. “Women want to look good, whatever their body shape.” Sales associates are well-versed in the product lines: how

they fit, what suits specific body-types, what colours work, how to create a unique look. “Sometimes, it is how you put things together that makes it exciting. The same clothing, worn differently, can change the look entirely.” In short, J Michaels’s sales associates are there to serve you in whatever way they can. Even if you have only a vague idea of what you are looking for, they will make suggestions and let you know what is new to the store. They also listen carefully, so they are aware of budget and other issues. If you need help, the sales associate is there for you. She will bring pieces to you Above, left to right: Susan - Store Manager, Charlotte, Lynne - Assistant Manager, Christine, Soledad, Theresa, Bernadette, Maggie

style in the change room to help you bring your own unique look. “Once you are undressed, you don’t want to get dressed again to find what you need,” Susan says. You feel pampered and helped when you shop at J Michaels. In fact, that’s why Susan first started shopping at the store herself. “Customer service is almost a lost art,” Susan says. When she hires, she looks for salespeople who are interested, positive, good communicators with an eye for fashion. Then she sets an expectation of quality service and client and product knowledge. “We lead by example. We train our sales associates to know what looks good. Colour, fit and style are so important.”

“Every woman is unique” Speaking of fit, Susan recommends that women take a page out of men’s fitting attitude. “Men go in expecting to have their clothes tailored,” she says. “Women should do the same. Every woman is unique, and good fit helps her look her best. Different manufacturers fit differently as well. Don’t be stuck on a size.” Of course, if the size is all wrong and the right size is unavailable in the Saskatoon store, J Michaels can usually bring it in. But if it just needs an adjustment here or there, it is worth the tailoring. J Michaels is also out in the community. Staff members have done “Dress for Success” seminars for University of Saskatchewan students about to enter new careers. In this way, each learns to dress for the career she wants. The store has also supplied fashions for fundraisers for charities such as Ronald McDonald House. Twice a year, J Michaels holds its own fashion show. “We use our customers as models. This way, you can see how it looks on the real woman. There are lots of good ideas.” fls J Michaels Upper Level, Midtown Plaza 1st Ave & 21st St. (306) 934-3373

Top 10 Spring Fashion Trends 1. The colour white 2. Vibrant colours: coral, teal, amethyst, leaf 3. Feminine details: ruffles and lace 4. Hi-tech trim: zippers and studs 5. Coco Loco: Chanel-inspired jackets 6. Denim: dark or bleached, distressed or super white 7. Spot on: polka-dots 8. Diva Ts 9. Skinnies: cigarette pants, leggings, skinny shorts and skirts 10. Burberry-inspired rouching: on jackets, skirts

Creating the ideal shopping experience at Midtown Plaza Expanded food court Whether you are here for a quick lunch downtown or taking a break from your shopping adventure, Midtown Plaza’s food court presents an array of cuisine tenants, featuring food from around the world. Asian, Greek, Mexican or Italian, Midtown Plaza has it all. Eat in the comfort of Saskatoon’s newest and largest food court.

Guest services Our Guest Service Desk is located on the main level of the mall near the First Avenue entrance. The friendly staff is there to give you an enjoyable shopping experience at Midtown Plaza. We offer services such as photocopying and faxing, gift-wrapping, gift certificates, lost and found and mall and tourist information. Wheelchair rentals are available. Have a special request? Please feel free to ask.

In-touch and online 24/7 Get up-to-date with current events and sales with our newly designed website, Facebook fan page and Twitter stream. We have ongoing contests and exclusive offerings for fans, loyal tweet followers and online surfers. Visit for more details.


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Unique stores and service offerings Midtown Plaza offers a diverse mix of more than 130 stores and services, including men’s, women’s and children fashions. We are anchored by two department stores, Toys “R” Us and SportChek. Midtown Plaza is home to Saskatoon’s finest and most exclusive retailers, including The Gap, Mexx/Mexx Kids, American Eagle, Costa Blanca, Aldo, Feet First and many more. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and offering exclusive retail selections to provide you with an enjoyable shopping experience. Midtown Plaza is owned and managed by Primaris REIT.

Midtown Plaza is Level 2 BOMA BESt-certified At Midtown Plaza, we strive to reduce our impact on the environment, and our efforts have been recognized by BOMA BESt Canada. This certification recognizes excellence in environmental management and performance through a benchmark process. Midtown Plaza has been certified a Level 2 BOMA BESt property.

Hours of operation To help meet all your shopping desires, Midtown Plaza is open: Monday, Tuesday & Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to Friday: 9:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sunday & holidays: 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Promoting foot health and comfort for three decades BY LEN & HILDA ROMANSKI


n August 1, 1980, after a full training course, Foster’s Shoes opened its store in Saskatoon, with ourselves, Len and Hilda Romanski, as owners and operators. We still remember fondly our first customer, Mrs. Leonie Keindel, who remained a loyal customer and friend until her passing in 2001. The need for a shoe store specializing in foot-care and foot health was apparent, and so, working closely with podiatrists and other medical professionals, we began a very successful career in footwear. Now, 30 years later, we are proud to be the largest orthopedic and

comfort shoe store in Saskatchewan. We are also trained in measuring and fitting Sigvaris compression stockings, orthoticfriendly insoles, Organic stockings and much more. In 1990 our son, Mike, joined the family business, opening a Foster’s Shoe Store in Regina. He began his training to become a certified peodorthist, also working closely with the medical profession. At Foster’s we believe being active is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and that it all starts at the bottom: yes, our feet! It is difficult to work all day or enjoy an evening walk when your feet are hurting,

for reasons ranging from fallen arches and corns to ingrown toenails, heel spurs and more. At Foster’s Shoes we start with a staff professionally trained to determine the individual needs of our customers. Often a properly fitting supportive shoe to accommodate a customer’s individual need is all that is required. When further help is needed, it is our duty to recommend a podiatrist or other medical professional to ensure our customers enjoy the very best in foot health and comfort. In our 30 years of operation we have experienced many changes, but we’ve always kept comfort and healthy feet first and foremost in our minds. Foster’s Shoes is proud to provide its customers with a computerized foot-analysis machine for an accurate foot assessment. The iStep is exclusive to us in Saskatchewan. This system performs a complete mapping of the plantar pressure generated by a person’s feet. Please stop by our store at 818 Broadway Ave. It only takes 20 seconds of your time for a complete foot analysis. We remain Foster’s Shoes: shoes for all walks of life. fls Foster’s Shoes 818 Broadway Ave (306) 653-1155

For almost a century, “Arthur Rose” has meant fine dry-cleaning in Saskatoon BY DERRYL MURPHY


or almost a century, the name “Arthur Rose” has been synonymous with fine dry-cleaning in Saskatoon, and it’s a tradition that continues to this day. Founded by Arthur Rose in 1913, the business was family owned for about 65 years. Three employees then purchased it, and for the last 15 years it’s been owned by Ron LeFrancois, who himself has more than a quarter of a century of dry-cleaning experience: he’s owned Custom Cleaners, which he merged with Arthur Rose six years ago, for 26 years. Originally located on Second Avenue North, today Arthur Rose Fine Drycleaning is at 321 Fourth Ave. N., downtown between 24th and 25th Streets.


| Spring 2010


ations,” LeFrancois says. “We look after very exclusive garments,” he continues. “We look after several of the high-end hotels in Saskatoon, the Delta, the Sheraton, the Radisson. We’ve cleaned hundred year old gowns for the Western Development Museum.”

“We are the best!”

State-of-the-art equipment It’s not just the location that has changed over the years. None of the old drycleaning equipment remains: everything at Arthur Rose today is state-of-the-art. Its Firbimatic dry-cleaning machines, manufactured in Italy, are “the most advanced machines you can get right now,” LeFrancois boasts. They’re not just the best dry-cleaning machines in the world, they’re also the most environmentally friendly. “We’ve been environmentally conscious for years,” LeFrancois says. “We spend a lot of money disposing of any waste that we have. The dry-cleaning machines don’t vent to the outside, and there’s absolutely no smell in our plant when you walk in.” It’s a far cry from the original Arthur Rose’s establishment, when dry-cleaning solvent was petroleum-based. “It had quite a heavy fuel smell, almost like diesel fuel. You had to transfer the clothes wet from a washing machine to a dryer. There was a hazard of explosions.” Those days are long gone. “The new machines are capable of retrieving 99 percent of the solvent that we use,” LeFrancois says, and maintain the quality of that solvent, so that it emerges “crystal clear.”

The return of pick-up and delivery But one thing from the early years has re30

| Spring 2010

turned. Recently, Arthur Rose reinstated one of the company’s early services: pickup and delivery. “Arthur Rose has always stood for quality customer service, and we’re simply responding to the needs of our customers,” LeFrancois says. “With the hectic lifestyles we live today, pick-up and delivery has once again become a necessary service.” Pick-up and delivery can be from or to your office or home, and it’s free on orders of $10 are more. Arthur Rose offers an enormous array of cleaning services. “We do drycleaning, laundry, comforters, pillows, drapery, suede and leather, fur cleaning, fur storage, pillow cleaning, insurance work...” One special service offered is weddinggown preservation, which involves cleaning the gown and placing it in a large acid-free box so it doesn’t yellow and decay. “It’s just a way of putting it away and preserving it for future gener-

Arthur Rose was voted best drycleaner in the city last year by Planet S Magazine. Before that, Custom Cleaners was voted best drycleaner for five years. There’s a simple reason for that, LeFrancois says. “We’re experienced. We’re very good at what we do.” Or, to put it even more succinctly, “We are the best!” fls Arthur Rose Fine Drycleaning 321-4th Ave. N. (306) 652-3344


arts, entertainment & dining

Artfully inclined Art thrives in Saskatoon’s rich creative environment BY SHERRY L. REID


hen it comes to art, Saskatoon is thriving. The streets, schools, houses, parks— everywhere seems to be bursting with talented enthusiasts of all ages. Their inspiration surrounds us, derived from places and situations many of us have never even considered. Their different and unique views take our minds to rooms we never knew we had, and by doing so instil beauty and intrigue into the otherwise monotonous everyday. “I don’t know whether it’s the long winters or what, but we do get a lot of very good artists coming out of the community,” says Paul Constable, long-time artist and participant of the arts in and around Saskatoon. “Saskatchewan, for just a million people, has produced a lot of great, world-class artists. People just decide to do their thing, and then they do it.” Above: Artist Paul Constable

A rich environment Constable himself is a recognized painter who has an upcoming show at Rouge Gallery, called SANCTUM, starting May 29. In his most recent work, Constable tries to portray nature’s response to the harsh reality of life on the prairie. He finds Saskatchewan to be a rich environment for inspiration; an opinion that seems to be widely shared throughout the artist community. It is a nod to the ingenuity of the people of Saskatoon—and the many communities of Saskatchewan as a whole—that we take action against the mundane and resolve to enrich ourselves and others, challenging ourselves to create an artful expression of life that can be duly considered, if not always appreciated. Many Saskatonians, young and old, make a point of rendering their artistic inclina-

tions in different disciplines to express that which only Saskatchewan and its communities can inspire. So what does Saskatoon have to offer these light bulbs of creativity? Perhaps more than you expect. In fact, Saskatoon is very possibly one of the most eager and supportive communities in the country when it comes to the art scene. And it is easy to become involved: Art collectives are an abundant and welcoming presence throughout town. Anyone interested, with no art experience or plenty, is sure to find a group that caters to his or her genre. The artfully inclined come together regularly to practice their abilities and help each other build their talents, and their occasional displays of work are something to be enjoyed.

University an important component The University of Saskatchewan also plays an important role in helping the community’s artistic talent flourish. The art school at the U of S is one of the main contributors to Saskatoon’s increasing creative aptitude. “Having the U of S in the city, with its school of art—they’re coming out with some really good artists, with great concepts, and many who graduate from there end up having an art career,” says Malaika Charbonneau. “These kids are actually making painting or art their life, which reflects well on the city, and on Saskatchewan.” Charbonneau is an up-and-coming

Spring 2010

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artist, new to Saskatoon, whose unique style of abstract painting has already caught the eye of many art connoisseurs. Her recent shows in Italy and New Mexico were very well received, but she says she has never felt as welcomed into any other community as she has in Saskatoon. Perhaps it is due to the long hold that winter has on us, and perhaps it is our way of ensuring we are not just “that rectangular province in the middle of Canada.” In any case, it must be noted that our creative intentions are not merely a blind struggle for fame, but instead are an endeavour of personal expression and enlightenment. When you get right down to it, Saskatonians bask in art simply because they enjoy it. There is potential for us to enjoy it to an even greater degree. The new art gallery coming to Saskatoon is the hot topic these days, and rightly so. A new gallery would make it possible for us to host shows of the highest esteem, with the added bonus of drawing even more outsiders into the city. Shows that normally pass us over to be displayed in Edmonton or Winnipeg will now be available to Saskatoon and all those in its vicinity. Yet let’s not be too hasty to be out with the old and in with the new. The groundswell of opinion within the artistic community indicates that there is a place for a new gallery in Saskatoon, but it should not come at the expense of our long-standing affinity with the Mendel.

The role of the Mendel “The Mendel should be kept open for emerging and local artists, to give them opportunities to display their work,” Charbonneau says. “Then have the new gallery to bring in the travelling exhibitions that we have not previously had the facility to accommodate.” With the proper ventilation systems and easily adaptable conditions, the new Saskatoon art gallery could potentially bring in the amazing and well-known works of historic and world-famous artists. This will only serve to fuel our enthusiasm for, and participation in, the enrichment of art, making Saskatoon more of a destination. Yet the Mendel is a fundamental characteristic of the city, ultimately connected to Saskatoon’s renown. If you go to Saskatoon, you go to the Mendel, and it is feared that its removal will leave a gap in the city’s signature. Is there a possibility the Mendel could be salvaged for a worthwhile purpose, such as giving Saskatchewan’s emerging artists a leg up? As Constable says, “The Mendel has a heritage, a family history, and many do not want that memory to be gone.” However, as a whole, art is a great reason for coming to a city, and the city of Saskatoon has done an incredible job of incorporating art into many corners, especially through murals and sculpture which serve to enhance everyday life in subtle ways. There are new small galleries emerging all the time, and the artistic potential of Saskatoon is booming. “It [Saskatoon] has always been an active art community,” Constable reflects, “and there’s more going on now than ever before.” Art provides a vast rainbow of opportunities, and Saskatoon is really starting to show its colours. fls

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Elegant hotel-banquet-room quality at a fraction of the cost BY DENIS MARCIL PRESIDENT AND OWNER PACIFIC BANQUET HALL


acific Banquet Hall is your place for dining with a venue where communities meet.

The layout of the venue is inclusive, so that no one will feel left out of the festivities. There is an open-centre dance floor with lighting for all occasions, as well as sound equipment designed to fill the room perfectly. The venue can seat up to 275. We make a great choice for birthdays for any age, christenings, weddings, stags and stagettes, fundraisers, graduations and supervised teen parties. Exclusive catering is provided by Gourmet Encounters, our in-house and away catering service, offering full catering services for a complete dining encounter. We have a full kitchen staff that prepares the meals as well as a serving staff that is courteous and experienced, provided inhouse or on location. Being centrally located, we are uniquely suited to be a great choice for business luncheons, staff parties and customerand employee-appreciation catered functions. Our mission at Pacific Banquet Hall is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We treat our clients more like family than customers. We work with them every step of the planning process for their events, helping them connect with the community suppliers for all their needs: DJs, photographers, décor suppliers and more.


We’re at 302 Pacific Ave. centrally located in the downtown business core, with plenty of parking. We bring that elegant hotel-banquet-room quality at a fraction of the cost of the big hotel franchises.

With our full-event planning, we take the stress out of planning your events. Our motto is “Let us be at your service!” Pacific Banquet Hall/ Gourmet Encounters 302 Pacific Ave. (306) 975-1050


Award-winning renovations revitalize one of Saskatoon’s favourite restaurants BY LINDA EPSTEIN


ou really can have it all—a classy restaurant with a young, hip, urban vibe that says, “Wow!” and still remains comfortable for loyal clientele—and Manos Restaurant’s renovation has proven it, earning Stantec Architecture & Interior Design the Design Council of Saskatchewan’s 2009 Premier’s Design Award of Excellence (Interior Design Category). Manos Restaurant has come a long way from the “pizza and other things” restaurant started on a shoestring almost 30 years ago, in September 1981, by Greek immigrants. Through keen observation, a willingness to change, meet and exceed demand and a lot of drive, the Barlas brothers—Manolis, Louis and Bill— have made Manos a popular Saskatoon dining destination. When they noticed that the “other things” were more popular than the pizza, they re-focused their menu. When the time was right (1989), they moved to a much larger space on Eighth Street,

and re-focused again. “The demographic on Eighth Street was quite different,” Bill remarks. Manos continued to be popular, and attracted a number of regulars. It was to those regulars as well as to their own strong instincts that the brothers turned when the time came to renovate. “The restaurant had been here 20 years and styles were different,” Bill explains. “We listened to what our clients wanted to see and thought about it for a couple of years.” Pleasing the ongoing clientele while encouraging new clientele to give them a try was a balancing act. In the end, they decided to renovate in sections so that they could keep running the restaurant. Of course, that meant that the process took longer—but the result was worth it. “It became apparent that the owners’ objectives for the project were really fourfold,” explains Rebecca Stewart of Stantec. “They wanted to update the restaurant’s image so that they could at-

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tract younger patrons but still maintain the 50-plus clientele. [They also] wanted to showcase the extensive wine collection, and create an efficient layout to improve functionality and accessibility.”

Earth, rain and fire Together, the owners and the design team settled on a look that integrates the elements of earth, rain and fire. “We thematically applied classic materials, dramatic details and effective accent lighting, and created a striking sunburst ceiling and sparkling crystal rain feature in the dining area,” says Stewart. “We also managed to retain the original rustic stone and water feature already in the restaurant and integrate them into the new ‘earthy’ palette and modernized design. The result really set a new standard of quality for the restaurant and lounge.” Customers to the restaurant are met with the positive energy of the exquisite fire element as soon as they step into the lobby. Equally impressive: a huge display showcasing wines from all over the world. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment. “You could put this restaurant anywhere and it would fit,” Manolis says proudly. In summer, the patio uses a glass wall to remain secluded despite being within eye-shot of Eighth Street. It is a popularyet-intimate gathering place that takes full advantage of Saskatchewan’s short season of warmth. Throughout the year, the large dining area, including the pri-


| Spring 2010

vate rooms for larger groups, and the edgy lounge areas provide comfort and an easy aesthetic.

Fresh and delicious But you can’t have a top restaurant without good food. And Manos definitely delivers. The restaurant is not limited to a specific type of food, unless you consider “fresh and delicious” a specific type. Manos serves Greek ribs, steak, fish, pasta, chicken and more. The food—the fresher, the better!—is all made in-house by experienced chefs. The idea is quality equals value. The Barlas brothers—each of whom began his own foray into the business in the kitchen—are continually working with their chefs to create new dishes. An early example would be the introduction of lemon rice soup many years ago. Lemon? In soup? They offered up smaller bowls at first, and the soup soon became a favorite. These days, a popular item (including among the owners themselves) is the “Catch of the Day.” Although this dish varies depending on the best available product, one example is perfectly cooked salmon topped with shrimp and beautifully presented. Although they have been in business for a long time, their goal is to continually improve. In between peak times in the restaurant, if they are not handling the everyday management duties, they are seeking new ideas, looking within the business to make it the best possible.

“One thing we haven’t learned [in our 30 years in business],” laughs Manolis, “is how to take time for ourselves.” He adds, “We are lucky to have a number of good local establishments in Saskatoon, [but it makes] the restaurant business in Saskatoon competitive. At the end of the day, we have to have happy customers.”

Quality service Keeping customers happy means working with their staff of more than 100 to maintain quality service. Sometimes it is their first job. The Barlas brothers teach them how to respect the patrons and ultimately prepare them for the world beyond. “Tastes have changed,” Bill points out. “Customers know more about good food than ever before. They travel and see what is there. Knowledge of healthy food has grown. “We are constantly reviewing what the customer wants,” he says. “For example, not long ago, young people didn’t drink wine. Now they do. A nice bottle of wine always works well with a nice meal and vice versa. So we have expanded our wine list.” “People want more from a restaurant. They want a whole package,” Manolis adds. “We have to fulfill that need. We want to satisfy our customers. We want to be leaders, not followers—always a

step above.” Their new “live jazz and a wine feature,” held every Wednesday for the past year, is one of those new ideas that has proven popular. And there are even more good ideas in the works. Among them, a plan to use more local produce from farmers and the Farmers’ Market— anything that can supply good, fresh food that keeps getting better. Saskatoon has become home to the Barlas brothers. “We love it here,” Manolis says enthusiastically. “This is our home; this is our country,” Bill adds. “We love it. The people of Saskatoon have been so good to us. We have nothing but good things to say about the people. We [even] love the winters…It is one of the greatest places in the world.” Their enthusiasm has translated to a connection to the community. “We try to give back in whatever way we can, daily.” They support both large and small causes—from the local hockey teams to events such as the annual Royal University Hospital (RUH) Greek Gourmet Feast. Each year for the past 12 years, Manos has offered up a delicious Greek meal with all the fixings. “Even staff like to donate their time to this.” It is a lucrative fundraiser for RUH (it made $35,000 last year). Over its 25-year his-

tory, the RUH Foundation’s Greek extravaganza has raised more than $525,000 for patient care, education and research at Royal University Hospital. Looking back at their journey, and the Manos story, Manolis Barlas comments, “We grew in the business as much as the business grew. The more years, the more our experience…and that experience shows. When you have people who continue to come for 30 years, that says something. fls

Manos Restaurant 200 – 1820 Eight St. E. (306) 955-5555

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The Willetts on Wine How do I rate thee? Let me count the ways... BY MARGARET ANNE & EDWARD WILLETT




| Spring 2010

hen you go into t h e liquor store, you’re faced with a bewildering selection of wines. So many bottles, so many possibilities. How do you choose a good one? You could judge the wine by its label, of course, and many do. Which is why wineries try so hard (sometimes a little too hard, if you ask us: Fat Bastard, anyone?) to come up with unique names for their wines, and labels that will stand out on the shelf. Still, you can put any old plonk in a fancy bottle with a beautiful label, and the wine will still be bad. So how do you get beyond appearances and figure out what to drink when you yourself haven’t tasted a wine? If you’re knowledgeable enough, you probably already have some idea of what to expect from a given bottle based on its country of origin, the varietal, and the reputation of the winery. But even that can be a moving target as, vintage to vintage, grape-growing conditions vary. What you really need is advice. And that’s where wine-rating systems come in... ...but guess what? There’s more than one of those, too. Whose ratings do you trust?

arts, entertainment & dining number of experimental wines produced there. The simple and straightforward U.C. Davis system allows you to rate the wine based on 10 basic characteristics: appearance, colour, aroma and bouquet, volatile acidity, total acidity, sweetness/sugar, body, flavour, astringency and general quality. A rating of 17 to 20 indicates a wine of outstanding characteristics having no defects; 13 to 16 indicates a standard wine with neither outstanding character or defect; nine to 12 indicates a wine of commercial acceptability with noticeable defects, five to eight indicates a wine below commercial acceptability, and one to five would mean a completely spoiled wine. Putting our standby wine to the U.C. Davis test gives us a score of 16—right at the top of “a standard wine with nei-

Putting the systems to the test

The U.C. Davis system That’s what we usually use when we rate wines ourselves. The one we like was developed by the University of California Davis, the hot-bed of viticultural study and research. It’s been around for a long time: it was established in 1959 to give the university a way to rate the large

Margaret Anne and Edward Willett drink wine, buy wine, taste wine, write about wine, conduct wine tastings, belong to three different wine clubs, and have more corkscrews than they can count.

Our readers recommend... Sharon Scott

Divinus 2005 Aglianico del Vulture DOC PHOTOGRAPHY: ED W IL L ET T

The best way to find out is to take a wine that you already know well, and love, and compare your tasting of it to the reviewers’ take. (Or, alternatively, you could use a wine that you loathe, but it seems a bit masochistic to drink a wine you really hate just to find out if the wine reviewers hate it, too!). With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to look at various systems with respect to one of our go-to family dinner wines, Wyndham Shiraz Bin 555. One rating system you’ll see everywhere is the 100-point system made popular by guru Robert Parker of The Wine Advocate. Similar systems are used by other publications, such Wine Spectator. Scores in this point system are frequently displayed in liquor stores to help you make an informed decision...or at least to encourage you to buy certain wines! Introduced by Parker in 1978, the strength of these 100-point systems lies in the universal understanding of what a high percentage means. (Although, ironically, Robert Parker never rates a wine below 50 points, so is it really a 100point system, or...?) Our Wyndham Shiraz Bin 555 (at least the 2005 vintage) was rated 88/100 by Wine Spectator and, by way of comparison, 91/100 by Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine (um, who?). But when was the last time you saw a wine rated 23, or even 61? In fact, you never seem to see wines rated below 80...which makes the 100-point system more like a 20-point system. That being the case, why not use a 20point system?

ther outstanding character or defect,” which sounds just about right. There are other rating systems out there as well, all of which can help you choose a good bottle of wine—especially if you put them to the test and find the ones where the assigned ratings match up to your personal taste. Ultimately, though, all you really need is a two-point system: either you will buy the wine again, or you won’t. When it comes to the Wyndham Shiraz Bin 555, that one’s easy: yes, we will! fls

Recently, my partner Brad chose Divinus for me for a blind tasting at home—what a choice! I was intrigued by the lush, deep garnet colour and aromas of chocolate, leather and tobacco. Smooth and dense, the taste was equally intriguing, with flavours of dark fruit, sour cherry, cocoa, vanilla and spice. I was almost certain this was a blend. But in fact, Divinus is a varietal, produced from Italian aglianico (ah-LEE-AH-nee-koe) grapes. I enjoyed it on its own, but I wouldn’t hesitate to serve Divinus with red-meat dishes, cheeses and more. You can find this divine wine at Saskatoon’s new private wine shop, Cava Wines & Spirits (at River Landing near the Farmer’s Market). Sharon is an enthusiast and student of wine and a communications professional at the University of Saskatchewan.

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Wine adventurers wanted at Wine 4 You BY FIJI ROBINSON


ew York City wine merchant William Sokolin once said that the definition of a good bottle of wine is one that starts and ends with a smile. Putting a smile on the face of wine lovers at her new store, Wine 4 You, on Eighth Street is precisely the goal of owner Shirley Voldeng, who offers services to people who want to make their own but don’t have the time or space. “We’re excited to offer old and new winemakers high-quality winemaking kits and a dependable service to help them make their wines,” Shirley explains. “Our focus is on the whole consumer experience. We want to give people the nohassle, no-mess version of making wine.” Wine 4 You is one of a small number of stores that have opened across the province since the 2009 change in provincial liquor control legislation al-


| Spring 2010

lowed for on-premise winemaking services, also known as U-Vins, to operate. Shirley, who was looking to do something different at the time, was encouraged by her father-in-law, Vern, who saw the opening of a winemaking service as a great opportunity. “I was familiar with the winemaking process because my father-in-law has made wine kits for years,” she says. “I also knew that for a variety of reasons it isn’t viable for everyone who is interested in making wine, so we make it possible for them.”

Glass wall shows off production area The store was designed with the production of wines in mind. The interior features a stunning seven-foot glass wall

running the entire width of the room and revealing the production area, where sturdy risers support a growing number of carboys. “It’s our window on the art of fine winemaking,” Shirley says of the wall. “We’ve been told it really adds a WOW factor to the store and we’re very pleased with the effect.” The immaculate environment is an instant reminder of the importance of cleanliness to the wine-making process and a testimony to the attention Shirley gives to each order. The room temperature is monitored and each batch of wine is checked for specific gravity on schedule. The weight of the filled carboy is one of the reasons why consumers are reluctant to undertake winemaking. Wine 4 You utilizes a sturdy lifter for moving the car-

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Reasonable cost, full service The cost of the services, which is in addition to the kit, is reasonable and includes corks along with shrink wraps and labels that give each bottle a professional look. Bottles can be brought from home or purchased on-site. With each kit producing 30 bottles of wine, it’s an economical yet relatively easy way of having great wine on hand for anything from special occasions to evening meals at home. Shirley is happy to say she is becoming familiar with the “nose” of the wines she helps to make, from the spicy aromas of a Shiraz-Cabernet-Carmenere to the citrus bouquet of a Sauvignon Blanc. “Quality wine is made with the best ingredients, and that’s exactly why RJ Spagnols is my main supplier,” Shirley reveals. “Spagnols offers an extensive selection of wine kits, from full-bodied reds to light crisp whites, as well as some award-winners like their California Cabernet Sauvignon, voted Best in Show at the 2009 Winemaker International Amateur Wine Competition.” Wine 4 You carries a variety of wines at price levels to meet everyone’s budget. The Chilean wines are popular, as are the more traditional high-end Italian wines such as Amarone or Barolo. Shirley already has an ice wine, a blush, a port and a sherry on the go for clients, and expects her fruit-wine kits will prove increasingly popular as summer approaches.

“Your Wine, Our Time” With the motto, “Your Wine, Our Time,” the services offered by

Wine 4 You seem to have hit a chord with consumers in the short time the store has been open. Shirley reports that so far her clientele has run the gamut from the inexperienced to the expert winemaker. At-home winemakers are encouraged to visit Shirley at Wine 4 You if they have any questions or need any supplies. They are also welcome to take advantage of the store’s user-friendly bottling facilities. Newcomers to the world of winemaking will find all the encouragement they need to make wine from start to finish for the first time. Shirley’s intent is to make them as comfortable as possible

with the wine-making experience. “For many people it’s a new adventure, and I’m happy to help anyone who wants to learn more,” she says. Wine lovers take note: new winemaking adventures await at Wine 4 You! fls

Wine 4 You #260-2600 Eighth St. E. (behind Kelsey’s Restaurant off Emerson Ave.) (306) 955-4455 Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


boys around and has a spray washer that makes cleaning carboys and fermentation buckets struggle-free. At Wine 4 You, winemakers can be as involved in the process as they want to be. Clients are required to begin the process by adding the yeast and are responsible for bottling in the end, but can rely on Shirley to take care of the rest.

Destination Delicious

Moka Coffee Bar is the go-to place for delectable desserts and some serious java BY FIJI ROBINSON


rom the moment Lynn Derksen saw the real-estate sign go up on the location of the new Lakewood Common, she knew her dream to open a coffee bar had found a home. And since business partner and close friend Vickie Fulawka came on board, they have made that dream a reality. Nestled in the southeastern outskirts of the city, Moka Coffee Bar opened in December 2009 to a warm reception from coffee drinkers in the new suburban condo communities of Lakewood. But it is also gaining the reputation as a destination place for coffee and dessert aficionados from across Saskatoon. “We are both passionate about coffee and really believed in the potential for a serious coffee bar to take off in this area,” Lynn explains. For hard-core espresso lovers, it’s worth the trip just to see and hear the story of Moka’s La Marzocco espresso coffee machine. Hand made in Florence, Italy, it’s a beauty. There’s only one other La Marzocco in the province and it’s in Regina.


| Spring 2010

“When deciding what espresso machine we were going to invest in, we knew we wanted a workhorse with the best technology so we would be assured of serving the best-tasting coffee,” says Vickie. “So we chose La Marzocco, because it does both and is one of the finest machines in the world. Some call it the Maserati of espresso machines.” Even the bean grinder is impressive—it’s painted in Ferrari red.

It’s not easy making espresso Making good espresso is a thoughtful process that takes some mastering. Lynn and Vickie had an experienced barista working for them who helped guide them through their infancy. They were also fortunate to have a supportive dealer who spent time with them training them on the use and maintenance of the machine. “We had to name the machine Luigi because our dealer only remembers the names of his machines,” laughs Vickie.

They call the bean grinder “Mario.” As for the coffee, with that calibre of technology behind them the duo made sure they weren’t serving up just any old bean. Their choice of coffees was based on a summer road trip visiting coffee roasting houses, a consideration of ethics and taste, taste, taste. The road trip took them Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver, among other places, where they toured roasteries and spoke with shop owners to get a sense of the coffee world. They met lots of other coffee fanatics and learned more about the humble coffee bean than they thought was possible. “Coffee people are very open and friendly,” Lynn said. “They were really helpful in giving us information and advice. It was amazing.”

Delicious, yet ethical After much consideration, the partners decided on JJ Bean, an organic coffee bean roaster in Vancouver, and Land of a

arts, entertainment & dining

Thousand Hills Bean Company, a small American roasting company in Roswell, Georgia, that buys its coffee from two Rwandan coffee cooperatives. That’s where the ethics come in. JJ Bean is a company with a conscience that made its debut in the Granville Island Public Market years ago and now boasts another six cafes across Vancouver. It pays fair-trade prices for its beans and pay higher-than-industry-standard wages to its employees. In its East Vancouver micro-roastery, JJ Bean helps to protect the environment by packaging its products in biodegradable bags and delivering them in vans fuelled by biodiesel. Land of a Thousand Hills Bean Company purchases its beans directly from the farmers of the Buf Café Cooperative and the Coadeka-Bukonya Cooperative in Rwanda, to whom they pay “just and living wages.” The bean company also supports economic and community development in the region to assist these farming operations in rebuilding and healing their communities in post-genocide Rwanda. Lynn and Vickie proudly wear Land of a Thousand Hills T-shirts that read, “Drink coffee. Do good.” “We decided to offer delicious yet ethical coffee. It’s the best of all worlds,” beams Vickie. The partners went with JJ Bean’s Espresso Nero for the espresso coffees and Land of a Thousand Hills for the brewed coffees, although they switch off the dark roasts between the two to mix things up. Then there are the countless other coffee choices, which includes Land of a Thousand Hills coconut- and hazelnutflavoured coffees. Their signature Moka coffee is a jazzed-up version of the standard mocha that features chocolate steamed milk and chocolate whipped cream, with a dollop of Monin’s Premium Chocolate Sauce to make it devilishly delightful. Their road trip also gave them the opportunity to research other considerations of a coffee bar, which led to their

decision to serve Mighty Leaf artisanblended whole-leaf herbal teas. It is ecofriendly, packed in hand-sewn, biodegradable pouches made from GMO-free polylactic corn. And tea enthusiasts will be thrilled to discover that Moka has achieved the impossible by finding a tea pot that doesn’t dribble: there’s no post-pour puddle to mop up at Moka!

cheesecake on hold until they could pick them up,” Vickie says with a smile. It’s this kind of “community service” that keeps the dessert lovers coming back for more. Moka is also the go-to place for light lunch fare, with its selection of soups and customized wraps. “We wanted to give people some choice while keeping it fresh and simple,” Lynn explains.

Desserts galore But of course that’s not all that folks are sidling over to Moka to savour. So far, Vickie, Lynn and their crew have offered up more than 100 desserts to a growing clientele. “We serve some of the all-time favourites, like Turtle brownies, but we also love to experiment, which our customers seem to appreciate,” says Lynn. The duo also responds to requests from their regulars that range from the sweet and salty Cuban Lunch to the tart and tasty Cranberry Lemon Scone. “One night we had a family call us up to put the two remaining pieces of Mars Bar 46

| Spring 2010

Modern, yet relaxed All of this yumminess is set against a contemporary interior designed by Lynn, who was happy to bring her background in interior design to Moka. “I wanted it to be modern-but-relaxing, so that folks would be comfortable spending time here,” she notes. The partners did most of the construction themselves with some help from their husbands, one of whom does double duty in the kitchen baking pies. Like a true coffeehouse, Moka aims to be a cultural hub by offering artists a place

to show their work. Live music starts there in mid-April. They offer free Wi-Fi, which has been very popular with students, and fans can twitter the Moka crew for tasty messages about what’s being dished up. “We’re so excited to be in this location,” Lynn says of Moka’s Lakewood Common location. “Rosewood to the south of the Commons was specifically designed to be a pedestrian and cycling community. Coming to see how they’ve created the walking trails and parks while conserving the wetlands of the area is just another great reason to visit us.” Sumptuous coffee and scrumptious desserts are something you can count on at Moka Coffee Bar. Whether you’re hitting the highway, hitting the books, or simply colliding with a craving, Moka is sure to have something to entice you into making the trip. fls Moka Coffee Bar 411-E Herold Court (306) 382-6652

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| Spring 2010

Spring 2010

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Urbane comfort food served with delightful middle-eastern flair. BY LISSA ROBINSON


hen a blend of Turkish, Indian and Moroccan cooking migrates to urban Saskatoon by way of western-influenced comfort foods, the results are nothing short of delicious. Or so say patrons who have tried the selection of top-notch dishes created by Neil Malik, owner of Scratch. In a West-meets-East fashion, Saskatoon’s finest new eatery and night club appeals to those who love classic dishes like short ribs, mac ’n’ cheese, corn dogs and burgers, as well as those who want to explore more exotic staples like muttar panir, Turkish lamb-kabobs and chicken marrakesh. The menu offerings are a truly inspired fusion of flavours served with eye-popping results. Malik is a familiar face in the culinary scene in Saskatoon, and his new venture is the unique culmination of his cultural background and his lifelong passion for scratch foods, delectable wines and urbane music. Scratch embodies the vibe of Saskatoon’s sophisticated and cultureseeking generations. Take ingredients and 50

| Spring 2010

traditions from middle-eastern cooking, transform them with modern and classic western dishes and cooking methods, and situate this delightful fusion of flavours in a room that is casually elegant and spaciously intimate.

Comfortable and roomy The simplicity and freshness of the dishes are well-reflected in the décor and layout of the restaurant. By day, Scratch is suffused with a mixture of natural and artificial light that accentuates its darkbrown interior, bright-green accents, creamy white walls and comfortable seating areas. The lunch menu features a refreshing blend of lighter dishes like Tunisian couscous salad, tandoori monkfish and panzanella salad that contrasts well with the more robust fare, including savory renditions of grilled cheese and tomato soup, mac ’n’ cheese and pork ’n’ beans. The mac ’n’ cheese is a strong and earthy combination of aged cheddar and

smoked gouda, baked in a tomato roux with fresh thyme. The tandoori monkfish is equally impressive with its more subtle infusion of flavours. The monkfish is marinated overnight in a blend of yogurt and classic tandoori spices, then placed on a bed of perfectly cooked rice and paired with freshly baked naan and a tender medley of sautéed red cabbage and peppers. By evening, Scratch’s lights are dimmed and the room is awash in gorgeous green lighting that emanates from three slatted wall panels, lending a refreshingly modern ambiance to the room. There is an intimate quality to the arrangement of seating, with its lush couches and dark wooden tables, making the dining room suitable for both large gatherings and cozy romantic dinners. The space makes a statement in contrasts with its neutral palette of warm dark browns, creamy whites and slate greys with surprising splashes of fern-green, shiny black accents and shimmering silver tiles. The dinner menu is sure to appeal to

arts, entertainment & dining

both vegetarians and meat lovers, as well as those who are hungry for either small tapas or the heartier, more plentiful entrées. The wine menu is superb, with an international roster of wines selected painstakingly to complement the offering of dishes, ranging from California Petite Syrah to Australian Shiraz-Cabernet, Italian Fiano-Greco and German Riesling. Malik worked closely with the owners of the local specialty wine store Casa Secreta to ensure that a variety of highquality wines are available to his patrons by the glass or the bottle.

Small, medium and large dishes Arranged in three parts, the dinner menu offers an intriguing array of dishes, categorized into small, medium and large. The “small” section includes an array of mouth-watering tapas that can easily be shared with friends over happy hour, enjoyed as a small meal or as a lovely starter. These selections include pomegranate short ribs, pakoras and tamarind dip, a lobster corndog, chips ’n’ dip (root vegetables with a mascarpone-and-freshherb dip) and a delicious salad of apple, pear, red onion and cucumber in a Dijon dill vinaigrette. The “medium” section includes dishes like steak frites, a lamb burger and a butternut squash risotto topped with nutmeg and cardamom, served either with or without dusted scallops: choose to get

the risotto without the scallops and you have a completely vegan dish. The “large” section of the menu includes an enticing selection of entrées like redcurry halibut (which you can switch with grilled tofu) on a bed of coconut rice, chicken marrakesh, braised pork belly on white bean cassloulet, and roasted baby squash stuff with a roasted vegetable ragout. All of the dishes are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients, and patrons are surprised with a dessert menu that includes Scratch’s signature m’hanncha (almond paste wrapped in phylo pastry, coiled and baked) and other sweet dishes made fresh daily and put on a rotating list. Scratch is located at 215 Second Ave. S. in downtown Saskatoon. Lunch hours are Tuesday to Friday, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, dinner hours begin at 4:30 p.m. and offer full menu service until 10 p.m. Scratch is closed Sunday and Monday. Scratch features live entertainment in the form of DJs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday after 10 p.m. The restaurant has a completely closed-off private room suitable for meetings and special events that can hold up to 40 diners. Please call 477-3070 to make lunch or dinner reservations or to book a private party. Be sure to check out Scratch’s fan page on Facebook for weekly updates on specials and upcoming events. fls


The International Vaccine Centre A new jewel in Saskatoon’s scientific crown BY DERRYL MURPHY


long the edge of the campus of the University of Saskatchewan sits a group of buildings that house research-intensive organizations, perhaps most famously the Canadian Light Source, home of the synchrotron. Now under construction and due to be complete by the fall of 2010 at a budget of $140 million, the new International Vaccine Centre (InterVac) promises to be another facility that will both catch the attention of the world outside and bring new research and scientific advances closer to home. Part of VIDO, the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization, InterVac will add approximately 145,000 square feet to the current VIDO facility, and is designed to be a Containment Level 3 facility, only the third such establishment in Canada of this scale to be built to such exacting specifications, with a fourth, in Winnipeg, the only one to hold Containment Level 4 status. What is Containment Level 3? It means that the building is designed to safely house certain diseases so that research can be done on developing vaccines for them; researchers working on these pathogens follow very strict protocols to keep themselves safe and to make sure that the diseases do not under any circumstances escape from the lab.

Exceeds current standards The InterVac facility, with two main floors in place to house animals and laboratories and two in-between floors to allow safe and easy access to all services and for feeding the animals, is being built to exceed current regulatory standards. As VIDO Director Dr. Andrew Potter says, they “can’t compromise on safety [and] security.” Examples of diseases that can be safely studied in a Containment Level 3 facility include tuberculosis, influenza, Hantavirus, HIV, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), CreuzveldtJakob Disease (CJD), Chronic Wasting Disease, SARS, Rabies, West Nile, Pandemic Influenza and Hepatitis C, to name but a few. As might be suggested by some of the diseases listed above, both human and animal health will be targeted in the research done at VIDO-InterVac—something that holds a special import to the citizens of a modern and fast-paced province that nevertheless proudly retains its agricultural roots—s and the very size of

Spring 2010


54 Spring | saskatoon fine2010 lifestyles

health & wellness the building makes it one of very few facilities in the world that will be able to perform vaccine trials with large animals. This is especially important for pathogens like pandemic influenza, BSE and CWD, which require the full containment that such a facility offers, but that also need the large volume that doesn’t exist at any other such building in the world. In addition, there are times that small test subjects, such as mice, are not suitable for the trials that are required.

International researchers The fact that the University of Saskatchewan has colleges of both medicine and veterinary medicine means that there is bound to be some cross-pollination between departments as well. Networking between VIDO-InterVac and Veterinary Medicine and Health Sciences will be a great factor in its operation, but, says Shirley Toms, Corporate Communications Manager for VIDO, this will also be “amplified way beyond Saskatoon.” In fact, its effects will build upon VIDO’s

past success and reach around the world, both in outward-reaching fashion in the discovery and release of new vaccines, and closer to home, in attracting researchers from more than 20 countries, which will greatly impact the prestige and impact of VIDO-InterVac and the university itself. A newer addition to the university is the School of Public Health, which offers a graduate studies program in vaccinology and immunotherapeutics, a program which will tie in very closely with VIDOInterVac. While the significance of attracting new academic talent can’t be stressed enough, it’s also important for the facility to be of use to students; not only will InterVac attract the brightest minds, it will help create them as well.

Faster vaccine development VIDO has been in operation at the University of Saskatchewan since 1975, and in that time has been awarded more than 80 US patents and has had its technology incorporated into eight commercialized vaccines, six of which were world firsts. As well, VIDO houses PREVENT (Pan-

Provincial Vaccine Enterprises, Inc.), which is meant to “bridge a vaccine commercialization gap” in order to get vaccines to the Canadian public faster and more efficiently. The addition of InterVac to such a stellar operation does not promise to instantly multiply such results, but it should have a significant impact on making researchers’ jobs easier so they can concentrate on the work at hand with all the proper tools. Once construction is completed, InterVac’s basic operating costs are estimated to be $12 million. VIDO itself employs more than 150 people, and InterVac will increase that to 225. The Canadian Institutes of Health Research notes that in “the past century, vaccination has saved more lives than any other health-care intervention. Its effectiveness and low cost have made it essential to maintaining public health.” Once finished, VIDO-InterVac can only increase its own contribution to public health, and will continue to prove itself to be a jewel in the scientific crowns of the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, the province, and indeed the entire country.

Orthopaedic Surgery Plastic Surgery LAP-BAND® Dentistry


F: (306) 545.8182

Oshun House

...Where Science Meets Spirit Oshun House, under the direction of Dr. Laura Lee McFadden, is a family of physicians, nurses, therapists and instructors who provide evidence based cosmetic procedures to protect and enhance the beauty you have both inside and out. Oshun House offers an array of professional services in a welcoming and relaxing environment providing health, beauty and harmony to all who visit.

Dr. Laura Lee McFadden, M.D., C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P., Medspa Director

Botox™ Banish the Myth  Dramatic & Natural Results within Days  Using our New ModiFace Technology – view your face in before and after pictures prior to treatment Smooth lines and wrinkles without surgery

Botox™- before

Botox™- after

Explore all the Medical Skin Care Options Botox ™ - Derma Fillers - Microdermabrasion - Glycolic Peels - Advanced Skin Imaging - Laser Skin Rejuvenation - Acne & Scarring Treatments - Laser Hair Removal - DCL Skincare Products - Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup Massage Therapy - Aesthetic Services

912 912 Idylwyld Idylwyld Dr. Dr. N., N., Saskatoon Saskatoon (306) (306) 343-1766 343-1766

Your face and skin are evidence to the world that you are living well. The Medspa at Ohsun House allows you to explore medical skincare options in a private setting to help you reflect the best of what you feel inside.

Gerard Marcoux BC HIS, CHAPA Practitioner/Owner

Satisfaction Hearing Systems Ltd. Phone: (306) 979-4543

health and wellness



an communicating with ease improve the quality of your life?

to repeat” or “She has such a soft voice, she just needs to speak up.”

ment only). Not only that, should you need them, you can try out hearing aids risk-free.

Have you ever thought that people speak in a softer voice than they used to or that they seem to mumble? Have you missed a key word or phrase in a sentence and embarrassed yourself by responding completely off the topic? Do you ask people to repeat? On night out with friends at a busy restaurant is it a struggle to follow conversation or a joke’s punch line? Do you ask your spouse to interpret for you when you miss what was said?

My personal experience is that you can feel disconnected from your family, friends and co-workers when you have communication problems due to ignoring your hearing loss. What I suggest you do is have your hearing professionally evaluated—even if you are just curious.

You will be impressed with the thoroughness of the hearing evaluation, and feel confident in your consultation with an experienced practitioner with 25 years of personal hearing-loss experience. And you can take advantage of today’s practically invisible hearing aids, new revolutionary advancements in sound fidelity and Bluetooth interfaces.

I admit I have endured all of these situations and many more due to my moderate noiseinduced hearing loss. Denying having a hearing problem is the common first reaction. I used to make excuses. “If he would quit mumbling so much I wouldn’t have to ask him

Satisfaction hearing Systems Ltd. welcomes you, and offers the highest-quality testing facilities and hearing-aid technologies available today. To remove all barriers to having your hearing tested, we have made the testing complimentary. Our sound booth is handicapped-accessible, as is the entire clinic, there is lots of free parking and we are open Monday to Friday (and Saturday by appoint-

Thanks to these advancements in hearing aid technologies I’m able to communicate effortlessly in all of my family, work and social environments. I enjoy interacting naturally and participating actively in life! Yes, I do have a better quality of life now— and you can, too! fls

Edgewater Spa Holistic therapy in a full-service spa BY SHERRY REID

Holistic therapies are alternative healthcare solutions that aid the body in healing. Edgewater offers a number of different options, including IonCleanse, Reiki, Theta Healing, Quantum-Touch, Polarity Therapy, Reference Point Therapy and Stone Therapy. Each provides a different approach to balance and healing: IonCleanse is a thorough and efficient way to detoxify the body of wastes, and can help maintain high energy levels and long-term wellness; Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that executes the powers of the unseen Life Force Energy (LFE or “chi”) to promote healing; Theta Healing addresses the sub-


| Spring 2010

conscious mind to change beliefs about ourselves that are not reaching their full, positive potential; Quantum-Touch is a hands-on method of natural healing that promotes optimal wellness through LFE; Polarity Therapy aids the body in healing itself by releasing and balancing the LFE within, which can be weakened by physical or emotional stress; Reference Point Therapy is a fast and effective way to clear deep patterns, blocks and traumas, expelling negative energies and empowering the body to heal itself; and Stone Therapy executes the subtle energies released by heated and cooled stones by using them in conjunction with re-


Edgewater Spa opened its doors—and numerous treatment rooms—to Saskatoon in March 2008. The sister to Spa Ahava, located just a block down the road, Edgewater is also owned and operated by Melissa Hampson, and offers almost all the same services as Spa Ahava—as well as a few different ones. Edgewater is even larger than its sister spa, already out-staffing Spa Ahava in just two years, and can cater to groups of up to eight people. It offers manicures, pedicures, body scrubs, body wraps, facial treatments, massage therapy and more, all with the special touches that make both Edgewater and Spa Ahava so inviting. What differentiates the two spas are the individual special scents each provide. Where Spa Ahava offers Raspberry Chocolate and Caramel Macchiato, Edgewater offers Pomegranate Orange and Peach, as well as signature services. But what really sets Edgewater apart are the holistic services delivered by holistic therapist Carol Dawson.

laxation massage strokes. Holistic therapy maintains that positive, permanent and effective changes can be made in every person’s life by putting themselves in tune with the Life Force Energy. Edgewater Spa has already made an impressive impact on Saskatoon in its two short years, and moves confidently into its third. Edgewater offers all the same appealing extras as Spa Ahava. Relax and enjoy your escape at Edgewater Spa. fls You can see all services offered, and prices, at

AuKeeRa Rayne Life Insight when You need it With over 20 years experience, AuKeeRa Rayne has served Canadians as a clairvoyant medium, aiding her clients to ‘see around corners’, find solutions and bringing peace of mind. AuKeeRa can speak to those who have passed, ‘look into’ your family, children, pets, friends and relationships. Aiding you to understand the situation better and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You are not alone. You are doing nothing wrong. You are perfect, whole and complete; we all just need a little help sometime. AuKeeRa Rayne is a breath of fresh air.

Starting September, 2010 AuKeeRa Rayne will be hosting her own show on Voice America, The 7th Wave. Please visit her website for start date and time, then tune in. All shows will be available for download via Itunes.

Journey ~ A Journal for Life A daily journal to relieve stress and bring focus. Full of empowering quotes to bring you peace and contentment.

From Above with Love ~ Basic Knowledge one – A 250 page workbook aids you to learn your own theories and solutions covering a vast array of alternative topics as well as stress management.

Daily guidance Cds This set contains two cds to listen to anytime you need to calm yourself and bringing you back to center. These cds remind you that no situation is too big to conquer. “Journey to the Self” & “Help I’m having a Bad Day!”

Visit to learn more about AuKeeRa Rayne. Email to book your appointment. AuKeeRa Rayne is located in Saskatoon.

Meditation Cds This 2 cd set contains a 12minute meditation cd broken into 2 minute tracks that you can you use anytime to reset and relax your mind. The other cd contains a beautiful deep 45-minute meditation that will take you on a fabulous journey, beyond any place you have ever been. Spectacular.

All AuKeeRa’s published works are available at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon or from AuKeeRa Rayne herself.


Beverly Ashdown Day Spa The best day-spa experience possible BY ALLEXANDRA WALLD


pring is here! From manicures and pedicures to facials, body wraps and massages, Beverly Ashdown Day Spa will make sure you’re set. “We’re passionate about the business of beauty and excited to share our passion with our guests,” says Connie Nakonechny, Beverly Ashdown’s manager of guest services. “We provide fivestar service in a comfortable, luxurious and hygienic setting, performed by highly skilled, knowledgeable and personable staff. We make every effort to do whatever we can to serve our guests’ needs.” New spaces have been created which allow guests to enjoy new experiences, such as jade stone and heated lava shell massage, luxury body wraps, threading, lash extensions, teeth whitening and a full facial menu which includes technology facials. Beverly Ashdown Day Spa is also able to create a personalized combination of services for each guest to create the best day-spa experience possible. Beverly Ashdown Day Spa is the perfect

place to book for your next corporate get-together, a bridal party, or just a fun time out with friends. Pedicures, which include a heated shoulder wrap and fresh baking, take place in the spa’s luxurious pedicure suite, complete with fireplace, soft lighting and music. The pedicure suite is able to accommodate as many as eight guests at a time, with five guest enjoying relaxing pedicures and three guest receiving soothing manicures. Three treatment rooms are available to tantalize your skin with the treat of a calming massage or a refreshing facial. Enjoy a perfectly polished look with a glowing mineral makeup application in one of the three makeup chairs. If you’re looking for a little “retail therapy,” the spa boutique will impress you with an exciting selection of handbags, jewelry, bath robes, skin care, makeup, custom-blended body-care products and the most eye-catching gift ideas. “Ours is a place where you can set aside your frenzied day, take a deep breath, and have us take care of the details,” says

owner Beverly Ashdown. “You can relax in sumptuous surroundings while enjoying services of the highest standard.” fls Beverly Ashdown Day Spa 17 – 2105 Eighth St. E. Grosvenor Park Centre (306) 955-5400

Spring 2010

| 61

health & wellness

The Saskatoon Mogathon Up and running for a second season! BY DANA OLAFSON


ive us your joggers, your runners, your walkers, your…beer drinkers? To say that the Saskatoon Mogathon has something for everyone is no overstatement. With the new 30K event, 30K relay, plus a halfmarathon, a 10K, a 2K family event, and the unforgettable No-K Beer Run, it’s clear that this is not your run-of-the-mill marathon. Race day for the Second Saskatoon Mogathon is Saturday, June 26, with the runs beginning and finishing at beautiful River Landing. Events for friends and family of all ages will take place throughout the morning, culminating with the delicious post-race barbecue catered by Mano’s. Proceeds will go toward prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment at The Les and Irene Dubé Urology Centre of Health at St. Paul’s Hospital. While a fun day is definitely on the menu, catering to the runners is the number-one priority of the committee, which intends to ensure that each participant gets the ultimate race experience. Says Andrew Babey, owner of exclusive Fido dealer Moga Mobile, “Our first priority is a great race, a first-class race that will really take off and ultimately bring in more money for the cause in years to come.” One cool feature for the participants: live video feed on-site. Runners can watch themselves on the big screen as they cross the finish line with Rock 102 FM’s morning show crew announcing their names, and family and friends cheering them on. To add to the energy and excitement, photos will be snapped for purchase, and medals will be awarded to all runners. Prizes for the top male and female in each event will also be awarded. Another highlight for the runners is the


| Spring 2010

fantastic collection of Mogathon hydrostations. There’s no watering down the importance of paying attention to hydration needs, and these stations are beyond well-equipped. You want a cup of water? Fine. Ice chunks? Got ’em. Icecold sponges? Yep. Gatorade, freezies— whatever it takes, because a hydrated competitor is a happy competitor. But here’s the coolest part (literally): runners can enjoy head-to-toe heat relief when they run through misters outfitted with showerheads! In keeping with offering a first-class event, the wishes and comments of countless runners have been taken into account to plan the running route. The Mogathon committee is especially proud of this year’s route, as it includes some unusual challenges and opportunities. The race is also part of the 2010 Timex Road Race Series. And if you have Nike+ for your iPod, remember to sync your iPod in iTunes in order to record your results! Challenges are up and running already on the Mogathon website! As proof of the claim that there’s something for everyone to do on race day, the following is a rundown of the available events (please note that the course is wheelchair and stroller accessible):

30K New to the Mogathon, the 30K event starts from River Landing, hits the high paths of the Meewasin, and heads south all the way to Riversdale. This refreshing change of route will challenge and inspire! The 30K is a great complement to Saskatchewan runners’ training schedules.

health & wellness

30K Relay Following the route of the 30K course, the 30K Relay event is divided into five separate sections, or legs. Get a team from work, or a group of family or friends—three to five members will run legs as assigned by your team. For example, if you have four members, the first member can run Legs 1 and 2, the second member can run Leg 3, the third member can run Leg 4 and the fourth member can run Leg 5. Any combination works! Runners are encouraged to exchange at the determined exchange points so your fans know where to go to cheer you on!

21.1K The half-marathon route heads north, turning back along the same route as the 30K event and finishing up at River Landing. With river views, a fresh new course, and lots of support, the only thing the runners will have to worry about is putting one foot in front of the other!

10K Heading north before turning near the University Bridge and looping back to the River Landing area en route to the finish line, the 10K course is exciting and fun!

2K Have a blast on the family walk/run! Sticking close to River Landing, you’ll be sure to enjoy everything the Mogathon has to offer!

No-K Beer Run The No-K Beer Run is located near the start and finish line, so you can still be part of the action! Enjoy sipping away at the outdoor beer gardens, listening to the music from the band and cheering on the finishers. Participants receive a cool Mogathon No-K Beer Run mug with the purchase of just two beer tickets! All pro64

| Spring 2010

ceeds from that purchase go to prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Kids’ Events Last year’s array of available activities for the kids led to this year’s focus on the top 10 best events for the kids. With the family run, cheering on the runners, and the post-race barbecue with tons of fun in between, the kids are sure to have a great day!

Post-race barbecue All registered runners can enjoy the postrace barbecue, catered by Mano’s, as part of their registration, while everyone else can feast for just $10! Race Director Michelle Prytula says her commitment to the event stems not only from being an avid runner, but from a bigger sense of community. Says Prytula, “I’ve participated in many marathons, and been a part of events that give back to the community. But I wanted to show my kids that you can do even more than volunteer and take part—you can be the one to actually organize something. The Mogathon is a perfect mix of running and showing a genuine interest in our community.” Proceeds from each registration go towards prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment, right here in our city at St. Paul’s Hospital. Prostate cancer is presently the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Saskatchewan men. The Les and Irene Dubé Urology Centre of Health at St. Paul’s Hospital encompasses care for urological services and prostate disease along a continuum that is patient- and family-focused. If you aren’t a runner or a beer drinker, you can still be a part of the action. Apply to have your business participate as a hydrostation sponsor—you’ll get great signage at the event, and the coolest, most creative hydrostation wins a great prize! All the necessities are supplied for your station, so all you need are

six people and an idea or a theme for your station. Businesses can also get involved by donating items to the competitors’ race bags, buying a banner for display at the event, or purchasing innovative asphalt decals that will be seen by every runner on the course! You can also support the run as a volunteer. You will have fun, meet great people and enjoy the thrill of victory without having to a break a sweat. Volunteer on your own, or as a group—you can even choose the area in which you’d like to help out. The race couldn’t happen without “Mogateers,” and you will know you’re appreciated! Now’s the time to join the Moga-lution as a runner, a volunteer, a hydrostation sponsor or a business sponsor. Register today at, or call 653-4060. You can also register in person at Moga Mobile, an exclusive Fido dealer on Eighth Street and Arlington, at civic facilities in the city and at participating local merchants. fls Visit for further information including fees, FAQs, route maps, race day tips and more! And runners: register by the May 15 Early Bird Deadline and save on your registration fees!

Spa Ahava Enriching body, mind and soul BY SHERRY REID



elissa Hampson, owner and operator of Spa Ahava, had gradual inspiration to develop what is now one of the largest and most popular spas in Saskatoon. With a diploma from Saskatoon Business College, Hampson took an unexpected career curve, from developing small companies to becoming an esthetician and building a full-service spa. “I absolutely loved working in property management and company development—I never thought I’d be in the Spa business,” Hampson admits. Yet it was a great move on her part. How does someone move from a personal interest in Ahava—a product derived from the Dead Sea in Israel, the most mineral-rich body of water on the planet—to selling Ahava from a small store, to starting a very successful business? After selling Ahava for just a short while, Hampson realized that there was great demand for treatments done with the different products, such as mud wraps, salt scrubs and facials. She took it upon herself to take classes, enabling herself to deliver these services, and very soon had

a rapidly growing client base. The next step was to expand even further. In 2000, Spa Ahava moved to Broadway Avenue, and from there it quickly began to blossom. Only a year and a half later, Spa Ahava saw its first expansion to accommodate increasing demand. Now, with a constantly growing staff, the number of services offered has increased. The body-, mind- and soul-enriching treatments include many levels of manicures, pedicures and body scrubs, with deliciously tempting options such as Caramel Macchiato and Chocolate Blizzard, bronzing treatments, tanning, body wraps, facial treatments, massage therapy…the list goes on! The staff at Spa Ahava pride themselves on making your treatment all about you. You will feel more relaxed as soon as you walk through the door, as calming music softly greets your ears and entrancing smells pleasantly linger all around you. With this level and quality of service, it is no wonder that Spa Ahava has won numerous awards, including repeated WestJet Value Awards for Best Saskatoon Day Spa, and been voted the Best Saskatoon Day Spa in a Planet S Magazine Readers’ Choice Poll the last six years in a row. Spa Ahava offers gift cards, spa and combo packages, and all the extras, from body waxing, ear candling, hydrotherapy and detoxifying to the Austrian Moor herbal bath. Clients journey from all over the province, the country and beyond to be pampered and rejuvenated at Spa Ahava by skilful hands, encompassed by an enchanting and ultimately soothing atmosphere. fls You can see all the services offered, and prices, at


Trusted financial services for seniors BY KRISTINE SCARROW


enior citizens in Saskatoon now have a powerful ally when it comes to their finances: In Touch Seniors Financial Advisory and Administrative Support. In Touch Seniors was founded by retired investment advisor Carla Herman, after she recognized a need for specialized financial services and advice for senior citizens. “Gaps also exist in the delivery and execution of advice,” says Herman. “Many seniors need extra support when it comes to their finances, especially if there are health issues present,” she explains. Often family members aren’t able to help as much as they would like. “Families today are more spread out geographically and more taxed for time than ever before.”


| Spring 2010

Monthly home visits All services are provided in the client’s home through monthly home visits. It is strictly a fee-based service. There are no sales or commissions and the fees are 100-percent tax deductible. “We act as financial planners, coordinating with a senior’s own chosen accountants, lawyers, bankers, investment and insurance advisors,” says Herman. In Touch Seniors can help make financial decisions, provide reviews and recommendations, bring in specialists as required and ensure that the advice and action plans of these allied professionals are actually being implemented. “Quality professional advice is readily availible in our community. People who should seek it don't always realize they need it

however. And sometimes specialist advisors see only their one piece of the puzzle," Herman says. "Advice is only good if it gives consideration to one’s entire financial picture, is implemented and followed up on.” The time constraints of professionals and perceived lack of affordability, combined with some seniors’ restricted mobility, often limit the appointment time seniors have with some of these professionals. “We deliver service at home, and recognize when a specialist is required as well as what that service is worth to the senior in the long run,” Herman says. “Some clients appreciate if we attend these appointments with them.” If needed, In Touch Seniors offers administrative support as well as can assist

health & wellness with balancing of accounts, bill paying, completion and submission of benefits forms, filing and organizing of important documents and the compilation and submission of tax documents to accounting professionals. “Unfortunately, senior abuse is on the rise, with fifty percent of cases being fraud-related,” Herman says. “Regular monthly contact, an understanding of your objectives and detailed fluid knowledge of your current finances enables us to act as a ‘gatekeeper,’ recognizing any unusual or suspect financial transactions or any discrepancies or deficiencies with regard to your finances. We advise on preventative measures to protect our senior clients and provide fraud education. “We will also assist with overseeing home renovations and maintenance that may be required to keep a senior safe and comfortable in their own home, which is often our single largest financial asset.”

Hands-on service The hands-on service and advice that In Touch Seniors offers can be crucial for seniors whose family members do not live in the area or have limited time due to children, business or other demands. For seniors who are facing health issues, many caregivers may have their plates full just dealing with the day to day physical and spiritual well-being of their senior family member or friend. The services that In Touch Seniors provides can also help those who are newly widowed. “If someone has lost their partner who managed most of the finances, they may require help to get through the first year of bereavement. Dealing with an estate, taxes, investments, even management of household expenses in addition to the death of a spouse can be completely overwhelming,” explains Herman. In Touch Seniors can offer support in cases where a senior does not have a suitable choice to take on the role of executor or power of attorney. Because of the range of services that In Touch Seniors provides, referrals come from many different sources. “Referrals

come from health care professionals, community groups, churches, accountants, lawyers and investment and insurance advisors as well as senior clients and their families,” Herman says. “We offer a truly unique, comprehensive service and delivery model that is affordable for most families. We are certified professionals who are bonded, insured and regulated.” Herman herself holds numerous professional designations. She is a Certified Senior Advisor, a Certified Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. She worked for 14 years as an investment advisor and partner at a boutique investment firm with a national presence. It was after her retirement that she founded In Touch Seniors

in late 2009. Herman’s desire to help seniors and to make a difference in the community inspired her to open In Touch Seniors. As she puts it, “Our goal is to assist seniors and their families with financial management and financial lifestyle issues, allowing them to delegate with confidence to experienced, knowledgeable and caring professionals.” fls In Touch Seniors Financial Advisory & Administrative Support 612 Saskatchewan Cres. E. Saskatoon (306)270-0935


Helping pet-lovers make nutritious choices for their animals BY JENN SHARP


eciding what to feed your dog or cat can be confusing, but there is help available from a Saskatoon family-owned business that specializes in dog and cat nutrition. Critters Pet Health Store first opened its doors in 1994 at 112 - 110 Ruth St. E. with the goal of providing healthy diets for both cats and dogs. The Saskatoon family-owned business has since expanded and now has locations in Erindale, Lawson Heights and Lakewood. The owner of Critters, Ed Friesen, says that people are bombarded with information, advertisements and research claiming which brand of food is best for their pets. Many consumers believe if they are getting their pet food from a pet store that it is automatically a good food, unfortunately that is not reality. “Pet owners are confused over what to feed their pets,” he says. “The ingredients prove if it's a good food, not the brand or where it is made.”


| Spring 2010

Ingredients tell the tale Friesen says the easiest way to determine the nutrition value of a food is to flip the bag over and read the ingredient list. However, deciphering the complex ingredient lists on what to look for and avoid can be overwhelming. This is why pet lovers come to Critters. Many pet food brands use ingredients they would never recommend such as meat by-products, rice flour, rice bran, brewers rice, corn, wheat and soy. Friesen says that pet foods which contain more meat are better for an animal’s digestive system. Dogs and cats are designed to process high quality meat more efficiently than grains. If the pet food is using a grain it should be the whole grain, not a grain fraction since feeding diets high in simple carbohydrates could possibly lead to obesity and diabetes in pets. Take a look at your dog’s or cat’s teeth. Their sharp incisors are made for hunting and eating meat, not a grain-based

diet. In other words, they thrive on carnivorous diets. While cats are exclusively carnivores, dogs also benefit from meatbased foods. Feeding a meat based diet does not necessarily mean high protein, they come in a variety of protein levels to choose from. All Critters locations carry about 15 to 20 different brands of cat and dog food, including EVO, Orijen, Innova, Acana, California Natural, Healthwise and Horizon. Friesen says Critters decides which brands to carry based on extensive research and logical, fact-based choices. “We base it all on ingredients, not the brand. The more digestible ingredients prove a food is nutritious. We base it on what dogs and cats are designed to eat,” he says.

More expensive doesn’t mean better For those worried about cost, Friesen says price differences between the brands

health & wellness

Critters carries and grocery-store pet foods are marginal. “We have a healthier diet for every budget.” He also says that higher price does not always equal higher quality. “Many pet food companies have a huge marketing budget, which means that many mainstream foods prices can be driven on advertising dollars, rather than on their ingredients.” Friesen says the higher-quality ingredients in the pet foods Critters carry mean you will have to feed your animal less every day because the food is more filling and nutrient-dense. “The reduction in the amount you’re feeding every day of a healthier diet will balance out.” A pioneer in the Saskatchewan pet food industry, Critters was the first pet food store in the province to offer many of its brands to consumers in the 1990s. Nowadays there are competing pet-food stores, but Friesen maintains their store is unique since they are the only locally owned Saskatoon business that concentrates solely on dogs and cats. This specialization means, “our research and knowledge in nutrition is focused,” giving Critters a significant advantage over the competition, which includes franchises and big box stores.

Passionate for Animals The Friesen family has deep roots in their passion for animals. In the early 1990s the family bred German Shepherds to serve as partners for RCMP Officers. The legacy of their accomplishments as breeders is present in the form of a statue in Hope, B.C. The statue was constructed in 1996 to pay tribute to the canine RCMP Officer ‘Chip’, who was bred by the Friesen family, for saving the life of an officer. The Friesen family has continued to cultivate its passion for dogs and cats through the four Critters Pet Health Stores in Saskatoon by providing advice on nutrition, chews, treats, supplements and more. The pet-food world is very large and is constantly changing. New brands, pet foods being purchased by large multinational companies and changes to ingredient lists often make

choosing the best food for your pet complicated. “Our job is to stay on top of the pet-food industry and continue to research ingredients so we can recommend the best food for your pet,” says Friesen. Friesen adds that he and his staff are motivated everyday by feedback from customers on how a recommendation improved the life of a pet. The results fellow pet-lovers witness first-hand in their pets is the very reason Critters has been fortunate enough to grow into multiple locations in the city. Friesen is as proud of his knowledgeable staff as he is that Critters is able to recommend some of the healthiest pet foods in the world.

The “No-Touch Bag” system Critters offers a new level of customer service in its stores. Its “No-Touch Bag” system means you can simply go straight to the counter in the store and request the same bag of pet food you purchased last time, and they’ll do the rest! They will carry the bag for you and make sure you go home with the correct pet food. Along with food for cats and dogs, Critters also stocks natural pet treats, biscuits, chews and supplies. They are also flexible to order in virtually any pet food, treat or accessory if a customer would like to pick up the product regularly at one of their four convenient locations. The pet-health stores also offer an Instant Rewards program for customers. Customers are entitled to a 10-percent discount on all pet accessories as soon as they make their first purchase. Critters also offers full-time grooming services at the Ruth Street and part-time grooming services at the Ludlow Street store. All four Critters locations are open seven days a week, and the Ruth Street location has extended hours. Critters would like to thank all of its health-conscious customers for their support and patronage throughout the years. Check out its website at: fls

SPECIAL OFFER All four locations will be offering an instore special with the launch of Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon. When you buy any two of their all natural chews, you will receive the third for 50 percent off. This will include the ever-popular Beef Sticks, or Bully Sticks as some people know them, which Critters now carries in three different brands.

Dr. Wole Adeniran Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital

(306) 244-2815


PETS AND ROUND WORMS verybody is happy that warmer months are here. The warmer the weather becomes the more time we spend out with our family members, loved ones and friends.


We also spend this nature-given friendly period outside with our loved furry “friends” or “kids,” who are also part of our family. We visit on-leash/off-leash parks with them to socialize, exercise and play, we walk on sidewalks go to lakes, camps or hunt with them. But just like we and our pets are happy to relax and move around during the period, worms and bugs like ticks, fleas and lice are also happy and thankful for the warmer weather, because this ensures their continued survival. They use this time to hatch, mature and make as many “babies” as possible, since they are not sure how many will survive to see the next warm weather. The question is, how do they do this? The worm eggs are usually in a resting stage, waiting for favorable conditions. Warm weather is one of them and moisture is another. Their eggs start to develop into baby worms called embryonated eggs, after which they stop and wait for more favorable conditions—which they may get from our furry friends when they accidently eat them from contaminated parks, sidewalks, lakes, camps or hunting grounds. Round worms (Ascariasis) is the most common infection of all the worms that are seen in our furry friends. Three species are most recognized: Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara cati. The dog round worm may cause fatal infection in pups. The larvae of two of these worms (T. canis and T. cati) may move around in the body of people to cause some ill health: fever, enlarged liver, some breathing problems. This is called Visceral Larva Migrans. Some may move to the eyes and may stay there to cause impaired vision: this is called Ocular Larva Migrans in people.


| Spring 2010

These worms can infect wild relations of cats and dogs, especially in zoos and where they are privately kept, so it is important when we and our kids visit these places to take necessary hygienic precautions to prevent swallowing of worm eggs during and after visits. How do the dogs get the worms? Puppies can get the worms as early as one week after birth if their moms (dams) had it and were not de-wormed before, during pregnancy (there are safe wormers that can be used during pregnancy) and after having their pups. The small baby worms of T. canis (larvae) can move through the placenta and get to the growing puppies inside their moms. They can also get it when they take their mom’s milk (because the baby worms can also be secreted in the milk) or may get it from the mom’s environment if she is shedding the eggs when she goes to the toilet. If the infective baby worms (embryonated eggs) of the dog roundworm are swallowed by an adult dog, the worms will hatch out of eggs in the intestine (bowels) and start to move to the liver, lungs, kidneys, muscles and other parts of the body of the dog, where they stop growing and hide. In pregnant dogs (bitches), these resting and hiding baby worms are the ones that may move to the baby pup in the mom through the birth tissues (placenta) to go to the bowels of the baby dog. When the puppy is born, one can see the worm in its bowels in about one week after its birth. The cat roundworm does not infect kittens until they are born. The kittens can get it from their mom’s milk or the environment of their moms if she was not de-wormed before, during and after having the kittens. How do we know that our furry friends are infected? In young dogs and cats, the signs are loss of condition, ruffled or dull coat, poor growth or lack of growth. They may have “potbelly,” may vomit worms, or you may see worms in their feces. They may have breath-

ing problems (pneumonia), coughing and diarrhea. The signs may not be very evident in older dogs. What should you do if you suspect your dog or cat has worms? I recommend that you take your pet to see your veterinarian right away for the health of the animal (especially the puppy or kitten) and your family. The dog roundworm may cause fatal infections in puppies and the larvae (baby worms) of the roundworms of dogs and cats can cause ill health in people, especially children (because they are always very close to their furry friends). Your veterinarian may do some tests, which may include blood and fecal tests and x-rays. Your veterinarian, after confirming the worm infection in your pet, will recommend an appropriate remedy and preventive program, depending on your pet’s lifestyle. I do this for my clients all the time. It cannot be over-emphasized here on the need for breeders to have their veterinarians formulate de-worming programs for their breeding animals and their young ones. There are many effective and convenient remedies in the market today. fls

Looking ahead: as the city grows, officials make plans for future development BY PENNY MCKINLEY As the manager of the future growth section of the city of Saskatoon’s planning and development branch, Laura Hartney’s focus is on the future: what will Saskatoon look like in 50 to 75 years with double its current population? The Projected Growth Concept Plan sets out the potential location of future residential, commercial and industrial development. The planners map out land use based on the characteristics of the land, identifying water bodies and environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Working with Infrastructure Services, they design a network of roads, water and sewer lines. They look at how people will move around the new neighbourhoods (car, bus, bicycle, on foot) and how the new areas will connect with other neighbourhoods and the downtown core. Each residential cluster is designed around a suburban centre with schools, stores and recreational opportunities. Saskatoon’s rapid growth over the past

couple of years has led to traffic congestion and other big-city problems. Hartney says that this is changing the city’s ideas about neighbourhoods and how people move around the city. They are exploring ways of making the city more financially and environmentally sustainable through compact growth, while still retaining Saskatoon’s character. Hartney is excited about Saskatoon’s future and eager to obtain community feedback. How can the city provide residential alternatives that accommodate different lifestyles? Can the city integrate residential and business areas to ensure shorter commutes? Can the city take advantage of infill opportunities to ensure more compact growth without having a negative effect on existing neighbourhoods? Urban village Once the concept plan has been approved by city council, development begins in the new neighbourhoods, with a focus on ensuring balanced growth and a

variety of housing options on all sides of the city. Willowgrove and Evergreen, two of Saskatoon’s newest neighbourhoods, have been designed as urban villages, with a compact mix of single- and multifamily dwellings, and a network of roads and paths leading to stores and conveniences around the “village square.” “I lived in Europe as a kid,” says Derek Thompson, senior planner for the city of Saskatoon’s land branch. “The square gave people a place to go within their neighbourhood.” Lots in Evergreen, located in University Heights, will go on sale in the fall. The plan sets out a wide range of housing options—from single-family dwellings to townhouses and high-rises. Lots have been set aside for residential care homes. “You can stay in your neighbourhood all your life, just transition to different forms of housing,” explains Thompson. At the heart of the neighbourhood is a landscaped village square surrounded by Spring 2010

| 73

properties small stores and businesses, such as coffee shops, convenience stores and doctors’ offices. The square will provide relaxed surroundings where residents can visit with friends or hold a neighbourhood event. Housing above the stores will further enhance the urban-village concept. Evergreen will also include the commercial centre for the surrounding neighbourhoods, making it particularly rich in local resources. A three-kilometre linear park runs from one end of the neighbourhood to the other so residents can walk, rollerblade or cycle to the schools, stores and parks. The trail will also connect with the Forestry Farm trails and eventually the Meewasin Valley River trail network, providing plenty of recreational opportunities. A green bridge, a first for Saskatoon, will extend the trail and the park plantings over the top of McOrmond Drive. Rather than having to carry their bike or stroller up a long flight of stairs, residents will have flat, easy access from one side of the highway to the other. Open sightlines, parks surrounded by housing and effective lighting have been incorporated into the design in order to ensure neighbourhood safety. Environmental sustainability Evergreen has been structured to waste fewer resources. “We are looking at this neighbourhood as a possible testing ground for sustainable elements as they become available,” explains Thompson. Sixty percent of the houses are on an east-west axis, which lends itself to solar heating. There will be community gardens in the parks, and plantings of natural ornamental grasses will reduce the need for irrigation. The city hopes to play an educational role by offering incentives to encourage builders to take advantage of environmental sustainability programs. Community Visioning Initiative In order to develop a collective vision of its future, the City is undertaking a community visioning initiative. Carla Blumers, Community Visioning Project Manager, explains that the initiative is not a traditional public meeting or political debate. “This is about conversations with citizens to build a better understanding of our individual and collective values. Imagine the power of having a vision of our future that is clear, sustainable, inclusive—and actively supported by citizens. This is what the community visioning initiative is all about.” The initiative will include a variety of events and activities, from community forums to themed workshops, neighbourhood “voice” sessions and social media. For further information, contact Carla Blumers, Project Manager, Community Visioning, fls 74

| Spring 2010

Corey Klassen

Marla Slater

Mortgage Expert

Mortgage Expert


MORTGAGES pring has sprung and there’s never a better time to reevaluate your mortgage needs. Whether it’s time for home renovations, upgrading to a larger home or simply refinancing for a lower interest rate and debt consolidation, we can help.


Historically, interest rates are at their all-time low, so even if you are locked into a higher-interest-rate mortgage it may be worth your while to get out now. The typical mortgage penalty is calculated on “the greater of three months interest or interest rate differential”—but what does this mean for your specific situation? Or is the better question, “Should you continue to pay a higher interest rate for the balance of your term and risk having to renew at higher interest rates in the future, or do you pay the penalty now and take advantage of all-time low rates?” We can help you understand your mortgage penalty and guide you through mortgage alternatives that may better suite your lifestyle. For those with equity built up in their homes,

the Home Equity Line of Credit may be a great option. This product can give you the flexibility to use existing equity built up in your home for other purposes, while being able to borrow at all-time low mortgage rates. With the ability to lock portions of the balance owing into a fixed-term repayment, and having an available credit line for future borrowing, it really is a great option. Maybe you are having a hard time deciding on variable or fixed? Well, the split-mortgage option offers the best of both worlds: you can take advantage of locking half of your mortgage into a five-year fixed interest rate now and allow the other half to be offered at a variable interest rate, which is also at an alltime low and typically offered well below prime. These are just a couple of alternatives that may not be offered by your financial institution and certainly not at our broker-discounted rates. With access to more than 40 primary lenders, including many of your com-

mon Schedule A banks, we offer more mortgage alternatives at much lower interest rates and with better prepayment terms. The mortgage industry in Canada has changed tremendously over the past 10 years alone, and it is not by accident that the mortgage-broker channel now accounts for well over 30 percent of all mortgage origination in Canada. With just over 1,600 DLC mortgage professionals in more than 200 locations across Canada, it’s a trend that continues to grow at a very rapid rate, and the ever-sophisticated Canadian mortgage consumer is reaping every benefit. It is important to note that when you are making the most important financial decision of your life, the purchase or refinancing of a home, the interest rate you pay is absolutely paramount…but it is equally important that the person you deal with is educated and professional in securing the proper mortgage terms that go with that rate. fls

Buying or selling, look to Canada’s number 1 real estate company. Number one in Saskatoon since 1989 BY DANA OLAFSON


uying a home is an exhilarating, yet daunting, experience. The same can be said for selling your home. Given the gravity of these situations, the importance of having a knowledgeable, reliable real estate agent on your team cannot be overstated. And the value of having a RE/MAX Sales Associate on your team is simply immeasurable.

RE/MAX was founded in Denver in 1973 by Dave and Gail Liniger, and was based upon two critical requirements: attracting the top-producing sales people in the industry, and providing unsurpassed service to clients. To accomplish this, the company would offer its agents the highest possible compensation, excellent working conditions and the finest training. To best service its clients, the company had to be large enough to offer full services locally and nationally, but at the same time still keep from being slow and bureaucratic. Recognized for its red, white and blue hot-air balloon logo, RE/MAX has been the number-one residential real estate 78

| Spring 2010

network in Canada since 1987. RE/MAX SASKATOON has helped buyers and sellers of real estate property for three decades and currently handles at least one-third of the real estate business in the city. RE/MAX is considered to be the number-one real estate company in Saskatoon. It’s also an important part of the community: RE/MAX agents donate more than $30,000 a year to the Children’s Hospital. The RE/MAX offices are independently owned and operated by Larry G. Stewart. The two offices in Saskatoon represent approximately 121 agents who serve the public, and additional offices are located in Prince Albert, Humboldt, Rosetown and Warman, all under the same ownership of Larry G. Stewart, FROI. Stewart has worked hard to ensure that when you choose a RE/MAX Sales Associate to sell your home or to help you in the home-buying process, you’ll experience an exemplary level of service. RE/MAX agents offer unparalleled knowledge regarding their community, their clients’ expectations and the state of

today’s market.

Customer satisfaction The proof of quality service is in repeat customers and in customers who refer RE/MAX Associates to friends. RE/MAX Sales Associates typically generate a large percentage of their business from past customers and referrals, and its new LeadStreet programs promote that.

Education At RE/MAX, advanced education is a priority. RE/MAX Associates dominate the Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) and Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) ranks. The agents are highly trained and constantly training. All new agents are trained in a program called “100 Days to Greatness” by Brian Buffini.

such as the maximum amount their buyer is willing to pay. • Seller (Vendor) Agency: represents the seller exclusively. It’s their job to get you the best offer on your home. They are legally obliged to tell the seller anything they know about a buyer, including whether that buyer is willing to pay more money for your home than he or she has indicated thus far. • Dual Agency: Sometimes, a brokerage may have an agency relationship with both the buyer and the seller, who must both give their informed consent. The agent must provide full and timely disclosure of all pertinent information to both parties.

Broker-Owner Larry G. Stewart, FRI, CRES RE/MAX Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Warman, Humboldt and Rosetown



RE/MAX agents are better qualified to set the right price for the homes they list, better equipped to market those homes and more likely to find clients engaged in the home-buying process in a shorter period of time. That experience and education also combine to make these agents better qualified to find the right home for any buyer. The home-buying process can be a daunting task. But with the expertise of a RE/MAX agent, you can rest easy.

Extensive advertising by individual RE/MAX agents, including various media, online virtual tours and use of MLS listings, ensures that when you list your home with a RE/MAX agent, it will receive wide exposure. RE/MAX agents also donate more than $30,00 per year to the childrens hospital.

Larry Stewart has worked very hard to give the competitive advantage Thanks to its global network and stellar reputation, and its Guarantee Home Program, it’s no wonder people turn to RE/MAX when they embark on the home- buying or selling process, and our guaranteed home program. When you look for the highest-quality real estate service, look to a RE/MAX Associate. You can depend on them to make the sale or purchase of a home as effortless and seamless as possible.

Your relationship with your RE/MAX agent Your RE/MAX agent will guide you through every step of the process, explaining the market, the process and the paperwork. And when it’s time to make an offer, your agent can negotiate on your behalf. Remember, realtors work for you and must, by law, look after your best interests. The relationship between a real estate brokerage and a client is called “Agency,” and there are three categories: • Buyer (Purchaser) Agency: represents the buyer exclusively. They search for homes that meet the buyer’s needs and wishes, and help assess the pros and cons of potential homes. The buyer’s information is kept confidential and agents must never disclose information,

You can benefit from choosing to sell and buy with the same RE/MAX agent. Your agent knows what you need and want; he or she is aware of your wish list and your limits. To work with the same agent for both purposes will save you a lot of time and energy. As a buyer, your RE/MAX agent will: • utilize your list of wants, needs and wishes to help you determine your price range; • inform you about the markets you’re interested in and help you compare and contrast different homes and neighbourhoods; • use the MLS system, giving you access to exclusive features that the public is not privy to; • use four Internet sites; • preview properties to ensure you’re only shown homes that meet your needs and budget; • make appointments and walk you through potential homes, answering all your questions; • negotiate with the seller, smooth out any potential conflicts and draw up a legally binding contract. RE/MAX agents are the best negotiators. As a seller, your RE/MAX agent will: • land the best price for your home with the least hassle; Spring 2010

| 79

• help you determine the best time to place your home on the market; • advertise your property extensively, achieving unbeatable exposure; • give you tips on how to prepare your home for showing.

Helpful website Whether you are selling or buying a home, the Saskatoon RE/MAX website can help you on your journey. The searchable home database, updated daily, can help you find the home you’re looking for, and give you access to a number of professional, honest realtors who currently handle at least one-third of the real estate market in Saskatoon, helping families to relocate stress-free. Visit and feel free to browse the listings, or fill out a listing notification and have listings instantly emailed to you! You can also fill out a home-evaluation form or download homebuyer and seller reports. Finally, check out all the links—and discover why saskatoon is the best place in canada to live! Larry G. Stewart, FRI, CRES (306) 241-0355 (cell)

Simple Selling Tips • You can only make one first impression. Clean up your yard, mow the grass and spruce up the landscaping. • Ensure the front door is clean, fully functioning and without any damage. All lights should also be in working order. • Make sure your house is the cleanest it can possibly be, and smells fresh. Elbow grease goes a long way to making your home more appealing…and it doesn’t cost a thing! • Put on a fresh coat of paint. It’s a really affordable way to present a cleaner, even updated version of your home. • De-clutter. Showcase the space and the airy feeling with minimal objects in closets and on countertops and any other visible surface. • Study other listings in your neighbourhood, or similar neighbourhoods in your city. It’s important that your listing price be comparable to similar homes in similar areas.

Contact a RE/MAX Agent for more detailed tips, and contractors to help.

Saskatoon North Office: 200-227 Primrose Dr. Phone: (306) 934-0909 Fax: (306) 242-0959 (Next to the wave pool) Humboldt Office P.O. Box 460, 940 Seventh Ave., Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0 Phone: (306) 682-5061 Fax: (306) 682-5063 (Soon to be moving to the Ford dealership on Main Street)

North Country Office Box 1630, Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Phone: (306) 668-0123 Fax: (306) 668-0125 (Main Street)

Rosetown Office Box 938, 212 Main St., Rosetown, SK S0L 2V0 Phone: (306) 882-1995 Fax: (306) 882-1996 (Main Street)

Saskatoon East Office 250-1820 Eighht St. E. Phone: (306) 242-6000 Fax: (306) 956-3356 (Besides Manos restaurant) 80

| Spring 2010

Prince Albert Office (21 agents) 2730A Second Ave. W., Prince Albert, SK S6V 5E6 Phone: (306) 763-1133 Fax: (306) 763-0331



wo of RE/MAX’s top producing Saskatoon agents realized that combining their respective skills would benefit their many clients. Don Fry and Gerry Lagimodiere are both top producing agents with RE/MAX Saskatoon. Both have been #1 agents for the Saskatoon franchise. They have also both been in the Top 100 Worldwide for RE/MAX. Don has been top lister several years running. Whether you are buying or selling with Don and Gerry, you will know that you are in good hands. Together they bring over 30 years of real estate experience in Saskatoon. Both being from Saskatoon, they know the city very well. They are supported in their business by their wives, Bev Fry and Daphne Lagimodiere.

If you visit their websites at and www.Saskatoon, you’ll discover they have a very diversified portfolio. Don has extensive knowledge in land, acreage and acreage subdivisions in and around Saskatoon and Gerry has strong market knowledge of luxury homes and condominium projects in Saskatoon. Both Don and Gerry also have expert knowledge of the residential and lake prop-


erty markets, which show in their results. Don and Gerry are the agents with a proven track record. Call them today and be ready to move tomorrow!


Luxury Urban Living

419 Nelson Road - University Heights • • • • • • • •

1000-1300 sq. ft. Super-sized balconies - room to breath! 9 ft. ceilings, granite counters throughout! Hi-Eff. in-floor radiant heat, c/air Modern architecturally designed floor plans Acrylic stucco & stone exterior 6 New appliances, Hardwood allowance Carwash Bay, Workshop, Fitness Room, Amenities Room

Starting from

$304,400 EXCL/MLS®


Gerry Lagimodiere RE/MAX Saskatoon 222-2229

Don Fry RE/MAX Don Fry 222-0053 88 Spring 2010



RM of DUNDURN Starting at: $99,900

RM of BLUCHER Starting at: $99,900









• • • • •





60 Lots High-speed internet available Low-maintenance fencing Gas/phone/electric/water to property line Paved roads to subdivision

• • • • • •

80 Lots Lots 2.5 to 9 acres High-speed internet available Gas/phone/electric/water to property line Paved roads to subdivision Low-maintenance fencing

THE PARTNERSHIP AT Gerry Lagimodiere RE/MAX Saskatoon 222-2229

Don Fry RE/MAX Don Fry 222-0053

Live The Dream

Panoramic River and City Views in vibrant Nutana Subdivision

$1,800,000 MLS®

Welcome to 313 Eleventh Street East Stunning Architectural Design... 3177/3 Sq. Ft. Semi-detached 21⁄2 Storey This classy home is located on the River’s east bank, in the heart of Nutana, near Broadway and vibrant downtown. Now is the time to reward yourself with this amazing “State of the Art” home with Smart-House technology. No expense spared here. Timeless materials including exotic woods and natural stone. This home has been professionally designed and thoughtfully built with every imaginable luxury feature. Three large balconies with custom stainless steel/tempered glass railings to enjoy the stunning panoramic city and river views. Watch the amazing sunsets from your master bedroom. Featuring 3177sq ft above grade plus a walk-out basement, all four levels are served by a private elevator with music and phone. Enjoy a single plus double attached heated garage. Boasting quality stone and acrylic stucco exterior, adorned with columns and unique water fountains. Call for your private tour.


Gerry Lagimodiere RE/MAX Saskatoon 222-2229

Don Fry RE/MAX Don Fry 222-0053

Ron Baliski Realty Inc. (RE/MAX) Real Estate

REAL ESTATE MARKET askatoon’s real estate market maintained its momentum throughout the first quarter. Unit sales were up 28 percent from March 2009, with 361 homes being sold as compared to March 2009 when 282 units were sold. Year-to-date, 775 properties have exchanged hands: that number is up 10 percent from 2009, when 704 properties exchanged hands. The average days-on-market has dropped to 30 days, with some areas having as few as 22 days-to-sell on average.


The average residential selling price in March was $282,615, up six percent from March 2009, when the average selling price was $266,620. The average selling price year-todate is $282,270, up three percent from 2009, when the average price was $274,555. The highest number of sales year-to-date has taken place in the $300,000 to $350,000 price range. The average residential price is derived by taking the month’s dollar volume of homes sold and dividing that number by the unit sales number. The percentage of change should not be used unilaterally, as prices vary from area to area. Consumers wishing an ac-

Clark Dziadyk (306) 227-2036 Ron Baliski (306) 221-0421 Reagan Baliski (306) 290-7377

curate estimate of value for their home should contact a REALTORS® member to do a comparative market analysis. Listing inventory remained steady, with homebuyers having 1,045 properties to select from at the end of March. REALTORS® listed 738 homes in March, up 11 percent from 2009, when 662 were placed on the market for sale. In areas surrounding Saskatoon (e.g. Martensville, Warman, etc.) unit sales were up 49 percent, with 97 properties selling as compared to March 2009, when 65 properties were sold. Year-to-date 168 properties have sold in these areas, up 22 percent from 2009 when 138 properties had sold. The average selling price in these areas was $260,054, up 16 percent from March 2009, when the average was $224,328. The Saskatoon-and-area market is steady and is expected to remain steady throughout spring and summer. Slightly higher interest rates may affect some first-time buyers, who typically are close to the line when qualifying for financing to purchase a home. Conditions in Saskatoon are very favourable for strong

real-estate sales and development. City lot sales for 2010 have already exceeded the City Land Branch goals and expectations. Saskatoon leads the nation in population growth and job creation. Many businesses regularly express interest in relocating to this city, and in-migration in general is becoming more commonplace. Even at the Olympics people stood in line for two hours to get into the Saskatchewan pavilion. All indicators point to 2010 remaining a solid market environment in Saskatoon. fls Ron, Reagan and Clark invite you to address to them any questions you may have regarding Real Estate. This question/answer forum will be integrated within their "Expert Advise" column for the upcoming issues. Ron, Reagan and Clark look forward to hearing from you. Please email your questions to Article written by Harry H. Janzen, CAE. Executive Officer of Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®

A new deal on new houses from North Ridge Development BY BRIAN BOWMAN


ight across the country, one of the toughest challenges facing young families today is the quest for good, affordable housing. But those looking to locate in or near Saskatoon are in luck: North Ridge Development Corporation, Saskatchewan’s award-winning builder of top-quality homes, has begun a line of single family housing starting at $229,000.

That’s a deal. You won’t find anything like it elsewhere in the province, or maybe even in the nation. In fact, the prices for new starter homes in provinces other than Saskatchewan are now beyond the reach of most young families. While housing prices in Saskatoon have risen dramatically over the last few years, they are still among the lowest

in the nation. As well, while there is good availability of new homes in the over$400,000 range, there are many people whose debt/service portfolios cannot accommodate anything at or beyond that level. Apartments and condos won’t work for them, and older homes often need expensive renovations. They have families; they need good, affordable houses. Consequently, there is a growing Spring 2010

| 93

demand for new homes in the sub$350,000 range. “We recognized early last year that we had to design and build homes to meet that budget criteria. And that’s what we’re doing with our ‘Lifestyles’ series of homes,” says Doug Durrant, North Ridge Development’s vice-president of operations. “Our area of expertise is to provide a house, including lot and GST, in the $230,000 to $350,000 range. No other place in the country can do that.” That alone makes it a really good deal. But it gets better.

Award-winning builder North Ridge Development’s more than 25-year commitment to building homes that demonstrate quality craftsmanship and the best value for the homebuyer earned the firm 12 Saskatoon and Region Home Builder’s Association Bridges Awards in 2010, and has created some of the best new homes in the city. North Ridge was also recognized by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce in 2009 with ABEX Awards for both Business of the Year and Service. North Ridge is a full-service builder, offering an in-house design department using CAD technology to design and produce quality homes that satisfy both needs and budgets. They are also an Energy Star builder and the only builder in Saskatchewan to exclusively use Watchdog Waterproofing, a seamless moisture and water-protection membrane, for basements. The result is a series of affordable, well-designed and remarkably efficient homes. The homes in the Lifestyles series are all single-family units with their own yards. There are no condo fees or rents. Equity grows over time, and pets and children will play in their own backyard. Homeowners can make their own decisions about their own property. Some Lifestyle designs have basements that can be converted to secondary suites, a revenueearning option which can help secure financing.

properties There are several different exterior designs, all neo-traditional, from bungalows to two-storey homes. The exterior streetscapes are developed to offer variety and a community that is esthetically pleasing. Materials are used that are durable and come with industry-standard warranties. Care is given to ensure that the houses are built with our Canadian winters in mind with energy efficient materials. As well, exteriors are a pleasing combination of vinyl siding, shakes and stonework that looks good but more importantly requires minimal maintenance. The interior finishes are just as impressive, with product that combines style, energy efficiency and quality. Multiple outlets for data, telephone and cable ensures that young families can be informed, in-touch and entertained. Colours and finishes have been chosen and assembled by North Ridge’s interior decorator to help new homeowners make those difficult decisions. North Ridge also offers a wide variety of upgrades and options for those who want to personal-

ize their home or want something a little out of the ordinary.

City amenities, small-town charm While Saskatoon is attractive and offers immediate access to amenities and a cosmopolitan social scene, the most affordably priced homes in North Ridge’s Lifestyles portfolio are found in Martensville, about 10 minutes north of the city. This growing community of about 5,000, close to Saskatoon, combines all the amenities of the city, including quick access to the north industrial area, with a more relaxed, young-family-oriented community. The ability to listen to the customer and design a housing product that meets both the needs and price point with a quality product is what earns awards and sets North Ridge apart from the rest. “We’re committed to producing an entry-level, affordable product for today’s market place. We have designed a variety of homes to be placed in familyoriented communities and have done so

without any other assistance, government or otherwise. We feel that there has been pent-up demand for this style of product and we plan to continue with this series line of home,” says Durrant. If you’re in the market, North Ridge Developments has a property to suit your budget and lifestyle. You can visit North Ridge at Maps of developments in Saskatoon, Regina and now Prince Albert give current information on property status and availability. Check the photo galleries to get a feel for the space, décor and lighting. Show homes highlighting the specifications of North Ridge homes are available in all their communities. Check the website for locations and hours. Friendly staff will be more than willing to help you with any further questions. fls North Ridge Development Corporation 3037 Faithfull Ave. (306) 242-2434

Luxury condos for individual lifestyles One of the notable things about fine living is that people who can will always choose to live in a place that suits their lifestyle. Recognizing that is what makes North Ridge Development Corporation a leading developer of up-market houses and condos. Currently, three Saskatoon condominium projects are underway, featuring top-quality properties designed to satisfy a variety of living preferences and lifestyles. Water’s Edge, beside the river off Saskatchewan Crescent, offers luxury in the heart of the city. Jazz in the park, Shakespeare on the

Saskatchewan—if that’s your thing, you could be living there. If you’d prefer to weatherproof your social calendar, Dover Heights has immediate access to the huge and comprehensive appeal of Market Mall. And for those who want to be outside and active, Kingswood Manor is in Wildwood next to Wildwood Golf Course. Each project offers fine living as individual as you are—with an abundance of floor plans to choose from.

Spring 2010

| 95

Suburban wonderful Luxury condominium living at the Aurora Condominium in Lakewood BY FIJI ROBINSON


urora was the Roman goddess of the dawn and it is an apt name for the latest Lakewood Suburban Centre condominium, which has the eastern prairie horizon as its vista. Remai Group recently introduced its new Aurora condominium project, which will begin construction shortly at 158 Pawlychenko Lane in Lakewood, after the sell-out of its Coronado project next door. Like many new neighbourhoods, Lakewood Suburban Centre is composed entirely of low-rise apartment-style condominiums and townhouses. It is a pedestrian- and bike-friendly neighbourhood that offers many amenities and services, including a pizzeria, dentist, drug store and grocery store and a local coffee bar that features a handmade espresso machine from Florence, Italy. “We know that Aurora will appeal to a broad range of buyers,” says Bernard Normand of Royal LePage, the realtor for the project. “It will attract many 50-plus buyers who are looking to downsize from 96

| Spring 2010

their single-family homes. However, its contemporary design and entry-level price points will also be attractive to firsttime buyers.”

A variety of floor plans The Aurora’s 86 units come in a variety of sizes and floor plans. They range from 649- to 1,248-square-foot units in onebedroom, one-bedroom-plus-den, twobedroom and two-bedroom-plus-den styles. All suites feature a modern décor and nine-foot ceilings. Aurora kitchens include granite countertops, double stainless-steel sinks, maple cabinets and appliances, including a ceramic-top stove, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and a range hood/microwave oven. Owners will appreciate the convenience of the en-suite washer and dryer, central air conditioning and natural gas outlet on the patio/balcony. Like other condominium communities, the Aurora will attract owners who appreciate the convenience of having some-

one else shovel the snow or take care of plumbing problems. They will also enjoy having fewer security concerns. The building offers the security of keyless entry and video entry surveillance. Other condo features include two elevators, individual storage lockers, underground and surface parking and extra surface parking. Residents can also take advantage of a fully equipped exercise room, a meeting and events room and a fully furnished guest suite. Condo fees include water and heat. Aurora owners will be comfortable knowing that they are protected by a recognized third-party home-warranty program and that Aurora is being built by Remai Group, which has specialized in the construction of apartment-style condominiums for more than 30 years. Residents of the Aurora can look forward to the sense of community that living in a condominium brings, and will find there is a lot happening in and around Lakewood.


Green space and water Part of the community’s appeal is being on the outskirts of town, with so much open space that one can still clearly see the sky at night. Residents can also take advantage of the nine-acre Trounce Pond that welcomes visitors to Lakewood, south of Taylor on the east side of Boychuk Drive. The city’s first man-made lake, Trounce Pond offers a large green space of walking trails and benches for enjoying the outdoors. The pond is part of a larger campaign by city planners and conservationists to preserve the wetlands surrounding the neighbourhood. As Mother Nature’s water filters, wetlands are a natural storage area for water and help to reduce the risk and severity of flooding by storing and slowing the flow. The finalized plan will give nature lovers the opportunity to encounter the small mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish and invertebrates that use wetlands for food, breeding and nesting grounds, resting areas and shelter.

possession dates. This will protect owners from those risks.” fls

For more information about Aurora, contact Bernard Normand with Royal LePage at (306) 222-8727, email, or visit the project website at

Runners, walkers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Aurora’s close proximity to the South East Park, currently under development. The 200plus acres will feature three dedicated park spaces, active and passive recreation, interpretive and educational uses and a naturalized landscape of connected existing and proposed storm-water management ponds. Residents of Aurora will find it easy to get to where they are going, with close access to Circle Drive to the south— Stonebridge shopping centre is just a short drive away—and all the amenities of Eighth Street to the north. Saskatoon Transit has routes through Lakewood for people who rely on public transit. With all this to offer, Bernard anticipates that Aurora units will sell quickly. “Prices may continue to rise, as may interest rates, but our lenders are willing to lock in mortgage rates now until the 2011


Close to South East Park


Creating unique places to call home BY KARIN MELBERG SCHWIER


wo years ago husband-and-wife team Ricky and Rhonda Iula launched Decora Homes Ltd. The couple’s business plan was based on a shared passion to build quality custom homes. “We wanted to build houses that our customers would be happy to call home,” says Rhonda. “We want to build our business by building unique homes with a focus on quality product and custom touches.” That focus is based on the desire of their customers for something that reflects their own personalities. “People who choose our homes want something unique and different. They want their own style,” says Rhonda. Decora Homes’ most recent offering is a show home at 114 Brookside Dr. in 98

| Spring 2010

Warman. It’s already been snapped up, and interest is building. “We held a wineand-cheese event for the grand opening,” says Rhonda. “We were happy with such a great response, along with a lot of positive feedback about the house and all the extras that we do.” In a business where location is as important as the house itself, Rhonda says the home is perfectly situated. “The house backs onto a lake and it’s a walkout, so the basement is very bright and the floor plan is open and spacious,” Rhonda says. “The Town of Warman creates skating rinks on the lake in the winter, which also has a lighted fountain in the summer, so the location is peaceful and perfect.” Ricky, as general contractor, and Gilles Gorieu, Decora Homes’ site supervisor

and sales representative, oversee all aspects of the construction. With 15 years of experience in the construction industry, they are able to tap into contacts for high-quality craftsmanship.

Every home unique The Decora difference is just that: every single Decora Home is different, from design and materials through to the finishing touches. All are elements the Iulas take “a large amount of pride in.” There are several examples, though the possibilities are not limited to those shown on Decora Homes’ website. All designs can be customized to the client’s wishes. “People can see some of our previous work on the site for ideas,” notes Rhonda. “We will design anything anyone wants in their home.”

properties The Warman show home itself is an exceptional example of design, function and high-end quality. A raised bungalow in the Kitsalano III style featured on the company website, it offers 1,578 square feet of living space on the main floor, four bedrooms, three full baths, including a master bedroom ensuite with a Maax Erbin tub with waterfall tap, and light ambiance and in-floor heating. For media aficionados, the entire house is wired for surround sound, and the ensuite bathroom has a clever two-sided mirror that disguises a TV that shows through the mirror. The front entrance stairs are of natural slate, and the kitchen boasts two styles of granite on custom maple countertops with a feature wall on the island.

Tailored to individual tastes Ricky and Rhonda design all their show homes and other offerings. Working closely with their clients, they create unique floor plans and designs tailored to individual tastes and requirements. Rhonda does the interior decorating for each show home. She adds that the Decora Homes website will feature many photos of the show home “so everyone can get a feel for what it looks like if they are unable to view the home in person.” Chantelle from Funktional Spaces, Dawn from Sew & Home and Carla from Blossoms Flowers participated in the staging of the house in Warman. “My passion really lies in the interior decorating, so that’s the fun part for me,” Rhonda says. "Based on the kind of environment I wanted to create, we set out to find the pieces that would work together. I really appreciated the expertise of these talented women as we found quality products and the perfect accessories. Sew & Home and Blossoms donated items, and when we put it all together, the end result was a home that looked just smashing." Adding a feel of sophistication is the black-and-white décor that Rhonda selected for this home. All casings, baseboards and interior doors are high-gloss black lacquer with white walls. Rhonda says the environment is simply “stunning.” “We’ve done a headboard on the wall in the master bedroom made of four pieces of maple, sprayed black lacquer, with rope lighting,” says Rhonda about her favourite part of the house. “In the evening when you flip the switch, it’s just beautiful.” There is no rest for a company offering a quality product with a commitment to a customized approach. Decora Homes continues its productive pace. “While this particular show home is in Warman, we have another one in Saskatoon in the Venetian style at 318 Greenfield Terrace opening to the public in May (Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 to 9 p.m. and Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5 p.m.). We’ve built other homes in Saskatoon and, in fact, we have lots available in the city now. “We build anywhere,” Rhonda concludes. “By offering those unique high-end touches, we won’t be slowing down any time soon!” fls Contac t Ricky and Rhonda at Decora Homes Ltd., at (3 06) 651-1750, or visit

Spring 2010

| 101


SGO Designer Glass: unique, personal, beautiful BY ALEXANDRA WALLD At the rate that Saskatoon is growing, there are an ever-growing number of communities filled with cookie-cutter houses, and while these houses are all filled with people, each building is home to a different family—different people looking for a way to make their house stand out among the rest; to make it beautiful, to make it unique, to make it their own. SGO Designer Glass Studio is the perfect place to help you do just that. SGO is a full-service architectural decorative glass provider, part of a worldwide network of nearly 350 such providers. It specializes in custom stained glass and provides any style of decorative glass panels for residential, industrial and commercial institutions. Committed to innovation and providing customers with the highest-quality deco-


| Spring 2010

rative glass product, design options and personalized service, SGO offers finished product fabrication and different methods of installation. Working in conjunction with Castle Stained Glass, SGO is a member of the Home Builder’s Association and offers an array of decorative and practical applications.

“You name it...we can do it” “We can do the interior of people’s homes, or the frosting on shower enclosures or glass walls,” says Janet Parkinson, owner of SGO. “We also do painted or etched glass, and we’re getting heavily into backsplashes and custom door inserts because that seems to be what people out there want. We do everything from mirrors to art to shower enclosures.

You name it, and if it can be done in glass, we can do it.” The studio offers products made using the SGO—or stained-glass overlay— process, which combines multiple materials, like glass, lead, multi-layered mylars, bevels and jewels to form a solid piece of decorative glass. The finished product looks and feels like traditional stained glass, but has the strength of a solid piece of safety glass. Each piece is custom-designed and can be installed over, or in place of, existing glass. The studio has a complete line of architectural decorative glass, including slumped, stained, bevelled, leaded, laminated, textured, coloured and iron art glass. SGO was started just over two years ago when Parkinson was looking to become an entrepreneur. When she came across


SGO, it was looking to expand, and so began operations in a small studio on 33rd Street. After realizing it would need a larger area to meet clients’ demands, SGO moved last summer to a larger studio on 47th St. E, equipped with an art gallery to showcase the work of local artists and its talented staff. Whether you’re looking for the next conversation piece for your home, the perfect home décor item for your space, or a wonderfully unique gift for that special someone, you’ll find what you’re looking for at SGO Designer Glass Studio. From mouth-blown perfume bottles to vases, bowls and sun catchers to wall art, custom mirrors or stained-glass lamps, each piece of art at SGO is in a class of its own. A proud partner of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the studio can put the Riders logo on glass, and has many clients request Riders mirrors for the bar area in their home.

Personal and hand-crafted “What makes our products unique is that they are completely personal and handcrafted, which means it’s not in any way, shape or form an assembly-line process or mass production,” says Parkinson. “Everything done here is done to client specifications, and is produced by hand to create something personal. Because of our artists’ talents, each piece has its own fire, its own beauty, its own life.” Clients can also bring in pictures to give designers an impression of what they’re looking for. Some people bring in drawings or pictures of their homes so the artists can see the style or colour scheme they have, while others bring in pictures of loved ones for glass memorials. Or, if you have a partially finished idea, SGO can work with you to come up with something that will match your needs. “We provide a place for designers to refer their clients, and for them to incorporate unique pieces into designs. For homeowners, we provide them with inspiration on projects and gift ideas. We work with designers because they have clients that are looking for something special—

properties a glass bar top, a glass wall or railing— and then we show them the range they can use, and then the designer goes back to their client with price points and we take it from there.” When it comes to the applications of designer glass, the options are limitless: it can be installed in front doors, skylights, ceiling panels, kitchen cabinets or counter tops. You can put it in shower doors, light boxes, mirrors or bath windows. SGO has even provided applications for company logos, booth dividers, stair railings, room dividers and recreational vehicles. The company has also built glass dance floors.

“Completely unique” “Our work stands out because it’s completely unique. It’s very personal to the place and speaks to the serenity of the space,” says Parkinson. “We’ve worked with a couple of clients on an ongoing basis, continually adding to their collection of glass—in their bathrooms, hallways and entryways. Right now, we’re initiating a project where the entire house will have glass throughout. We’ll bring the outdoors indoors with backsplashes, cabinet inserts and mirrors.” From your first consultation, where designers come to your home or job site to go over details, to the finished product, which they can install or have installed by your contractor, you will be delighted with the process. “We are Saskatoon’s best-kept secret at the moment, and I don’t think people know about the variety of glass applications that are available to them,” says Parkinson. “They don’t have to settle for stock pieces or stock design; we can work with them to come up with something they’ll love and it’s still going to be economically reasonable.” fls SGO Designer Glass 840 47th St. E. (306) 477-0098


| Spring 2010

Contemporary classic – funk it up with colour! BY KARIN MELBERG SCHWIER


nsel Adams photographs, tuxedos, a cocktail dress and pearls, ebony and ivory: black-andwhite has been a celebrated pairing ever since people have been paying attention to eye-pleasing colour combinations. Chantelle Butterfield, owner of Funktional Space, recently put her interior décor talents to work on a Decora Homes’ show home in Warman. It’s not often you see this pairing in a house, but that’s this home’s interior scheme: classic black-and-white. “I love it! The floor plan of this home is open and bright. I knew immediately that we could build on the sophistication to create something that looked great and felt comfortable,” says Chantelle, who brings more than 15 years of experience and a range of skills as a colour expert, kitchen and furniture designer and decorator to her four-year-old business. “I really believe there’s an innate sense of decorating, an artistic eye for colour and balance, that some people have,” says Chantelle. “Everyone’s space is unique

and personal and should be attractive and functional. “What might seem overwhelming to some can be handled fairly simply by a good decorator. You’re not only decorating, you’re bringing out that individual’s unique personality.”

A chance meeting Decorating a show home is a bit of a challenge, but in the case of the Warman project, Decora Homes owner Rhonda Iula fit the bill. A chance meeting at a charity event, and a common connection through End of the Roll, where Chantelle is the exclusive designer, brought the two women together. “We were chatting about her show home with the black-and-white décor and she asked me a few questions,” recalls Chantelle. “I thought it would really be a stunning look. Later, when the house was complete, I went in to advise on tile and wallpaper. Rhonda and I started talking about staging the house when they were getting ready to show it.”

“I know black-and-white might sound cold at first, but it’s really not,” says Rhonda, who selected the colour scheme for their 1,578-square-foot show home. “We used a high-gloss black lacquer, very smooth, like a piano.” All casings, baseboards and interior doors in the Decora Homes show home are high-gloss black lacquer, and there is plenty of recessed and rope lighting. To Chantelle, this classic look was the perfect backdrop. Because it was a show home with no owner yet, Chantelle decided to showcase Rhonda’s “young and vibrant character.”

Start elegantly simple, add layers Chantelle compares the project to working with an elegant Chanel suit, an analogy she often uses with clients to help them conceptualize her interior-decorating philosophy. “You begin with a gorgeous Chanel suit in neutrals; in the case of this house, the classic black-and-white palette,” she explains. “When you begin with a great Spring 2010

| 107

foundation, the rest is easy. Your goal is to add layers and interest with accessories, colour, texture and some pieces of artwork. “With the suit, you add a scarf; you may already have the shoes and you add the jewelry for a finishing touch. That’s where you get the personality. What you want to do is just warm it up, but all those pieces you’re adding have to work together. It’s exactly the same with a house.” In the case of the Decora Homes show home, the inspiration for that warming up came by way of artwork from Sew & Home, a Saskatoon custom furniture store, featuring classic and contemporary pieces. Perhaps influenced subconsciously by another local girl, Joni Mitchell, a print of a big yellow New York taxicab “spoke to me as soon as I saw it and I knew that would become the focal colour in the black-and-white scheme.” Once the decision was made about the colour scheme for the “funking it up” part of the decorating, everything else fell into place. If it didn’t fit the scheme, it wasn’t used. “Yet when you tire of those particular colours and textures,” says Chantelle, “you’re able to change it up quite inexpensively. You don’t have to do a major repainting job and sell your furniture; it remains as the timeless canvas.” As a designer who likes to repurpose and reuse items, Chantelle believes that you need to feature some of the treasures you have collected over time to create a space that reflects you and places you’ve been. It shouldn’t all be new. Sometimes simply moving that treasure to a new spot makes all the difference.

Decorating should be pleasant Decorating should be a pleasant experience, not a stressful, agonizing and expensive proposition. Chantelle says once you have the big pieces, it’s reasonable to assume changing an entire look might only cost between $100 and $1,000, which is a lot more practical. 108

| Spring 2010



“We shopped and staged the whole show home in less than two full days,” says Chantelle, who calls the project “one of the most exciting and satisfying homes I’ve ever worked on. The upstairs turned out drop-dead gorgeous.” The basement was left open so people viewing the home could use their imagination for that space. “I think Rhonda was really pleased with the result,” Chantelle says. “It was really a wonderful experience to work with Dawn and Carla and I’d encourage other builders and homeowners to see what they can offer. “Dawn carries great lines of Canadianmade furniture and I try to buy local whenever I can. We make fantastic furniture in this country and you won’t have the problems of climate change. How often have we seen a beautiful piece of exotic wood furniture with a big crack in it? It’s only great furniture if it stays together. Sew & Home offers Saskatoon only the best.” “Sew & Home is a proud supplier of the

furnishings, art and accessories for the show home,” says owner Dawn. “We’re a contemporary furniture store, and recently moved to a spacious new location, with custom furnishings for the entire home.” The store is not limited to furniture; it also carries window coverings, drapery, art and lighting, bedding, fabrics and wallpaper.

job just seems too large, where do you start? “You don’t want to waste money or time, and you certainly don’t want to invest in something that just doesn’t feel or look right. Having fun with it is important, too. You may need someone to come in with fresh eyes and some expertise and experience.” fls

Extraordinary arrangements Blossoms creates not only floral arrangements, but also garden ornaments, gifts and art. Carla caters to clientele who prefer more non-traditional items, such as unusual flowers, berries, grasses and branches. “Her arrangements are extraordinary,” Chantelle says. “Just look at these pictures! “It can be overwhelming when you first start thinking about the look you want to achieve and it can be especially difficult to renovate and decorate your own space,” Chantelle continues. “If you’ve lived in it or you’ve just built it and the

Decorating by Funktional Space, Saskatoon, (306) 227-3008, Furniture by Sew & Home, 601 First Ave. N., Saskatoon, (306) 373-2332, Flowers by Carla Scharback at Blossoms, 111 - 1526 Eighth St. E., Saskatoon, (306) 955-3355, www. Built by Decora Homes, (306) 651-1750,


Brilliant, exquisite Moorcroft pottery By Samantha Maciag


he bold, distinctive colours of Britain’s Moorcroft Pottery are now gracing the shelves of Players Collectibles in Moose Jaw, the exclusive location in Saskatchewan for collectors and new customers. “In terms of quality, I feel Moorcroft is unsurpassed,” says Players storeowner Dale Harvey. Players Collectibles is owned by Harvey, his wife, Shirley, and Carol Smith.

“The range of designs allows for the product to fit in any number of styles of home decor and it’s the type of piece that should be a focal point of any room,” Harvey adds. “The range of new designs are a perfect fit for today, but are still able to complement other pieces.” The manufacturer is located in Burslem, Stoke“The range of on Trent, Staffordshire designs allows for in England and has been around independently the product to fit in since the early 1900s, any number of originating with William styles of home Moorcroft’s work in 1897 at James Macindecor and it’s the tyre & Co. Ltd. type of piece that Moorcroft’s work at should be a focal Macintyre greatly outshone the other work of point of any room” the manufacturing company. After winning a gold medal at the St. Louis International Exhibition in 1904 for his range of pottery entitled Florian Ware, Moorcroft parted ways with Macintyre and started his own company. In 1928, Moorcroft’s success grew immensely, culminating with the appointment of the Moorcroft company as potter to Her Majesty the Queen.

Moorcroft’s production facility located in Burslem, Stoke-on Trent, Staffordshire England When the founder died in 1945, Moorcroft Pottery was taken over by his son, Walter. In 1984, after rising fuel and labour costs brought the company into financial difficulties, part of the company was sold. Later, in September of 1986, the portion was resold to Spring 2010 | 112 London lawyer Hugh Edwards and publisher Richard Dennis.

London lawyer Hugh Edwards and publisher Richard Dennis. In 1992, Dennis and his wife, designer Sally Tuffin, left the company, leaving Edwards the sole owner of the company to this day. “The pots are made in exactly the same way that they were 100 years ago. Exactly. There’s no change,” said Edwards in a telephone interview from his home in England, explaining the pots are still made in that country, by hand, from start to finish. The elaborate designs are applied via Tubelining or Sliptrailing– processes that involve the squeezing of a raised outline onto a pot

in the form of liquefied clay, or “slip squeezing” through a glass tube from a bag held in the hand, much like decorating a cake. Colours are based on metallic oxides and are applied by hand, gently washed one over another and blended at high temperatures, first with the clay pot. A second firing of a pot takes place after it’s dipped in a special glaze, which produces the brilliant colour and high-gloss that has become a hallmark of Moorcroft Pottery. “The only things that have changed are that in the very beginning, in 1897, the founding father, William, only had three colours to work with in the techniques that Moorcroft uses today,” Edwards said. “By 1905 or 1906, that number had grown to seven colours and now the designers–we have four full-time designers–they have 83 colours to work with. “So if the founding father had looked at some of the designs we do–we don’t copy, a designer would actually be sacked if they copied–he would recognize the house style, but he would say, ‘Where did you get all those colours from?’ because he hadn’t got them.” As a result, the pieces made today are much more colourful than those from Moorcroft’s earlier years, Edwards said. fls

Hand Crafted in England for Collectors of Fine Pottery Around the World.

Players Collectibles is located at 308 Main St. North in Moose Jaw and can be reached by phone at (306) 693-7111. For more information, Visit their website at :

Canadian. 100 pieces. First Come First Serve. Available Now! June 7th In-Store Demonstration, call for details. ONLY AVAILABLE IN SASKATCHEWAN AT:

Players ColleCtibles 308 Main street ~ Moose Jaw Ph: (306)-693-7111 •

Incredible, affordable modern fireplaces can make your cozy fireplace dreams come true BY LISSA ROBINSON


hen the mercury drops in Saskatoon, everyone dreams of cozying up with friends and family in front of a warm, crackling fire. Good news: such dreams are no longer just for the wealthy (or those with ample space). The great thing about modern fireplaces is that there are so many incredible and affordable models to choose from. Even better, you don’t have to go far to find a well-established company that is up on all the latest hearth trends and technology, and offers a wide variety of products and excellent customer service. 2010 marks the 15th year that Northern Fireplace Ltd. will be delivering first-class products and services to its customers in Saskatoon. Owner Steven Flett has more than 21 years’ experience in the hearth industry, and is the exclusive Saskatchewan dealer for Heat-N-Glo energy-efficient and clean burning direct-


| Spring 2010

vent gas fireplaces. Northern Fireplace also carries other major brands and handles a full selection of new-install fireplaces and inserts to suit your needs. Along with its amazing selection of fireplaces, the company offers a number of other products, including gas and wood stoves, pellet- and grain-burning appliances, outdoor fireplaces, patio campfires, barbecues, patio heaters and even saunas! A fireplace is much more than just an efficient way to heat and a great way to enhance your home décor. Entertaining in front of a fire is an amazing feeling, a wonderful way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family. Fireplaces completely change the ambience of a room—dramatically increasing the value of your home. I've always enjoyed relaxing in front of a roaring fireplace: some of my fondest memories involve snuggling up in a chair with a good book or

glass of wine, and enjoying the earthy smell and sound of a crackling fire.

Cleaner burning, more efficient Fireplaces have improved drastically over the years in clean burning and energy efficiency, as well as in their range of styles, sizes and affordability. Northern Fireplace focuses on supplying, installing and servicing quality, energy-efficient fireplaces and other hearth products to homeowners and commercial ventures across Saskatchewan, northern Alberta and the Northwest. Over its 15-plus years, the company has installed thousands of energy-saving built-in fireplaces for new construction and residential renovations. Whether you are renovating an existing fireplace or adding a new one to the home, the options are as innovative as

they are comforting and traditional. As with any other home appliance, it is important to consider your own lifestyle needs and personal preferences when you go shopping for a fireplace. I highly recommend visiting the Northern Fireplace store to take a tour through its wonderful showrooms, featuring a wide range of operational fireplaces. The company’s knowledgeable and friendly staff is there to answer all your questions about everything from design features to technical aspects of the various models.

Wood-burning still popular Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are still very popular today, and according to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA), “there are now woodburning fireplaces that offer benefits well beyond just ambiance. These benefits include heat, convenience, energy independence, security and a cost-effective way to control fluctuating energy bills, not to mention reduced emissions.” As well, new technology for both gas and wood-burning ventilation provides easy installation of beautifully designed and realistic fireplaces, which eliminate the cost of a traditional chimney system. Other innovative features include a company specialty called “Heat-Zone,” where ducting is added to the fireplace in order for heat to be channeled to a specific room or directly into the furnace to help subsidize the home’s heating system. Contemporary fireplaces and stoves come in a variety of styles, sizes, colours and materials that were not traditionally used—including different-coloured glass, metal or cast-iron fronts, granite or porcelain liners and LED accent lighting—all of which contribute to the ease of making your fireplace fit elegantly and uniquely into your home setting. The extensive list of design features goes on to include log sets or rocks, panels and face design, brick patterns and colours and tinted glass.

Tradespeople on staff Northern Fireplace has a gas-fitter on

staff if needed and a host of other qualified tradespeople that help to ensure that your fireplace renovation or new installation is completed to your specifications and to your fullest satisfaction. The company provides certified installation to ensure your fireplace is fitted to the highest level of specification by their factory-certified installers. Additionally, Northern Fireplace offers a broad selection of finishing products to complete your fireplace installation, including custom cabinets, brickwork, stonework, mantles and ceramic tile. Northern Fireplace will help make your fireplace dream a reality. If you are ready for a new fireplace, please make an appointment for a consultation by calling or visiting the store or by filling out an online service request form, available on their website. The staff will be happy to answer any questions and assist you with your fireplace needs, including offering fast and easy financing, designed with the customer in mind. Norther n Fire place 1701 Sask atchewan Ave. Phone: (306) 244-2774 Fax: (306) 244-2002 norther nfire www.norther nfire

New product at First Choice Flooring combines richness of hardwood with simplicity of laminate BY JACKIE KRIPKI


he richness of hardwood, the simplicity of laminate and the low maintenance of linoleum all rolled into one: that’s how Mike Lee of First Choice Flooring in Saskatoon describes the newest product in his showroom. “It’s the best of all worlds, together in one product.” The product is Luxe Plank™, a high-end vinyl-plank flooring created by Armstrong. It is the result of the flooring industry’s long quest to create an affordable and easy-to-install designer product. Luxe Plank™ is already making waves at First Choice Flooring. Lee says it’s changed the minds of many who’ve come to the store originally requesting hardwood. “The reality is that living with hardwood isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. You can’t wet-clean or mop it, so if you’ve got a busy household with kids


| Spring 2010

spilling on the floor, hardwood is not practical.” Hardwood also requires humidity control, particularly in Saskatchewan. “So, unless you’re prepared to make an investment in a humidifier, de-humidifier or both...forget it. With Luxe Plank™, you get the rich, warm and inviting look of wood, with none of the hassle.”

The simplest flooring product ever Luxe Plank™ may truly be the simplest flooring product ever created for the doit-yourselfer. Each plank attaches to the plank beside it. You simply uncover the adhesive strip, align the plank, and push down. Or, as the manufacturer’s exclusive Lynx Technology describes it, you “peel, place, and press.” “It goes together basically like building blocks,” ex-

plains Lee. The only tools required are a straightedge and a good utility knife. “To make a cut, you just score the plank, then bend it. It will snap straight along the cut. Basically, if you can hold a utility knife, you can do it!” There are three grades to choose from— good, better, and best—and all three are surprisingly durable. Luxe Plank™ is PVC-based, and coated with extremely tough urethane. The highest grade, which boasts a top layer of aluminum oxide, even comes with a lifetime warranty for residential installation. “Nothing is indestructible, but this is as tough as most people need to go. Aside from stained concrete or porcelain tile, nothing is as durable. It’s tough stuff!” The product is a match for high-traffic areas, whether that happens to be your home foyer or a commercial building.

Lee says business owners are particularly happy with the quick, unobtrusive installation. “Commercial spaces don’t want to close down for renovations. So we do a small area of luxury vinyl tile at a time, while they conduct business as usual.”

Superior water resistance As a PVC product, Luxe Plank™ has superior water resistance, making it ideal for rooms where moisture can wreak havoc on other products. So, start dreaming about jazzing up your kitchen, bathroom, basement or laundry room. Pricewise, Luxe Plank™ is equivalent to a good-quality laminate, and generally costs less than hardwood. The big cost savings come, says Lee, when you eliminate the professional installation fees that can often cost as much as the product. “Laminate did really well for a lot of years, because it was fairly easy to install. But it’s still time-consuming and finicky. You need a jigsaw and a mitre saw, there’s a lot of sawdust, and you can cut your thumb off if you don’t know what you’re doing,” he jokes.

Thirty-six styles Not to mention that cheaper laminates can look, well, cheap. Luxe Plank™ is designed with luxury in mind, with 36 styles ranging in appearance from rustic to sleek, and traditional to exotic. Whether you want a bamboo look for an Asian-inspired room or an elegant and exotic fruitwood for cosmopolitan sophistication, you will find the look amidst the vibrant colours, gloss levels and exotic textures. Lee says in a side-by-side comparison with hardwood, you’d have a hard time telling the difference. And Luxe Plank™ feels great underfoot. “If it has a rustic visual, it has a rustic feel. If it has an exotic visual, then it has a really smooth feel.” Luxe Plank™ is available in 4 1/2-inch or six-inch widths, and 36-inch or 48-

inch lengths, so customers can easily reproduce their favourite look from a designer magazine. Best of all, says Lee, installation is extremely quick. “I laid about 80 square feet in under 60 minutes, start to finish—and I’m no installer! You can completely transform a space in a short amount of time. It’s amazing.” Get a look at this brand-new product for 2010. Call or drop by First Choice Flooring at 2301 Avenue C N. Luxe Plank™ is the first product you’ll step on when you walk through the showroom door. Customers are encouraged to take home

the large sample sizes. Mike Lee and the First Choice Flooring team will make sure you’re confident doing the installation. “Of course, our professional installers will do a great job with Luxe Plank™, and we can set that up. But aside from opening the box, pushing a button and having it install itself,” he laughs, “it can’t get any easier than this.” First Choice Flooring 2301 Avenue C N. (306) 653-5659

Spring 2010

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Let Denovo install your windows and doors, and enjoy superior quality, service and peace of mind BY SHERRY L. REID


magine…going through home renovations and having peace of mind. These two things do not often go hand-in-hand. Yet with Denovo, you can expect nothing less. Denovo is a window-and-door company devoted to providing work of superior quality, and proves it over and over again. Its unique commitment to the job really makes a difference, with many aspects of its work guaranteed. Take, for example, Denovo’s 100-percent measurement guarantee: if, come installation time, your windows don’t fit just right, Denovo will go straight out and get you new ones, with no hassle. It is simply part of the company’s ethic: do a great


| Spring 2010

job, and do it right. Denovo also offers a 24-hour quoteturnaround guarantee, which is unheard of in this industry. Don’t be left wondering for weeks; after the proposed work is appraised, you will hear from Denovo within just a day. As well, Denovo has a five-year labour and workmanship warranty. The industry standard is only to two to three years. The company comprises 11 people, each with a mindset to give you only the best. They go beyond what is expected, offering the full-package deal. Denovo will not only measure and install, it will also remove and discard the old windows, install casings, and paint the completed

work. Denovo is an authorized dealer of Durabuilt windows and doors. And, upon request, Denovo will supply and install Hunter Douglas blinds, which are custom made to suit your windows and design. This visually and functionally impressive style upgrade is an easy part of the Denovo process, and you will find that instead of having to hire three or four different contractors to get these jobs done, you can depend on just one: Denovo.

Satisfied customers Those who have had Denovo work on their homes know just what it means to have satisfaction delivered. George and

properties Bonnie Reddekopp recently did a big renovation of their house, and were ultimately pleased with the work they received from Denovo: “What I appreciate most is that they genuinely want to do good quality work. They’re not trying to just get it wrapped up—they want to make sure it’s done properly. “As we went along there were some modifications made, often at their suggestion, and they were very good ideas that improved the overall outcome of the work. “We feel we ended up with a great job. We’ve got one wall with a lot of glass and of course there’s always concern that there will be frost or condensation, but we’ve been through the winter test and they worked wonderfully. “I would certainly recommend [Denovo] to others.” -George Reddekopp The Hildermans were also greatly impressed with Denovo, after having new windows installed in their home: “It’s like this: If you went away for two days, you come back after that time and all of your old windows are taken away and recycled, all of your new ones are put in, and they have installed new mouldings. It is like you walked out and it just changed. “It’s all about service to them. They did everything, and made the extra effort to clean up and left everything in practically better condition than when they arrived. “I was referred to them by a neighbour, who builds the windows they put in, and in the meantime the neighbour beside us had their windows put in by Denovo, and both had only good things to say about them. “I can’t say enough, they were just so good. You do nothing, you just let them go. They are wonderful people to work with and are very pleasant to have around.” -Maurice Hilderman Travis and Jackie Boyenko worked with Denovo on their home, and had 16 new windows installed and three sets of doors:

“Our original bay window was old and drafty, and one of their owners came by, Brad [Wiebe], and did a quick review and it went from there. They did a great job and now our house looks a thousand times better. “They came out and measured up our windows twice just to ensure everything would be precise. They managed to retro-fit our main bay window. We put in a different style of window, and they managed to fit it into the same space. We didn’t have to redrywall or anything, which was great for us. “We’ve had so many compliments. People who drive by just have to stop and let us know how great everything looks. “When they came, I had my newborn son, and they were so cautious—we hardly even knew they were there. All the guys were very well presented, and they made a point to lay down carpets and cleaned everything up afterwards. “My husband offered to do all the trims

himself, and still Brad came by after the fact just to make sure everything was properly sealed and that nothing would compromise the new energy efficiency. “It was something we could afford. We wanted to do full price checking and Chris [Chris Blocka, co-owner of Denovo] completely welcomed that. Still we found that Denovo had the best windows and service, and the best price. “We’ve recommended them to several friends and family members.” -Jackie Boyenko It seems as though everyone is getting the news: Denovo is the company you want working on your home! fls Denovo Developments Inc. 203C 47th St. E., Saskatoon (306) 384-5310


Budget Blinds Helping homeowners choose the perfect window coverings BY TRILBY KNUTSON


hether you’re seeking traditional comfort or modern elegance, no home décor is complete without the right window coverings. With its one-stop shopping experience and excellent customer service, Saskatoon’s Budget Blinds is helping homeowners raise the bar on personal style and give their homes a finishing touch they can be proud of. Kim Lang, owner of the Saskatoon franchise, said she decided to start her business after witnessing the success family members had selling Budget Blinds’ products in Alberta. Lang’s parents sold their own franchise to work with her in the Saskatoon venture and, after they retired, long-time installer Paul Milnes decided to take on a bigger role in the business by joining Lang as a partner, bringing with him more than 25 years of experience working in the window-treatment industry. Lang says the company has enjoyed substantial success since its launch in March 2008. The franchise was named Rookie of the Year by Budget Blinds’ corporate office in 2009, and the popularity of their products within the Saskatoon market led the partners to expand their business to cover Prince Albert, North Battleford and surrounding areas. Lang says Budget Blinds offers customers the best of both worlds when it comes to shopping for window treatments: they get to enjoy the product variety and cost savings of a large multinational company, while experiencing the personal, high-quality customer service of an independently owned business. In addition to offering customers an extensive selection of products, including Budget Blinds’ own Signature Series product line, the company provides a service package that is unequalled by its competitors.

Free in-home consultation First and foremost, Budget Blinds offers customers the convenience of shopping for window coverings from the comfort of their own homes by offering a free inhome consultation. Choosing window coverings within their own house allows customers to compare the actual products to their furniture, wall colour and lighting to see how they will fit with the overall feel of their home. 118

| Spring 2010

properties lighting to see how they will fit with the overall feel of their home. The Budget Blinds consultant works with homeowners to help them select the window coverings that best suit their needs, discussing the pros and cons of each option. In addition to helping homeowners choose a product that suits their home’s décor, they also focus on making sure the product serves the desired functions, such as providing privacy or blocking damaging UV rays. Installation can be included in the purchase of all Budget Blinds products, and the consultant even takes care of measuring the customer’s windows to ensure a proper fit. The company’s Signature Series product line features a unique five-year no-questions-asked warranty, on top of the lifetime guarantee that comes with all Budget Blinds products. Budget Blinds has window coverings to suit any budget, large or small. In fact, even though they offer a higher level of service, the company’s prices compare favorably to their big-box-store competitors. Plus, Budget Blinds offers a price-match guarantee, meaning it will match the price on any identical products sold for less elsewhere.

Going green? Cordless window coverings are among the safest options for children because they eliminate the potential hazard of dangling cords.

Budget Blinds’ selection of environmentally friendly “green” products enables customers to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality or style. All of the company’s Signature Series products are manufactured using eco-friendly practices, and the entire product line has been certified by Green Built Home, an organization that reviews and certifies products that meet sustainable building and energy standards. Many of Budget Blinds’ products are made of renewable or recycled materials, such as bamboo or reeds, and others come from certified sustainable hardwood forests. Several Budget Blinds products are designed to emit fewer indoor emissions, making them a healthier choice. During cold winter months, up to 30 percent of a home’s heat can be lost through windows. Properly installed window treatments can effectively improve energy efficiency by providing an additional layer of insulation between the warm air and cold windowpanes. In addition to conserving natural resources, this translates into lower heating bills, and more money in the homeowner’s pocket Many of Budget Blinds’ products are specifically designed to conserve heat during the winter and keep the home cool during the summer. Shutters and cellular shades are among the best options, reducing heat loss by up to 40 percent, but roller and Roman shades with blackout linings are also very effective at cutting heat loss.

Child safety For parents of young children, safety is of utmost importance when choosing window coverings. Budget Blinds gives Spring 2010

| 119

properties tance when choosing window coverings. Budget Blinds gives parents and other caregivers peace of mind by helping them to select window treatments that both look good and contribute to creating a safe living environment for their small loved ones. Cordless window coverings are among the safest options for children because they eliminate the potential hazard of dangling cords. This includes products with cordless lift systems, which can be raised or lowered by hand, and motorization, where window coverings are opened and closed using a remote. If customers still prefer corded window coverings, they can opt to include one of Budget Blinds cord control features, such as the break-way tassels and cord stops, which break apart under slight pressure, or the continuous cord loop system, which keeps cords taut and out of the way. Budget Blinds’ Signature Series cellular shades, roman shades and pleated shades now feature a new cord-tensioning device that also enhances safety by eliminating dangling cords.

What’s hot, and what’s not Whether customers are building a new home, finishing a renovation, or just making a few simple updates, window space should be considered prime real estate when it comes to creating a sense of style. One of the best ways homeowners can take advantage of window space is by incorporating some of the newest window-covering trends. Lang says shutters are one of the hottest trends in window treatments. “They’re not just for those seeking a traditional look,” she says. “They can be incorporated into very contemporary settings, which makes them very popular.” Plus, unlike other window coverings, shutters are considered to be a fixed part of the home, which increases the home’s selling value. Shutters feature classic, clean lines and come in a variety of finishes. Once installed, the beautifully designed structures offer a sense of permanence, as if they have always been a part of the home. Of course, shutters also serve a practical purpose by providing a great deal of insulation, which helps reduce home heating and cooling costs. Lang says roller shades are also making a return as a popular window-treatment choice, adding that today’s roller shades come in a wide variety of colours, styles and prints, and are much better than the touchy, outdated versions that adorned windows in the past. New roller shades give a home a clean, modern look and are much easier to care for than horizontal blinds. Of all the roller shades Budget Blinds sells, solar shades are the most popular. The moderately transparent 120

| Spring 2010

shades are designed to provide some protection from the sun, along with a bit of privacy, without obstructing the view. Lang says her business now offers a new line of solar shades, called Easy Snap. Installed on the exterior of the home, they take a proactive approach to stopping heat and harmful UV rays from entering the house. Lang says Easy Snap products are perfect for secondary homes, such as cabins, but also work well as a cost-effective solution in the absence of air-conditioning. Lang says Budget Blinds offers two new products for homeowners who want to give their front entrance a bit of extra flair. The company sells retractable screens that serve as a very clean, discrete and inexpensive alternative to traditional storm doors, and Budget Blinds also offers a line of decorative glass inserts that can be added to an existing front door to give it an entirely new look. One of Budget Blinds’ newest and best-selling products on the market today is its Illusion blinds, a combination of a horizontal blind and a solar/roller blind. The Illusion blinds come in an assortment of colours for customers who are looking for that extra panache. Whether they choose one of the current trends or stick with a more classic product, Lang reminds homeowners that window coverings do not stay in style forever. Budget Blinds is ready to help new and long-time homeowners find the perfect window treatments to match both their personal style and their budget. fls Budget Blinds Saskatoon 102 – 2834 Millar Avenue Ph: 306.242.5706


Enjoy a maintenance-free summer with vinyl decks and fencing


inyl decks and fencing are the trend of the future—they go up in a jiffy and need nothing more than a blast of pressure washing in the spring. With summer coming, the option to sit back and fully enjoy the season, rather than scraping and painting a fence, is tremendously appealing.


With the wide variety of easily installed Westech products now available at Glacier PVC Fencing, Decking and Railings, the possibility of an enjoyable fun-filled summer looms large. Vice-president and general manager Jamie Halbgewachs points out that our summers are too short to waste precious time tending to a fence or deck. “People don’t have time. Why scrape and paint your fence when you could be out on a golf course or at the lake?” he points out. Oh, and no splinters! Ever.

Halbgewachs adds that repairs are easier as well. “You can look at some fences we did seven years ago and it looks like we installed them yesterday,” he says. Add to that the lifetime warranty for original owners, and these products will grace your home and yard for years and years.

The best of both worlds The specially engineered combination of wood-grain aesthetics and low-maintenance vinyl offers homeowners the best of both worlds: the look of painted wood without the constant re-painting and upkeep. The modular system is not only easy to install and repair, it is also extremely flexible in design, giving people numerous options to customize their fences, decks and railings to complement


Not only are the vinyl fences, railings and decking virtually maintenance-free, they are easy to install. And as if that weren’t enough, Halbgewachs says, they don’t bow or bend like a wood fence. “They stay straight. They don’t heave, or tilt or fall over.” They also withstand the effects of our sometimes harsh weather conditions, and aren’t susceptible to insect damage (not that we have a big termite problem in Saskatchewan).

If you’re in the market for a new fence, be sure to check out what Glacier Glass has to offer. It may be the last fence you’ll ever have to buy! Spring 2010

| 121

their house and yard. Available in five colours (almond, white, pebblestone, clay and stone), fence and deck railings also come in several different styles. There are six basic fence styles: privacy, open-picket, ornamental, semiprivacy, closed-picket and ranch, all available in six-, eight- or 10-foot lengths. There are also different baluster choices for the decks, and numerous options for post caps for both. The non-slip vinyl decking doesn’t heat up like wood, and is available in two widths, six and 12 inches. It can be laid on top of existing deck base, or a new one can be built. All in all, Halbgewachs says, there is no limit to the versatility of the system. “Your imagination is your only limitation. We can bring your idea of the perfect fence into reality, to perfectly express your personality and add beauty and value to your home. And, when it’s done, all you have to do is enjoy it,” he says. They even make little patio tables out of the scraps! Halbgewachs says the installation process is fairly quick and won’t leave unsightly piles of dirt lying around your yard. “There’s no hole-drilling to do. We just pound a galvanized steel post into the ground with an air post-pounder. No bobcat in your back yard and no cement work to do—the posts are just driven 4 1/2 feet into the ground. We can often take down an old fence and put up a new one in a day.”

Durable and long-lasting The virgin co-extruded PVC vinyl systems are more expensive on a per-foot basis than wood, but Halbgewachs says it’s important to factor in the labour to build and maintain a cedar fence, for example. Halbgewachs says the durability and long life of the vinyl products mean those costs can be amortized over years, not just months. “We’ve seen cedar fences put up in the summer or fall and, by the next spring that fence looks like it’s10 years old, the UV rays break down that stain,” he says. That durability allows Glacier to offer

properties the original purchaser a lifetime warranty, with a 50-year warranty for the next owner. “It’s a high-end product that we’re carrying, so we can back it with lifetime warranties. It’s a little different from the Do It Yourself (DIY) composite and PVC decking that you can find at the lumber yards,” he says. Not only are these fences, decks and railings easy to install, virtually maintenance-free and extremely flexible and attractive, they’re also good for the environment. There’s no need to use up our precious wood resources and there aren’t any toxic additives to leach into the soil like there can be from paint, stain or older treated wood.

A natural extension Glacier Glass has served Regina and area for 30 years, offering a comprehensive range of products and services, including 24-hour commercial emergency service and “while-you-wait” window and screen repairs, as well as auto glass and sealed units, and PVC windows and doors. Halbgewachs says offering PVC fences, decks and railings was a natural extension to the PVC window and door lines Glacier Glass has sold for years. He says they first started thinking about it five years ago, when some of their vinyl window suppliers told them about the vinyl fencing and decking product lines that they were coming out with. “So,” he says, “we started dabbling in it a bit, just because it looked successful to us.” Glacier has, indeed, found success with its new product line in Regina, and has spread that success northward. It’s now offering its full line of PVC fencing, decking and railings to Saskatoon homeowners. They’ve only been available here for about a year, but Saskatoon sales representative Deanna Bernard says the recent Homestyles Home Show was a huge success in helping spread the word. “People are very interested because they (the fences, decks and railings) are low-maintenance,” she says. Halbgewachs says the company always intended to expand beyond the Regina

market. “We thought this was a good time to maybe get our feet wet in the booming Saskatoon marketplace with our fencing and decking division,” he says. He’s confident the new products, with a new Regina store to showcase them and an outlet in Saskatoon, will take Glacier straight into the future. “We’re pretty excited,” says Halbgewachs. Bernard shares Halbgewachs’s excitement. “It’s such a fantastic product,” she says. Halbgewachs urges potential clients to get their orders in soon. “We’re trying to get the estimates booked early,” he says. “As soon as the ground thaws, we can start pounding post and putting in

fences. There is only a short window, pretty much from April until when the ground freezes, when we can install fences.” If you’re in the market for a new fence, be sure to check out what Glacier Glass has to offer. It may be the last fence you’ll ever have to buy! fls

Glacier Glass Service Ltd. Contact Deanna Bernard 306-380-9790

Spring 2010

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Richardson Lighting offers exclusive new Steven and Chris line by Artcraft


his is a story of two companies, from different parts of Canada, who since the early ’70s have grown together, sharing the same core values of a total commitment to service, honesty, and a straight-forward, no-nosense approach to business and people. Back then, Artcraft Electric Limited was a young lighting manufacturer from the East and Richardson Lighting a growing store in Saskatchewan. The relationship between the two companies grew, with Artcraft designing and manufacturing fashionable lighting in its Canadian plant and Richardson continuing to display, stock and sell the products. In 2009, based on the long relationship of trust, Richardson undertook to display and market the new and exclusive Steven and Chris line, manufactured under license by Artcraft. Steven and Chris have become Canadian household names with their TV shows and their own lines of furniture, textiles, decorative accessories and area rugs. Seeing how popular they were, and needing to expand into cleaner and simpler designs, Artcraft teamed up with them to produce what has become one of the hottest Canadian lighting lines: the S&C Lighting Collection by Artcraft. The S&C designs are available in Saskatchewan exclusively at Richardson Lighting. Today, Artcraft is the oldest Canadian lighting manufacturer, celebrating 55 years in business and still wholly Canadian owned and operated, while Richardson Lighting is celebrating more than 43 years of business and is Saskatchewan’s oldest lighting distributor, with stores in both Regina and Saskatoon. Both companies are fiercely Canadian and independent, and both have long-serving loyal staff, working hard every day to serve their customers. Together they are ready for new challenges and are excited about the future. Stop by Richardson Lighting today to see the new S&C Lighting designs by Artcraft. fls Richardson Lighting, 3402 47th Street East, Saskatoon, SK (306) 933-4777 124

| Spring 2010

Ryan McClelland Rapid Roofing Solutions (306) 260-8492


ROOFING Homeowners looking for high-performance shingles with an upscale look will usually choose architectural roofing. The multi-layer laminate is the most popular architectural shingle. Its shake-like styling and extraordinary protection make it a good choice for value and return on investment. Warranties range from 30 to 40 years up to lifetime.

While felt paper is the traditional underlayment, there are three major issues with it. First, it is susceptible to buckling due to heat, causing waves in the roof. Second, because it is not breathable it can actually cause damage to the roof and add heat to the underside of the shingle. Lastly, it tears easily.

The more traditional square-cut three-tab shingles are easily matched to many different home styles, providing curb appeal, longterm durability and proven performance in all kinds of weather. Warranties range from 25 to 30 years.

Synthetic roofing underlayment materials serve the same function as a secondary weather barrier as felt paper, but with better resistance to tearing, moisture and ultraviolet rays—and they’re fully breathable. Synthetics are typically polypropylene, polyester or fibreglass fabric.

Underlayment is mandatory with most shingles sold today. Underlayment reduces the risk of water infiltration due to wind-driven rain, missing windblown shingles and shingles that are torn or cracked due to natural aging.

Eave protection is best, starting with a metal drip edge that is nailed at the bottom of the roof edge to facilitate proper water drainage. This is one of the most crucial areas of a roof. Considerable damage can be caused to the eaves as a result of ice build-up during win-


| Spring 2010

ter freeze/thaw cycles. Ice-and-water shield is a special water-resistant material that protects your eaves and should be used in valleys as well. A properly ventilated attic will keep your roofdeck and insulation dry, dissipate heat buildup in the attic, minimize the potential for ice dams, and extend the life of your shingles. Finally, nailing is very important. With rapidfire air-nailers it is easy to place a nail crooked or toe-nailed, which will cause the shingle to not lay flat. Wind will get under and lift the shingle until it is weak enough to break or blow off. Nails should always be driven in straight and flush to the surface. Whether you are renovating or building new, you are assured top-quality work when choosing Rapid Roofing Solutions. fls

Quality, inventory and service: meeting the need for a better appliance-shopping BY DANA OLAFSON


eigh Estabrook is always moving, always trying something new and passionately following her dreams. These traits are apparent in not only her personal life as a skydiving, Harley-driving fundraising force, but in her business sense as well. While shopping in Saskatoon as the head buyer/purchaser for Mattress Mattress, Leigh became aware of the need for a better appliance-shopping experience for the people in our city. Thanks to her insight and dedication, Esterbrook Appliance Expert was born, and now has three locations in Saskatchewan. Esterbrook Appliance Expert is the only appliance store in Saskatoon to offer Builder Direct Pricing, and it is pleased to offer immediate availability of its products. If you purchase an appliance today, you get to take it home and enjoy it today!

Quality, inventory and service Other qualities that set Esterbrook apart from other retailers, such as the big box stores, are the quality and selection of inventory and its continuing commitment to unbeatable customer service. The


| Spring 2010

knowledge and experience of the staff is exceptional, and you will be guaranteed excellence from Esterbrook’s product lines. Befitting its high standards of excellence, Esterbrook is proud to carry the latest Electrolux line of appliances—the new collection from the premium kitchen appliance brand that has been used in Europe for more than 70 years. This new collection is stylish and distinctive, offering innovative performance you can count on. And the features? They’ll make you look amazing! Push one button to cook a perfect turkey. Boil water in 90 seconds on the new induction cooktop. These versatile appliances help you do everything better, faster and easier. You’ll find quiet perfection in dishwashers with effortlessly smooth pull-out racks; warming drawers to keep your dinner plates warm; fridge controls to keep your beverages perfectly chilled; a selection of sleek ranges that are right at home in any home…finishing touches that once you use them, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them. Visit the Electrolux virtual kitchen at and see

what is in store for you at Esterbrook.

Knowledgeable suggestions and guidance Some clients come to the store in search of stylish, state-of-the-art products. Others are looking for flexibility and customization in their appliances. Many want energy-efficient solutions. And everyone is looking for suggestions, guidance and a solid foundation of knowledge to base their decisions on. You will find all of this at Esterbrook. Esterbrook takes into account every facet of the appliance-shopping experience, staying on top of trends in style, functionality and available features. It’s difficult to overstate the value of appliances today, and the staff at Esterbrook is keenly aware of the importance and role of each appliance in your home. Whatever your lifestyle, your home design and your needs, the staff at Esterbrook will take the time to ensure you uncover the ultimate appliance solutions for your home. Come in with your wish list and leave with everything you’d hoped for. fls

Appliances 101 For an even more enjoyable experience, come into Esterbrook with some basic knowledge of your own:

Refrigerators Look for the style and model that best fits your space and suits your lifestyle. Side-by-side, top-mounted freezer, bottom-mounted freezer, and French-door bottom freezer (a hybrid of side-by-side and bottom-mounted freezer) are the available styles.

Ranges Today’s ranges are available in natural gas, propane or electric, and the array of available features is extensive. Freestanding is the most common style, although the custom built-in appearance and front-mounted controls of slide-ins are sought after by many consumers.

Ovens Manual-, easy- or standard-clean need to be cleaned by hand, are typically less expensive and offer fewer features. Self-cleaning ovens have a self-cleaning cycle. They are able to heat up to a very high temperature and incinerate any food spills in the oven. Convection ovens have a fan and extra element in the back. The fan continuously circulates the air inside the oven to achieve a far more even tempera-

270 - 32nd St. W. Prince Albert

ture throughout the oven cavity. You can bake cookies on three racks at once, and they all cook evenly. You can also reduce your cook time or temperature by approximately 25 percent! Note: some ranges feature a convection fan alone. Although this does greatly increase air circulation, it is not “true” convection.

Dishwashers The dishwasher is an important part of a busy lifestyle. Many of today’s dishwashers use less water and energy than washing dishes by hand! In addition, they save you valuable time for more important activities.

Washing machines Top-loading machines have a lid on the top of the machine and usually an agitator. Front-loading machines have a door in the front and do not have an agitator. They are considered high-efficiency because they use far less water, soap and electricity. They also spin faster, removing more water from your clothes, which means shorter drying times. High Efficiency (HE) washers are designed to use significantly less water, detergent and energy than standard washing machines. They are usually frontloading but there are a few HE top-loading machines available.

2835 Cleveland Ave. Saskatoon

518 Circle Dr. E. Saskatoon


STARTING AT $149.000

Rosthern: Where lifestyle counts BY JENN SHARP

Maple Grove Place


osthern is located about half an hour north of Saskatoon on a highway that is scheduled for twinning this summer. The heart of Rosthern is formed on the ideals of smalltown living, but its growth and prosperity has led to amenities usually found only in larger cities. Rosthern has always maintained the community aspect of a smaller town, and is a place to meet and reconnect with friends, old and new alike. The Maple Grove Place Condo Project is a 24-unit development expected to be completed in March 2011. Contractor Joe Remai is widely respected as a “premier builder,” known for his specialized concrete-core floor construction. His construction technique provides maximum soundproofing and fire safety. Prices at Maple Grove Place start at 132

| Spring 2010

$149,000, and a five-year tax-free incentive is available if you purchase your new home before July 1, 2010. The condos are conveniently located in downtown Rosthern and are close to grocery and drug stores, the library and live theatre venues. Morris and Audrey Kennedy recently purchased one of the units and are moving to Rosthern from the southern end of Saskatchewan because the town has everything they want for their active lifestyle. “Everything we thought was important, such as doctors, a hospital, wonderful drinking water and grocery stores are in Rosthern,” says Morris. He adds that “the town politics felt very progressive. You can tell they’re out to look after the people living in the community.” Morris and Audrey were also impressed with the quality of the condos at Maple Grove Place. Morris says “they’re less ex-

pensive than anything in Saskatoon, and Rosthern is close enough to the city that if we need anything it’s a short drive away.” Maple Grove Place condos are perfect for those who are tired of rent increases and want to own their own home within the security of a small community. And for those who don’t like or are unable to keep up with yard work and snow removal, these condos are the perfect op-

Living in Rosthern The town of Rosthern is a beautifully landscaped community with multiple recreational and cultural opportunities. Located between Prince Albert and Saskatoon, Rosthern is in the heart of Saskatchewan’s richest historic and agricultural tourism area. Throughout the year, the town comes alive as numerous concerts and highly acclaimed live summer theatre are offered at the Station Arts Centre. Rosthern is home to excellent medical, educational and protective services. An elementary and a high school, along with Rosthern Junior College, make this bustling town an excellent choice for your children’s future. Emergency and health services include an RCMP detachment, a hospital, a medical clinic, an ambulance service and a fire department. While Rosthern’s merchandise and retail service sector fulfills the requirements of most, its numerous restaurants and cafes make for pleasurable dining experiences. About 100 retail, service and homebased businesses are located within the community. The growing town of Rosthern is known for its unique, friendly and upbeat character, making it an ideal place to raise a family or plan for your retirement. The Valley Regional Park, one of Saskatchewan’s most popular, boasts a beautiful championship 18-hole golf course and family campground complete with a ball diamond, mini-golf and concession. The park is complemented by orchards at the revered Seager Wheeler National Historic Site, which celebrates 100 years of change in agriculture. Rosthern’s residents have endless options in recreational activities. The new Valley Aquatic Centre features a junior-size Olympic outdoor pool and the Jubilee Sports Centre houses an arena and curling rink. Other sporting options include the shale ball diamonds and batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts, bowling alley, football field, basketball and badminton courts. Designated walking trails promote health, fitness and other activities such as bird-watching. For those looking for a taste of

Saskatchewan culture, Rosthern is the place to be. The old CN station has been converted into an art gallery, seminar space, tea room and performing arts theatre and is now called the Station Arts Centre. The Station Arts Singers are an amateur community choir and are always looking for new members. A writing guild, painting and book clubs and drama and dance organizations are also thriving. Pastoral care and an active ministerial organization also highlight the many wonderful reasons to consider Rosthern as a place to reside and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle the town offers. For more information on Maple Grove Place, contact Rosthern Agencies at (306) 232-5525. Ron Regehr (232-7984), Brian Roth (232-7784) and Wes Lehmann (232-7725) are all available to answer your questions. View this and other listings at


It starts with a wish... Azarius brings your landscaping longings to life BY FIJI ROBINSON


ach spring, the sound of sighing homeowners can be heard echoing across the city: “I wish we could do something with the backyard!” (Or front yard, cottage perimeter or whatever other landscaping tasks need tackling.) This spring, for some fortunate homeowners, the landscaping division of Azarius Enterprises will be making wishes come true. Owner Gilles Petit, who started the landscaping business in 2007, is looking forward to the upcoming season. He has built Azarius’s reputation one job at a time, and referrals from those jobs are paying off. “After three seasons, I have a dependable crew, reliable sub-contractors and good suppliers, and we have established a rhythm for getting the work done,” Gilles says. The Azarius crew can be counted on to haul around the heavy stuff: the installation of outdoor sprinkler systems and the laying of sod and concrete paving stone are their specialties. Whether it’s a yard that Gilles has helped a homeowner to design or the plans of a landscape architect, Azarius can handle whatever landscaping adventures are waiting.

From pastry chef to landscaper Gilles is a trained pastry chef, but left his hometown of Quebec City looking for better prospects. After landing in Calgary, he began what could be called an apprenticeship with a company that gave him the opportunity to develop his landscaping skills. He worked hard and learned a lot.

properties But after four years he decided he wanted to work on his own, which led to the move to Saskatoon and the creation of Azarius Landscaping. His first job was worth $200 and he hasn’t looked back since. Perhaps it’s a pastry chef’s attention to detail that makes Gilles the hands-on service provider he is. He knows that new and old properties each hold their own challenges, so he believes in being on-site, even when he’s doing the paperwork, to ensure his crew has his attention and support should they come up against any surprises. “Two common problems for new properties are the amount of clay in the soil and poor compacting of final grade that causes the yards to sink,” he explains. He tells the story of a new homeowner who took the intervention of flooding his entire backyard to accelerate the sinking process, which eventually reduced the depth of his yard by 10 inches. “It was only then that he could get serious about the landscaping,” Gilles points out. For established properties, it’s the hard work and expense of ripping out the original landscaping in order to start over that homeowners often don’t calculate into the equation.

Helping homeowners develop their ideas Gilles likes to help homeowners develop their own landscaping ideas based on yard size, materials, and budget. “I’ve worked off a lot of napkins,” he says of his client-friendly approach. The Azarius website features a photo gallery of landscaping projects the company has undertaken. The projects range from stone patios, walkways and stairs to retention walls for terraced gardens. “We work a lot with concrete paving stones," Gilles elaborates. “Concrete products are great because they offer me many solutions for creating straight walls, curves and corners. It’s durable enough for our winters and it gives a clean, contemporary look.”

Concrete products are “green” in nature because they contain recycled content and are recyclable. As well, some are made locally, which means lower transportation costs and savings for consumers. Depending on the colour chosen, concrete products can also reduce the heat-island effect, the heat build-up found in urban areas. Heat islands affect everything from summertime peak energy demand, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions to water quality and heat-related illnesses. Laying paving stone is heavy work, but the Azarius crew is good at it and it

shows. “When you’re moving around paving stones that weigh 70 pounds each, three to a wheelbarrow, you want to get it right the first time,” Gilles says with a smile.

Sand, gravel and pebbles among latest trends The photo gallery displays other garden trends, including the use of sand, gravel and pebbles as an accent. As Gilles points out, homeowners like it because it requires a minimum of maintenance and always looks great.

properties “Gravel is available from quarries around the world,” he explains. “It comes in varying colours and sizes, and can be quite fancy.” Gilles’s experience and knowledge can help clients determine solutions to landscaping issues such as rocky areas, slopes and areas of heavy shade. He makes note of the trend towards low-maintenance yards. With the dryness of the Saskatchewan climate, people are turning to xeriscaping as an alternative to lawns or more traditional flower gardens. “Many people simply don’t want to mow a lawn anymore,” he says. “They don’t want to spend the time and would rather conserve water than ‘waste’ it on a lawn.”

Bringing the interior design outdoors Some of the photos reveal how Gilles has been able to help clients bring their sense of interior design outdoors, through the use of furniture and plants that create a unique exterior environment. Many of the photos project the owner’s own sense of graphic design, while others feature the beauty of the landscaping materials. His fences, decks, pergolas and arbors have also resulted in returning customers. “My repeat clients come to me because they know I can execute their great ideas,” he says proudly. “Whatever they want is fine by me. I’m about mak-

ing everybody happy. “Last year we installed an irrigation system worth more than a year’s salary that worked the first time we turned it on and there have been no problems since,” Gilles adds, proving that the Azarius crew isn’t afraid to take on complex new challenges. The company is insured to take on big projects and Gilles is proud of his Better Business Bureau accreditation, which reflects the standards and qualities he stands behind. “I believe that being accredited enhances the trust my clients have in me and the business,” he states. Gilles likes to communicate. He’s doesn’t shy away from discussing material price fluctuations, which he tries to anticipate. He likes his customers to know that his quotes are dependable and that both his word and his work are solid. “I’m the last one in the yard and it better look good or I’m the one who’s in trouble,” Gilles laughs.

Get a Quick Quote online Curious homeowners can reference the Azarius Landscaping Quick Quote system on the website as a simple way of determining the cost of a desired landscaping project. It’s a great place to start when trying to determine the parameters of a project, what is affordable, and what options may be available. The website also reveals the namesake of the company, Gilles’s young son, Azarius. Wife and mom Tanya Brittain is president of the Azarius Cleaning division of Azarius Enterprises Ltd. As Gilles Petit will tell you, Azarius Landscaping is the go-to crew to make your wishes come true. As his business card reads, “He’s the man you need to know.” Azarius is a member of The Guild of Professional Home Services as well as the Better Business Bureau. fls Azarius Enterprises Ltd. 3152 Dieppe St. (306) 665-8489

sports & leisure

A Q&A with new Rider GM Brendan Taman BY ROD PEDERSEN


n January 10 Brendan Taman was named General Manager of the Saskat-chewan Roughriders and the successor to Eric Tillman. The 43-year old from Saskatoon spent the previous 10 seasons in a similar role with the rival Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and has more 20 years of experience in the Canadian Football League. Fine Lifestyles Saskatoon sports columnist Rod Pedersen interviewed Taman recently. Brendan Taman, General Manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Are you used to that handle yet?

No, I’m not used to it. Not at all! It’s quite an honour to have that role. In mid-January I was interviewing for a job with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, wondering what I was going to do with my life. Now I have my dream job. Taking over from Eric Tillman, you were handed a list of potential free agents which had over a dozen names on it, most notably star receiver Andy Fantuz. Do you plan to have him back with the Riders in 2010? The easiest way I can answer that is if he plays anywhere in the CFL in 2010, it’ll be in Saskatchewan. We have an agreement and have secured his services if he doesn’t land anything in the NFL. I’m very, very confident he’ll be with us if he comes back to the CFL. And I’m not aware that he has any NFL tryouts lined up. (Fantuz re-signed with the Riders in mid-February. - Ed.) Also on your plate is the 2010 CFL Draft. Are you making plans for that? We have the second pick and the fourth pick in the first round, which is a great situation to be in. We’re looking at Rams receiver Jordan Sisco. He had a great career at the University of Regina. He’ll be Spring 2010

| 139

sports & leisure

in the mix, but Canadian receiver isn’t a need for us. We may look at defence first. (Linebackers coach) Alex Smith is in charge of that and has been very successful in the draft over the years, so I’ll leave it the way it has been. Head coach Ken Miller was named Vice President of Football Operations the day you were hired. How is this all going to work? There’s been a lot of talk of our management structure since I was hired but it doesn’t change much from the way it worked in Winnipeg. I’m pretty much responsible for getting the players to training camp, the 75 players or whatever it ends up being, and I’ll pretty much have that on my shoulders. Once camp starts, then it’s up to Ken Miller to decide which ones he likes and which ones he doesn’t. Hopefully he likes more, or else I’m in big trouble! It’s not a big new fan-dangled way of doing things. It’s the way successful teams in this league do things. If you have a GM and coach on a disconnect, you’ll have real problems. Kenny and I have constant communication, and that helps, and it was great to be here for seven months beforehand to get to know each other. What happens mid-season? If we get guys hurt, Kenny will come to

me and say something like “we need a linebacker” and that’ll be out of the blue, and I’ll have to act fast. Obviously I’ll bring a few guys in and Kenny will decide who he wants. Ultimately he’ll decide who he wants to play, and I’ll support him. Do you have a vision for how the management will be run by this franchise? It’s something that Kenny, (team President) Jim Hopson and I discussed before I was hired: we want some sort of progression plan in place in the organization. That means if I leave in two years, we’d like to have somebody in place to take over, or an assistant coach ready to replace Kenny. We’d like to have that extra guy here in Regina, and then I think we’d have a pretty good organization. Where are you going? I thought you’d have this job for 30 years! Ha! It’s a year-to-year business. You know that! Actually, at your news conference you used the phrase, “You’ve gotta win” five times, so you know the deal... Yeah, I know. That’s just part of the business. I was in Winnipeg for 10 years, and that’s abnormal. That’s a long time to be anywhere. Alan Ford was here for 12 sea-

sons and that’s not the norm. It’s good to have a deep bench. It’s good to have good people around you, to know that if something happens, you’re covered. No, I don’t plan to be going anywhere anytime soon, but I’ve been around long enough to know that you need to have good people in your organization. The New Year started with the loss of your offensive coordinator (Paul Lapolice) to Winnipeg and your offensive line coach (Bob Wylie) to the Denver Broncos. So you have some holes to fill... Bob Wylie was the best offensive line coach I’ve ever been around. He was phenomenal. The offensive line players will tell you he was by far the best coach they’ve ever dealt with. That was a big loss of a guy who deserves to be in the National Football League. We have a list of guys formulated and we’ll be okay. But whoever’s next will have some big shoes to fill. As for the offensive coordinator’s role, it’s the same thing. There are good people out there. When you have good people, they’re attractive to other teams. That’s the way it goes. Thanks for your time Brendan, and good luck! Okay, thanks!

Renewed Wanuskewin Heritage Park welcoming visitors once more BY JUDITH SILVERTHORNE


he remarkable award-winning architecture of the interpretative centre might be one of the first things you notice when you enter Wanuskewin Heritage Park, but the historic significance and the phenomenal experiences you discover throughout the site may be what you remember most— even more so now that the first major phase of the multi-million dollar renewal project has been completed. For the past 18 years, Wanuskewin Heritage Park has stood proudly high above the Opimihaw Creek, five kilometres north of Saskatoon near the west banks of the South Saskatchewan River, situ-

ated on what for thousands of years was a sacred site for the First Nations Peoples. The name Wanuskewin (wah-nus-kaywin) is derived from the Cree word meaning “seeking peace of mind” or “living in harmony.” With 760 acres of scenic trails, several archaeological digs and 19 pre-contact interpretative sites, this living monument is the gateway to understanding the heritage, culture and values of the First Nations people of the Northern Plains.

Internationally acclaimed An internationally acclaimed historic site, the park showcases traditional per-

formers, artists and craftspeople, along with serving authentic cuisine and providing educational activities and understanding. The revitalization of Wanuskewin adds another exciting dimension to the visitor experience for the 40,000 to 50,000 people who come each year. “We’re extremely pleased with the results,” says CEO Dana Soonias, the first First Nations person to head the facility. He adds, “We may be refreshing the organization and giving it a new look, but we’re still keeping the identity, integrity and intrinsic meaning intact.” Hailing from Red Pheasant Cree First Nation,

Spring 2010

| 141

Soonias is proud to have been at the helm for almost a year so far, overseeing the many facets of the rejuvenation now and into the future. “We’ve created more space in the exhibit areas, added a whole new restaurant and gift shop, moved the theatre, changed meeting rooms and incorporated new lighting and technology,” he says. All of these structural changes, plus the integration of modern and high tech elements with traditional ones, mean they can accommodate many more guests, school groups and meeting delegates, meet contemporary requirements and provide additional education programs. Besides a new 60-seat theatre and a spacious gift shop, there is a 40-foot projection wall that features four separate projectors that can work independently or interface for a spectacular panoramic view. Interactive computerized boards are also in place, featuring touch-screen monitors with SMART technology. The administrative offices have been moved and two more meetings rooms added, so that all conference rooms are more accessible and offer beautiful views over the valley. They also have movable walls and can accommodate meetings for up to 250 people for those wishing to rent the spaces or the theatre. On-site catering is also available. The restaurant has been relocated beside the entranceway and features a fireplace and trendy cafeteria–style service that presents local and regional ingredients. Authentic cuisine is highlighted on the menu, with baked bannock, bison and rabbit soups, stews, Duck La Ronge and other tasty dishes all made from scratch. There are also a few vegetarian selections, salads, basic child fare, local teas and scrumptious deserts, all at reasonable prices.

More training and teaching On the educational side, the staff at Wanuskewin are examining ways to better utilize the facilities and programming for training and teaching. Plans are in the works to link programming to the provincial curriculum and enhance the website for teachers. They also want to bring more events to the park to share with the broader community, as well as become more interactive with schools and businesses. Another activity they’d like to introduce is geo-caching, the popular scavenger hunt for adults that uses GPS techniques. They plan to put their own spin on it, having several locations on the site that will be valuable for small children to adults. Soonias says visitors will be able to learn science and improve their navigational skills and other related abilities. Trail redevelopment is high on the list— cleaning, maintenance and bridge repair—and directional and informational signs are getting a new look. There are plans to add more details and talking interpretative signs in several languages, along with new focal points, extra seating and more activities, including interactive ones for children. Another tipi village is also slated. The amphitheatre, picnic area and playground also come into play as popular guest destinations. Guests will be able to experience more cultural performances and traditional storytelling, and learn the ancient art of various craftspeople. Letting visitors get a sense and feel of First Nation artefacts is planned, with hopes to include some that can be handled.

Natural beauty Not to be forgotten is the natural scenic beauty and the bountiful wildlife and vegetation that blanket Wanuskewin. The power and peacefulness of the un-

sports & leisure touched wilderness beckons from the many lookouts over the wide river valley and along the creekside trails. The gentle waters and hundreds of species of trees, shrubs, grasses and herbs harbour countless mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. As well, this ancient site has a collection of archaeological dig sites, which continue to be explored by students from the University of Saskatoon. Here ancient artefacts, some dating back 8,000 years, have been retrieved. Within easy walking distance of the interpretative centre are tipi rings, a medicine wheel and a buffalo rubbing stone, along with several ancient aboriginal campsites that represent summer and winter camps frequented by several First Nations tribes for more than 6,000 years. Once a prime hunting and occasional wintering ground, most predominantly and recently for the Cree, the area was also a former residence for the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota, Saulteaux, Dene and Blackfoot. These seven Northern Plains peoples are represented in the history and stories at Wanuskewin, where everything

has meaning and purpose, whether physical or spiritual. From marvelling at the talent and colourful regalia of the dancers, drummers and singers to participating in a tipi campout, there is an opportunity to learn the meaning behind each action. Friendly interpreters are there to share the significance of each throughout the park. Many may notice the familiar bison is missing from the centre of the large foyer. Soonias assures that in due course he will be returned, after reconditioning for more long-term use. Other things, like the buffalo jump, will be re-introduced once a new way is found to include them and ensure safety for the public. One of the future goals is to develop more videos to make use of the eightfoot-high, 40-foot-wide projection wall. And even though the exhibit area is similarly located, the 2,500-square-foot main hall needs another $2 million to bring it and the smaller galleries up to appropriate museum quality to properly house long-term exhibits. The plan is also to be able to complement these fine

aboriginal works of arts with temporary travelling exhibits.

“We welcome people back” Although transition time has been long and it will probably take six months to place some things where they want them, the major facility is open once again to the public. “We welcome people back,” says Soonias, who looks forward to the continued transformations that will provide new things to see and do for families, students and adults. So whether you want to experience aboriginal art at its best, raise a tipi, taste bannock, see hoop dancers, wander the upgraded trails and bridges in the valley, or learn how to weave feathers and beads into a dream catcher, Wanuskewin’s programs and activities are sure to have something of interest on your journey. It’s the abundance of first-hand encounters and meaningful insights into the history and culture of Northern Plains First Nations people that will keep you returning to Wanuskewin to experience its beauty, timelessness and spirit of renewal time and again.

sports & leisure

Mayfair Goalie Crease: top-notch equipment, top-notch instruction, and an in-store rink! BY EDWARD WILLETT means that we will make sure each of our customer’s needs will be fulfilled by our professional staff.” A mini-rink right in the store But that’s not all. Mayfair Goalie Crease not only sell you equipment, it lets you try out that equipment right on the premises, in its unique 1,000-square-foot Mini-Rink Training Facility, equipped with four creases. This permanent miniature ice rink allows customers to dress up in full or half equipment and get on the ice to get a true feel of the equipment before they buy it, helping them find the right size and style of equipment to suit their individual games. Non-goalies are welcome to take advantage of the ice as well, through the One Piece Stick Demo Program, or to break in a new pair of skates. The facility is also available for rent. Teams can book it for hockey wind-ups, Christmas parties, year-end functions, icebreaker events and fundraisers. Families can rent it for birthday parties on Sundays, Saturday evening and weekday evening. The birthday-party package includes one-half hour or one hour of ice time, pizza, video games and the ministicks area. Goalie equipment, including skates, helmets and gloves, is included.

Top-notch instructors


o matter how good your other players are, if your hockey team suffers from poor goaltending, it won’t be successful for long. Saskatoon’s Mayfair Goalie Crease understands how important goaltending is to hockey teams at all levels—and understands the special needs of goaltenders when it comes to equipment and training. 144

| Spring 2010

That’s why Mayfair Goalie Crease offers the best selection of goalie equipment in Saskatchewan, from all the top manufactures. “We take pride in saying that we have the largest selection of goalie equipment in Saskatchewan,” says Ben Smiroldo, owner and manager of the store, located at 402 33rd St. W. “We also take pride in putting our customers first, which

In addition to selling goalie equipment, Mayfair Goalie Crease offers goalie instruction, from a talented team of professionals, including female instructors who specialize in teaching female goalies for both hockey and ringette. “Female participation in ice sports is increasing more than ever in both hockey and ringette,” points out Smiroldo.

sports & leisure

“With the notable success in these areas, it is important that this reputation and tradition continue to be perpetuated and taught to our young female athletes.” Mayfair Goalie Crease offers eight-, 10and 12-lesson packages. The eight-lesson Beginner Development Package is perfect for up-and-coming goaltenders. The Intermediate Development Package consists of 10 lessons and builds on the basics, while introducing additional concepts to continue the development process. It’s great for developing goalies with previous experience in goaltending. The Advanced Development Package consists of 12 lessons and stresses advanced skills, both technical and psychological, to help players gain a well-balanced and rounded comprehension of goaltending. All three packages include one free on-ice evaluation. For those who would like to advance their skills but start with a shorter program, Mayfair offers four- and six-lesson packages, designed for each goaltender’s unique needs. Single ice times are also available for those who want to come in and get a great workout on the ice (and off it, at Mayfair’s cardio station.)

The perfect way to prepare “If you are preparing for any try-outs, whether it is for your zone, or a AAA, Junior A, Junior B, Senior or recreational team, or you just want to be in shape and ahead of the competition for any level of hockey, our Mini-Rink Training Facility is the perfect way to do prepare yourself,” Smiroldo says. Goalie training isn’t limited to the winter months, either. Mayfair Goalie Crease will be offering an elite training program for goalies all summer long, featuring individualized attention by our professional instructors on our 1000sq.ft rink. Open to Midget- and Junior-aged goalies, it includes conditioning, balance and strength development, off-ice dryland training, and much more. Whatever level you’re at, and whatever level you hope to achieve, the profes-

sional staff at Mayfair Goalie Crease takes pride in offering you the best equipment and the best instruction to make you the best goalie you can be! fls

Mayfair Goalie Crease 402 33rd St. W. (306) 955-7710

Shop Direct For quality name brand products ... locally in Saskatoon.

About DirectBuy Since opening our first Club in 1971, DirectBuy has become the leading home improvement and furnishings club in North America -- with more than 160 Clubs in the U.S. and Canada. Today DirectBuy Club is over 400,000 memberships strong. We work with top home furnishings and improvement manufacturers to bring you their products at the direct insider price. We take pride in working with the most trusted brands, giving our members access to quality products at tremendous savings.

DirectBuy Club Membership Advantages DirectBuy Club members are not limited to the inventory of a single retail store.

Instead, members enjoy a selection of home furnishing and improvement products often much larger than that of other warehouse clubs or retail stores, all at direct insider prices.

Choose from thousands of products all at one convenient location! DirectBuy members can access thousands of products from more than 500 brand-name manufacturers or their authorized suppliers, at one convenient Club location. In addition to our extensive selection of home furnishings, members also receive direct insider pricing on cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, appliances, electronics and much more. Your local DirectBuy Club also offers

professional design, delivery and installation services through our network of trusted suppliers, contractors and installers – all from a single location.

How Do I Get Access To The Inside Track? Sign up for your free, no obligation, visitor’s pass to a Club near you. We’ll schedule a convenient time for you to attend an open house tour. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to experience our leading service and selection. You’ll also learn how members buy at the direct insider price. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision about what membership plan fits your family’s needs. If you call now, you will be able to take advantage of DirectBuy’s Free 30-Day membership! Spring 2010

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| Spring 2010

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I’m interested. What’s the next step? • To take advantage of this special offer, call 1-888-798-9899 or go online to and request your free copy of the Insider’s Guide to Buying Direct and a Visitors Pass to attend an open house at the Saskatoon Club. •You’ll receive a Free 30-Day Membership Certificate in the mail. •A representative from the loval DirectBuy Club will call to help you schedule an open house visit. fls

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201 Robin Cres., Saskatoon

Can I browse on the internet with DirectBuy? • Absolutely. Each member receives a unique login to the DirectBuy Members website, so they can shop in the comfort of their own home or office.

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Soar above the clouds with Millennium Aviation Ltd.




s there anything more divine or serene than flying? One can soar above the clouds, float effortlessly on the currents of Nature’s breath, and glance below to behold the grandeur and majesty that the earth offers. Many believe flying was created for all those lucky individuals who wanted to experience the beauty that the poets rank supreme. Too many people have the misconception that flying is outside their reach, and can only be done by those with superhuman skills. Fortunately, there is a place to go in Saskatoon that eliminates these misconceptions by offering top-flight aviation instruction from experienced and knowledgeable instructors at a reasonable cost. Millennium Aviation Ltd., located at No. 7 Hangar Row, Thayer Ave., at the Saskatoon International Airport, is the only flight school in Saskatchewan to specialize exclusively in flight training. Millennium is renowned for offering all their students a professional, relaxed, and 152

| Spring 2010

friendly atmosphere in which they can learn to fly and master all the skills required to become a qualified and accomplished licensed pilot. A personal hands-on approach is taken with every student in all aspects of their flight training.

From schoolteachers to flight instructors The owners of Millennium, Kay and Cecil Sorensen, like to think they started the trend of Albertans moving to Saskatchewan. Life-long aviation enthusiasts, both Kay and Cecil were schoolteachers in Alberta. In 1966 they decided to combine their love of teaching with their love of flying, and opened a flight school and charter operation in the Red Deer area. Cecil first started in aviation through a flying scholarship with the Air Cadets. Since that simple beginning, Cecil has accumulated more than 43,000 hours of flying experience. You name it,

Cecil has flown it: everything from ultra lights to four-engine bombers to single and multi-engine piston and jet aircraft. His experience has encompassed every phase of aviation: jet fighters, flight training, gliders, corporate, medevac and airlines. Cecil’s flight experience with 145 different makes and models of aircraft benefits the student enormously when Cecil is confronted with the daunting task of choosing the type of aircraft appropriate for the student’s flight training. Cecil holds an Airline Transport Pilot License with valid Class 1 instructor ratings for ultra-lights, airplanes and gliders as well as holding Class 1 aerobatic instructor ratings for airplanes and gliders, enabling him to provide help and guidance with any question the student may have when choosing the best path to pursue. His extensive contacts within the aviation industry can help the commercial student find that all-important first job. When Kay and Cecil first arrived in Saskatoon

they realized the city was an ideal location to open a top-notch flight school. The Millennium Aviation professionals are dedicated to teaching students to fly. Opportunities are also provided to enable students to refine and expand their established aviation skills.

Ten years of growth From its inception 10 years ago, Millennium Aviation Ltd. has enjoyed steady growth. This growth is directly tied to the enjoyment and success of the numerous students who have graduated. It is the success of their students that have enabled Millennium to appreciate all that has been accomplished as they celebrate their 10th anniversary in Saskatoon. From modest beginnings in December of 1999, having just one aircraft with Cecil as the only instructor, Millennium has now expanded into one of the busiest and largest flight schools in Saskatchewan. Today their fleet consists of 10 aircraft, and there are four full-time instructors and three part-time instructors. Millennium Aviation Ltd. is authorized by Transport Canada to conduct

the full range of flight training for Recreational Pilot Permits, Private Pilot Licenses and Commercial Pilot Licenses. Licensed pilots can work toward their Night Endorsement, Multi-Engine Rating, IFR Rating and Instructor Rating. Thanks to such a comprehensive diversity of flight-training choices, the Millennium student is assured his or her specific training needs will be addressed. At Millennium, the team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors uses a multidisciplinary approach to ensure students successfully complete the flighttraining programs in which they are enrolled. This comprehensive education will help Millennium students when they choose to expand their flight training skills through future training. Millennium is now working toward adding helicopter training, and in preparation for that has acquired an Enstrom 280C. Millennium will have the only helicopter flight school in the province.

State-of-the-art training technology Millennium has a state-of-the-art CAT II Flight Training Device. The Cirrus II can be used to practice holding procedures, interceptions and tracking of the

VOR and ADF airways, and flying the precision and non-precision approaches required for the instrument rating. Pilots can use this device for up to 10 hours of instrument time required for the Commercial Pilot License, and 20 hours toward the Instrument Rating. Important and valuable practical experience is obtained with the guidance of Millennium instructors. Just imagine: no flight cancelled because of the weather, no traffic delays, and no extended circuits. This is ideal for interested students or pilots who haven’t flown instruments recently and wish to upgrade their skills. (Millennium Aviation Ltd. offers the Commercial Pilot License in partnership with SIAST.) This wealth of knowledge and experience is waiting for anyone who has ever yearned to soar above the clouds. What are you waiting for? Millennium Aviation Ltd offers comprehensive and affordable flight-training education that will awaken or reawaken your love of flying. fls Millennium Aviation Ltd. Hangar #7, Saskatoon International Airport (306) 384-4230

Mike & Rochelle Heebner Pet Planet (306) 956-2245

pet health

QUALITY PET FOOD t Pet Planet we are frequently asked the question, “Is too much protein harmful to my dog?” Most guardians understand protein is an essential component of a dog’s diet, but many believe that too much protein causes kidney disease in their loyal companions, depriving them of what they crave the most: meat. I will do my best to lay this age-old question to rest.


Protein is a nutrient and contains amino acids. Amino acids assist in building body tissues, organs, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and more—roughly half of the dry body mass of a dog consists of protein. Knowing this, it’s easy to understand that all dogs, from puppies to full-grown adults, need protein. While their bodies can naturally recycle amino acids, some eventually need replacement. Protein passes through the liver and waste materials are cleaned and excreted by the kidneys. High-quality proteins do not generate large amounts of waste. Poor-quality proteins, however, are harder to digest and consequently cause the kidneys to work harder to excrete the waste. Studies do in fact show too much low-quality protein, from foods such as soy, corn and byproducts, are unquestionably tough on the liver and kidneys because they are harder to digest. Low-quality proteins contain much more waste. Eggs, muscle and organ meats are the most complete, most digestible sources of protein and should be the main ingredients in a quality food. Dogs evolved eating a diet that consists primarily of meat, fat and bones, which they have been eating for hundreds of thousands of years. Wild wolves don’t get kidney disease on the same scale as domestic dogs do. Commercial foods—especially dry foods—have only been available for the past 60 years. New research and information is continually helping create higher-quality foods, but many manufacturers are still producing bad foods from poor ingredients, and we are still dis-


| Spring 2010

covering how much damage certain aspects of these ingredients can cause. To digress for a moment, when I went to the grocery store the other day I saw a 22-pound bag of Purina Dog Chow on sale for $8. I pondered how Purina could possibly be turning a profit off a product that cheap. If I calculate a 40-percent profit margin for both the supermarket and the manufacturer, it comes to about 13 cents per pound. That’s $260 per ton of food. Yikes! This is a direct reflection of the poor-quality protein in this food. Anyway, back to protein. Proteins come from plant or meat sources. Plant sources are cheaper, and bear in mind that corn gluten meal—the popular choice among bad dog food manufacturers—is a by-product of the human food-processing industry. The crude protein contained in corn gluten meal is 60 percent, and very difficult to digest. Hypothetically, even if your food recipe contained no other protein sources at all, you could make a food with a 20-percent crude protein by mixing it 1:2 with some cheap carb source. The term “crude protein” is used in the guaranteed analysis, which means there is no indication whatsoever as to its ability to be digested. Protein comes in many forms, in-

cluding shoe leather, chicken feathers and even cow hooves. The problem is that the body is only able to extract a small amount of this protein and at the price of a lot of work and stress on the body. With this labelling issue, the percentage of the protein in a food by itself doesn’t say anything at all. Ingredient lists are not 100-percent precise or truthful. You can, however, gauge if there’s any quality protein in the food at all by reading the ingredient label, and knowing good proteins. Think of your pet’s digestive system as a car engine and protein as the fuel used to make the engine run. If you use a high-grade fuel in an engine that may not necessarily require it, it isn’t going to cause any damage. However, if you use a low-grade fuel in any engine, eventually there will be a build-up that hampers performance and makes it more difficult for the engine to work. fls (Source:

count the conditions of the day. The “high-wheeler” design was popular because of its clearance and the narrow, hard-tired wheels that helped negotiate those primitive roads. The rear seat and top could easily be removed, converting the car from a pleasure vehicle to one that could do light hauling. This car was left for repair at a garage in Vibank and never reclaimed. It was purchased for service charges. And what might have been the motivation of the seller of the 1908 Overland Touring Car who traded it for two oxen?

A window into the past Antique cars at the Western Development Museum provide a glimpse into Saskatchewan’s history BY LINDA EPSTEIN


t was the mid-1940s. Metal dealers were buying up ploughs, tractors and other farm implements to help in the war effort. Some people in the Battlefords area were concerned that Saskatchewan’s heritage was literally ending up in the scrap heap. They began to collect agricultural and transportation artifacts that told Saskatchewan’s story. “They understood that once things are lost, they’re gone forever,” says Western Development Museum (WDM) Collections Curator Ruth Bitner. The group networked, searched and became “detectives,” finding items in fields and farmyards. They followed up on tips and discovered a treasure trove that developed into the gem now housed in four WDM venues throughout the Province (Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, North Battleford and Yorkton), and in the storage rooms of WDM in Saskatoon. To date, some 180 vehicles and 55 trucks have been collected. Altogether, there are 100 on exhibit at the four branches. “We’d like to show more, but it’s a matter of space,” says Bitner.

Since 1947, the WDM has collected and catalogued items of historical value that tell the Saskatchewan story, and has made that collection easily accessible to the public.

A world gone by Entering the area that showcases the vehicles of Saskatchewan’s past is like entering a world gone by. The display and signage invite you to envision where and how they were used, tracing the ingenuity of the early engineers and developers and the economic and rural realities of Saskatchewan and telling the stories of the individual owners. Picture the early days of the automobile, for example. There were few roads, and those that existed were rutted by wagon wheels and torn up by horses’ hooves. Now take a look at the chain-driven 1910 Model A IHC Auto Wagon, “The Ideal Car for the Farmer,” according to the manufacturer: International Harvester Company. The company only built these air-cooled automobiles for a brief period, but carefully took into ac-

Oldest car dates to 1904 The oldest car on display at the Saskatoon WDM is a 1904 Cadillac. Although this touring car was used in the Davidson district, the closest gasoline was obtained from Moose Jaw, more than100 km away. We think of electric cars as the wave of the future—but there was an electric car as early as 1911. Some companies experimented with steam power. In the 1910 White Steam Car a burner heated water in a boiler to produce steam to drive the car. The burner could run on kerosene or gasoline, reducing costs. This car could be started from the front seat without cranking. Unfortunately, from a cold start, it took 10 minutes before there was enough steam to run the car. Cars in those early days were sometimes right-hand drive. They were often made of wood, and had more brass than later automobiles. Most were open or clothtopped and so had to be put up on blocks in the winter. Early luxury cars included the 1912 Peerless (the display vehicle has only 100 miles on the odometer), apparently purchased for a prominent Alberta family, but never picked up. The 1937 PierceArrow had 12-cylinders, and was among the last of its type.

Done in by the Depression Often timing was everything. The WDM’s most recent acquisition—a

Spring 2010

| 155

wheels 1929 Buick Marquette—was short-lived. This model hit the market just as Canada descended into the economic downturn known as the “Dirty Thirties.” According to its serial number, the display model was the first Marquette built in Canada. Purchased new by Harry and Alvilde Jones of Ardath, Sask., it sat idle for most of the 1930s due to gas costs. Much later, it was restored by the Jones’ youngest daughter, Evelyn, and her husband, Joe Klein. The Minneapolis-Moline UDLX Comfortractor was a vehicle ahead of its time, offering the comfort of a car in a farm workhorse. Unfortunately, it came out in 1938, when Saskatchewan was still in the depths of the Great Depression and more concerned with drought, dust storms, and grasshoppers than an expensive and highly innovative tractor. Even though the vehicle could be used for fieldwork during the day and a trip to town in the evening, only about 125 units were sold. These are only some of the cars on display. Their stories provide a unique window into the history of the province and its people. The Western Development Museum recognizes that the legacy of the past is the foundation for a sustainable future. For more information, call the WDM at (306) 931-1910.


| Spring 2010

Vaughn Wyant (left) and sons Phillip Wyant (middle) and Michael Wyant

Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group: measuring success with quality and customer service BY G.H. LEWMER


hat is the measure of success? Is it achieving the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship established by a manufacturer? Or is it defined by an outstanding customer experience? For the Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group (VWAG), success comprises both of these and more. For VWAG, success is the culmination of years of customerfocused experience, which in turn has provided the knowledge and understanding of what buyers really look for in an automobile. That experience, knowledge and under-

standing has made VWAG the leading source for premium automobiles in the province, the exclusive place to shop for Audi, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and Volvo in the Saskatoon area. Located in the Saskatoon Auto Mall, at Clarence Avenue South and Circle Drive, the Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group offers the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship in five state-of-the-art premium-brand dealership facilities within a five-minute radius of each other. Here you will find the “best of the best� that the Saskatoon automotive sector has to offer. All VWAG premium-brand deal-

erships feature spacious showrooms, customer-focused product specialists and the unique and valuable service that provides complete satisfaction. Employees make every customer feel welcome and valued, and constantly strive to create an outstanding premium-brand shopping and purchase experience. I discovered the secret to the success of the Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group during a recent visit to the Saskatoon Auto Mall, where I interviewed Michael Wyant, general sales manager for the Saskatchewan dealerships.

Spring 2010

| 159

Hard work and dedication Vaughn Wyant, who began his automotive career selling cars in England in the early 1970s, understood early on that quality, satisfaction and success are achieved through hard work and dedication to a vision. When he returned to Vancouver, he worked on developing his management skills, always with the goal in mind of owning his own dealership. He achieved that goal about 10 years later, purchasing a small Ford dealership in Carstairs, Alta., north of Calgary. It was the inception of one of the largest privately owned automotive groups in Canada. At the time, Vaughn was a “one-man show,” doing everything it took to make his dealership successful, from pumping gas and cleaning vehicles to writing work orders and dropping satisfied customers off at their homes. Those years of hard work were invaluable, and Vaughn quickly transformed this first venture into one of the most popular and respected dealerships in the Calgary area. At the same time, he gained insight into providing the highest degree of satisfaction for both customers and employees, a philosophy of quality that is prevalent wherever you go at the Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group today.

Back to Saskatoon Returning to Saskatoon in 1983, Vaughn realized a life-long dream by seizing the opportunity to purchase Jubilee Ford. Further years of hard work and commitment ensured the dealership blossomed, growing into one of the most successful Ford dealerships in all of Western Canada. But with that growth came the realiza-

tion that Jubilee Ford’s existing location was far too limited in space and scope to support Vaughn’s ultimate goal: a stateof-the-art facility offering convenience, accessibility, comfort and diversity for customers choosing a vehicle. Sensing that the city of Saskatoon was poised for significant growth, Vaughn sought out a new location, planting the seeds of the Saskatoon Auto Mall. Years of planning and dedication brought the Auto Mall to fruition in September of 2001, when Jubilee Ford, Jaguar of Saskatoon and Volvo of Saskatoon opened their doors in their new home. “Wow!” is your first impression when you arrive at the Saskatoon Auto Mall. The premium-brand facilities of the Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group encompass more than 30,000 square feet, comprising sales and service facilities for Audi, Land Rover, Volvo, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz, each with ample parking and easy access. Each dealership is a unique architectural marvel—a testament to Vaughn’s vision of fulfilling the needs of his customers in facilities that are warm, inviting and intimate.

The importance of family During my lengthy conversation with Michael, as he outlined the history and goals of the organization, I came to understand the importance of family to the current and future success of this automotive group. Immediate members of the family play key roles in various management positions of the company, while the more than 250 Saskatchewan employees contribute greatly to VWAG’s ultimate success.

During my visit, I was treated with the cordiality, respect and generosity that one often finds within extended family—a welcoming atmosphere built on a culture of trust and mutual respect. As Michael so aptly says, “When you build confidence with your employees, you naturally build confidence with your customers.” As our conversation came to a close, Michael suggested we tour their facilities, for a better sense of what their company represents. I eagerly accepted his offer, knowing I was about to savor the best in automotive excellence!

Audi: “truth in engineering” I started my adventure in the Audi showroom, where, as I viewed the cars on display, I was immediately reminded of the phrase “truth in engineering.” Founded in 1909, Audi has long been renowned for delivering a luxurious, performance-oriented driving experience that harmonizes style and sophistication. From its world-famous Silver Arrows racing fleet of the 1930s to the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning R10 TDI, Audi has been recognized for combining awardwinning design with race-winning technology. When you see the dramatic contours and elegant aesthetics of the Audi Q7 (a fullsize crossover SUV) or the graceful integration and iconic design of the A5 (a two-door executive coupe), or discover the performance that the TT Coupe offers, it’s easy to understand that when you own an Audi, thrills come standard. But, of course, the true icon of the Audi brand has become the R8—a movie star for its recent performance in Iron Man

but also a star on the streets, with a growl and an attitude that turns heads and quickens pulses. VWAG is the exclusive Audi R8 dealer for Saskatchewan.

Land Rover: capable and versatile Land Rover was the pioneering civilian allterrain vehicle, with a reputation for longevity in the toughest and most adverse of conditions. Land Rovers, and Land Rover owners, are renowned for being adventurous, versatile and uniquely capable. On the second stop of my tour of the Vaughn Automotive Group showrooms,

I bumped into an owner who thinks so highly of Land Rovers that he refers to other manufacturers’ 4X4 vehicles as “disposables.” Land Rover’s marquee rugged, off-road performance and huge variety of body styles make it difficult to disagree. I was impressed by how luxurious an allterrain luxury SUV vehicle like the Range Rover really could be. With the LR4 compact SUV I found innovative design that maximized space without compromising power. Truly impressive!

Spring 2010

| 161

Volvo: “bricks” no longer I think perhaps many people fondly remember the days when the classic, boxshaped Volvo was endearingly referred to as a “brick.” Times have certainly changed, as I discovered on my third stop, the Volvo of Saskatoon showroom. Volvo has always been recognized as being at the forefront of safety engineering, with its historic reputation for building solid and reliable automobiles. What I didn’t realize is the average age of a “retired” Volvo is 19.8 years! Add to that Volvos’ high-mileage value and sporting performance, and it’s easy to fall in love with these vehicles all over again. The Volvo S80 mid-size luxury sedan, with its advanced preemptive safety features and sophisticated style, awakened me to the truly luxurious character that Volvo has successfully developed. It’s a character also prominently evident in the V70, a unique wagon that offers highly engineered performance and classic Volvo style. I ended my Volvo tour by looking at the mid-size luxury crossover SUV, the XC90. It’s a fuel-efficient SUV that will seat up to seven and offers great features

like Instant Traction AWD and a Blind Spot Information System. The days of the Volvo “brick” have certainly been relegated to the past.

Jaguar: absolute beauty It’s impossible not to be captivated by the absolute beauty that is Jaguar. Celebrating its 75th anniversary, Jaguar is a breathtaking blend of British luxury and ultimate performance.

In the Jaguar showroom, I gravitated immediately to the iconic XJ. This full-size luxury sedan is both exhilarating and sustainable, offering a youthful stance and contemporary ambience. Its intuitive technology and innovative thinking reflect a clarity of vision that defies preconceptions. Alongside the XJ was the new Jaguar XF, a mid-size luxury sports saloon that embodies the philosophy of building beauSpring 2010

| 163


tiful, fast cars that define a new driving experience. Available in four different models and winner of numerous prestigious Car of the Year Awards, the XF is everything you could dream of in a sports car. Finally, I found myself alongside the new XK Grand Tourer (available in coupe or convertible), which combines the company’s legendary performance with the most advanced technologies and sporting luxury. It’s a grand classic with the heart and soul of a sports car. Getting behind the wheel of a Jaguar provides an unsurpassed sense of sophistication.

Mercedes-Benz: benchmark of excellence The conclusion of my tour took me to what many consider a benchmark for automotive excellence: Mercedes-Benz. With its unexcelled 80-plus-year history of quality and durability, including many technological and safety innovations now common in other vehicles, Mercedes-

Benz remains on the cutting edge of new technology. For me, the image that best illustrates the essence of Mercedes-Benz is the mid-size executive E-Class coupe. The 2010 model is striking, featuring an interior and exterior redesign that has created a bold new styling and direction. This is clearly a visionary leap forward for this particular model, which continues to lead the way with innovation, class-leading safety and hand-crafted luxury. I was equally impressed by the full-size luxury crossover GL, an SUV with superior technology, room for seven and muscle that provides both off-road authority and exceptional on-road poise. Finally, my Mercedes-Benz tour wouldn’t have been complete without a look at the SLK Roadster sports car, a performance roadster with a retractable hardtop—and sex appeal to spare.

Giving back to the community As I neared the end of my visit, I caught

a glimpse of a modestly placed, framed page from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. The article highlighted a United Way fundraising dinner recognizing Vaughn for his years of philanthropic and volunteer service in Saskatoon and area. The RUH Foundation, the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, Season4Change and many other organizations have also honoured Vaughn for his years of dedication to his community. Why does Vaughn give so generously? “I don’t think you do things like this on a conscious level,” he says. “I think you do them because it’s your home and it’s good for your community and your family. I think our job is to leave this place a little better than when we arrived.” Experience the Vaughn Wyant Automotive Group, its products and its people first-hand, and you’ll be left with no doubt that this is a truly remarkable organization...and that, however you measure success, Vaughn Wyant’s vision of automotive excellence has achieved it.


Luxury executive car service isn’t just for the rich and famous any more BY LISSA ROBINSON


one are the days when limousines and luxury car services were strictly the privilege of billionaires and A-list personalities. Today, with the growing number of limo companies like Saskatoon’s Prestige Car and Limousine Services, virtually anyone can hire the services of a ground transportation company for a taste of the luxury and convenience often associated with the rich and famous. Prestige Car and Limousine Service and United Cabs and Blueline Taxi together make up the United Group, Saskatoon’s largest transportation provider. It operates luxury sedans, SUVs, multi-passenger vans and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. It is proud to be the exclusive ground transportation for the Saskatoon Airport Authority. United Cabs has been in operation for nearly 50 years, giving the company years of experience in providing superior customer service and quality ground transportation to its clients.

Not just for special events As United Groups Ltd. president and CEO Scott Suppes will tell you, using a limousine service is not just for parties or special events anymore, but also a wonderful way to treat your clients or associates during corporate events. Transporting business travelers is a critical part of any business. Clients who need to transport people to and from meetings, conventions, airport arrivals and departures, and in other situations often find a limo or executive car a much more luxurious and enjoyable way to do business. When individuals utilize Prestige Car Service, they can enjoy the time during

Spring 2010

| 167


the travel to unwind, take care of business or get personal tasks accomplished while someone else does the driving. We all know how important first impressions are, and using a car service to pick up business clients from the airport and transport them during their stay will definitely go a long way in putting your business’s best foot forward. With its impeccably presented vehicles and chauffeurs, Prestige guarantees to enhance your corporate image. If you have an important business client to collect, then do it in style. Make your clients feel important by allowing Prestige to collect

them for you, from their hotel or airport, where Prestige’s chauffeurs will ensure that the first impression your client gets about your company is one they will never forget.

Meeting personal needs Prestige’s passengers are not just corporate heads, well-known personalities or high-end individuals. They are real people with real time constraints, deadlines and personal needs. Prestige Car Service removes the pressure of traffic, the hassles of a strange city and parking. Its pro-

fessional chauffeurs know the most efficient route to your destination, when to help with baggage, how to get around, where to dine and points of interest, all the while helping busy executives manage their time more efficiently. Prestige’s service leaves you free to deal with your clients while it looks after you. Heading to the airport for an early morning flight? No problem. Because you’re a valued client, Prestige will arrive with your favourite newspaper and a coffee, just the way you like it. What if your plans change during your chartered service? No worries! Your chauffeur has all of the tools and training available to ensure a smooth and timely arrival to any destination in the city. Prestige’s personalized service and attention to detail will give you the confidence that your ground transportation is as reliable as it is luxurious.

Arrive in style Prestige Limousine Service can be used for parties and galas, weddings and graduation ceremonies or to enjoy the nightlife and city lights. By letting Prestige take you to your destination, not only will you arrive at the event in style, you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space or making complicated plans for ensuring a safe ride home. Other specialized services unique to Saskatoon include booking a limo for a Christmas Lights Tour, a trip to the casino or a trip home from the hospital to celebrate the homecoming of a brandnew baby. Prestige Limousine Service is not nearly as expensive as you might think and it goes a long way when trying to impress or spoil a loved one.

High-end fleet Prestige’s fleet is made up of high-end luxury cars, including SUV Limousines and Black Lincoln Sedans. The Ford Excursion Limousine is the “big boy of limousines” with its plush interior, eight-passenger capacity, dark-tinted windows, multi-coloured lights, CD


player and a bar (with refreshments upon request). The Black Lincoln Town Cars are executive sedans with extra interior space for four-passenger capacity. All of Prestige’s sedans have leather interiors, climate control, large clean trunks for luggage or golf clubs and professional chauffeurs. The Lincoln Town Car is one of the most spacious and comfortable cars you will ever ride in.

Surprisingly economical Prestige clients are often surprised how economical the car and limousine services are, especially considering their luxury and professional staffing. For comparison, a cab ride from downtown Saskatoon to the airport will cost approximately $17, whereas the cost of hiring a Black Sedan with a chauffeur is in the $25 range. Scheduling a limousine or executive car to take you to the airport involves a lux-

urious ride that is not only stress-free, but arrives at your door with a personal chauffeur available to you for your needs. Prestige Limousine and Car Services can be hired for many occasions, be it business, travelling place-to-place for a wedding, a night on the town or any other special event. Whatever the reason, Prestige Limousine and Car Services is a great option that lends pizzazz to your special occasions and ensures a safe and stress-free ride to your business destination. To set up your business account or book your events, call Prestige Limousine and Car Service at (306) 664-2222, or visit its website at and download an application form. Prestige Limousine and Car Services United Group 225 Avenue B N. Phone: (306) 664-2222

A successful business trip starts with Prestige Car Services Prestige Car Services provides full blackcar executive service, offering the finest in luxury corporate sedans, professional staff and reliable services. Prestige understands the demand for high-quality, professional transportation service that will reflect the same quality and image for which you and your company stand.

It’s professional Enjoy the convenience and freedom of finding your way around Saskatoon with Prestige’s professionally trained chauffeurs. Your chauffeur will take you anywhere you need to be in and around Saskatoon in an executive black sedan or limousine. If your schedule changes, your driver is only a phone call away!

It’s reliable With your pre-arranged itinerary, Prestige will ensure that you are greeted at your pick-up point or at the airport upon arrival. Your chauffeur will take you to your scheduled meetings and to your hotels for the duration of your stay in Saskatoon. Prestige Car Service guarantees that you will arrive at your appointments on time, every time! As well, your personal chauffeur will meet and greet any clients at the airport who will be joining you during your stay in Saskatoon.

It’s personal Your favourite coffee and newspaper will be waiting for you upon arrival. Let Prestige Car Service attend to all of your unique requirements during your stay. Your family is traveling with you? Prestige Car Service will be happy to take them anywhere in and around Saskatoon.

Spring 2010

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Glenwood Auto Service Professional, high-quality vehicle maintenance and service BY ALEXANDRA WALLD


ince 1973, family-owned-and-operated Glenwood Auto Service has provided Saskatoon’s drivers with professional, high-quality vehicle maintenance and service and high-end computer diagnostic service. It lives by its slogan, “service and competency is our discount.” One way the company keeps money in its clients’ pockets is through its vehicle warranty packages. Robert Scott, owner of Glenwood Auto Service, says most people don’t know that if you get extended vehicle warranty through them, you end up with a package equivalent to or better than what you get through a dealership, but with Glenwood, you can


| Spring 2010

save a tremendous amount of money. More information is available in pamphlets from Glenwood’s insurance company. “We want people to know that you aren’t restricted to the seller company of the vehicle when you buy a new or used car; you can shop around for extended warranty. If you’re buying a big-screen TV, you’re going to go online or to Visions and look around,” Scott says. “People don’t know when they’re signing papers at a dealership that you don’t have to buy extended warranty right away. “You have new-car warranty pricing for one full year, or 30,000 kilometres. You can think about it for four or five

months and decide to buy it then, but at a dealership, you can be pressured because of the commissions involved. Glenwood doesn’t pay commissions. We sell it at cost, plus an administration fee, and we usually cut the [dealership’s] price quite a bit, depending on the make and model. At Glenwood, we sell extended warranty on new and pre-owned vehicles—we’re your dealership alternative.”

24/7 roadside assistance If you get warranty from Glenwood Auto, you’ll save a substantial amount of money and you’ll be covered anywhere on the continent, because the Glenwood warranty comes with 24/7 roadside as-

wheels sistance that’s valid anywhere in North America. Scott says whether you’re in Texas, California, Quebec, or B.C., you can take your vehicle to any dealership or independent repair centre and all you’ll pay is the deductible. Glenwood’s warranty comes with rental coverage, so you’re not stranded if it takes a few days to get your vehicle back on the road, and if you’re more than 150 kilometres from home when you run into trouble, you’re covered for “trip interruption”—lodging, meals and towing; no digging into your own pockets for expenses. And if a few years down the road you sell your vehicle while it’s under warranty, don’t worry about losing money, because the warranty is transferrable; you could make more money when you sell. If you’re selling a vehicle, you’ve probably got a new one; one that Glenwood Auto can keep in good shape right from day one. From wheel balancing and alignments to fluid and filter replacements, Glenwood does it all. “The dealerships do a great job, but you don’t have to go to them for oil changes and preventative maintenance, even if it’s under their warranty; bring your vehicle to us and everything we do is warranty-approved,” Scott says. “A lot of the time, a dealership says you have to go to them, but you don’t. If you go to a licensed independent repair centre, it doesn’t affect your warranty rules—as long as the proper fluids are put into the vehicle, you’re covered. As long as you have the receipts, you’re fine.”

Latest technology and training If you’re worrying Glenwood might not be as well-equipped as a dealership in the scanning/computer/technology department, don’t. Scott says his service centre has invested heavily in the latest diagnostic tools and that his employees receive monthly training through the AC Delco National Training Centre and Lindertech in Ontario. What does that mean? Well, know how your computer sometimes installs updates automatically when you shut it down? Glenwood Auto has the proper equipment to do the same thing for your vehicle’s computer system—hybrid or not—so you’re not forced to go to the dealership. And if that time comes between April and August, “the busy season” to Scott, you’ll be glad you can go to Glenwood. “When people are on the road, most dealerships book repair appointments four to eight weeks in advance,” Scott says. “At Glenwood, we make sure you’re in within three business days. Because [dealerships] have sold many vehicles, they have many clients coming to them during the busy season; if you break down, you could be without a car for a month, but we won’t do that to you.” In fact, if you’re without a car for a few days, Glenwood provides a courtesy car at no extra charge. They also offer a shuttle service anywhere in Saskatoon, or just outside the city, and they’ll pick you up when your vehicle’s ready. If you’re not having car trouble, but just want to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, Glenwood’s the place to go. From vacuuming, shampooing and odour removal to fixing windows and vents to applying wax and Diamond Kote paint protection to setting yourself up with Hankook, Dean or nearly any other brand of tire, your vehicle’s in good hands. fls For more details or to make an appointment, call (306) 374-3551, stop by 101 Jessop Ave., or visit

JOY. On the back of this three-letter word, we built a company.

BMW: bringing JOY to Saskatchewan for over twenty years B Y J E N N I F E R J A C O B Y- S M I T H

Independent in spirit, philosophy, and practice. Accountable to no one but the driver. We do not build cars. We are the creators of emotion. We are the guardians of exhilaration, thrills, and chills. We are the Joy of Driving. No car company can rival our history. Replicate our passion. See our vision. Innovation is our backbone, but Joy is our heart. We will not stray from our three-letter purpose. We will nurture it. We will make Joy smarter. We will push it, test it, break it – then build it again. More efficient, more dynamic. We will give the world the keys to Joy and they will take it for a ride. And while others try to promise everything, we promise one thing. The most personal, cherished, and human of all emotions. This is the story of BMW. This is the story of Joy.

Leslie Fenyes

Jason Szczerba, Sales Manager

Harry Dickinson, BMW Specialist

James Lockwood, BMW Specialist

Jarrett Smith, BMW Specialist

Theresa Heagebaert Financial Services Manager

Glenn Turner, Dave Pearce, Shane Hopper, Rob Knippel (Front Support Service Team)

Karen Luesink, Greeter & Receptionist

Glenn Turner and Shane Hopper Service Advisors

Spring 2010

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Bema Autosport BMW

Three reasons why BMW is the numberone-selling premium brand in Canada BY LESLIE FENYES

1. Value. When Bema opened 21 years ago, there were only two premium brands offered in the entire automotive market place, one of which was BMW. These two brands were considered to be in the upper stratosphere of price. Today, just about everyone is playing on the same field. Even pick-up trucks can have price tags in excess of $75,000. Suddenly, BMW looks more than reasonable in the price/value comparison. Moreover, the German automaker is still thought of as a world leader compared to the domestics and Japanese brands. BMW enjoys a win-win scenario with its strong product offerings at down-to-earth pricing.

2. Service reliability. No car company today can enjoy sales success without a proven record of reliability. BMW offers an exceptionally high standard of product excellence and minimal maintenance, some of which is covered through the BMW warranty.

3. The Baby Boomer. The Baby Boomers have come of age. They are old enough now to reap the benefits of their hardearned wealth. Among the successful, BMW represents a welldeserved reward. Baby Boomers reinvented good health, fitness and extended youth. The BMW experience is the perfect partner in this quest for youth, fun and pure driving joy. This brand represents living life to its fullest. Of course, today every demographic group covets the BMW brand.

Bema Autosport BMW Saskatoon Auto Mall 607 Brand Court 1 306 955 0900 Toll Free: 1 866 695 4269 4(BMW)

Bema Autosport BMW

Bema Autosport BMW Saskatoon Auto Mall 607 Brand Court 1 306 955 0900 Toll Free: 1 866 695 4269 4(BMW)

Bema Autosport BMW

Bema Autosport BMW Saskatoon Auto Mall 607 Brand Court 1 306 955 0900 Toll Free: 1 866 695 4269 4(BMW)

President Bill Clinton and BMW team up BMW Canada was involved in sponsorship of the “Children’s Hospital Foundation” in Vancouver. The 42nd President of the United States (President Bill Clinton) was the keynote speaker at the gala event later that evening. Earlier that afternoon Fenyes and Clinton happened to meet prior to the function. Leslie Fenyes invited a number of his BMW customers as guests to this gala event in Vancouver as appreciation for their support over all the years. When President Clinton visited Saskatoon in 2006, Bema was honoured to offer and welcome Clinton and the United States Secret Service at the airport with BMWs.

What our customers are saying about us at Bema Autosport BMW “My family owns four vehicles from this very friendly dealership, two of which were bought this year. Sales and financing are a pleasant experience. I have always received excellent parts and maintenance service over the years for my 2001 BMW 540i with 250,000 km which is still going strong. Five stars in all aspects of customer service.” -Alan Downing, Architect. Dip. Arch. MRAIC. SAA

“For the past 15 years, my relationship has continued to grow in exceptional measure with Bema Autosport BMW in Saskatoon. Now on my sixth vehicle, the support and service has been beyond industry expectations. Models 318, 328, 528, X5 4.4, X5 4.8, X5 4.8 have been enjoyed and appreciated throughout our many seasons here in Saskatchewan. Les and his team of professionals have been outstanding in providing an environment of first-class BMW ownership pride!” -Roger J. Schmid, Realtor, Century 21 Conexus Realty Ltd.

“Les and his crew at Bema Autosport BMW do make every effort to keep this ultimate driving machine in top condition. Their service is excellent. The staff is very friendly and well informed. The fact that I am with them for over 20 odd years is in itself a testimony of customer satisfaction. The fellows in the service department are courteous, friendly and provide exemplary workmanship.” -Dr. U.K. Bhalerao, MBBS; FRCPC

“For 21 years I have trusted my car purchase decisions to BMW Saskatoon. Les Fenyes and his outstanding team provide customers a premium-level service only matched by the BMW brand. The BEMA experience is unsurpassed!” -Ayten Alexandria Archer, B. Comm MBA, Regional Director INROADS CANADA

“The quality and efficiency of the service department at Bema Autosport is first-class. They deliver personalized treatment with expertise that well exceeds expectations.” -Gregory Walen, Q.C.

“As a car entusiast BMW is an obvious choice. I have been delighted with the sales and service experience I have recieved from Bema Autosport BMW. The sales staff are knowledgable and have been willing to win my business. I find the service department is friendly, efficient and obviously well-trained. It is a pleasure to drive these fabulous cars and have the support of a great dealership looking after you.” -Scott McDonald, Investment Advisor

BMW ConnectedDrive Versatile, practical and easy on the wallet, the information service is one of the most popular features of BMW ConnectedDrive. Selecting the menu item “BMW Concierge” allows the driver to establish a voice connection with a staff member at the Service Centre, which is open around the clock. He/she can then enquire about addresses, telephone numbers and other information, such as the opening times and emergency services of a pharmacy or doctor’s office. This patches the customer to the BMW Assist call centre. At this point the customers can request that a Point of Interest\POI or POIs (up to 10 per call) be sent to the vehicle. Examples of some scenarios include: “Can you send me the address for the nearest Tim Horton’s in this area?”, “I’m a real estate agent with a client in the vehicle. We have 10 addresses to visit today, can you please push them to my vehicle?” There are no additional charges for this service. Customers can then dial a number directly on their Bluetooth or enter the address as a navigation destination. fls

MINI Saskatoon


Navigating portfolio risk BY DARRYL J. YASINOWSKI, CFA,


ver the past several years financial market volatility has increased dramatically and with that so has “risk.” In an economy in which defined contribution plans have become more commonplace and individuals are assuming a greater degree of responsibility for their own retirement future, the importance to manage market risk cannot be overstated. Since 1984, the S&P/TSX Index, a measure of equity market (stock market) performance, has had an average rate of return of 7.9 percent (excluding dividends) with a corresponding standard deviation of approximately 16.4 percent. The greatest annual gain, 30.7 percent, was seen in 2009, and the greatest annual decline of 35.0 percent was in 2008. During this same 25-year period the S&P/TSX experienced 18 positive years, seven negative years and four years in which the index experienced an annual decline of 10 percent or more!

To effectively manage investment risk, you must understand what risk is, how it is measured, the impact it can have on the long-term performance of your portfolio, and finally, how it can be minimized.

Defining risk In short, risk can be defined as the probable occurrence of an unexpected event. In the financial markets, risk is measured as price volatility. To measure volatility, an investor can use standard deviation (SD) which measures historical price volatility. For example, as noted above, the past 25 years has seen a SD of 16.4 percent, meaning annual returns can be expected to fluctuate + or – 16.4 percent most of the time. Although past performance does not guarantee future performance, it can provide an indi-

cation of the price volatility an investor should expect from a particular investment. In addition to sleepless nights, large price fluctuations can have a significant impact on the performance of your investment portfolio. Specifically, large negative declines have a greater influence on the value of your portfolio than do gains of equal-sized percentages. For investors with a short time horizon, price fluctuations such as these can significantly alter personal financial plans. The following example illustrates this point. Assume an investor has $1 million invested at the beginning of 2008. If the investor had experienced a 30-percent loss, they would have seen their portfolio decline to $700,000. Assuming the investor remained fully invested in 2009 and experienced a 30-percent gain, they would have seen their portfolio increase to $910,000. The investor is still down $90,000, or nine percent!

To reduce or manage market risk an investor needs to incorporate strategies focused specifically on market risk. These include strategies such as adding portfolio insurance (options), purchasing securities which have a “negative correlation” (an expected price movement which moves in an opposite direction to existing investments), and exercising discipline with regard to the buying and selling of individual securities. In conclusion, effectively managing portfolio risk is not as simple as just allocating your assets between stocks and bonds. To protect your investments and your financial plans, an investor must actively manage all types of risk be they unsystematic or systematic risk. fls Darryl J. Yasinowski is a Vice President & Portfolio Manager with Mackie Research Capital Corporation. The opinions, estimates and projections herein are those of the author and may not reflect that of Mackie Research Capital Corporation. The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled and derived from sources believed to be reliable, but no

Protecting your portfolio

representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness.

So how can investors protect their portfolios from large price fluctuations? Investors should first and foremost structure their portfolio with risk in mind, and know the potential downside risk they could experience. SD is a good start. Next, begin to adjust the expected risk level. Diversification, the act of adding additional investments from various asset classes, industries, etc., is most commonly cited as a means to reduce risk, but it is often misunderstood. It does have the effect of reducing risk, but its main effect is to reduce “unsystematic” risk—in other words, risk associated with a specific investment. It does not reduce or eliminate “systematic” risk, which is the overall market risk.

Darryl J. Yasinowski, CFA, CMT Vice President & Portfolio Manager Mackie Research Capital Corporation P: 306.566.7555 T: 866.471.7550 E:

Spring 2010

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Dundee Securities Corporation A company you can trust “


evin Hegedus and his team offer one of the best financialplanning operations in Western Canada,” says Mark Neale, Vice President for Dundee Securities Corporation in Western Canada. “I’ve been in the business for 25 years and work with all the advisors from Winnipeg to Whitehorse. Their operation is one of the premiere examples because of the level of service and the educational opportunities they offer.” Gary Cook agrees. “I’m really, really happy that I’ve moved my portfolio to Kevin Haakensen [Hegedus’s partner]. I have been so frustrated in the past. Financial planning is such an important part of your life as you get older, and it


| Spring 2010

BY PENNY MCKINLAY can be very stressful if you don’t feel comfortable with your financial planner. I’m just a working guy. I’m not one of their higher net-worth clients, but they treat me as if I am.” According to Brad Holt, Executive Vice President, Dundee Insurance Agency Ltd., “Kevin and his team provide comprehensive planning and support for all clients. They do a really good job at understanding their clients’ needs, and they use an integrated approach. They don’t just look at retirement planning; they look at the big picture.”

tion, but Kevin Hegedus doesn’t attempt to go it alone. “An important thing that I realized early in my career is that you can’t be all things to all people and that you have to surround yourself with a good team,” says Hegedus. “ I am fortunate to have what I consider to be one of the most qualified teams in the industry. “Many of you will have an investment advisor, accountant and insurance agent.

One-stop shopping

Spence, Dana Mann, Michael Tornopolski.

Above, left to right: Holley Dore, Stacy Gallant, Sharon Wasylyniuk, Celeste deMesa, Leanne Kadlec, Aleshia Dawal, Rob

Many investment advisors work in isola-

Front: Kevin Haakensen, Kevin Hegedus

business What makes us unique is that we have all of these professionals under one roof, working on the same objectives, which ensures our clients have the best chance of meeting their financial goals.” Kevin Hegedus is a Senior Investment Advisor and Branch Manager for DundeeWealth in Saskatoon. He is joined by Kevin Haakensen, a Chartered Financial Analyst and a partner in the business. Mike Tornopolski, the company’s in-house Chartered Accountant, provides valuable accounting and taxation expertise. Stacy Gallant, Client Relations Manager, oversees six administrative staff and makes sure that the office runs smoothly and that no client requests are overlooked. “You can deal with one institution rather than having to make separate trips to each of your professional advisors. And we’re all working together,” explains Hegedus. “When is the last time your accountant called your investment advisor? Or your insurance agent discussed tax strategies with your accountant? We have all of these professionals in-house.” Kevin Haakensen fully supports this approach. “We surround ourselves with professionals so that we can offer the best to our clients,” he says.

We’ve developed a trust that we think will keep working for us into the future.” “Both Kevin Hegedus and I are farm boys,” explains Haakensen. “We’re very social, down-to-earth people. It’s just second nature to us to sit down and have a friendly conversation with the person sitting across the desk.”

Meeting the needs of farmers and businesses Kevin Hegedus and Kevin Haakensen grew up in rural Saskatchewan. Hegedus specializes in farm succession and estate planning and is the official Investment Advisor to the Farmers of North America, Inc. “Kevin has a really good under-

standing of the farming community. He has his finger on the pulse of what is going on in Saskatchewan,” emphasizes Brad Holt. Passing a farm operation on to the next generation without saddling them with debt can be difficult. Hegedus helps farmers and business owners to diversify and to prepare contingency plans. “A farm can appear really successful on paper,” says Hegedus, “but you have to prepare for potential emergencies. It’s important to diversify so that everything isn’t tied up in one business.” Hegedus and Haakensen offer their business clients an integrated service. “We can help them with their bookkeeping, their corporate tax returns, their invest-

A strong relationship “They treat you more like a friend than a client,” says Bill Briscoe. “I can call or drop in any time. They’re very open and listening.” Sam and Pauline Dyck agree. They sold their dairy farm and had some funds they needed to invest to support them in their retirement. They wanted to build a relationship with an investment advisor whom they could trust. “If you have a good relationship, it’s easier to get through the bumps along the road than if you have to build a relationship after you’ve hit a speed bump,” they explain. “In addition, Kevin Hegedus has a farming background, so he knows a bit about where we’re coming from. He’s a good listener, and he respects our opinions.

Spring 2010

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ment structure and buy-sell arrangements,” says Haakensen. “We can also help with their personal financial planning and investments.” The company also assists businesses in setting up group RSPs, insurance* and profit-sharing plans for their employees. They meet with both the owner and the individual employees to evaluate their retirement options and to make sure that all of them can get the most from their retirement income.

A well-rounded approach Hegedus and Haakensen take many things into consideration when advising their clients. “Tax is important to us,” says Haakensen. “We’re very aware of the tax consequences of an investment option.” They also consider the mutual funds’ management, because “we want to know who we are investing in and who has added the value,” explains Haakensen. The company can offer a full range of financial products and is always expand*Insurance products provided through Dundee Insurance Agency Ltd.

ing its options. “They keep themselves extremely well informed on any new product,” says Brad Holt. This works well for Gary Cook, who expects his financial planner to take a proactive approach to handling his money. “The world is changing so fast, and what worked six months ago may no longer work today,” he explains. “Kevin Haakensen is really good at giving me the heads-up on opportunities and then moving on it.” Cook goes on to say, “Besides investment advice, they have an accountant on-site to help you with your taxes. They offer all sorts of investment strategies, including tax initiatives and RESPs for the overall development of your portfolio.” Bill Briscoe has really appreciated the fact that they have worked with his whole family. “They set up an appointment with my daughter and her husband, and that has meant a lot.”

Peace of mind “A growing number of our clients will be retiring over the next few years,” says Hegedus. “Our goal is to ensure that their portfolios provide them with a monthly cash flow with little volatility.” Kevin Haakensen agrees. “We want to ensure that we can manage our clients’ investments through a market downturn without touching the capital.” This is a tremendous support for clients who are planning their retirement or who have already retired. “They take their clients’ needs and concerns to heart and really plan your portfolio for your long-term financial success,” says Bill Briscoe. “I go to bed at night knowing I can sleep comfortably with the investments I have and that I won’t wake up tomorrow morning to a terrible shock.” Kevin Hegedus and his team employ a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. “Kevin had recommendations on how to structure our wills, on living wills and on powers of attorney, which are all part of a proper estate plan,” says

business Gary Kerr. Gary Cook attended the company’s fullday seminar on retirement planning. “It was particularly useful as it covered all the different aspects of retirement—critical care insurance, wills, estates, the psychological adjustments to retirement.”

Knowledge is power Kevin Hegedus and Kevin Haakensen provide a wide variety of educational opportunities for their clients. “Finances can be a very difficult thing for a lot of people,” says Kevin Hegedus. “Our goal at DundeeWealth is to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.” Gary Kerr and his wife really appreciate the fact that Kevin and his team offer educational seminars and events. “My wife doesn’t feel that she is a skilled investor,” says Kerr, “so she really likes that she gets access to additional information to help her make decisions.” Gary Cook agrees. “I’m an information junkie and like to be involved in planning my financial investments, so I think the seminars are very useful.” “Kevin is always trying to learn more, and that impresses us as we try to do the same thing,” explain Sam and Pauline Dyck. The company offers a full range of educational opportunities so clients can pick and choose what is of interest to them. There are large-scale public events with well-known speakers as well as specialized workshops for farmers and people who are close to retirement. There are also small in-house seminars and a quarterly newsletter. In addition, Hegedus hosts a weekly radio show called Money Sense on News Talk 650 (Saturdays from 10:30 to 11 a.m. and Sundays from 5 to 5:30 p.m.).

Get a complimentary consultation If you are looking for an investment advisor, Kevin Hegedus and Kevin Haak-

ensen invite you to phone their office and set up a complimentary consultation. Whether you are interested in diversifying your investment portfolio, reducing your tax burden or preparing for retirement, the company’s team approach can be of assistance. As Mark Neale explains, “Everyone’s financial situation will be different and will require different expertise. No one person can address it all, but Kevin has assembled a team that ensures he has the expertise needed.” Hegedus and Haakensen want to help you succeed. “At the end of the day, the most rewarding thing for me is the satisfaction of getting a client from A to Z and seeing them reach their goals,” says Kevin Haakensen. “That’s why I’m in this industry.” fls

To set up a complimentary appointment with Kevin Hegedus or Kevin Haakensen, call: DundeeWealth 1016 Eighth St. E., Saskatoon (306) 975-9500 or 1-800-652-7472 The first 10 business owners that call to register for the Tom Deans Seminar and mention this article will receive a free copy of Every Family’s Business: Protecting Your Family Business Wealth by Thomas William Deans.

1016 8th St. E. Saskatoon, SK (306) 975-9500

“Grow cash!” Kevin O’Leary is a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He also hosts a variety of television programs, including Dragon’s Den and The Lang and O’Leary Exchange. DundeeWealth invited him to Saskatoon in March to share his knowledge with an audience of more than 1200 people. “Send me a cheque for taking the risk of buying your stock.” From his childhood, O’Leary remembers his mother and her coworkers setting aside and investing a portion of their income every week. She taught her son a very important lesson: “Never spend the principal, just the interest.” “Generate cash and preserve capital.” Kevin Hegedus and Kevin Haakensen agree with O’Leary about the importance of protecting your capital and of relying on sustainable interest growth to provide income. As Haakensen explains, “Many of our customers are in their 50s and planning for retirement. We look at companies with safe dividends, real estate and income trust that we can rely on for some steady income and not too much fluctuation.”fine lifestyles saskatoon

Kevin Haakensen

Kevin Hegedus

BComm, CIM, FMA, CFA, FCSI Investment Advisor

CFP ‐ Senior Investment Advisor, Branch Manager

f you are one of the nearly 6 million Canadians with membership in a Registered Pension Plan, the expected benefits from it will likely make up the vast majority of your retirement income. Which is why it is essential to understand the type of plan you are in and what your options will be when you eventually leave the workforce.


There are two main types of Registered Pension Plans – Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution.

Defined Benefit Members of Defined Benefit plans generally pay a certain percentage of their income into the plan and, upon retirement, receive a set monthly allowance for the rest of their life. The amount is usually based on a formula that takes into account average earnings and years of service. Each particular Defined Benefit plan will also have its own unique characteristics: • What are the age and years of service requirements for Normal, Early and Early Reduced pension benefits? • Is the plan indexed for inflation? • Is there a bridge benefit if you retire prior to age 65? • Does your pension decrease at age 65 due to CPP integration? • What happens if you pass away while receiving pension? What about prior to retirement?

Defined Contribution Members of Defined Contribution plans also contribute a certain percentage of their income each year and the company normally matches it. When you retire the total amount is rolled into a registered plan which you control. You are not guaranteed a certain benefit amount in retirement and you must make all the investment decisions yourselves. On the


EVALUATING YOUR PENSION OPTIONS Transferring the Commuted Value offers:

other hand, you have control over the performance of your plan and enjoy far greater flexibility with regard to your retirement income.

• Unlimited access to lump-sum withdrawals.

There are also some key questions that need to be answered if you are in a Defined Contribution plan:

• The entire account balance to be left to your named beneficiaries upon death. Most Defined Benefit plans include only a return of premiums prior to retirement and a 5 or 10 year guarantee during retirement.

• How much do you need to contribute? What about your employer? • What are the retirement eligibility requirements? • What are your investment options? In most cases the type of plan, Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution, is dictated by your employer and you do not get to choose. However, under certain circumstances Defined Benefit plans will offer a Commuted Value transfer at the time of retirement, allowing you to either opt for the original monthly allowance with its guarantees and predictability or to transfer a lump-sum value to a Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA) or Prescribed Retirement Income Fund (PRIF). The amount available for transfer is based on actuarial calculations and the end result is comparable to moving from a Defined Benefit to a Defined Contribution plan. The first step in making this crucial decision is to have your financial advisor determine what rate of return you need to generate in the LIRA or PRIF in order to match, or exceed, the monthly benefits of the Defined Benefit plan. Once that is established you can move on and examine some of the other factors that need to be considered. Sticking with the Defined Benefit plan provides: • A guaranteed monthly allowance even if you survive beyond regular life expectancy.

• Full control of your investment portfolio.

In addition, you need to consider the other aspects of your financial situation such as age, investment horizon and personal risk tolerance. If your pension is going to be your primary source of retirement income you may be more comfortable with the guaranteed retirement income stream of the monthly allowance. On the other hand, if you expect to have additional sources of retirement income you will be in a better position to withstand market volatility and would likely benefit from the flexibility of a PRIF. So, as you can see, this can be a complex decision to make. Do yourself - and your future - a favor by taking the time to consult with our office. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ retirement portfolios provide them with a monthly cash flow with little volatility, while paying close attention to the tax consequences of every investment decision. fls Dundee Securities Corporation Office of Kevin Hegedus Dundee Securities Corporation, Member CIPF, is a DundeeWealth Inc. Company 1016 8th Street East Saskatoon, SK S7H 0R9 Ph: 306‐975‐9500/800‐652‐7472 Fx: 306‐975‐9503 Ph: 306-975-9500

• No investment risk. • Income that is eligible for pension splitting with a spouse or common-law partner. PRIF income is only eligible after age 65.

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Bridge City Computers A customer-focused computer collaborative BY DERRYL MURPHY


askatoon’s Broadway Avenue is usually associated with hip eateries, trendy shopping and independent cinema. Since September of 2009, though, a welcome and well-received new addition to the neighbourhood has been locally owned Bridge City Computers (BCC), located at 912 Broadway. BCC is staffed by Pardeep Bains, Travis Forsyth, Nathan Bingham, Barry King, Shayne Zaba and Erin Bains. All six have extensive experience in the computer industry, but what makes BCC unique is its co-operative employee-owned business structure: the six employees operate collaboratively, and so instead of merely being a link in a top-down management chain, each person in the store shares in the decision-making process. The result is a custom computer business staffed by people who have a very real stake in the company’s future. Gone are

the days of dealing with a salesperson who doesn’t know and doesn’t care! When you are shopping for PCs or components at BCC you are always dealing with an owner. Whether you’re buying for yourself and your family or your business, you’ll appreciate the difference. With a clean, open floor plan and warm, inviting environment, BCC strikes the first-time visitor as something a little different. A trip to the help desk proves it. Without a doubt, says Pardeep Bains, “Our tech department is the most efficient in the city.”

“Five Minutes Now and No Queue for You” BCC’s “Five Minutes Now and No Queue for You” service policy removes the dread of taking your PC in for service, with expectations of long waits and

high costs. At BCC, when you first bring in your PC you immediately receive five minutes of free bench time at the service counter. An experienced tech will attempt to diagnose and repair your PC in those five minutes before booking it in for service, and often that is all it takes. If you purchase a new component (like a video card or RAM module), BCC is happy to use that five minutes of free service to help you install it. If your problems cannot be solved within those five minutes, book your device in for service—and be pleasantly surprised when it is not placed in a queue, but instead is put on the bench right away. BCC’s guarantee that your device will be diagnosed within three business days, combined with its very competitive servAbove, left to right: Nathan Bingham, Shayne Zaba, Pardeep Bains, Barry King, Erin Bains, Travis Forsyth Spring 2010

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business ice rates (online at, will keep you coming back every time you’re having problems with your technology. Repairs are only part of what BCC offers. As Travis Forsyth puts it, “We specialize in custom-built computers. We’re selling the customer what they need to run the software they want, as opposed to a canned system.” In other words, instead of selling you a pre-made computer with all the unnecessary hardware and software (“bloatware”) installed by the manufacturer, BCC will build you exactly what you need, with only the software that you want.

Corporate services, too In addition to services for individual users, BCC offers corporate services as well. BCC will assemble and service workstations and servers for companies, and also offers a wide range of technical services, including MS Windows-based server management and deployment, accounting and inventory management, employee education for software and workflow, website design and deployment, and general network troubleshooting and security auditing. “Whether you are starting up or a wellestablished company, we’ve definitely got options for you,” says Travis. And because BCC is 100-percent home-grown and everyone who works there is an equal part of the company, no matter who you deal with you know you’re going to get help from someone who is keen to do it right the first time. There is also a retail side to BCC, where do-it-yourselfers can buy parts to install on their own, and now BCC is also carrying competitively priced products for home theatre systems, including HDMI cables and wall mounts for flat-screen TVs. Special orders are given a top priority, so anything that needs to be ordered will usually arrive within three or four days. In the future, watch for BCC’s real-time


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online inventory to move to a local ecommerce setup that will allow you to see exactly what the company has onhand and place an order to be delivered same-day to your doorstep, or place an order to be ready for pickup when you arrive, avoiding line-ups. (And because it’s on Broadway, BCC made sure it has free parking for customers behind the store by the rear entrance.) BCC is also environmentally conscious. If you have computer hardware that is still functional but no longer useful to you, don’t throw it out: bring it to BCC! BCC is involved with several local charities and non-profit organizations which will gladly make use of your old PC hardware and often will supply charitable tax receipts. For example, BCC recently upgraded a local law office and

helped donate the old PCs to a local care home, which now uses them for extra nursing stations and resident Internet stations. With all of this and very customerfriendly hours of business, Bridge City Computers has it all for advanced or new computer users in Saskatoon—private or corporate! fls

Bridge City Computers 912 Broadway Ave. (306) 664-2667

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