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The Primary Update Pre-K - Grade 1 January 17th, 2013 WELCOME PAGE

There has been a buzz in the atmosphere this week as you walk through the corridors in Primary. As you will read below the students have been busy learning lots of new and interesting things at school and I am sure if you sat down with your child and asked them what did they learn that was new at school they will be gushing with recounts about Penguins, planting seeds, creating collages and so on. Yesterday we bid farewell to the DSIB Inspection team, who were full of praise for our students. They were most impressed with how polite, responsible and enthusiastic our students are from Pre-K all the way up to Grade 5. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with this. JBS possesses some of the most well-mannered and considerate students I have ever come across, which is a testament to both the staff and you as parents. Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Warm wishes Miss Williams

PRE-K We had a very exciting return to school as we went on our first Pre-K trip on Thursday. We went to Ski Dubai to learn all about penguins! We went on a big bus and saw lots of buildings on our way. Some of our parents came along too! We met two penguins and saw them swimming in very cold water.We all sat together in the restaurant and had some lunch. It was a great day and everyone in Pre-K is looking forward to our next outing!

KG1 Last week KG1 learnt all about the letter/sound ‘k.’ The children talked about words beginning with ‘k’ and practiced the correct formation of the letter ‘k.’ During the course of the week the children made their own kite and had the opportunity to fly a kite on the field. Fortunately it was windy week and the children had lots of fun

KG1 Badgers

KG1 Koalas

KG1 Pandas watching the kite fly high up in the sky

KG2 We hope you are all as happy to be back at school as we are in KG2! During our first week back, the children got very creative. We have started our new narrative topic Fairytales and the children are really enjoying it so far. The children painted beautiful portraits of their favourite fairytale characters (the goodies or the badies!!) last week.

We are also beginning our exciting new IPC topic Insects and Flowers and the children designed their own individual flowers using lots of fun materials. The children are eagerly anticipating the growth of their newly planted flowers this week. We can’t wait to watch our garden blossom J

GRADE 1 In Numeracy this week, Grade 1 have been learning about 3d shapes. The children have been exploring the properties of various shapes including corners, edges and faces. They have been sorting and comparing 3d shapes. Children have enjoyed making and creating shape pictures and 3d shape models. They had so much fun and are now confident in their knowledge of 3d shapes!

Literacy has also been really exciting in grade 1. We have read lots of traditional tales and now have started reading some alternative traditional tales, in particular the story “Maximus and the Beanstalk” which features a giant called Maximus and a naughty little ‘Tiny’ who steals from the giant. We became police officers who were in search of the criminal. You might have seen our wanted posters around the school!

‫‪ARABIC AT JBS‬‬ ‫لقد قام قسم اللغة العربيّة بإحياء فصل ال ّ‬ ‫شتاء بالمواضيع واألناشيد التي عمّت أرجاء المدرسة بأجواء شتويّة بامتياز ‪ ،‬فغنى الطالب‪:‬‬ ‫تكثر الغيوم في السّماء‬ ‫تسقط ّ‬ ‫الثلوج على الجبال‬ ‫يهطل المطر على البيوت‬ ‫إنه فصل ال ّ‬ ‫شتاء‬ ‫يصنع األطفال رجل ّ‬ ‫الثلج‬ ‫ويحملون مظالت‬ ‫تهبّ العواصف ويلمع البرق‬ ‫لنسمع ال ّرعد‬ ‫إ ّنه فصل ال ّ‬ ‫شتاء‬ ‫شتاء بسوق شعبي ‪ ،‬اجتمع فيه األهل وشعروا باجواء ال ّ‬ ‫شتويّة واختتم مهرجان ال ّ‬ ‫وارتدى الطالب المالبس ال ّ‬ ‫شتاء وودعوا المدرسة ‪ ،‬للعودة بعد‬ ‫عطلة نصف العام ‪.‬‬

‫طالب ال ّروضة ّ‬ ‫الثانية‪:‬‬ ‫قام طالب الرّوضة ّ‬ ‫الثانية برسم أعضاء الجسم ‪ ،‬وإنشادها بأنشودة أعضاء الجسم وذلك في حصّة ال ّتربية اإلسالميّة حيث تعرفوا على هللا‬ ‫البارئ وشكروا هللا الذي صوّ رهم فأحسن صورهم ‪.‬‬

‫كما قام الطالب غير‬ ‫ال ّناطقين باللغة العربيّة بعمل‬ ‫عرض عن الحيوانات‬