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The Secondary Update May 9 th , 2013 TAALEEM QURAN COMPETITION ‫ عندما شاركت‬.‫ذهبت يوم الخميس الماضي الثاني من مايو إلى مدرسة أكاديمية مزهر األمريكية للبنات ألشارك في مسابقة حفظ القرآن الكريم‬ ‫ وتحقق هدفي و‬.‫في المسابقة وضعت أمامي هدفين وهما أن أحفظ كالم هللا عز وجل وأنال بفضل ذلك األجر من هللا و أن أعمل عمال جيدا‬ ‫ أنا فخور ألنني فزت في المرتبة األولى و إن شاء هللا سوف‬. ‫فزت في المرتبة األولى على جميع طالب الصف السادس في مدارس تعليم‬ ‫أشارك دائما في مسابقات القرآن الكريم وأحرص على أن أكون في المرتبة األولى حتى يفخر بي والداي ومعلمو مدرستي وأن يحبني هللا وأفوز‬ ‫ الصف السلدس‬- ‫ مهدي عبد الجليل‬.‫بالجنة‬ On Thursday, 2nd May, I went to the American Academy of Mizhar to participate in the annual Taaleem Quran competition. When I decided to enter this competition I had 2 goals in mind. My goals were to memorize Allah’s word and to receive the credit from Allah for doing a good deed. I was confident because I memorized the required Surat from the Holy Quran properly. I won first place amongst all 6th grade students in all Taaleem schools. I am proud of my accomplishment. I also enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones at the event. This was a great learning experience for me. By Mahid Abdul Jalil - Grade 6


JBS UNIFORM CONSIGNMENT STORE The first store operating days were a huge success last week. We appreciate all those who supported and assisted with getting it started. We will be holding more openings in late May and mid-June. Please look for announcements for the dates. There are a lot of uniforms in great condition for half the normal price. Please come out to the next opening and get your uniforms! We are continuously taking donations of gently used school uniforms for our store. Please place them in the tan containers which are located in the main reception area in the J-Building. Also, we are always in need of adult volunteers. Any assistance we can get is greatly appreciated (washing uniforms, sorting and inventory, running the store, ect.) Please contact a PFA member if you are interested in assisting. Thank you so much for your support!

CALLING ON ALL JBS AUTHORS Humza Qureshi has created a website for people to share short stories online for free. He aims to run a monthly competition, where the stories with the largest number of votes will be featured on the front page. The website link is We strongly encourage JBS students to post their short stories online and to support this great creative initiative.

MYP COFFEE MORNING MAY 14TH As we approach our last MYP Coffee Morning of this school year, we would like to have a "Question and Answer" session with our Secondary Parents. This is the chance for parents to ask us questions about the Secondary School. It is also an opportunity for parents to provide us with feedback about this school year and suggestions for the next year. This session will take place on Tuesday May 14th from 8:15-9:00am in S105. Please email the questions to Zena Muhtaseb ( by May 12th, so that she can prepare the presentation.

G6—11 ASSESSMENT WEEK Secondary students have received a revision booklet regarding the assessment week which will take place from June 2-6 for G6-8 and June 2-9 for G9-11. This booklet includes the revision topics per subject and the assessment schedule. It also provides our students with valuable tips on how to revise. We have posted this booklet and the assessment schedule onto Managebac. If you have any questions about assessment week, please contact Ms. Muhtaseb at

DIPLOMA COURSES AND BTEC COURSES IN G11 During the past weeks, we have had several information sessions with the Grade 10 students regarding the full IB Diploma and the option of 3 Diploma courses with BTEC courses at JBS. In order for us to prepare for the next academic year, we need to have a clear understanding of the number of DP/BTEC candidates. Students who are interested in the DP/BTEC option are required to submit their course selection form that was handed out in class this week. This form is due to the secondary office by May 16th. IB Diploma Courses

BTEC courses

Math Studies/ SL

Information Technology

JBS mandatory courses for BTEC students Arabic A/B

Design Technology or Business Studies Biology or Visual Arts

Graphic Design

PE ATL course (Islamic A/B) only for Muslim students

UNIVERSITY PLANNING SEMINARS Graduates of Jumeira Baccalaureate School will have a world of options open to them. Their IB diplomas will be welcomed at universities around the globe, and may even help them achieve scholarships and receive credit for course hours. However, they must first apply. Elaine Seremetis successfully navigated the complicated US application process with two expat International Baccalaureate sons. She developed a system which has helped other international parents and their children. Sharon Shepard attended Elaine’s seminars in March and wanted to share this exciting information with other JBS parents. JBS is sponsoring a series of seminars with Elaine on four Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the library. The seminars are open to all parents. Students are also welcome to attend. While the US application process is the main focus, families applying in other countries will gain valuable knowledge as well. The topics are as follows: 15 May

The Common Application: Essays, Interviews, and Resumes

If you would like to attend, please email us at

GUIDANCE UPDATE Most teens need parental support and encouragement to begin the college search and application process!! Books in the Library – JBS has purchased 25 books on the career search and college application process. These are available for check-out to parent and students. University Planning Seminar – Wednesday, 8 May, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the Library upstairs. This week, we will discuss the student resume and application. Parents and students from grades 8 through 11 are invited to start thinking about how character and extra-curricular activities as well as school work are important for the college application. Interim Guidance Counselor – Sharon Shepard is available to meet and discuss questions and ideas with students and parents. She has been a teacher, and is learning about the modern college application process along with her JBS 11th grader, Beth. She is happy to help students and parents find answers to questions about universities in any country. Please contact her at or 052-822-8983.

COMMUNITY & SERVICE All students need to complete their semester two Community & Service activities and written reflections by June 10th. All of this information must be uploaded onto Managebac. Requirement for MYP Community and Service according to Grade Level is as follows: Grade 6- Have to complete two short projects per semester Grade 7 – Have to complete three short projects per semester Grade 8 – Have to complete four short projects per semester Grade 9 – Have to complete one long project per year and two short projects per semester OR one long project per semester Grade 10 – Have to complete one long project per semester AND two short projects per semester. If you have any further questions about the above requirements, please contact Ms. McCabe at

The Secondary Update May 9 2013  
The Secondary Update May 9 2013