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Grilling Beef Ribs Beef ribs are specialty meat cuts. They are popular for barbecues. They are different from pork ribs, which are often addressed as spare ribs or baby back ribs. Beef ribs are tasty, meaty, and have little fat, which add up an amazing flavor when grilled. Choosing your Cut There are about 13 sections of beef ribs. The first five parts are known as chuck. They are meatier and contain very little fat. The sixth to tenth sections are known as rib plate. As you go far down the chain, you get less meat and more fat. The tenth to twelfth sections are fatter. The other one section is the rib eye, which are ideal for steaks. The back ribs definitely have less meat and more fat. They are ideal for grilling because the fat will grease the meat and keep it moist. When grilling beef, it is advisable that you choose your cut well. At one point or another, it affects the outcome of the dish. Seasoning your Ribs Learning how to grill beef ribs entails an understanding on how to season the meat well. Seasoning the meat is key to its flavor. So you must be careful about it. There are two ways to season your beef ribs. The first one is by using dry ingredients. You must mix all together the seasonings, then, rub it onto your ribs on all sides. The second one is using a liquid marinade. In this case, you will mix dry and wet seasonings in a bowl, then, submerge the beef ribs onto the bowl. For the liquid marinade, you have to leave the meat there for an hour or so. Grilling Ribs When your meat is seasoned well, it is time to grill it. The secret on how to grill ribs lies on the method you will use. Some people choose to boil the ribs before grilling it while others slap the ribs straight onto the grill. Whichever way you choose, it is important that you understand the process well enough. Boiling the ribs beforehand will give you lesser grilling time. However, if you are not careful, you may get a dry result. Boiling the ribs for about 30 to 45 minutes is enough. Once you see that the ribs are almost done, they are ready for grilling. In case of grilling the ribs straight, you might have to be patient because waiting time can be a few hours. For bes results, it is best that you use a low temperature to cook the meat through.

How To Grill Beef Ribs  

Beef ribs are specialty cuts of meat that are ideal for cooking special dishes. You may grill it for a flavorful, tender, and moist result.

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