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The Secondary Update April 18 th , 2013 JBS AT THE TERRY FOX RUN On April 19th, over 30 of our secondary students participated in the Terry Fox Run to celebrate the incredible achievement of Terry Fox.

VISUAL ARTS In Visual Arts, students had to work as a team to build the tallest, yet most structurally sound “Pencil Tower�. It was great to see many different designs come to life. At the end, it came down to the tallest tower standing.

GRADE 8 MTM How can I teach a foreign language to my peers? In MTM, the teacher gave us the opportunity to teach our language to our pears. Preparing the lesson was challenging and I did some research to find information about the Greek language. I can tell you that it is not easy to prepare a lesson. I now understand how difficult it is for our teachers to prepare a lesson for us. I have more respect to them after this experience. In the first lesson, I was stressed, but with the help of my teacher and my classmates I gained confidence and started having fun. In my opinion, the second lesson was better because I could see the class participating. Thank you to Rhys who had the idea to ask me how to write his name in Greek, and all my “students” wanted to do the same, even Mrs. Lamia. At the end of the lesson, I read some articles in Greek, and the students could recognize their language through Greek. I would like to thank Mrs. Lamia for giving me this opportunity. On behalf of all my peers, I would like to thank all the teachers at JBS for their hard work. I. Everyone in MTM values your work. By Viktor Flammini The teacher’s note: Viktor was a good teacher. He was standing in front of his peers teaching them his language, answering their questions and helping them with the pronunciation. Viktor enjoyed doing the task and was proud to teach his classmates and share with them the Greek history. Viktor also gave us a good outline of the Greek civilization. WELL DONE MR. FLAMMINI . Efxaristo (thank you) I really like the Greek language, but I found it really hard to pronounce and to write. The alphabet is different. “Thomas Brown”

Greek Language has over 120 million words. The Russian alphabets come from the Greek alphabets. I learnt some new words for example “kalim ̱ éra” means “good morning” and “kalis̱ péra” good evening

GRADE 8 MTM One of my peers Viktor is from Greece and in MTM he taught us some basic of Greek language: greetings, numbers and he also gave us a brief history about the Greek language. I really liked the lesson especially when we learnt how to write our, names in Greek …..It was lots of fun. I really enjoyed. Thank you Viktor “Shewly Aktar”

“Geia sas” means “hello” in English. The most fascinating thing for me about Greek language is that there are so many French and English words similar to Greek. It was nice to learn a new language. Now I know how to spell my name in Greek. “Philip”

I learnt a lot from Viktor. It was nice to learn a new language, and I would love to learn more languages. I learnt how to say a greeting in Greek. “ Rhys”

Viktor tought us some simple words in Greek. I learnt the alphabets and the numbers. It was really fun. “Carla”

During the last few MTM classes my peer, Viktor taught us some Greek such as alphabets, greetings and how to write our names. I learnt that most of the French and English words came from the Greek language. “Bailey”

I learnt a lot of new things about the Greek language. I did not know that so many words of other languages are from Greek. When looking at the Greek alphabet, I was able to recognize some letters that can be found in my mother tongue’s alphabet. I was happy to learn some basic greetings and everyday words. For example “τι κάνετε /ti kánete?” “how are you?”. Now I am more confident in talking to some Greek people because I can communicate with them.” Anastasia”

CIARAN MURTAGH VISITS JBS On Wednesday, April 24th, JBS hosted the Comedic Author, Ciaran Murtagh. Mr. Murtagh is known for his children’s books on stand-up comedy and writing comedy for BBC as well as some children’s programming such as Shaun the Sheep. He presented writing workshops to students from grades 3 to 8 and kept them laughing the whole time. One of his signature writing activities is to have students create story titles from a word on a page that he has torn from a dictionary. Mr. Godel cringed when he saw that! Thank you Ciaran for your entertaining presentations. For more information about Mr. Murtagh's work, please visit ciaran-murtagh/index.html.

GRADE 10 STUDENTS GO BOWLING Bowling with the Grade 10s, Mr. Godel, Ms. Godel, Mr. McMahon and Mr. Were was a fun experience and a great way to celebrate the end of Personal Project. We also got to know each other better. Even though we didn't win, we had lots of fun playing against our friends. The whole time we were laughing, and we realized how awesome our class and teachers were. The memory of that day will stay with us for quite some time. By Jigyasa Choudhary & Sabrina Chelli

GIRL’S NETBALL JBS v CIS – Wednesday 24th May Out U14 Girl’s basketball team had their first game of the season on April 24 th against a strong CIS team. They came out on to the court sporting brand new JBS basketball strips and were excited and raring to go! The team has been together for only one training session, but they were keen to put what little they had learnt in practice and do JBS proud. CIS started strong and took an early led. However, JBS worked hard in defense to close down some off their main players and were determined not to be pushed around by a more experienced team. The team was raised into celebratory cheers from the sidelines, as Shefa scored the team’s first ever basket within the first 2 minutes of play. Nahal and Anastasia also added points to the score for JBS which did not fail to put a smile on all the team’s faces. After half time our focus was to attack the CIS defense by making effect use of our dribble and to continue to close down their main players in defense. Thanks to the skillful hands of Emma and hustling attitude of Bana by the 4 th quarter JBS started stealing the ball, creating fast break opportunities for themselves. With some more practice and training sessions we will start to convert these opportunities into points. The final score does not do the team’s effort and positive attitude justice (6-40). From the tip off to the final buzzer the girls worked extremely hard and never stopped chasing the ball. The team showed their class and sportsmanship at the end of the game by shaking hands with the referee and the opposition. As a team we have learnt a great deal and are keen to take it forward to the next training session and game. Our next game is against DIS on the 15th May.

G6 SCIENCE– ELECTRICITY “How can I measure things that I cannot see?”

The Van de Graaff generator can generate over hundreds of thousands of volts. It moves electrons along a belt and stores them on the large sphere. The electrons then repel each other spreading out on the surface of the sphere. When a student puts a hand on the sphere, the electrons will spread out onto that person as they repel from the other electrons. This effect is most obvious with a person's hair because the like charges of the electrons cause the hairs to stand up and spread away from each other. As long as the person is standing on an insulated platform, the electrons will not be able to travel down to the ground. The hair will remain standing up.


WORLD SCHOLAR’S CUP The World Scholars Cup team is making excellent process researching their subjects for this year's topic "A Turbulent Earth". A reminder to all our World Scholars that payment needs to be made to the JBS Accountant by April 25th, so that teams can be registered for this year's event. For further information about the World Scholar’s Cup, please contact Ms. Macdonald at

JBS SPEECH COMEPTITION If students are keen on making their voice heard and would like to improve their public speaking skills, then they should sign up for the JBS Speech Competition. The English Department will offer support and advice to all competitors during breaks and after school. The JBS Speech Competition will take place on May 9th in the Secondary Gym at 9am. The winners of the JBS Speech Competition will go on to participate in the annual Taaleem Speech Competition which will take place at the American Academy in Al Mizhar on May 29th. The topics for this year are as follows: Grades 4-6

Are zoos good or bad for the preservation of animal species? (3 minutes)

Grades 7-9

Should student’s textbooks be replaced by personal computers and tablets? (3 minutes)

Grades 10-12

What is the greatest moral challenge facing the world today? (4 minutes)

For further information











PERSONAL PROJECT We have had two Personal Project (PP) information sessions for parents. At this stage, all grade 9 students have been given an introductory session on the PP, and they were also provided with a copy of the PP handbook. An electronic copy of the handbook could also be found on Managebac. Students were given class time to brainstorm ideas to start them thinking about topic selection, goal, product and area of interaction. During MYP lessons, students will continue to working on goal selection and approach. Before the end of the school year, we will do sessions on the Process Journal, Evaluation of Sources, Design Specifications and Action Plans. The first deadline will be on May 15th, where students have to complete the PP registration form found in their handbook. They have to decide on a goal, area of interaction, product and approach. After they submit the form, we will individually meet with each student to discuss his/her topic in more detail. Once the student's goal is approved, the next step would be to assign him/her a supervisor. If you have any questions about the PP, please contact Ms. Muhtaseb at

THE JBS UNIFORM STORE The JBS Uniform Store is OPEN! Come one, come all! We have school uniforms for sale in our new JBS Uniform Store. We will be open from 730-830 am on Tuesday, 30 April and Wednesday, 1 May. We will have a booth located in the Primary J building in front of the finance office. We will announce other dates for late May or early June as we receive more donations and build up our stock. DONATIONS are always welcome in the collection containers found in the main front entrance. Volunteers are also welcome to assist in working the booth, sorting clothes and much more. That would be a great Community and Service opportunity for our students. Than you for your support.

COMMUNITY & SERVICE All students need to complete their semester two Community & Service activities and written reflections by June 10th. All of this information must be uploaded onto Managebac. Requirement for MYP Community and Service according to Grade Level is as follows: Grade 6- Have to complete two short projects per semester Grade 7 – Have to complete three short projects per semester Grade 8 – Have to complete four short projects per semester Grade 9 – Have to complete one long project per year and two short projects per semester OR one long project per semester Grade 10 – Have to complete one long project per semester AND two short projects per semester. If you have any further questions about the above requirements, please contact Ms. McCabe at

UNIVERSITY PLANNING SEMINARS Graduates of Jumeira Baccalaureate School will have a world of options open to them. Their IB diplomas will be welcomed at universities around the globe, and may even help them achieve scholarships and receive credit for course hours. However, they must first apply. Elaine Seremetis successfully navigated the complicated US application process with two expat International Baccalaureate sons. She developed a system which has helped other international parents and their children. Sharon Shepard attended Elaine’s seminars in March and wanted to share this exciting information with other JBS parents. JBS is sponsoring a series of seminars with Elaine on four Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, beginning on the 24th of April. The seminars are open to all parents. Students are also welcome to attend. While the US application process is the main focus, families applying in other countries will gain valuable knowledge as well. The topics are as follows: 1 May

Organization, Communication, and College Visits

8 May

The Applicant’s 5 Ps: Program, Performance, Potential, Presentation, and Personality

15 May

The Common Application: Essays, Interviews, and Resumes

All seminars will take place upstairs in the library from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. If you would like to attend, please email us at

JBS CAREER DAY On behalf of Jumeira Baccalaureate School, we are asking for your support and participation in the upcoming JBS Career Day which will take place on Wednesday May 1st at our school. A variety of professionals from diverse sectors and industries will inform our Grade 8 -11 students about their education and professional experiences. Guest speakers will have the opportunity to conduct profession-related workshops. Workshops will run for 45 minutes and can target educational requirements, job responsibilities, why they chose their job and how to get more information to explore the occupation further. Format of the presentation is up to you. You can prepare a presentation about the profession followed by a Question and Answer session. A hands-on / simulation exercise for students to relate to the profession would be highly recommended, if possible. Time commitment: 10:30 am - 15:15 pm Lunch hosted by JBS: 13:00-13:45 pm If you are interested to support the JBS Career Fair please email Ms. Macdonald ( We will then contact you to confirm the time. Thank you for your support of JBS.

HERITAGE SUMMERS PROGRAMME After two successful years of hosting summer programs at Cambridge University, Heritage Summers is now offered at both Oxford and Cambridge. Those programs are dedicated to the academic, cultural and social enrichment of secondary school students, from the MENASA (Middle East, North Africa and South Asia) regions and beyond, and are offered in association with the British Council in recognition of the common goals of each, in furthering cultural relations and understanding between the UK and other countries. Heritage Summers essentially provides students with an experiential introduction to the academic, cultural and social aspects of British university life – namely, Oxbridge. The students at Heritage Summers in the past (2011, 2012) have represented countries from all over the world: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Tunisia, South Africa, Pakistan, Palestine, United States of America and Turkey! Typically, secondary school students apply for the three-week program during the summer where they choose a core course and a less intense secondary course from a diverse choice of subjects taught in small group tutorials in the style of learning that is the hallmark of the Oxford and Cambridge Universities. At Heritage Summers, they also offer a secure and culturally sensitive environment for students from the region, allowing families the assurance that their children are well taken care of by coordinators and directors who are sensitive to their culture. As such, they have dedicated one program to just girls and will be hosting it as a single -sex summer program (at Cambridge). Heritage Summers strongly believe that their programs are a vehicle for better understanding between students of different backgrounds, and that this can be achieved only through engaging young people during the phase of their lives when they are still developing their awareness of the rest of the world. At Heritage Summers, they have maintained an excellent record of diversity amongst students, tutors and coordinators, and strive to maintain that truly valuable quality that lends excellence to our programs. For further information about this program, please visit or contact Dr. Asma Siddiki at

The Secondary Update April 25 2013  
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