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IMPACT MC Bigga Spittaz

Introducing to you one of the Drum and Bass scene's most promising rising stars Impact MC Representing the South-West & beyond, Impact has been very much at the forefront of his local scene for a number of years. Since securing a weekly residency at a local nightclub at just 17, the passion for live performances has thrived and grown into a whole lot more than 'just a hobby'.

as well as showcases on the leading radio station for new underground music 'Rinse FM' and the leading station for Drum & Bass 'Kool London' amongst numerous others, he has clearly been putting in the hours required to make 'Impact MC' a household name within the D&B community.

Gaining sponsorship from clothing labels 'T.H.T.C' ( ) & 'Messy Funk' ( ), as well as repeat nominations at both the 'National Drum & Bass Awards' and the 'Drum & Bass Arena Awards' including Best Breakthrough MC and Best D&BTV showcase, lead to features in magazines including Kmag, Recharged Magazine, City Scene (Germany) This is Gloucester.. (the list continues)

Over the last few years Impact has quickly risen in rank, with 3 high profile MC Competition wins under his belt (Bassix 2007/Inm8 2008/Innovation 2009) and has been hotly tipped as 'the next big thing'.

Fully booked since 2007, including showcases in Germany, Holland, Ibiza, Belgium, Sardinia, Spain and Wales and more recently being head hunted by Biological Beats head honcho Fatman.D and ..Add to that, live freestyle's on 'Radio 1' & '1 Xtra' joining the team.

He is well known for his versatile and melodic style, working as a stand alone MC or in combination, able to adapt his flow with ease to compliment the tone and energy of a performance. Impact brings to the table a lot more than your average MC, with many unique flows and of course his wide range of crowd interaction lyrics guaranteed to get any dance floor in a frenzy. Now putting all of his efforts to projects with Callide & their rcord label Stilla Audio, pushing his teams Bigga Spittaz/Biological Beats and branching out furthr a feild with his event Quality Controlled D&B, 2012 looks set to be an eventful year!! Watch this space!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION? The variety, travelling to new places that an average job wouldn't take me and meeting people from different walks of life with something in common, a love for Drum and Bass music.

SHOULD YOUR PARENTS HAVE BEEN MORE OR LESS STRICT? I don't think so, mum was pretty strict when she needed to be, but they both supported me in everything I did.

HOW WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD? WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST? Most of my childhood memories are fond ones, Journey's up and down the motorways, can often we were poor but I was not really aware of spend more hours in a car than in the events. this,and don't think that I went without. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS? Ive been MCing for 15 year, gained my first residency at a nightclub 11 years ago, but things only really started to take off on a more wider scale in 2007.

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? In general yes, I'm quite happy with how things are at the moment but always strive for more.

IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY? Nothing, I feel that all of my lifes experiences, both good and bad, have played part in making me the man that I am today. IF YOU HADN'T BEEN BORN IN THIS CENTURY, WHEN AND WHERE WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE LIVED? To be honest, my history is not really up to much, though I feel it would have been cool to be around in the 1960s.

DO YOU DO ANY VOLUNTEER WORK? I have done lots over recent years, the more enjoyable simply being to perform at charity events and host MC competitions but I have also volunteered my time to work with people with learning disabilities as well as MC workshops with children and teens.

HOW HAS THE UK CHANGED IN THE LAST TEN YEARS? I am very thankful of the invention of the internet, the networking process seems like it would have been near impossible in earlier years (probably WHO ARE YOUR HEROES? more than ten years ago as well!!), aside from Hero's is a strong word.. Howard Marks (Mr Nice) that I'm too wrapped up in my own little bubble MCs that I rate highly are SP:MC and Stamina MC, to have noticed (Not sure if that's a good thing or though in my early day, MCs Det and Skibadee a bad thing) had the biggest influence on me. HOW HAVE YOU CHANGED? WHO DO YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR? I'd like to believe that I've matured from a hyper I respect everyone I come into contact with until active, loud mouthed teenager with a slight chip given a reason not to. on his shoulder to a less hyper active, better spoken chipless adult. WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? Lots of recording, gym and Xbox :):) WHAT'S THE SIDE OF YOU THAT THE PUBLIC NEVER SEES? ARE YOU POLITICALLY ACTIVE? The mummies boy. No.. I leave the politics to the politicians

DO YOU THINK THE PUBLIC AND CRITICS EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM YOU? Personally no, neither the 'scene' or the public owe me a living, and I don't feel that I owe any fans/followers/supporters anything other than to try and be the best MC that I can be. HOW HARD DO YOU PUSH YOURSELF? Very.. 'Nobody will push me like i will push myself' WHEN ARE YOU COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR WORK? When at an event and I have the crowd in the palm of my hand. WHAT'S THE MAGIC FORMULA FOR SUCCESS? I don't think there is one, if there is I don't know it.. Investment of time and energy, hard graft, consistency and originality. WHAT SONG/SET OF YOURS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? I am generally always most proud of what ever has been finished last, at the moment that will be my last mix CD 'We Got It Right Here Vol2' with DJ Hurtzee WHY? I liked the tune selection that Hurtzee chose, and the lyrics that I used for it give quite a clear representation of where my head is at at this point in time. WHY HAVE YOU SUCCEEDED IN A FIELD WHERE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE FAILED? I had a mind set and a game plan from quite an early point, i have seen many very talented MCs start to get recognition, but the rate of pay doesn't necessarily reflect their self value so quickly loose the drive to perform for next to nothing. It is rare that success (basically measured by amount of paid bookings) comes over night, have got to be in it for the long run and try not to be disheartened when things dont work out how you may have hoped. WHAT'S THE FIRST SONG YOU EVER REMEMBER HEARING? Janet Kaye 'Silly Games' WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO LATELY? Artists such as Calibre, Fred V, Grafix, Enei, Callide, Decimal Bass, Konichi, Cabin Fever, Hybrid Minds.. The list is endless!


ARE YOU MARRIED OR INVOLVED WITH ANYONE? I'm as good as married, have been with the wifey for over ten years.

ARE THERE ANY SONGS / SETS / PERFORMANCES YOU'VE DONE THAT YOU WISH YOU HADN'T? Not really, there have been a couple events that I didn't enjoy as much as others but that's part of the package, can't win them all.

IS IT HARD TO MAINTAIN A RELATIONSHIP WHEN YOU'RE OUT ON THE ROAD? I don't find it hard (but I know others that do!)

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE OUT ON THE ROAD AND NOT EAT ANY JUNK FOOD? LOL.. Its 'possible' but not 'probable' I tend to bring huge packed lunches on every road trip. PEOPLE HAVE THE IMAGE THAT IT'S NONSTOP PARTYING OUT THERE. IS IT TRUE? In some aspects it could be if you chose it to be but it is rarely as 'glamorous' as it looks, if for example u have 5 or 6 bookings in a weekend, Friday night literally consists of 'drive to venue, in through the door, straight on stage, finish, straight back out of the door and back into the car and the same again, get home around 9am and sleep the Saturday daytime away, wake up, refresh, refill and back on the road for some more of the same....Body clock ends up all over the place!

HOW OFTEN ARE YOU IN THE STUDIO? I built a studio at home 5 years ago so almost daily. WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU WEREN'T A MUSICIAN? Truthfully, I have no idea, from as early as I can remember I wanted to get paid for rhyming on a microphone. OTHER THAN THE PEOPLE YOU'RE WITH NOW, IF YOU COULD GET ANY MUSICIAN TO WORK WITH, LIVING OR DEAD, WHO WOULD IT BE? Calibre (alive) never fails to impress me. HOW MANY SONGS IN YOUR HOME COLLECTION? Good question..? I have purchased over 1000 CDs, and don't have a clue how much music is spread across my P.C, laptop or hard drive.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT CENSORSHIP? Each to their own, I'm not a big fan of swearing but I have done it and don't doubt that I will again. DO YOU CENSOR YOURSELF? HAVE YOU EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING AND THEN DECIDED IT WAS TOO HARSH? I understand that younger people may listen to what I do and try to make a conscious effort to stay positive, furthermore, if I touch upon a negative subject I don't glorify things and I try to put a positive spin on it. WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? Next radio show is 'Rinse FM' on the 13th of December, followed by Nicky Black Markets and MC Fatman.Ds birthday event in London, Lost in Bass in Basingstoke and GSP in Gloucester on the 23rd, Bassix in Stroud on boxing day and Stilla Audio in Cheltenham on new years eve.




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Impact MC :: Interview  

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