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From the age of 14 erb N dub has been playing drums. From the beginning of his drumming career he fell in love with Drum & Bass/Jungle Drums. In various bands & lineups he has performed at many festivals and night clubs including - Essential Festival, Borderline, Barfly, Innovation & many more. Elements of drumming are used in his current live shows. In 2007 erb N dub started his professional career as a producer, he has commissioned remixes for DJ Fresh, Deekline & Foreign Beggars. He has collaborated with some huge artists, such as Navigator, Tony Anthem, Skibadee, Harry Shotta, Ed Solo, Darrison, Micky Finn & many more. He has releases via several Labels including Urban Takeover, Back 2 Basics & Autumn 2011 Playaz. erb N dub also runs two joint record labels -Bad Monkey & Dub Monkey Records. He has support from many Radio Stations including BBC Radio One, BBC 1Xtra, Kerrang, Kiss FM & many more. Support from loads of other DJ's like Mista Jam, Grooverider, Andy C, Ras Kwame, Crissy Criss, Bailey, DJ Hype, Mary Anne Hobs & many more. Support from MTV & Channel AKA & Recording support David Bendeth (USA) BBC Radio One & 1xtra. After graduating from university with a Music Technology Degree erb N dub set up and ran various Youth Music Programmes to help local communities. In September 2009 erb N dub worked alongside BBC Television, Dragons Den & Children In Need. Together they to built a state of the art music studio and refurbished the community centre it is held in. erb N dub is a innovative DJ armed with the freshest tracks, technology and scratch skills to match. In 2010 erb N dub launched the first UKF music podcast. In less than 24hrs his mix topped the iTunes podcast chart. Now in 2011 he works with the Portuguese agency giants - Heart & Soul & continues to tour the globe, performing at many festivals and clubs throughout America, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Russia, France, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Holland & of course all over the UK.

HOW DID IT ALL BEGIN? It all started when I was a kid... My love for drumming. School kicked things off... Every spare minute I had I was in the drum room. I even used to walk round with and egg shaker in my pocket. I used to walk in rhythm. Sad I know lol

IF YOU COULD GO BACK IN TIME, WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY? ha ha…. I would have invented Google and made a lot of money!!!! Seriously... I would change a lot but the past has made me who I am today & I am proud of that.

WHERE DID YOUR NAME COME FROM? My name was given to my by Harry Shotta. Back in the day. My name was very fitting at the time. Erb N Dub


WHAT GAVE YOU THAT INITIAL PUSH? I have no idea... It's in built. I live and love music WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR PROFESSION? The rock N roll lifestyle… One minute I'm in the studio building new tracks the next I am on a plane… I love people and the fans are amazing! To headline sell out shows in various countries across the globe is killer!!!! I love & live music!!! WHAT DO YOU LIKE LEAST? Being late for anything…. It stresses me out!!! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THIS? In 2007 I started my professional music career. WHAT'S THE FIRST SONG YOU EVER REMEMBER HEARING? Michael Jackson… Not sure what song….

WHO DO YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR? Racists, weirdos and generally bad minded people! WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? I go running and ride my BMX... ARE YOU POLITICALLY ACTIVE? Nope… If I was and told you I would have to kill you anyway! DO YOU DO ANY VOLUNTEER WORK? Yes I built a music studio with the BBC, Children In Need and Dragons den… In 2003 Harry Shotta and I set up Youth Music Programmes that are still running today. I even found SMK at a workshop. HOW HAS THE UK CHANGED IN THE LAST TEN YEARS? If you mean music - Bass music is now POP!!! We smashed it!!!

HOW HAVE YOU CHANGED? eerrrmmmmm…. I am a lot more business minded. WHAT'S THE SIDE OF YOU THAT THE PUBLIC NEVER SEES? Me naked… Well unless you have seen me sleep walking in any hotels! DO YOU THINK THE PUBLIC AND CRITICS EXPECT TOO MUCH FROM YOU? Nope…. What they see is what they get. HOW HARD DO YOU PUSH YOURSELF? Put it this way…. I WILL NOT BE STOPPED! Or give up with anything! WHEN ARE YOU COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH YOUR WORK? Never... WHY HAVE YOU SUCCEEDED IN A FIELD WHERE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE FAILED? Determination… & I believe I was given some talent to do this. WHAT'S THE MAGIC FORMULA FOR SUCCESS? HARD WORK & an Open Mind….

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO LATELY? A lot of Dubstep, Electro & DNB. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ALBUM BY ANOTHER ARTIST? This year (2011) Brookes Brothers. WHAT CAME 1ST FOR YOU, DJING, PRODUCING OR PROMOTING? Producing and then djing. But before all drumming! WHO'S THROWING THE BEST PARTIOES AT THE MOMEENT? I will answer that in countries... Lol the UK, Portugal and Belgium WHAT OTHER COUNTRIES HAVE YOU PLAY AT? The list is too long. The countries I haven't played and would kill to - Japan, Australia and New Zeland. I would def spend a few weeks chilling there! WHAT WAS THE 1ST EVENT YOU EVER PLAYED AT? Ermmmm probably in a pub playing drums. As a DJ probably... Ermmmmmm Some crazy event in my home town, Gravesend.

WHAT SONG OF YOURS ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? hmmmmmmm - Fire Bun kicked things off nice in 2010… Recently… Alaska on Playaz (Big Up Legacy) & a forthcoming remix I have done for Skitz… -Called - NEVER WHY? The Impact they have had on the music scene and fans.

WHATS THE BEST EVENT YOU'VE PLAYED AT? Ermmmmm there's too many! I've played some great shows in Portugal, Belgium, Canada and the UK. WHATS THE 1ST RECORD YOU BOUGHT? Ermmmm Roni Size Represents album inspired me a lot

OUT OF ALL THE TUNES YOU HAVE, WHAT TUNE NEVER FAILS? ARE THERE ANY SONGS YOU'VE DONE THAT Anything by - original sin YOU WISH YOU HADN'T? A few…. lol But we all start somewhere…. WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE TUNE OF ALL TIME? Titan. IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE OUT ON THE ROAD AND NOT EAT ANY JUNK FOOD? WHEN ALL THE PARTYING IS OVER, WHAT I don't eat meat that's a start…. I eat fish though! DO YOU LIKE TO DO TO CHILL OUT? I go running, watch films, spend time with my PEOPLE HAVE THE IMAGE THAT IT'S NONgirlfriend, eat bla bla bla... I just try and be STOP PARTYING OUT THERE. IS IT TRUE? normal. At It was when I started… I missed a plane once and a few Euro stars…. never again!!!! welllllllll…… lol HOW BIG IS YOUR VINYL / CD COLLECTIONS? Stupidly big... HOW OFTEN ARE YOU IN THE STUDIO? Every day unless I am on tour or gigging. WHATS THE FUNNIEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED AT AN EVENT? WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IF YOU Watching some drunk idiot climb up high above a WEREN'T A MUSICIAN? Dj booth and in front of 1500 falling flat on his I'd probably seriously Ill from drink… lol Music is face. my outlet!

30: ARE YOU MARRIED OR INVOLVED WITH ANYONE? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO WHATS YOUR REAL NAME (IF YOU USE AN UPCOMING DJ'S? ALIAS) AND HOW OLD ARE YOU? Work your asses off. No one will help you if you Hahahahahahaha I'd rather keep my personal life don't help yourself!!! personal. Google can be dangerous! WHEN YOU PLAY, IS IT A PRE PLANNED SET WHERE ARE YOU FROM? OR DO YOU MAKE IT UP AS YOU GO Kent. Uk ALONG? I know some of the tunes I will play. I just go for WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS ON MC'S? it. I've produced tracks with many of them, its a shame dnb doesn't support mc led records. WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? Boy…… I see my career as just starting…. Next is WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO OUTSIDE OF a lot more studio work and DJ sets…. Eventually THE MUSIC SCENE? turning back to a live show with me where I More music belong…. Playing MY DRUMS!

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Erb N Dub :: Interview  

Erb N Dub Interview

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