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The Primary Update Pre-K - Grade 1 January 31st , 2013 WELCOME PAGE

Developing thoughtful students is high up on our agenda here at JBS. One of the nine IPC Personal Goals focuses on the explicit teaching of thoughtfulness. Through the IPC units we strive to develop many skills, such as being able to reflect on what they have learned and its implications for their own lives and the lives of other people. One group of girls in Grade 4, Sarah Belazzoug, Isabella Barakat and Layal Halabi, demonstrated just how thoughtful they were of others when they asked if they could organise a cake bake sale as they really wanted to do something to help other children at Rashid Pediatric Hospital. We were thrilled with this suggestion and were happy to support such a noble request. All three girls deserve all the credit as they were the ones who thought of the idea, designed the posters, made the cakes and organised the stall. They were amazed with how much they raised, a grand total of 523AED. Very well done ladies, a wonderful example of considering others. The students have been busy preparing for our upcoming Sports day and it has been wonderful to watch the preparations where they have been learning how to throw javelins, hurl themselves over hurdles and work as part of their house team. We most definitely have some future Olympians at JBS! Wishing you a relaxing weekend, Best wishes Miss Georgina Williams

PRE-K Pre-K Have been learning all about jungle animals! They have spotted lots of animals roaming around their classroom jungle. They are learning animal names, where they live, what they eat, the sound they make and how they move! If you pass a Pre-K classroom you will hear us sing and dance to ‘Animal Boogie’ and ‘Walking through the Jungle’. A big thank-you to Sharmaine for sharing her recent Safari photographs with the Joeys and Cubs. Also thankyou to all the dad’s who came to read to the Pre-K students as well as our parents who volunteered to make play dough with the children. We look forward to this activity continuing throughout the school year.

KG1 Last week KG1 learnt all about positions and directions. Each group had the opportunity to work with Bee Bot a programmable bee robot to practice giving directions such as forward, backwards, right and left. The children also went outside in order to practice positions. They had great fun climbing under the table, on top of the slide, through the tunnel and many more. Here are some pictures

KG1 Badgers on top of the table and under the table

KG1 Pandas in front of the gate Theo using Bee Bot

Raul on the table KG1 Koalas in the tyre

KG2 KG2 have been learning about plants and flowers in IPC. They have set up their own planting garden where they can monitor the growth of their individual and class seeds. They are also investigating various growth conditions and keeping record of these in their investigation booklets. They have been observing, predicting and comparing each stage of the growth process and love checking on their flowers every day!

Rashed investigating after planting his seeds

Otters class look for evidence of growth

Fair testing experiment 1: Water/No Water

Fair testing experiment 2: Soil/Sand


Last week and this week, the Grade 1s have been working on writing some traditonal stories. To begin with, the children listened to many different traditional stories and read some of their own from a bank of books from the library. They were fascinated by the different characters and plots of some of the stories. The children then began to think of their favourite traditional stories and how they would change them. They first drew a story board in pictures, illustrating what happens in their stories and who the characters are. Then, each class studied the language and pattern within traditional stories. This gave them some ideas for how to write their own story. All children had a go at writing a traditional story, with some help from the teacher. They are currently in the process of editing and writing up their stories and creating their own books. If you get a chance to look a them, do come in to the classroom for an exciting read! They have worked really hard on them and should be so proud of the results!

‫‪ARABIC AT JBS‬‬ ‫الروضة وحرف السين ‪:‬‬ ‫قسم ّ‬ ‫لقد قام األطفال في قسم ال ّروضة بال ّتعرف على حرف السين ‪ ،‬وذلك من خالل السّلحفاة ‪ ،‬التي شاهدوها عن قرب ‪ ،‬وقاموا بإطعامها الخس ‪ ،‬والحووا سيرها ببط‪،،‬‬ ‫فاكتشف األطفال الحرف بأشكاله الثالث ‪ ،‬في أوّ ل الكلمة ‪،‬و في وسط الكلمة ‪ ،‬وفي آخر الكلمة ‪.‬‬



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