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Growing Your Own Purple Hull Peas Purple hull peas are perfect for warm season but do take note that they are annual vegetables, which means that you can only plant them once a year or so. These peas go by some other names as well including cowpeas and southern peas. Well, it doesn't really matter which name you call it as long as you are still referring to the very same thing. Uses of Purple Hull Peas Many of the common folks can look at these peas and think of them as forming part of a great salad or perhaps some other recipe. However, for people who belong to the farming folk, they grow purple hull peas as some sort of a cover crop. Purple hull peas are usually planted in order to make use of the farm land and eventually give the nutrients back into the soil. Another reason why many folks love to grow them is the fact that they are really easy to grow. Even if you're just holding a gardening shovel for the very first time, you won't really have too much of a hassle planting and eventually growing these peas. Since these peas are quite drought resistant, they are a good choice for novice backyard gardeners. Here are the steps on how to plant these very useful peas. Planting Purple Hull Peas The steps to plant purple hull peas are very easy to follow. In fact, the first step is already pretty obvious since we already know what sort of climate these peas enjoy. First off, find the area in your yard that usually gets dry and is usually exposed to the sun. That spot will be the easiest place where you can plant and grow purple hull peas. The next step is to till the soil where you intend to grow these plants. Use a soil test kit in order to determine the current pH level of the ground you're supposed to be planting on. This will help you determine just how much fertilizer is needed in your garden. Make sure that the soil's pH is at five or lower. Next, plant around eight seeds for every foot in the rows that you have tilled for the plants. Be sure cover the seeds that you have planted with an inch of soil. Be sure to water your purple hull beans once a week. Be sure to keep looking after your garden by removing any unnecessary weeds. Another thing that you should not forget is to inspect the leaves of your vegetables regularly. Insects and other pests might creep up to punch holes in the leaves, which is really not good for these plants. Spray some insecticide if the situation warrants it.

How To Grow Purple Hull Peas  

There really is no secret on how to plant purple hull peas. Farmers usually use them as cover crop in order to give back to the soil the nut...