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You see it... like a ray of sunshine, it catches your eye. You feel it‌ like water it runs through your fingers. You wear it... like a kiss it gently caresses your skin. You enjoy it‌like a memory, it becomes a part of you. Batucada Jewelry is not something you simply choose, it is something you experience.

SWEET FLOWER You are already as pretty as a flower‌ let the delicate charm of this beautiful necklace blossom on you like a timeless bouquet.

DROPS Let the rain fall on you so that with every drop kissing your skin, your elegance is uncovered. Find yourself singing in the rain with style!

H AWA Ă? Embark on an exotic journey to HawaĂŻ every time you wear this necklace. Celebrate the change in scenery with our sensual flowers and ride a wave of tropical sensations.

PETALS Feel the voluptuous shapes of this floral sensation around your neck… you can almost smell them… The world at your feet is transformed into a bed of scented flowers… Beware of admirers!


In Mediterranean culture, this tree is a symbol of life and eternity. The delicate weave of the acacia leaves will grant you everlasting elegance.

PASSION Make a true and profound romantic statement with this necklace and bracelet. Hearts are pounding with admiration‌ you are truly devastating!

KHEOPS Inspired by the ancient pyramids of Egypt and yet still so contemporary. Triangular shapes merge into black, grey and bright colors to create the ultimate prism. Your sensuality is at its peak.

CLOUD We bring you the cloud as an omen of Good Luck from ancient Chinese art and literature. Our creation has magnified this pattern into countless shapes‌ We wish you endless good fortune!

FISH Known to be a symbol of happiness and freedom, let our little fish swim around your neck and discover the reality for yourself!

PYTHAGORAS Far from the burden of classroom geometry, don’t be a square… Geometry has an irresistible charm, doesn’t it?

Where does inspiration come from? It has travelled all the way from Saturn, the “ringed planet,� down to Earth. Explore new spheres of elegance and style.


Step into a groovy mood straight from the 70s with these undulating circles around your neck. Succumb to a colorful fever with a hint of bohemian chic.


The endless summer... yours forever with the delicate ripples in this pattern‌. reminiscent of the boundless waves drifting across the ocean.


NIGHT BUBBLES Enjoy a light, fresh and bubbly creation. Let your elegance sparkle like wine, brighter and brighter.

CORAL The call of the vast, remote and desolate beach‌ Can you hear it? The song of a beautiful sea creature beckoning you to dive into its waters and uncover its charm!

CE SOIR A hybrid creation adorned with aluminum parts‌ a juxtaposition between the simple and complex, the subtle and sophisticated. Tonight is the night of all delights, let yourself shine!

DI MACCIO These exceptional patterns will enhance the distinction of your feet, wrists and neck with their unique hanging design. They comprise a fusion of ancient art and a vision of the future. Extraordinary items look perfect on you !


BIRD A bird has just been born in our lush garden of butterfly flowers and luxurious petals. Oh, look! It has already spread its wings in the curves of your neck naughty little thing.

STARS A full constellation of stars adorn your neck and wrists… Now make a wish… Thank your lucky stars, you are the most glamorous on all occasions!

LOVE & ROMANTIC Don’t be ashamed to be sentimental, romance is trendy! These pieces celebrate poetry and passion, it’s your turn to live a life that compares!

ANGKOR This stunning creation will send you on a journey far away to a magnificent temple of beauty and charm, a tribute to the Khmer monuments. Timeless elegance beautifies your wrist‌











Our products are handmade and 100% recyclable, lead-free, oil-free & phthalate-free. Our packaging is exclusively made of recycled and recyclable paper.

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2013 14 batucada catalogue lr