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The Secondary Update April 11 th , 2013

JBS CAREER DAY On behalf of Jumeira Baccalaureate School, we are asking for your support and participation in the upcoming JBS Career Day which will take place on Wednesday May 1st at our school. A variety of professionals from diverse sectors and industries will inform our Grade 8 -11 students about their education and professional experiences. Guest speakers will have the opportunity to conduct profession-related workshops. Workshops will run for 45 minutes and can target educational requirements, job responsibilities, why they chose their job and how to get more information to explore the occupation further. Format of the presentation is up to you. You can prepare a presentation about the profession followed by a Question and Answer session. A hands-on / simulation exercise for students to relate to the profession would be highly recommended, if possible. Time commitment: 10:30 am - 15:15 pm Lunch hosted by JBS: 13:00-13:45 pm If you are interested to support the JBS Career Fair please email Ms. Macdonald ( We will then contact you to confirm the time. Thank you for your support of JBS.

UNIVERSITY PLANNING SEMINARS Graduates of Jumeira Baccalaureate School will have a world of options open to them. Their IB diplomas will be welcomed at universities around the globe, and may even help them achieve scholarships and receive credit for course hours. However, they must first apply. Elaine Seremetis successfully navigated the complicated US application process with two expat International Baccalaureate sons. She developed a system which has helped other international parents and their children. Sharon Shepard attended Elaine’s seminars in March and wanted to share this exciting information with other JBS parents. JBS is sponsoring a series of seminars with Elaine on four Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, beginning on the 24th of April. The seminars are open to all parents. Students are also welcome to attend. While the US application process is the main focus, families applying in other countries will gain valuable knowledge as well. The topics are as follows: 24 April

The Right Fit - Financial, Academic, and Social

1 May

Organization, Communication, and College Visits

8 May

The Applicant’s 5 Ps: Program, Performance, Potential, Presentation, and Personality

15 May

The Common Application: Essays, Interviews, and Resumes

All seminars will take place upstairs in the library from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. If you would like to attend, please email us at

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES All the ECAs offered for the third trimester are on Managebac (MB). Students can sign up for an ECA using MB. They must make sure to access the "term 3" ECAs. They will find the description of the activity, and the name of the teacher(s) leading the activity. ECAs will begin on Monday April 15th. For further information about ECAs, please contact Mr. Cannon at

PERSONAL PROJECT INFORMATION SESSION One of the major requirements of the MYP is the Personal Project. This project is a "significant body of work produced over an extended period and is a product of the student’s own initiatives". It reflects the student's experience of the program and gives him/her the opportunity to produce a creative piece of work or an outcome of their choice that focuses on one of the Areas of Interaction (Human Ingenuity, Health and Social Education, Approaches to Learning, Environments and Community and Service). The Grade 9 students will be introduced to the Personal Project in their MYP lessons. Furthermore, they will be given sessions that include brainstorming for a goal, determining design specifications, evaluating sources and maintaining a process journal. In addition, each student will receive a booklet which describes in detail the project along with its assessment criteria. Before the end of the school year, students will be assigned a supervisor, who will monitor their progress and provide them with feedback. An information session about the Personal Project will be given to parents, especially those of the Grade 9 students, on Tuesday April 16th at 8:15 am and at 6:00 pm in the S-Building (room next to the computer lab). Of course, the students are welcome to attend the evening session. This will be a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about the process and to ask questions related to the Personal Project. If you have any questions, please contact Zena Muhtaseb at

MODEL UNITED NATIONS AT DIA On the 20th of March the following students went to The American University, Dubai, for the opening ceremony of the Model United Nations: Ali, Houssama, Yann, Morgain, Laith, Zeyad, Tariq, Hassan, Abhinav, Adil, Fadhel, Moaza and Sarah. JBS was given two countries and one organization to represent, they were UNESCO, South Korea and Tuvalu. Over the three day event students from all around the world competed, debated and talked about many of the topics which are based on current world affairs. Many of the students were able to find a group, take charge and put together a resolution with most of them being passed through the advisory panel. The students enjoyed the topics they were given and all of them went up at least once, to talk about their country’s view of the topic. By Sarah Abdul Jalil - Grade 9

REPORT CARDS AND THREE WAY CONFERENCES The second progress report card will be issued to all students on Tuesday April 16th. Three-way conferences will take place on April 22nd to 23rd from 1:30pm until 5:00pm. There will be no ECAs taking placing on those days. To schedule meetings with the teachers, an appointment website know as "Doodle", will be used. On April, 16th, parents will receive an email from the school to explain to them how appointments can be booked online. If you do not receive an email on that date, please contact the secondary office at

THREE-WAY CONFERENCE Report cards will be issued to grades 6 to 11 students on Tuesday April 16 th. Parents will receive details on how to schedule meeting times with their child’s teachers using an appointment website known as “Doodle”. Details on how to book these appointments will be included with the student’s report card. The Three-Way Conferences will take place on Monday April 22nd and Tuesday April 23rd from 1330 hours – 1700 hours. All meetings will take place in the Secondary Gym. Please note that extra-curricular activities on these days will not take place. If students are to develop as independent learners they must reflect on their own progress and look at what they can learn from what they have accomplished. Therefore in a Three-Way Conference, students are responsible for leading the discussion about their progress, achievement and the areas where they could improve. Information will include all areas of the curriculum; academic, social, physical and emotional. This conference ensures that the focus remains on the students and the critical role they have in determining their own next steps for learning. Roles of the participants: Students:



To:  Lead the conference  Speak clearly  Answer parent or teacher questions.

To:  Be on time for the conference  Be positive  Show interest  Ask questions  Listen  Ensure mobile phones are switched off.

To:  Provide probing question and highlight achievements  Answer questions  Clarify where necessary  Manage time.

2ND PROGRESS REPORT CARD The second MYP progress report card will provide you with information regarding your child’s academic progress and his/her attitude toward learning. An “indicative” grade out of 7 is awarded in each subject, with the exception of Mother Tongue Maintenance and English as an Additional Language. This grade reflects the level that your child is currently working at. The grade is based on formative and summative assessments. The general grade level descriptors for each grade are shown below. Your child’s attitude toward learning is shown by four letters (E-exceeding, M-meets, A-approaches, N-needs improvement) informing you to what extent the student is meeting our expectations. There is often a link between the grade and the student’s approaches to learning skills. General Grade Level Descriptors Grade 7 (Excellent) A consistent and thorough understanding of the required knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them almost faultlessly in a wide variety of situations. Consistent evidence of analysis, synthesis and evaluation is shown where appropriate. The student consistently demonstrates originality and insight and always produces work of high quality. Grade 6 (Very Good) A consistent and thorough understanding of the required knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them in a wide variety of situations. Consistent evidence of analysis, synthesis and evaluation is shown where appropriate. The student generally demonstrates originality and insight. Grade 5 (Good) A consistent and thorough understanding of the required knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them in a variety of situations. The student generally shows evidence of analysis, synthesis and evaluation where appropriate and occasionally demonstrates originality and insight. Grade 4 (Satisfactory) A good general understanding of the required knowledge and skills and the ability to apply them effectively in normal situations. There is occasional evidence of the skills and analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Grade 3 (Mediocre) Limited achievement against most of the objectives or clear difficulties in some areas. The student demonstrates a limited understanding of the required knowledge and skills and is only able to apply them fully in normal situations with support. Grade 2 (Poor) Very limited achievement against all the objectives. The student has difficulty in understanding the required knowledge and skills and is unable to apply them fully in normal situations, even with support. Grade 1 (Very Poor) Minimal achievement in terms of the objectives.

EVERY DROP COUNTS Bosch is holding a competition promoting a more responsible use of water. For the competition, students can develop a poster, write a poem, create an advertisement, come up with an idea for an invention or take photographs highlighting how to use water more responsibly in the UAE. Students can take part in the competition alone or in groups of up to 4 people. The due date to hand in the final product to Ms. Kiernan is on the 18th of April. The winners will receive tickets to the premiere of the film 'Epic' . All entrants become a Bosch 'Green Star' and receive a Green Star certificate and goodie bag. If you have any questions about this competition, please contact Ms. Kiernan at

COMMUNITY & SERVICE AT NEPAL On the 21st March I went to Nepal to volunteer in two orphanages. One of them was in Kathmandu (Capital city) and the other one was in Sankhu. Nearly all the older children were in Kathmandu. When we arrived, all the older children were in school and only the younger children were here. The first thing we did was to give out clothes and shoes for everyone. Then we played games with each other, which included making paper airplanes, cricket, basketball, football and much more. When the older children came back from school, we gave them the letters from the JBS students. The children were excited to get something. Some children struggled with reading the letters. If they did not understand the words, we explained it to them. It helped them build their vocabulary. The children then put a lot of effort in writing letters. Some of them painted a design and others drew things. If the children struggled with what to write, we gave them ideas of what they could write or draw. When we went to Sankhu, I spent all my time with Artik, the 3 year old girl we sponsor. I had lots of fun pushing her on the swing and carrying her. Unfortunately before we left we had to say a sad “good bye� to everyone which was very difficult. By Yolande Cattin - Grade 6

THE TERRY FOX RUN Terry Fox Run, Friday April 19th, in Aid of Cancer Research. Calling all JBS community runners! The 2013 Dubai Terry Fox Run will take place on Friday April 19th at Dubai Festival City at 8.30am (registration starts at 07.30 and the Opening Ceremony is at 08.15) The Terry Fox run is a special annual event, organised on a worldwide basis, celebrating the life and incredible achievement of Terry Fox, who, despite severe physical disabilities, having already lost a leg to cancer, set out in 1980 to run across Canada, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He almost made it, after one of the most epic and inspiring runs ever undertaken in history. For the full story of Terry Fox’s incredible 1980 Marathon of Hope, please go to You can register for the event on the day or online. For online registrations, please Please do join the JBS team for this special fund raising event. For more information, contact Ms. McCabe at See also for other community events.

COMMUNITY & SERVICE All students need to complete their semester two Community & Service activities and written reflections by June 10th. All of this information must be uploaded onto Managebac. Requirement for MYP Community and Service according to Grade Level is as follows: Grade 6- Have to complete two short projects per semester Grade 7 – Have to complete three short projects per semester Grade 8 – Have to complete four short projects per semester Grade 9 – Have to complete one long project per year and two short projects per semester OR one long project per semester Grade 10 – Have to complete one long project per semester AND two short projects per semester. If you have any further questions about the above requirements, please contact Ms. McCabe at

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The Secondary Update April 11 2013  
The Secondary Update April 11 2013