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The Primary Update Grade 2 — Grade 5 May 30th, 2013 WELCOME PAGE “Where does the time go?” I have lost count the amount of times I have been asked this question lately by both staff and parents. It is clear the time has zoomed past us because we have been having so much fun at school! As we near towards the end of this academic year, school is a very busy place indeed for both the children and teachers. Although time is precious, the next few weeks are going to be jam packed with many fun and challenging things for the children to do. I am sure that all parents will be pleased to know the assessment week has come to an end. All of the teachers are in agreement that the children worked their socks off! The end of year levels that the children have achieved will be reported in their upcoming reports, which will be distributed towards the end of the semester. We thank you for your support throughout the year and in particular in helping prepare the children for their assessments. I am sure, like us teachers, you will be extremely proud of your child’s efforts. Science day proved to be great fun. We began the day with an awesome assembly led by Mad Science. The children were dazzled by the impressive science demonstrations in this spectacular show. There was a foggy dry ice storms and gravity defying beach balls blown up into the air by hair dryer, screeching ice and bubble showers. The children were amazed by what they saw, heared, and ugh… tasted! I’m sure if you ask your son or daughter they will be able to share all of this and more! For those of you who aren’t dashing off to escape the heat of the summer immediately, Mad Science will be leading some Summer Science camps throughout June. Please visit their website to find out further information on what I am sure will be fun and inspiring workshops. Their website is Lastly I would just like to say a big thank you to those of you who continue to come into school and help out in whatever way you can, whether it be with hearing readers or accompanying the children during swimming lessons. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Wishing you a relaxing weekend! Miss Williams


Tiger Training We began the week with a special assembly on Sunday morning, which focused on bullying. Two visitors from a company called Tiger Training, Charlotte Gast and Cindy Van De Kreke-Freens, ran an interactive and experiential workshop on how to deal with bullying. It's a method that boosts confidence, respect, security, well-being and success. The children really enjoyed the assembly as you can see from the photographs below. Afterwards, discussions followed in class to reinforce the aspects of tiger training. Our students will: - obtain understanding of what bullying is - gain a structure (steps) how to react to bullying - become aware of their behavior  learn how to become more "respond-able"(effective) This Tiger training offers JBS a common language, so children, teachers and the rest of the school are aligned, which facilitates anchoring the IPC Goals and Values.

‫‪ARABIC AT JBS‬‬ ‫‪.‬‬

‫مجلة األسبوع األخير من شهر مايو‬ ‫قسم اللغة العرب ّية وال ّتربية اإلسالم ّية ‪:‬‬ ‫لقد استضافت مدرسة أكادميّة المزهراألمريكية مسابقة القرآن الكريم لعام الدراسي ‪ 2102 / 2102‬وذلك يوم الخميس الموافق ‪ 2‬مايو‪،‬‬ ‫وكان ذلك بحضور بحضور د‪ .‬سامية الفرا ( المدير التنفيذي األكاديمي ) وأ‪ .‬مراد قماش ( المنسق العام للغة العربية في مدارس تعليم )‪.‬‬ ‫كان استهالل الحفل بآيات من الذكر الكريم وكلمات ترحيبية بالحضور من الطلبة والمعلمين وأولياء األمور‪ ،‬ثم أتحفتنا البراعم بأناشيد دينيّة‬ ‫رائعة‪.‬‬ ‫هذا وقد كان لمدرستنا القسط األكبر من الطلبة الحاصلين على المراكز األولى ‪.‬‬

GRADE 2 The children recreated Wasily Kandinsky's paintings using watercolours, paint or pencils. Last one is of the children using Pablo Picasso's abstract portraits to create their own crazy portraits with paint, pencils or pastels.

Some of the Grade 2s showing off their art work!

Grade 2 invited parents and fellow pupils to have a look around their Art Gallery. The purpose wasfor the children to observe, appreciate and ‘read’ visual representations without the help and support of the written word. Lots of classes came by to look and listen to the Grade 2 children. The Grade 2s had a lots of fun and so did the parents! Thank you so much for coming along! Please have a look at the next page to see some photographs.


GRADE 3 .We are really busy this week at school with all our assessments. Luckily last week we had a small celebration in class. We were celebrating our marble day and had great fun decorating cakes and making clay models. We managed to fill our marble jar as a reward for all our good behaviour and hard work. This week we will also be going to the theatre at DUCTAC to see George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have read a few books by Roald Dah and really enjoyed them so this should be a real treat. Hopefully more about our trip in the next update.

Rakan made a very colourful rat.

Danila concentrated hard and made a super car. It even has a aerial.

Hugo carefully sculpted a dinosaur

GRADE 4 In Numeracy Grade 4 have been learning about factors and square numbers. Did you know a square number is not a number times by two, it's a number times by itself! Clever or what? We used counters to show square numbers with a partner and then we made a whole class square using all of the counters! We had 524 counters all together so that meant that we could make a square showing 22² because we all found out that 22² was 484! We all liked finding out about big square numbers so we used the calculators to help us find humongous square numbers! Then some of us learned about squared roots and that was really good too!

GRADE 5 Grade 5 are experiencing a very busy time; revising for SATs , rehearsing for the production, Mad Science Day, Swimming Galas and two students attending a presentation for the prizes they won in The Meydan competitions. Alia won a prize for her poetry and artwork whilst Omar won an art prize.

Its That Time of Year Again…Time to get the lice combs out…

Head lice are a common occurrence in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures. Therefore they will be a problem from time to time. It is important to work together as a school community to minimise the frustration caused by the problem.

Head lice are not fussy about the heads they live on—they make no consideration for income, ethnicity or hair colour. They live their entire lives on human heads where their entire food and water source is supplied.

Head lice don’t fly or jump, they crawl from head to head. This often happens when people play or work closely together.

It is important to follow these steps, once a week, in order to control head lice in the school population. 

Place hair conditioner on to dry, brushed (detangled) hair. This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around;

Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue;

Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs;

If lice or eggs are found, your child should be treated;

If your child has been treated recently and only hatched eggs are found, you may not have to treat since the eggs could be from the old infection.

If your child has head lice – please feel free to contact us for advice.

Kind Regards The School Nurses

The primary update 30 05 13  
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