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DAY. APRIL 11. 2010

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Is money a crucial criterion for marriage? EliF AKDENiz iSTANBUL


in modern times, when some Turkish people consi-

.A der money to be a fundamenta! criterion for marriage, others give preference to persona!ity as they see marriage as asocia! and lega! bond aiming to strengthen and extend family relationships. However, many Turkish experts believe that relationships between couples are weakening because of high expectations before marrying. Erhan Özden, a psychologist working in a marriage therapy center, said a significant majority of women in Turkey want men who have power. Özden said there are many types of power, such as a man's financia! situation, acadernic background or a fully rounded persona1ity,and that many women want to be protected by a powerfu! husband because of their nature. A growing number of people have divorced in Turkey over the last 10 years, Özden said. "We have a very high rate of divorce, In addition, even though many marriages do not result in divorce, these marriages are hollow as couples do not respect each other. There are many reasons why divorce rates are high in Turkey; however, the biggest reason is that women are no longer dependent on their husbands since many of them have gained econornic independence," Özden pointed out. The marriage therapy center in İstanbul's Kadıköy district has eight psychologists and offers psychological support to couples facing problems in their marriages. Özden noted that their primary aim is to rescue individuals, not nıarriages. "If we solve the individua!s' problenıs, we believe that they will be able to make the right decisions in their nıarriages," said Özden, underlining that he and his coworkers have a!so carried out research on marriage. An()thpr nc:"rholnoic:t Abnıır