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How to Bake Delicious Mahi Mahi Mahi mahi is a very interesting fish variety. It is known by many names including dolphin fish. Don’t fret, it is not the meat of those lovable ones you see on a dolphin show. It is a variety of fish that is much like tilapia and flounder in texture and taste. Mahi mahi has a very delicate and mild flavor. As such, it is known to go well together with a host of ingredients and seasonings. It is not difficult to experiment with this kind of fish as experimenting will easily bring you to the most sumptuous recipe you can concoct out of this particular fish meat. Preparing Mahi Mahi Mahi mahi are often bought frozen on a grocery store. If you are lucky enough to chance upon fresh fish, that is amazing. Just be sure that you know how a fresh mahi mahi looks and feels like. Its meat must be pink; it must have the smell of the sea. The darker the meat is, the lesser its freshness is. If you want to be safe, you can just pick a frozen fillet from your neighborhood store. Before cooking, you need to thaw it of course. Ideally, thawing fish must be done inside a refrigerator. But that would mean lots of waiting time required. If you need it urgently, you may thaw it outside the fridge, dip it through some fresh water and wait for the ice to melt. Do not thaw fish in hot water or the oven or the microwave. That would partially cook the meat and would give you a bad texture when you actually cook it. Cooking Mahi Mahi You can cook this fish variety in many ways. But for a lot of people, their favorite recipe is baked mahi mahi. Why not, baking mahi mahi allows its natural flavors to come out and blend with the seasoning ingredients. For as long as you have chosen the perfect blend of marinade or sauce, you can never go wrong with mahi mahi. You can choose to brown your fish by cooking it partially in the pan or pop it straight into the oven. Frying before baking is ideal for baked mahi mahi recipes that require the fish to be crusted or breaded. You need to achieve that golden brown color for a more appetizing meal. If you choose to bake your fish along with other ingredients and its own marinade, you can just wrap it in a foil or put in a baking dish with a lid and place it straight onto the oven. Your mahi mahi will be ready in 10-15 minutes depending on how big or small the portion size of the fish is and the quantity of meat you are cooking at the same time.

How To Bake Delicious Mahi Mahi Recipe  

Baked mahi mahi is one of the most sumptuous recipes you could cook for the family. This delicate flavor of the fish may be enhanced by usin...

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