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The Primary Update Pre-K -Grade 1 June 20th , 2013 WELCOME PAGE

Dear Parents, It is with incredible sadness that I compose my farewell note to you all. I am left questioning where has on earth the time gone this past three years? As they say, time flies when you are having fun and the past three years are most certainly jam-packed full of fun memories that I will cherish forever. Being part of the JBS community has been rewarding in so many ways, but seeing it blossom from a small close -knit school into a thriving and diverse community is by far the best. I may be moving thousands of miles away, but you will forever be close in thought and forever in my heart. Wishing you all the very best for future successes.

Sue Carpenter Head of Primary

‫‪ARABIC AT JBS‬‬ ‫مجلة األسبوع ّ‬ ‫الثالث لشهر يونيو‬

‫لقد قام تالميذ الصف األول االبتدائي بمراجعة لموضوعات مادة التربية اإلسالمية من خالل القيام بأنشطة‬ ‫متنوعة مثل ‪ :‬درس أركان اإلسالم الخمسة ‪ ،‬تعرف التالميذ على معاني األركان وشرحوها ومثلوها ‪،‬‬ ‫بجو من المرح والمتعة‬ ‫وتعاونوا على تشكيل زهرات كرتونية تتضمن أركان اإلسالم ‪ٍّ ،‬‬

PRE-K The newly started topic ‘Houses and Homes’ has got all of Pre-K buzzing and building! The Pre-K students cut out shapes to create a house and had the chance to paint their own house. We read the story of ‘The Three Little Bears’ and helped to build three little houses: one of straw, one of sticks and the last of bricks. The students have loved taking sheets and pegs and building their own houses, in and outside the classroom. They have used building blocks as well as sand to build different types of houses and homes. Pre-K Cubs and Joeys have started a combined ‘building a big house’ activity in the shared area. They have all enjoyed using large paint brushes to decorate the triangular boxes in preparation for the next step.

KG1 In KG1 we have been learning the sounds ‘sh’, ‘ch’ and ‘th’. The children have completed many activities based around these sounds in order to reinforce them. They have been identifying words beginning and ending with these sounds. Last week KG1 were very lucky to have a special guest come visit. Miss Megan (Grade 1 TA) brought baby Alice to the class and the children were invited to watch Alice getting a bath. This was a great experience for all the children and lots of interesting questions were asked about babies. We were even lucky enough to watch how Miss Megan gives Alice her bottle. The children were very well behaved and enjoyed having a baby in their class. Thank you to Miss Megan and Alice for sharing this experience with KG1.

KG2 Last week, Kg2 went on their exciting trip on the Wonderbus as a closure to their topic on Transport. They had a blast and saw a range of transport on the way to, and on the Wonderbus.

This week, we are finishing our last units of the curriculum and will be celebrating the end of Kg2 next week with a holiday party on the last day.

We have all had a great year and would like to thank all the parents for their continuous involvement and support.

GRADE 1 The grade one children have loved their latest literacy project on Mr Men and Little Miss stories. They have been reading lots of books and finding the problems and solutions in each story. They even made up their own characters and are now in the process of writing their own stories. The end result will be fantastic! The Sandcats love this topic so much they decided they wanted to have a Mr Men themed marble day. They made Mr Men pizzas, Mr Men cookies and designed their own Mr Men badges.

The primary update 20 06 13  
The primary update 20 06 13